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Transform your living room with a fancy wall-mounted TV - check out our shortlist of the best mounts to keep them safely on the wall

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When looking for the best TV, you might want to consider a TV wall mount; after all, a wall-mounted one sounds really cool, doesn't it? It's so sleek to have your TV supposedly hovering in the air. There are other benefits to them too: if you're short on space, it removes the need for a TV stand and will also stop a pesky child or pet from pulling your TV onto the floor.

A TV wall mount is a great idea, and if you're considering one, we've found the perfect products and a handy guide so you can buy the perfect pick for you. Whether you are looking to mount the TV that you already own or affix your latest TV upgrade to the wall, this is the place to be.

The best TV wall mounts at a glance:

Best overall TV wall mount: Invision TV Wall Bracket Mount - View on Amazon
Best bracket for bedrooms: Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket Swivel - View on Amazon
Best flush TV wall mount: VonHaus 15-42 Inch TV Wall Bracket - View on Amazon

First and foremost, you need to know the size and weight of the TV you will be mounting. Not all TV mounts are compatible with all TVs - if you've got a 43-inch TV, you'll probably be okay, but anyone with a particularly large screen will need to be extra careful. While there are some better TVs for wall mounting than others, they are very common more generally.

Always check the minimum and maximum size TV that a wall mount can handle. Below, you'll find our favourite TV wall mounts - and below that, we've answered the most-asked wall mount questions on the web.

Best overall TV wall mount

A great value full-motion wall mount, the Invision TV wall mount from Invision is a top pick for pretty much any TV. Offering great adjustability, it'll fit most rooms with ease. While it isn't suitable for some of the bigger TVs on sale, it'll happily accommodate anything up to 55 inches


  • Great value for money
  • Very adjustable


  • Won't work with very big TVs

Best bracket for bedrooms

Designed for smaller TVs, this tilting TV wall bracket from Mounting Dream will still easily mount a TV up to 39 inches in diameter. Very simple to install and offering 15 degrees of tilt, it's a great choice for a bedroom TV.


  • Great adjustability for the price
  • Great minimum size compatibility


  • Supplied screws aren't of brilliant quality

Best flush TV wall mount

Looking to go as minimalist as possible? Then an ultra-thin wall mount may be in order. This Vonhaus TV wall bracket measures just 27mm from your wall and will support TVs up to 42 inches in diameter. It is also easy to install, thanks in part to the built-in spirit level, so you know you've mounted it properly.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy to install


  • No adjustability

Best compact TV bracket

Another slim option for wall mounting your TV, this Perlegear wall bracket measures 32mm from the wall but also includes a tilt function. Choose from 8 degrees of tilt on TVs up to 55 inches. It also includes a miniature spirit level for easier installation.


  • Sleek design and tilt function
  • Great weight capacity


  • Metal doesn't feel overly sturdy

Best wall mount for heavier TVs

This full-motion Invision Ultra Strong TV bracket is a tough option that can handle a TV that weighs up to 50kg. It also has excellent adjustability, you can tilt, extend and swivel your TV to get the optimal viewing experience. If your flatscreen is a bit older and heavier, this wall mount will handle it with ease. It'll also easily handle a 70-inch TV if that's what you're after.


  • Exceptional adjustability
  • Quality construction


  • Not ideal for smaller TVs

Most adjustable TV wall mount

Possibly the best full-motion TV wall mount available, this TV bracket mount is ridiculously adjustable. Offering a 120-degree swivel, 15-degree tilt and 390mm extension, it's great. You can even rotate the level of your TV if you need to.


  • Ultimate adjustability
  • Impressive compatible size range


  • Won't sit flush to your wall

Best for versatility

Ideal for bigger TVs, the AVF Anywall ZML8350 offers a tilting wall mount that can fit TVs up to 80 inches in diameter. A versatile and low-profile option, it may not offer the most adjustable tilt, but it does give you an excuse to wall mount that home cinema TV you've had your eye on for a while.


  • Supports massive
  • TVs with ease


  • Only three tilt options


What are the different types of wall mounts available?

There are a variety of TV wall mounts and they all do different things. We've made a handy guide so you can pick which one suits you.

Fixed wall bracket - The simplest and cheapest way to mount a TV to your wall, it will hold your TV in a fixed position and nothing more. Perfect if you don't need to adjust your screen ever. There are also ultra-thin brackets which sit your TV even closer to the wall for a sleeker look.

Swivel bracket - The same basic design as the fixed wall option but with a mechanism that allows you to move the TV vertically. These don't fit as flush to the wall but are great for minor adjustments.

Tilt bracket - Again based on the standard fixed wall option, the tilt bracket allows you to angle your TV. Sitting fairly flush to the wall, these are great for use in bedrooms if you enjoy watching films from bed.

Full-motion bracket - The most complex and expensive option, the full-motion bracket allows you to tilt and swivel your screen. The bulkiest of all mounts, they are ideal for corner-mounting your TV. Some even allow you to rotate your TV a few degrees.

What is VESA?

The VESA standard is the dimensions for mounting used by the majority of TV manufacturers. Every modern TV comes with four holes in the back that can be used with mounts that have the same VESA standard.

There are however different hole patterns so it's always best to check what VESA standard your TV comes with. You can check your TV easily here.

What should I consider when choosing a television mount?

Your biggest priority is making sure you get one that supports your TV's size and weight. The last thing you want is the mount to fail and smash your expensive telly. Also, ensure that the TV mount's VESA standard is compatible with your TV.

An important thing to think about is what type of wall you have, if you're wanting to hide those unsightly wires and use a mount that sits nearly flush to the wall you'll be needing a partition wall. If you're mounting your TV to a solid/exterior wall you won't be able to use an ultra-thin wall mount.

A built-in spirit level will make installation a bit easier but is by no means a necessary addition.

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