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Here at What's The Best, we spend our days sourcing, researching, and reviewing the best products on the market that you're interested in buying.

We're a big-hearted team of experts in a variety of fields, with journalism backgrounds spanning decades (not that some of us would like to admit quite how many decades).

Whether you're looking for beauty, outdoors kit, fitness gear, tech and electronics, lifestyle, parenting stuff or film merch, we've got it covered. We shortlist the best of everything to make your buying choices easier and quicker.

Meet the team:


Meet the WTB experts

Adam Binnie
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Adam is the Group Commercial Editor for What's The Best, Car, Parkers, Yours, Mother&Baby and has been a journalist for more than ten years u2013 covering news and product reviews for some of the largest and most loved magazines and websites in the country.Outside of work, Adam enjoys riding mountain bikes, going to gigs, driving radio control cars with his son, surfing and photography. He is an expert in cars and car accessories, fitness, parenting and cooking.

Sophie Knight
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Sophie is the Group Commercial Content Editor for What's The Best, Mother&Baby, Yours, Modern Gardens, Closer and Heat among other prestigious websites. She has been in consumer journalism for two decades and knows exactly what her audience needs. Previously Digital Editor for Mother&Baby and Today's Golfer, she has also been a petrolhead on the UK's largest car review website, She is a mum of two, a reiki practitioner, a patchwork quilter, and baker, at her happiest when coffee is nearby.

Jade Moscrop
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Jade is one of the Deputy Commercial Content Editors at What's The Best, specialising in lifestyle topics. She also writes for Closer, heatworld and Grazia. She has previously worked for GLAMOUR UK, LADbible and Pretty52, now known as Tyla. In her spare time, you'll usually find her arranging photoshoots with her dog (much to his dismay), indulging in a spot of wine and cheese, out rollerskating, or what her fella has dubbed 'mosh-dancing' at a gig. Follow her on Instagram here.

Natalie Corner
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Natalie is one of the Deputy Commercial Content Editors at What's The Best, and also works across brands such as Yours, Mother&Baby, heatworld and Closer. With more than a decade of experience in the media, Natalie has worked for Mirror Online, Daily Mail and OK! Magazine and specialises in showbiz, TV, fitness and lifestyle. Natalie is a Yorkshire lass, and can often be found doing an online HIIT class or weight training in the living room. She also loves to walk her cocker spaniel, Dash.

William Lobley
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William is one of the Deputy Commercial Content Editors at What's The Best. He has extensive professional experience working with outdoor and recreational brands and has worked across an array of sectors, including e-commerce and education. He's a keen reader, writer, PC-builder, film-watcher and music-listener. When he gets a chance, he can be seen escaping to the countryside for a walk. Will also writes film and gaming features for Empire.

Lily Anderson
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You'll usually find Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Lily, rummaging around vintage shops, covered in glitter dancing at festivals, laughing at bad puns or looking at cute dogs on her Instagram. When she isn't generally being extra, she's worked across the travel and publishing industry. Lily also writes beauty, fitness and lifestyle features for Closer, heatworld, Yours, Mother&Baby and more.

Emily Farquhar
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Emily, one of our beauty, tech, and lifestyle writers, hails from Australia, and always loves to snap up a good deal when there is one. She has previously worked for News Corp UK in the video production department, and Nannacay Creativehands, a luxury sustainable fashion brand. If she isn't gallivanting around the world (usually to the nearest tropical beach), you'll find her in front of a delectable smorgasbord. You can follow her here.

Angelica Daujotas
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Angelica is one of our beauty and lifestyle writers, with a background in fashion and fine arts. She's your go-to for anything crafty and sustainable. A sneakerhead at heart, outside of work you'll find her queuing for exclusive releases and building on her already large collection of Nike trainers. Born and raised in London, Angelica is a sucker for a rooftop bar with a view and would spend every weekend in an art gallery or museum if she could. Follow her on Instagram here.

Isabel Martins
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Isabel Martins is a Commercial Content Writer for What's The Best, specialising in technology. She has previously worked for TechRadar and Tom's Guide. In her spare time, she loves attending and reviewing rock gigs, working on pole fitness and discovering new shows on Netflix.

Eleanor Weaver
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Having worked at Yours magazine for the past four years, Eleanor is now a Commercial Content Writer for titles such as What's The Best, Yours and Mother&Baby. Eleanor enjoys relaxing with a good book, trying out new crafts and going to small acoustic gigs across the UK. She helps with Brownies on Zoom and loves joining in to run fun activities with the young girls. Find Eleanor on Instagram.

Marina Avraam
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With a love for all things fashion and beauty, Marina is a lifestyle writer with a degree in psychology. She enjoys jumping on all the latest shopping trends via social media and using them to inform her writing. Her background is in content management, having previously worked at a fashion media company. Greek by origin, Marina loves the beach, the sun, and cold coffee.

Ellen Kinsey
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Ellen Kinsey is a Commercial Content writer, covering all topics from women's health to home speakers - however she lives and breathes all things food, travel and media. Before joining Bauer Media, Ellen worked in several industries: retail, events, experiential marketing, and teaching English. Currently, she writes for a range of Bauer brands including Heat, Closer, Yours, What's the Best and Empire.

Caitlin Casey
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Caitlin is a Commercial Content Writer bringing you the best products, writing reviews and specialising in lifestyle. Before working in commercial, Caitlin graduated in English Literature and Creative Writing as well as freelancing in digital content. Her hobbies include going to gigs, eating good food and reading books.

Ruby Barry
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Ruby Barry is a Commercial Content Writer for Bauer Media and specialises in anything creative, whether that be fashion, film or arts and crafts. She writes for What's The Best, heatworld, Closer and more. Outside of work, you will find Ruby scrounging for cheap theatre tickets, annoying her cats or painting abstract art.

Georgia Scott
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Georgia Scott is a Commercial Content Writer for Bauer Media, writing across brands such as What's The Best, heat, Closer, Yours and Grazia, specialising in anything and everything beauty. In her spare time, you'll find Georgia watching Gavin and Stacey, drinking hot chocolate and dancing around to Craig David.

Ryan Houghton
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Ryan is one of our Commercial Content Writers at Bauer Media where he writes predominantly for What's The Best and Yours as a tech specialist. In his spare time, Ryan unsurprisingly indulges in all manner of escapism such as reading, writing, binge-watching entire shows on Netflix in a single sitting, and contemplating existence over drinks with friends. Although Ryan adores the comforts of home, he is also a major fan of the outdoors, nature, camping, and wildlife conservation. He is also a proud father of a 'grumble' of pugs and will not hesitate to show you pictures.

Paul Larkins
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Paul, a former sub four-minute miler and currently the editor of Trail Running, has been testing for running shoes and apparel for more than 30 years now. First-hand, he's experienced the running shoe evolution u2013 running miles in everything from microchip controlled footwear to barefoot mimicking shoes. Meanwhile in that time the fabrics used for clothing have become lighter and more breathable while technical equipment such as watches that just tell the time have long since been consigned to the history books!

Kirk Schwarz
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Kirk is one of our resident tech experts. A tech-addicted photographer with more than a decade's experience, Kirk's used to putting new gear through extreme field-testing. He previously worked for Practical Photography magazine, where he played with all the latest awesome gadgets.

Curtis Moldrich
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Curtis has worked in the technology sector for several years, reviewing and testing the best audio gear, laptops and gadgets at titles including The Telegraph, Mixmag and Expert Reviews. Now the online editor of CAR magazine, he's a keen sim-racer, too.

Clare Howcutt-Kelly
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Clare Howcutt-Kelly is a journalist with around 16 years' experience. She loves spending time in the garden u2013 growing her own veg and buying more plants that is necessary. A keen birdwatcher, Clare enjoys encouraging wildlife into her garden and writing about this in a regular column in Birdwatching Magazine. Being outside makes Clare happy and when she can, she likes to get up early and go for a run. Preferably in the direction of cake. Big cakes.

Clare Bradley
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If you're looking for fandom and Harry Potter memorabilia, Clare is here for you. An insights analyst in the daytime, at night-time she becomes our resident merch expert, happy to try out a million pairs of Avengers pyjamas to find out which are the best.

Haydn Williams
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CREDIT: Haydn Williams

Haydn is a self-confessed fragrance addict. He consults for a number of brands, as well as running his own website on the subject. When he's not sniffing things he can be found at gigs or the cinema. Follow his olfactory adventures on Instagram.