The best 65-inch TV under £1,000 in 2024

Get an impressive bit of kit for less than you think with the best 65-inch TVs under £1,000.

best 65-inch TV under £1,000

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Once, the best 65-inch TVs would carry price tags bigger than their screens. After all, why wouldn't they - they were at the cutting edge of what the best TVs could do. But now, you can find 65-inch TVs with the latest smart features for a very reasonable price. Case in point, you can use our expert-written guide to find the best 65-inch TV under £1,000.

We've found the very best 65-inch TVs on sale that'll give you the sharpest quality, the richest colour palettes and a host of features that won't break the bank. All of our choices offer 4K quality and are smart TVs, meaning you'll be able to stream your favourite shows whenever you want.

The best 65-inch TVs under £1,000 at a glance:

The best 65-inch TV under £1,000: Samsung 65-Inch Q80C 4K QLED HDR Smart TV - View at Amazon
The best budget 65-inch TV QLED under £1,000: Hisense 65-Inch VIDAA Smart TV 65A6KTUK - View at Amazon
The best Panasonic 65-inch TV QLED under £1,000: Panasonic TX-65HX700B 65-inch 4K HDR Android TV - View at Electrical Discount
The best Sony 65-inch TV under £1,000: Sony BRAVIA KD-65X75WL LED 4K HDR Google TV - View at John Lewis

If you're in the market for a 65-inch TV, you may want to consider having it wall-mounted (find out our recommendations for the best TV wall mounts here) to make the most of your living space.

Calling all gamers, film-buffs, and home cinema enthusiasts - for the absolute latest and greatest televisions of the year, here are our top selections for the best TVs of the year, you won't be disappointed. Below, you will see our choices for the products - among them, you are sure to find the best 65-inch TV under £1,000 for you.

The best 65-inch TVs under £1,000 in 2024:

Best overall 65-inch TV under £1,000


Samsung 65 Inch Q80C 4K QLED HDR Smart TV (2023) Samsung


It’s unusual to see such a capable and feature-packed 65-inch TV under the £1000 mark. This Q80C from Samsung doesn’t fail to impress with its range of picture enhancements, including of course that stunning QLED panel. It’s HDR10+ too, which means over a billion colours for an even better image and colour accuracy.

Plus, that visual performance is backed up with a Full Array of LEDs for backlighting - which means an even finer level of control over contrast, brightness and colour range. Finishing off the package is the inclusion of Alexa for smart home voice control and more. All in all, this is one of the best TVs out there from Samsung - especially at this price.


  • Cutting-edge Samsung picture processing tech - Neural Quantum 4K - for superior visuals
  • The QLED panel with a Full Array LED backlight means superior blacks, colour and contrast
  • Extra features like Alexa, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos really push this TV above the rest


  • Rear cable management is a little minimal for some

The best budget 65-inch TV under £1,000

Hisense 65 Inch VIDAA Smart TV 65A6KTUKHisense


Quite how Hisense achieve its quality build and high-tech specs in a budget price range is a mystery. And this 65A6KTUK smart TV is a case in point. Not only do you get that 65-inch screen with HDR for all of those extra colours, but behind the scenes, there’s AI-driven picture processing too - which means excellent upscaling from lower resolutions all the way up to 4K.

And as for that HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature - it’s one of the best available: Dolby Vision. As we’ve seen in pricier models, this has a Full Array LED backlight for fine control over contrast and black levels too. Alexa is even thrown in for good measure, allowing you hands-free control over your TV and smart home functions and routines too. Amazing value from a respected brand.


  • High-end features like Dolby Vision and AI adaptive picture processing for better visuals
  • Direct Full Array LED backlight means more precision control over blacks and contrast
  • Alexa and a voice remote for hands-free control


  • If you want cinematic sound, invest in a soundbar

The best Panasonic 65-inch TV under £1,000


Panasonic’s long-standing reputation for making TVs with a very natural-looking picture is definitely present in this 65-inch TX-65HX700B model. It is only a standard LED panel as opposed to its higher-end Mini LED or OLED versions, but as a large TV from this premium brand, it still delivers stunning picture quality. And that’s partly down to the 4K Colour Engine tech inside, but also Dolby Vision for a top-of-the-line HDR colour range. 

We also like the Android operating system here, as it supports Google Play - which means you have access to a lot of extra and familiar apps. And, as you might expect, Google Assistant is there for voice control - so if you’re in the Google camp for your home automation and more, this TV provides a familiar experience.


  • Panasonic’s 4K Colour Engine delivers a natural picture quality that the brand is famous for
  • Dolby Vision enhances the image even more with a massively wide colour range
  • The Android operating system integrates with Google Play and supports Google Assistant for ease of use


  • A Panasonic with an OLED or Mini LED panel would look better than the LED panel here  (but cost more)

The best Sony 65-inch TV under £1,000


While typically far more expensive than its competition, Sony's BRAVIA KD-65X75WL 4K TV is a huge step in the right direction. As an affordable SONY experience, this has huge viewing angles - perfect for watching 4K sports and movies. Under the hood, you're getting a sizable slice of SONY know-how. The X1 processor analyses content in real-time and optimises the image, and gamers will love the inclusion of low latency mode and a dedicated gaming menu.

You do of course get all of the usual apps and, as it's a Google TV, you get a whizzy user interface with Google Assistant for hands-free voice control. Perfect.


  • Incredibly affordable BRAVIA TV with many of the bells and whistles only normally seen on higher priced models
  • Perfect for watching sports and games thanks to the X1 processor and HDR
  • Gorgeous picture quality for an LED panel


  • No QLED or OLED technology, so serious movie fans may want to look at other types

The best Philips 65-inch TV under £1,000

PHILIPS Ambilight 65PUS8108/12 65-inch 4K LED TVPHILIPS


When it comes to a stunning and immersive visual experience, Philips has had quite a few tricks up its sleeve for a few years now. The ace in the deck is really the Ambilight feature. If you’re unfamiliar with this tech, it cleverly analyses whatever is on the screen and uses an array of LEDs on the rear of the TV to dynamically project matching light onto the wall. The net result is a hugely immersive and enhanced viewing experience.

Elsewhere, this TV doesn’t have a QLED panel, but it still delivers the kind of picture clarity and vibrance that you’d expect from Philips. Under the hood, Dolby Vision and Atmos are there for punchy HDR colours and surround sound. Lastly, the inclusion of Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility gives you the best of both worlds for voice control. If you’re after a TV to give your whole room a genuine wow factor, this is it.


  • High-end features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are great for HDR visuals and surround sound
  • The Ambilight dynamic lighting feature really adds immersion to any room
  • Google Assistant and Alexa for hands-free voice control


  • Some users find the remote larger and more fiddly than others

Best TCL 65-inch TV under £1000


TCL make it onto our list with an absolute beast of a TV for a great selection of sought-after features. Just look at the boxes TCL have ticked with the 65C741K 65-inch QLED Television: QLED panel with Dolby Vision for superior colours, contrast and definition; Atmos sound and motion clarity for detail and immersion; 144 Hz refresh rate and Freesynch for gaming precision, and there's even Google Assistant and Alexa inside. There's an industry-leading 100 local dimming zones as well for deeper blacks.

This is a fantastic all-rounder with serious tech specs, so it takes our top spot here.


  • The largest and best overall collection of technical features we've seen at this price
  • It's a 2023 model, so you can expect this to perform brilliantly for years to come
  • Will suit gamers, casual TV viewers, streamers and movie fans equally well


  • You might need to dig deep into the menus to tweak the picture to your taste

Best LG 65-inch TV under £1000


This line-up wouldn't be complete without a showing from LG. And this UR91 65" 4K model is a prime example of sheer build quality and high technical specification. LG has combined the LED screen with an AI processor to adjust the quality on the fly, and a dedicated filmmaker mode joins HDR for added realism.

There are some dedicated gamer features like Game Optimiser, but the addition of an ambient light sensor helps to control things in brighter rooms. Google Assistant is there for voice control convenience, and the webOS platform runs all the usual apps fluidly - a great sub-£1000 option.


  • AI picture processing and ambient light sensors mean this is a very hands-off experience when it comes to the best picture
  • Some excellent gamer-oriented features and extras
  • Google Assistant means it'll work with your connected voice assistant smart devices


  • We would have liked to see a QLED panel, given the other features this TV has

Best 65-inch Fire TV under £1,000


This is easily one of the best 65-inch televisions under £1,000 on the market. Certainly one of the largest Amazon offers, the 65-inch Omni QLED series 4K TV has all the greatest features you'd expect from a high-end model. And, of course, it's a Fire TV - so if you're in the Amazon ecosystem for your entertainment, you'll find easy access to all your favourites.

The gorgeous QLED panel supports all of the main versions of HDR for amazing colours, too. Coupled with 80 individual local dimming zones for excellent contrast and deeper blacks, this enormous display is perfect for entertaining the family. So, whether you're gathered for a film night, a casual football screening, or even a full-on binge-watching extravaganza - you're in for a cinematic time.


  • QLED panel means excellent colour range and contrast levels
  • Hands-free voice control via built-in Alexa is great for smart homes
  • Local dimming zones boost the already-magnificent QLED panel for even deeper blacks


  • The UI isn't as snappy as some others here

Best 65-inch TV under £1000 for sound


While the Sharp brand is a little less well-known now than it used to be, this 4T-C65EQ is still a brilliant mid-budget offering in this price range. The Quantum Dot screen with a super-thin bezel is a fantastic combination for outstanding picture quality and an immersive viewing experience. But, the star of the show here is the sound system. It comes from the long-standing audio experts at Harmon/Kardon - tuned to deliver the Dolby Atmos sound in a way that puts many other TVs to shame. 

Elsewhere, the user interface is fine but not as customisable as some more expensive options. However, you do get Google Assistant smart voice control, and if you like your broadcast TV content it also has Freeview HD and all the usual streaming and on-demand apps. And that means a tonne of 4K movies and TV to enjoy with that glorious Atmos sound system too.


  • One of the best combinations of sound features out there -  Harman Kardon sound tech plus Dolby Atmos
  • The panel uses Quantum Dot technology for better all-around colour and sharpness
  • The super-slim frame design means the picture is almost edge-to-edge for immersion


  • Some find the user interface more basic than others in terms of customisation and TV guide

Best 65-inch TV under £1,000 for gaming


Samsung make it back into our lists here, partly due to the superior overall picture quality you can expect from the brand, but also because the spec of the TV includes a fast 120Hz refresh rate and a dedicated Gaming TV Hub for access to your favourite settings and consoles. There’s also Freesync Premium Pro which will keep the TV matching your games framerate for judder-free sessions. All in all, that means a low-latency, detailed and motion-blur-free gaming experience.

We also love the inclusion of Q-symphony for superior sound - but only if you add a soundbar. As with many super-slim TVs, we recommend adding a soundbar for gaming or movie immersion and realism. Here, Q-Symphoney will use the TV speakers in tandem with an external soundbar for truly excellent gaming audio.


  • The 120Hz refresh rate and QLED HDR panel with AI processor make for a smooth, vibrant gaming experience
  • AI Sound works in the background to fine-tune your audio depending on your space
  • Gaming TV Hub gives you easy access to various gaming-related info and settings


  • Sound is above average but we recommend a soundbar for a better gaming experience

Best 65-inch TV under £1,000 in 2024: Buyer's guide

With so many models to choose from, even when looking at one or two brands alone, there's a dizzying number of features. We have some recommendations below to help you choose, depending on what kind of TV viewer you are. But first here are some of the more universal features to keep an eye out for.

Consider size before you buy

Even though the bezel on 65" TVs has shrunk to almost nothing in recent years, it's still a sizable beast. Always measure up first - especially if you're planning on wall-mounting the TV.

Not sure a 65-inch TV is for you? Check out our best 50-inch TV roundup. All of these TVs have been hand-selected by What's The Best shopping experts. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching TVs, so you can choose the best one.

Smart features

When looking for a 65" TV, also look for smart features. Smart TVs will allow you access to streaming apps, but make sure that your TV supports the apps you use. If it doesn't, you can always buy a streaming device, like a Roku or Fire TV stick - but remember that's an additional cost.

Voice assistants

If your budget allows for it, look for a TV with a voice function. Not only is it a cool gadget to have, but it'll also come in handy when you inevitably misplace the remote. Perhaps the most exciting use of technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant is that it can integrate all of your smart home under one control method. So, if your TV supports the same voice assistant as the rest fo your house, you could trigger endless smart home functions from your TV - as well as control the TV itself from any of your other smart assistants, like Amazon Echo.

What kind of viewer are you?

The key features to look for will vary based on your viewing habits. When choosing your set, look carefully at the specifications. As long as they match well with your needs you'll be ready for some serious entertainment. Here are some pointers:

General and casual viewers

If you're more of an occasional TV viewer, you might be more drawn to a 65" set that has a Freeview tuner built into it and the Freeview Play app for catching up on broadcast content. Refresh rates and HDR will probably not add too much to your enjoyment of the news or Saturday evening's light entertainment on ITV or BBC. A nice, fast smart TV operating system and a decent remote are probably top of your list, as well as making sure the best TV deal you buy into can run your favourite streaming apps.

TV and movie fans

If you're a movie fan, you may be more interested in OLED panels (over QLED) thanks to the near-infinite black levels and natural picture quality. Sound wise, look for advanced internal speaker systems wth features like Object Tracking Sound (a Samsung feature) and Dolby Atmos. Always go for 4K resolution TV, as more pixels means more detail. And that goes hand in hand with various flavours of HDR, from HDR10 to HDR10+. They're all very closely specified in terms of extended colour palette, but when movies are presented in HDR the contrast and detail is also enhanced due to the extended colour range.


If you're a gamer, you may want the best 65-inch TV under £1,000 that has special game features, such as dedicated picture modes, HDR for extra colours in the games that support it, and more. But, low input lag is the first key feature to look for. Without it you could lose every online match due to the delay between pressing a button and that being actioned on the screen.

Second, look for a high refresh rate (more on that in our jargon buster below) but simply put, the higher the refresh rate the smoother the on-screen motion. Gaming at high refresh rates and resolutions - such as 120Hz at 4K or 60Hz at 8K UHD - means that you'll need a TV with a HDMI 2.1 port and a cable to match.

Best 65-inch TV under £1,000 in 2024: FAQs

Is a 65" TV worth it?

The best 65" TVs under £1000 can still offer exceptional picture quality with perfect blacks, vibrant colours, and wide viewing angles. It's no longer true that you'd need to spend over that budget to get an immersive visual experience to suit all needs and uses. We think they're absolutely worth the price tag.

What is 4K UHD?

Any TV that boasts a 4K UHD display runs in Ultra High Definition, and this refers to how many pixels there are - the more it has, the better the quality. A 4K TV has four times the pixels of a regular HD TV. The term 4K and UHD are completely interchangeable but guarantee an excellent image.

What is HDR?

HDR means High Dynamic Range and works by enhancing contrast which gives better depth and sharpness to images. Whites become brighter and blacks are darker.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

OLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diode - TVs use organic compounds to emit light, resulting in perfect blacks and vibrant colours. On the other hand, QLED - Quantum Dot LED - TVs use quantum dots to enhance colour accuracy and brightness. Both technologies have their strengths, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and budget.

Ryan Gilmore is a contributor for What's The Best. He also writes for CAR and Parkers.

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