Kyle Purves

Kyle is one of our Tech Product Writers, primarily writing for What’s The Best. They specialise in all things tech, including TVs, speakers and PCs. They have an excellent eye for gaming and related electronics, whether kicking back handheld with the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch or playing on home consoles like the PlayStation 5.

A big foodie, Kyle always wants to try new dishes and cuisine. Ramen is a favourite, but they’ll happily try any street food suggestions.

Journalism and writing

A Journalism graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, they joined the team in 2023, where they seek to share their honest opinion on a wide variety of tech products.

Their university work focused on various journalistic techniques, providing an understanding of audio, visual, and written styles. It was also mainly practical, with a fair bit of camera work and hunting for stories. After graduating, they were employed in a local radio before joining Bauer.

Before their current role, Kyle was a Content Optimisation Executive, where they contributed to various Bauer brands. This work mainly focused on Amazon items, whereas now they like to scour the web for the best deals they can find.


Kyle is a lifelong gamer and a big fan of all things nerdy. On weekends, they can often power through an RPG or pretend to be good at fighting games. Having grown up on Nintendo, they still have a soft spot for Zelda and Pokémon. They keep track of every title they play yearly, with many Dark Souls appearing in 2023.

Kyle’s favourite form of escapism is easily Dungeons & Dragons, playing it twice a week with friends. It’s not easy getting a group of adults to have matching schedules, but it works out surprisingly often. However, when it comes time to relax, they only need a cup of tea and some miniatures to build, often with a season of Taskmaster in the background.

Kyle’s areas of expertise:

• Speakers

• Headphones

• Gaming

Kyle’s top buying tips for readers are:

“Just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean it is the better product. Unless you’re going for ultra-high-end items and have an ear and eye for detail, you’ll get as much from mid-budget versions of products like speakers as you would from a pricier alternative.”