The best budget TVs of 2024

It's time to upgrade your home cinema experience - here are the very best budget TVs of the year so far

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When choosing the very best television for your home, deciding just how much to spend on the best budget TV for you can be nothing short of a nightmare. With a range of sizes, from 43-inch TVs to a whopping 70-inch television, it's not easy to settle on an ideal display for your lounge, your ultimate relaxation space.

For those looking to break into the 4K television market, whether it's your first smart TV or an upgrade - you're in the right place.

The best budget TVs of 2024 at a glance:

• Best budget TV 2024: Samsung CU8000 50-inch TV - View at Amazon
• Best low-budget TV: Hisense 50A6KTUK 50-inch TV - View at Amazon
• Best budget QLED TV: Samsung Q60B 50-inch TV - View at Amazon

We've compiled the most excellent budget televisions this year - from a range of sizes and technologies, suiting your home cinema needs to a 'T'. Each and every selection on our list is priced below £500 - so you can start assembling your dream home cinema, and still afford some movie snacks on the side.

From a range of top brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Hisense and more - these cheap televisions offer the most bang for your buck out of any televisions on the market, giving you the best picture possible at their price.

The best budget TVs of 2024:

Please note: All prices correct at time of writing. Prices, stock and deals subject to change without notice.

Best budget TV under £300

Hisense 50 Inch VIDAA Smart TV 50A6KTUKAmazon/Hisense

Sometimes, when in search of the perfect television, you come across a deal that seems far too good to be true, the Hisense 50A6KTUK is precisely that television.

Hisense is consistently ruling the roost of the budget television market - with an enormous range of low-price, solid-quality televisions that are cheaper than the competition by hundreds of pounds, but out of Hisense's entire budget catalogue, none are quite as affordable as the 50A6KTUK.

Packed with AI picture optimisation, motion smoothing, HDR and even Game Mode support for some additional smoothness, the 50A6KTUK offers some genuinely impressive visuals and exciting features to keep you on the edge of your seat, and at its price - you really can't knock the value.

Perfect for wall mounting, the Hisense 50A6KTUK has practically non-existent bezels that melt away when you're absorbed in a series or amidst the chaos of your go-to FPS shooter, for its price, there are high-end TVs with thicker bezels and uglier designs.

When comparing the display itself to a high-end TV, however, there are some noticeable flaws with this cheap television - colour and vibrancy are lacking somewhat, bright white tones can appear dull on occasion, whereas some of the darker tones can appear far more impressive, despite its price.

What's more, the Android TV smart platform can be lack-lustre: with some sluggishness and perpetual advertising becoming somewhat eye-roll-inducing after consistent use, but for its price, it's genuinely tough to complain.

Hisense's 50A6KTUK smart TV is potentially one of the best budget TVs ever made - a solid screen, impressive ultra-thin bezels and heaps of QOL features culminate in an experience that feels far more premium than its price tag, if you need an affordable upgrade to your home cinema setup, you really cannot fault it.


  • Massively affordable
  • Solid picture for the price
  • Impressive HDR


  • Fairly dull screen on occasion

Best budget TV 2024

Samsung 50-inch CU8000 Crystal 4K Smart TVAmazon/Samsung

Samsung's CU8000 consistently tops our lists as one of the best budget UHD TVs on the market, and there's no mystery as to why.

Using some clever post-processing to sharpen and enhance colours without the need for pricey QLED or OLED TV technology, the CU8000 has a wonderful warmth and beauty that reaches far beyond its price point.

At 50 inches the CU8000 is undoubtedly a fantastic 4K TV under £500 - and yet, as with competing brands - its value doesn't come at a significant cost of quality. From its solid Crystal UHD screen to the breathtaking build quality, which is rarely ever sub-par with Samsung, home cinema builders can expect nothing but quality from the BU8000, which isn't easy at its price.

Of course, there are some minor nitpicks we can spot from the get-go, the screen itself, while excellent at its price, can appear dull at times - though it is rare, and its average refresh rate isn't the most exciting for gamers, yet at its size for its price - these criticisms are easily left on the wayside.


  • Excellent screen size
  • Solid Crystal UHD screen for budget
  • Great build quality


  • Average refresh rate
  • Some dullness compared to higher-end TVs

Best Philips budget TV

PHILIPS Ambilight PUS8108 43 inch Smart 4K LED TVAmazon/Philips

Philips has consistently made some of the most astonishing budget televisions on the market in recent years, and the PUS8108 is perhaps one of their most excellent designs so far.

Packed with colour, beautifully designed and engineered with Ambilight functionality, and at a great size - the Philips PUS8108 is one of the very best cheap TVs we've come across so far this year, and its brilliance is no mystery.

Along with HDR10+ (which is rare amongst budget televisions) and Dolby Vision, which isn't even in some high-end displays, Philips' PUS8108 truly looks the part at its price - movies and television shows appear exciting, full of life and detail, and when paired with Ambilight, it's truly difficult to look away.

As for its build quality, the Philips PUS8108 is one of the best-looking smart TVs in its price range - in large part thanks to its non-existent side bezels that give the screen an ethereal, boundless look while absorbed into a film.

Where problems arise is specifically when dealing with the notoriously underwhelming Android TV which lacks any and all gloss compared to Samsung's TizenOS - a minor, yet progressively nagging issue that you might want to consider in your television search.

Sound on the Philips PUS8108 is also a little lacking, despite having a plethora of sound-throwing programs and extras to boost its fairly small speakers - it's just not enough to bring that cinematic boom and rumble that the screen deserves.


  • Gorgeous ultra-thin bezel design
  • Solid LED screen rich with detail
  • Ambilight is a unique and immersive feature


  • Weaker Android TV UI
  • So-so speakers

Best budget TV for watching movies

LG LED UR78Amazon/LG

If you primarily use your TV for watching movies or binge-watching shows on streaming services, you'll definitely appreciate the LG LED UR78. It has 4K upscaling, so you can enjoy superb resolution on content that wasn't originally made in 4K. Alternatively, if you prefer to go the authentic route, Filmmaker mode automatically adjusts settings to match what the movie or show was originally meant to be viewed as, so you can see it in its ideal form.

The UR78 is a fuss-free experience, and that's in part due to its webOS. Some budget TVs can feel clunky to navigate, but that's not the case here. Everything is simple to understand at a glance and things are exactly where they feel they should be, so no more getting lost in menus.


  • 4K upscaling
  • Handy Filmmaker mode
  • OS is easy to use


  • The stands need a fair bit of surface space

Best QLED budget TV

It's exceedingly rare to find a QLED television for less than £1,000, so when Samsung releases the Q60B - a 50-inch QLED television that's below £450 - it most certainly catches our eye.

Colour, colour, colour - the Q60B is certainly not lacking for any boldness or vibrancy - QLED TVs are decisively our favourite TV technology in terms of sheer beauty, and the Q60B is yet another example of why Quantum Dot technology is just so powerful.

Perfectly built for wall mounting, with a truly flush back, or for simply positioning comfortably on a table - the Q60B is both visually pleasing to watch and in its aesthetic beauty.

The Q60B is, at its heart, a mid-range QLED television - it doesn't have the bells and whistles of a £2,000 Neo-QLED monster television, with enough brightness to sear your retinas, but what it does do is pretty exemplary.


  • Wonderful build quality
  • Gorgeous image quality
  • HDR10+ support for excellent depth


  • Not as bright as other QLEDs
  • Speakers are so-so

Best budget LG TV

LG, generally speaking, is not known for their budget televisions - a lot of their televisions are typically high-end, we're of course thinking of the C2 OLED TV, one our favourite televisions of last year - but that's not to say that LG is incapable of nailing a truly brilliant budget television - enter the UQ75.

With HDR10 and some excellent sharpness - the LG UQ75 offers what is a pretty fantastic user experience for the cost - colours and images are represented incredibly accurately, without being too exaggerated or underwhelming - it's a stunning balance that only serves to show the brilliance of modern 4K technology which is now so much more affordable than ever before.

In terms of design, the screen is fairly lack-lustre - the back panel and the bezels appear somewhat flimsy-looking with very little design flare or style to set it apart from other smart TVs. Then there's the trouble of contrast - sometimes the UQ75's HDR10+ overcompensates, giving you ultimately drab-looking scenes with odd contrast ratios, which leaves something to be desired. Often, bright scenes look fantastic, but with intermittent night scenes in games, films and television - they just don't deliver quite the excitement we'd see in a more expensive television.

And yet, we simply cannot stay away from this terrific LG TV - from its easy-to-use user interface to its solid display - it's a great example of what an affordable television truly should be.


  • Solid colour and brightness
  • Incredible value for its size
  • Solid LG user interface


  • So-so contrast

Best budget Panasonic TV

If you prioritise the sound of a TV more than the visuals, you might want to consider this model from Panasonic. It still sports a solid set of visual specs, but the sound is where the TX-43MX610B really shines. It has the always-brilliant Dolby Atmos, so the audio is rich and highly immersive.

The size of this TV is likely to appeal as well. At 43 inches, it's neither too big nor too small; it's suitable for just about any room you could want to put it in. Factoring in the affordability, we think it's a great choice for those after a bedroom TV.


  • Ideal size for most rooms
  • Dolby Atmos is great for immersion
  • Great selection of streaming apps


  • Works best with a soundbar

Best thin bezel budget TV

TCL 65
Price: £399 (was £429.99)

Bezels are the black lines of the frame of a screen, monitor, or TV, and this TCL 65RP630K manages to have very thin ones. That's a great feature, as the less noticeable they are, the easier it is to get immersed in what you're watching. The addition of Dolby Vision further serves that.

Just be sure to consider where you're placing this TV. It's lightweight, making it a solid option for wall-mounting, but as such you will want to be careful to not accidentally knock it.


  • Excellent Dolby Vision
  • Great Freeview options
  • Thin bezels are great for immersion


  • Lightweight, could accidentally knock over

Best budget TV for sound

We mentioned a TV that favoured sound quality earlier, but for the best audio experience, you want a Sony BRAVIA TV. Dolby Atmos combines with a set of powerful speakers to produce an experience that doesn't need a soundbar to impress. If you like to stick music on while you're working, now you can have your TV cover the room with all the sounds you want.

We're also impressed by the ports of this TV. It has a couple of USB connections, which is a nice luxury that not all budget TVs have, but it's the total of four HDMI ports that we really love. If you have multiple consoles or devices, this is a great hub for them.


  • Very bassy speakers
  • Great set of ports and connections
  • Sharp visuals and contrast


  • Better options exist for screen quality

Best budget TV for wall mounting

Amazon has its own range of TVs, and we think this Fire TV is ideal for wall mounting. It's reasonably lightweight without being flimsy, and at 43 inches, it's pretty much the perfect size for any room. You don't need to fret about struggling to see detail from further away either; it's a QLED screen, so the visible detail is excellent.

The Fire TV is also great due to its convenient design. Wall mounting it is an easy process, scrolling through its menus feels natural, and the set of connections is well-placed are easy to manage.


  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Ideal for wall mounting
  • Great connectivity


  • Not always the quickest

What's the best time of year to buy a budget TV?

Throughout the year, there are tonnes of sales events across retailers - from Spring Sales to Black Friday, so whenever you're shopping for a television, there's bound to be at least a handful of deals on a range of smart TVs.

Having said that, you'll find that there's a practically limitless amount of deals around Christmas time, with stocks fluctuating through that time massively, so you have to be quick.

Are budget TVs worth it?

Absolutely, yes. While high-end Neo-QLED TVs with 120Hz refresh rates certainly have sufficient appeal, a true budget television from the best TV brands can still be incredibly impressive and have a range of tech features you'd never suspect at such affordable prices.

What size TV do I need?

Here’s a quick and easy guide to give you an idea of the minimum distance you should have from your TV when enjoying your favourite entertainment:

40 inches - 80 inches (6.7 feet)

50 inches - 100 inches (8.3 feet)

60 inches - 120 inches (10 feet)

75 inches - 150 inches (12.5 feet)

LED vs QLED - is there a big difference?

LED and QLED tech is actually quite similar in precisely how they work - much like most typical televisions, they use a backlight to illuminate diodes, which make up individual pixels on the smart TV's screen, giving you an image. Quantum dot technology uses an additional layer of quantum dot diodes that creates a much wider range of colours.

Backlights on QLEDs also tend to use brighter backlights - making the displays appear much more vivid. So - in short, there is quite a large difference between standard 4K LED TVs and full-fledged QLED TVs, but you can still find some great deals on QLEDs nonetheless.

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