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At What’s The Best, our mission is to save you time and frustration when shopping. Our team of tech and fitness experts uses their extensive knowledge to shortlist the best products on the market. Explore our reviews and discover how What’s The Best can help you make smarter buying decisions.

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Are you tired of endless tech reviews leaving you confused? We get it. At What’s The Best, our team of passionate tech gurus (decades of experience, but who’s counting?) cuts through the noise to deliver clear, concise reviews on the hottest speakers, audio gear, and fitness trackers.

Here’s why you’ll love us

• Save hours and find the perfect tech: We do deep dives on tech specs, user experience, and real-world performance. No more wading through mountains of reviews – we shortlist the best options based on your needs and budget.

• Unlock your audio: Do you want crystal-clear sound or heart-pounding bass? We can help you find speakers and headphones that match your listening style.

• Tech to help you hit PBs effortlessly: Our in-depth fitness tracker reviews analyse features, accuracy, and comfort so you can find the perfect companion to crush your goals.

Ready to level up your tech game? Explore our in-depth reviews and discover how What’s The Best can be your one-stop shop for tech, audio, and fitness.

Here’s our team:

William Austin-Lobley

William is the Digital Editor of What's The Best. He has extensive professional experience working with outdoor and recreational brands and has worked across various sectors, including e-commerce and education. He's a keen reader, gym-goer and music listener. When he gets a chance, he can be seen escaping to the countryside, camera in hand. Will has also written instrument and audio guides for MOJO and film and gaming features for Empire.

Areas of expertise:

• Speakers
• Headphones
• Cameras
• Being outdoors

You can read more about William on his author page.

David Ker

David, What's The Best's Deputy Digital Editor, has years of experience in publishing. With a degree in history and a diploma in journalism, he has a generally inquisitive nature, extending to finding out about the best in audio and visual on the market. When not talking tech, he enjoys relaxing with a coffee and a crossword.

Areas of expertise:

• Speakers
• Televisions
• E-readers
• Head-scratching puzzles

You can read more about David on his author page.

Chris Duffill

Chris is a Senior Tech Writer and a reviewer at What's The Best with decades of experience in technology and media, having worked in video production, digital design, marketing and publishing. His expertise is in audiovisual tech, PCs, cameras, retro gaming, and hi-fi systems. A hardcore tinkerer, Chris enjoys building and modifying PCs, and during the lockdown, he launched an online store offering pop culture-inspired apparel.

Areas of expertise:

• PCs
• Audiovisual
• High-fidelity audio
• Anything related to the Commodore 64

You can read more about Chris on his author page.

Steven Shaw

Steven is a Senior Tech Writer and reviewer with his eye firmly set on health tracking at What's The Best. Steven has had a passion for sports and fitness from an early age. In addition to playing football and cricket, he regularly competed in athletics and cross-country. This passion for fitness has continued as he has grown older. When not writing, Steven enjoys keeping fit through at-home workouts, spending time with his two small children, and indulging in hobbies like reading, watching TV shows, and playing video games.

Areas of expertise:

• Fitness trackers
• Smartphones
• Home workouts
• Herding his kids

You can read more about Steven on his author page.

Ryan Houghton

Ryan is one of the most experienced Tech Writers and reviewers working on What's The Best. Since childhood, Ryan has been passionate about gaming and technology, progressing from creating games on Scratch to building PCs and programming in Python, and continues to stay at the forefront of the latest technology trends. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys reading, replaying a Souls-like game, or binge-watching entire shows on Netflix in a single sitting.

Areas of expertise:

• Gaming
• Smartphones
• Televisions
• Incredibly difficult video games

You can read more about Ryan on his author page.

Kyle Purves

Kyle is a Tech Writer and reviewer working on What's The Best. A graduate of Edinburgh Napier University, Kyle worked in local radio before joining Bauer Media, where they now scour the web for the best deals. A lifelong gamer and fan of all things nerdy, Kyle spends weekends playing RPGs and fighting games, with a particular fondness for Zelda and Pokémon, and enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.

Areas of expertise:

• Speakers
• Gaming
• Headphones
• Chain-building Gundam models

You can read more about Kyle on their author page.

Olivia Sheed

What's The Best's Tech Writer and reviewer Olivia Sheed has an MA in Film, and has worked as a sound designer on several films and produced her own documentary. Her interest in technology grew from a young age, often taking apart and fixing game consoles and laptops, and was further fueled by her studies in journalism. Olivia has a keen interest in desktop PC components, headphones, and mechanical keyboards, stemming from her experiences in sound design, writing, and gaming.

Areas of expertise:

• PC gaming
• Headphones
• Keyboards
• "Anything nerdy"

You can read more about Olivia on her author page.

Jack Barrell

Jack is a Tech and Fitness Writer and reviewer for What’s The Best. In this role, he is hands-on in producing best-of articles, how-to guides, and product reviews for all things gadgets and health. Jack can be found at the gym when not playing Xbox or rewatching Star Wars. Like many young lads, he spent much of his childhood playing football until his early teens when his father introduced him to weight training. Since then, Jack has become a dedicated gym enthusiast, constantly setting new fitness goals and educating himself on nutrition and supplementation.

Areas of expertise:

• Speakers
• VPNs
• Fitness equipment
• Gains

You can read more about Jack on his author page.

Harvey Isitt

Harvey, a graduate of the University of Exeter with extensive experience in content creation and social media management, is flexing his skills as one of What's The Best's Tech Writers and reviewers. He has been passionate about writing since school and worked his way up from writer to editor for Exeposé, his university's student-led paper. Harvey launched a successful Instagram page in 2022, dedicated to film and TV content, amassing over 270k followers (and growing). Besides his love for writing, he is an avid photographer, music enthusiast, and fitness fan, engaging in swimming, running, and cycling.

Areas of expertise:

• Laptops
• Smart speakers
• Cameras
• Films, movies and cinema

You can read more about Harvey on his author page.

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