The best 80-inch TVs of the year

From the biggest, boldest televisions of the year, we've chosen the very best 80-inch TVs money can buy

The best 80-inch TVs of the year

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When choosing the best TV tech to turn your lounge into something that will rival a local cinema, you've got to go big. Once upon a time, even laying eyes on one of the best 80-inch TVs would've seemed the stuff of fairytales; and if they did exist, they'd be unbelievably large, and equally as expensive. But not any more.

Major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Philips are releasing some of the most affordable 80-inch TVs you can buy. These televisions aren't just bigger versions of the same old tech either - they're packed with super-high refresh rates, high-resolution screen technology, and much more.

Best 80-inch TVs of the year at a glance:

• Best overall 80-inch TV: Samsung 75 Inch QN90B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2022) - View at Amazon
• Best budget 80-inch TV: Hisense 75A6BGTUK (75 Inch) 4K UHD Smart TV - View at Amazon
• Best 80-inch gaming TV: LG OLED C2 77" 4K Smart TV - View at Amazon
• Best mid-budget 80-inch TV: Samsung 75 Inch Q80B QLED 4K Smart TV (2022) - View at Buywise

An 80-inch television is not for the faint of heart. Even for someone who owns the best 55-inch TV money can buy, this is a serious leap - both in sheer size and cold hard cash. We've taken the stress out of television shopping, and scoured the internet for the best deals - so you don't have to.

We've chosen each of our 80-inch televisions on three main priorities; design, performance, and most importantly - value for money. See your favourite films and television in gorgeous, flawless quality. Experience rich and all-encompassing sound. Experience home cinema and gaming like never before with our pick of the best 80-inch TVs of the year.

The best 80-inch TVs of the year:

Best overall 80-inch TV

This QN90B from Samsung is one of the best large-screen home cinema devices we've seen. Is not quite a steal at the price, but it's hard to find fault with its array of incredible display technologies. The Neo QLEDs in this TV literally outshine comparable OLEDs and some of the best QLED TVs we've come across, at an impressive 2000 nits, and of course, there's the excellent contrast, HDR colour and black levels that come with it. The 120hz variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro are there to please gamers and fans of fast-moving sports with reduced screen tearing and stutter.

Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 4K is its AI-powered image-enhancing tech, analysing every scene for optimum visual performance. Sound-wise, the QN90B fills the room with cinematic volume and range. Q-Symphony pairs the eight multi-directional TV speakers with your soundbar too for even more volume and effect. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital and Object Tracking Sound+ will make the sound seem to originate from the right place on-screen. All in all, this is perfect for TV, Movie, gaming and anything you want to throw at it.


  • Excellent 120Hz variable refresh rate
  • Gamer-friendly features and modes
  • Stunning Dolby Atmos surround sound and Q-Symphony speaker feature
  • HDR and picture processing is breathtaking


  • A problem for some, a feature for most - this can be extremely bright in darker rooms
  • No Dolby Vision

Best budget 80-inch TV

Possibly one of the most reasonably priced 80-inch TVs on the market, Hisense's 75A6BGTUK 75-inch smart TV is exactly what you want from a television - it's big, loud, and perfect for watching the footy.

Using an AI processor, the Hisense 75A6 upscales and reduces noise even on live television, giving sports, or live TV that extra sheen that you're not going to get on a standard TV.

At such an affordable price there are inevitably going to be cutbacks, and there certainly are some when it comes to screen technology. There's no QLED or OLED panelling here, it's a simple LED, which looks great - but just doesn't compare to the other, more expensive options on the market.

All-in-all, though - this is one excellent television that you simply shouldn't pass up.


  • Affordable
  • Great for sports
  • Powerful sound
  • Easy-to-use OS


  • Standard LED 4K screen
  • Low refresh rate

Best 80-inch gaming TV

For a gaming experience like no other, there are few TVs on the market that can even come close to the sheer excellence of LG's C2 OLED EVO television. Hitting that 120 Hz sweet spot in its stride without compromising on its impeccable 4K OLED clarity and true-to-life contrast, LG's C2 OLED brings any gaming experience to a whole other level.

The spectacle of the most stunning games can finally be given their due diligence with a monumentally massive screen, hair-raising 40 W speakers, and the crispest 120 Hz gameplay you've probably ever experienced.

Of course, the best OLED TVs with screens of this size don't come cheap. LG's gaming behemoth does have a proportionately massive price tag, possibly enough to deter the most dedicated gamers - but if you've got the cash to splash, you won't find a better way to experience the next generation of gaming.


  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • Beautiful picture
  • Gorgeous design


  • OLED screen may not be bright enough for brightly-lit or sunny rooms
  • No HDR10+

Best mid-budget 80-inch TV

At an inconceivably low price, Samsung's Q80B is one of the best-value QLED 4K televisions on the market at this screen size. And yet it doesn't fail to deliver the same visual excellence we've come to expect of Samsung TVs. The 120hz variable refresh rate means that you'll experience smooth gaming and reduced motion blur. This has six internal multi-directional speakers for incredible sound, and despite not having Dolby Atmos it still has the excellent Object Tracking Sound of the more expensive QN90B above.

There is no anti-reflection and ultra-wide angle screen though, so if you have a brighter room with a lot of reflections this may not be completely suitable, but for the rest of us, this is a small price to pay for what is essentially a paired-down QN90B. If the current price tag of a shade over £1000 is a little too high for your budget, there are still TVs that are a little smaller - such as some of the best 65-inch TVs we've seen - and all for under £1000.

Voice assistant integration is present too, with Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant included. You have access to all of your streaming apps, and whatever you watch will look amazing thanks to Samsung's Quantum Processor 4K.


  • Cutting edge QLED-technology
  • Fantastic audio output
  • Excellent refresh rate


  • No Dolby Vision support

Best Crystal UHD 80-inch TV

Samsung's answer to shoppers who want the wide colour spectrum and high dynamic range of QLED, but without paying excessive amounts of money for viewing pleasure - Samsung's TU7020 4K TV is a seriously brilliant deal on a stunning display.

One of its biggest draws, however, is the class A energy efficiency on the TU7020, which is practically unheard of, especially with such a massive television.

Yet despite its impressive Crystal UHD technology, the display itself is no match for a true QLED or OLED screen, with far less brightness, contrast, and vibrancy. That said, the Crystal circuitry is leagues ahead of normal LED screens and so for anyone other than cinephiles and serious gamers, this is a perfect performer.


  • Excellent display
  • Incredible value
  • Highly energy efficient


  • Not as impressive as QLED screens

Best 8K 80-inch TV

Samsung's 75-inch QN700B is a true 8K display, with four times the pixel density of 4K TVs. At such a massive size, you'd be mistaken to think that the 8K screen would be somewhat sluggish, and yet the QN700B feels effortless to use. Samsung's Quantum Matrix Technology not only gives the QN700B its wonderfully instantaneous responsiveness but also actively upscales live television, and films to 8K. Samsung has gone out of its way to deliver a cinematic experience for customers like no other, with the gorgeous 8K Neo-QLED display on one side, and the six-point 60-watt surround sound on the other, colliding to create what may be one of the most decadent experiences ever to arrive in our homes.

And yet, decadence does come at a price, as expected - and there are no high refresh rates here, so this is definitely one for non-gamers and more general viewing, but if you're looking for one of the best televisions on the market this year, you will not find a better deal than Samsung's QN700B.


  • Unbeatable 8K resolution
  • Beautifully manufactured
  • Excellent sound


  • Lower than usual refresh rate

Best 80-inch TV for immersion

When it comes to buying a TV, there are not usually many variations in what a TV can do; refresh rate, screen technology, ultra-thin build, that's a given - but every now and then, you'll come across a TV with some truly awesome, innovative ideas in improving immersion, and Philips's 75PUS8807/12 is precisely that.

The television itself is beautiful; a 4K LED display, up to 120 Hz refresh rate (making it perfect for gamers), good sound - it's got a bit of everything, but our interest was instantly piqued when we heard about Philips' Ambilight.

By using an array of LED lights, the 75PUS8807/12 casts a wide array of colours onto your walls, giving the display a strange draw that is inexplicably immersive. As such, films, games and television becomes immersive at a whole new level that is worth exploring for yourself.


  • Excellent immersive Ambilight feature
  • Great refresh rate
  • Incredible responsiveness


  • Standard LED screen

Best 80-inch TV for sports

Bring the excitement of the pitch home this year with Sony Bravia's KD-75X89J 4K TV, easily one of the best televisions for sports streaming on the market. At 120 Hz with a breathtaking X1 processor which actively sharpens and improves images in real-time, so you'll never miss a moment because of motion blur or pixelation.

Despite the incredible high-response display, the actual LED screen is slightly unimpressive when compared to the 8K QLED and OLED screens that have been released this year so far.

Sometimes getting the biggest TV money can buy might not be such a great idea, if you're looking for something a little smaller, we've got a great selection of the best 43-inch smart TVs of the year that are bound to blow you away.


  • Super fast 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Incredible Sony X1 processor
  • Perfect for fast action


  • Standard 4K LED TV

Best Mini LED 80-inch TV

This Sony 75-inch model uses a Mini LED panel to achieve stunning results that are in some ways superior to OLED - enough to bring a tear to any tech lover's eye. Unlike OLEDs, Mini LEDs can’t be turned off pixel for pixel, but thanks to local dimming zones, they do come close.

The dynamic range of this TV, plus deep blacks and natural mid-tones, make this TV seriously bright with accurate HDR performance too. There’s a 120hz variable refresh rate of course, and it’s branded as ‘Perfect for PlayStation’ with extra features for gamers. If you can muster the cash for this one, it's a fantastic example of cutting-edge panel technology.


  • Dynamic Crystal colour is fantastic
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Great warranty


  • Not QLED or OLED

Best 8K 80-inch gaming TV

For the very best the TV market has to offer, there's nothing that can quite compete with Samsung's QN800B 8K Neo QLED display. The display itself is unsurprisingly brilliant, with all the colour, precision and depth you've come to expect from both Neo QLED and 8K and a maximum brightness of a whopping 2,000 nits, almost four times the brightness of a standard OLED screen.

The design and build quality of the QN800B are something born of elegance. With eight built-in speakers and an output of about 70W - enough to cause a minor earthquake in your home - this will really deliver impactful audio. But a star feature of this breathtaking 8K television is the 120Hz refresh rate. While this is fairly common amongst the 4K TVs of 2023, an 8K television is still a rarity in itself - so we couldn't be happier to see that refresh rates haven't suffered due to such a large panel.

Gaming, sports, films, and television shows all look and play spectacularly without a hitch, in the most impressive quality you've ever seen on a TV to date - and as such, it's priced accordingly. Only those with a large amount of spare cash will be able to afford it, but trust us when we say, it's worth it.


  • Easy contender for the best 8K TV of all time
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Stunning design


  • Size will be a challenge for even average-sized rooms

Best 80-inch TVs - Buyer's guide

Consider your available space

While getting the largest television possible may seem like a brilliant idea, getting a TV that's too large can ruin your viewing angle, making the television unwatchable. Just because you can physically fit an 80-inch TV into your house, doesn't mean you should.

To find the perfect-sized television, simply take the size of the TV you're looking for and multiply it by 1.2. For an 80-inch screen, that's 80 x 1.2 = 96 inches (or 2.44 metres). This is the perfect distance to position your sofa from an 80-inch TV for the optimum 40-degree viewing angle. If your lounge is too small for this, you'll need to choose a smaller size. If the room is too big, you may want to choose an even bigger size. Or, consider a home cinema projector instead. Projectors can be expensive, and of course, you'll need a screen or a white wall to project onto. But both movie and gaming performance is surprisingly brilliant, with some projectors reaching up to 480 Hz refresh rates, which is eight times the refresh rate of a standard TV.

Choose based on what you like to watch most

With an investment this large, you won't want to find yourself wishing your TV had more features to suit you. So, if you're all about movies and 4K TV from your favourite streaming services you may want to prioritise OLED or QLED technology over LED.

If you're a gamer you might want to go for QLED thanks to higher brightness levels. Or TVs with high variable refresh rates for smooth judder-free gameplay. There are dedicated gaming features built into some TVs, as well as HDR features calibrated for movie fans; Freeview is the priority for those who love their catch-up shows and broadcast content. Most TVs are excellent all-rounders, so you won't go far wrong but do take the time to consider what you will be spending the most time going on your brand spanking new beast of a TV screen.

If you can, go for a TV - not a monitor

Even with 80-inch TV prices coming down, it can be tempting to go for cheaper and slightly smaller options; and that's a fair choice to make. With PC monitors getting ever-larger, but a little less expensive than a TV, it can be tempting to take this route. However, if you want a real slice of cinema for your home then a television screen is the uncontested champion. That said, if you happen to be short on space or cash (or both) a monitor or specialist gaming monitor can be an excellent choice for your room. They're perfect for consoles as well as students commuting between home and their room frequently due to their size and weight. You're unlikely to find one larger than 50 inches though.


Frequently asked questions:

Can an 80-inch TV be mounted on the wall?

Most 80-inch TVs are suitable for wall-mounting. Modern TVs are so ultra-thin that they weigh a fraction of what old-school flat-screen plasmas used to. A well-fitted, solid TV wall mount will hold an 80-inch smart TV. You will need to check the weight and load of the mount. We recommend not mounting your new TV above a heat source, like a fireplace. And don't mount it too high - your neck will thank you later. For the ultimate in stability though, providing you've checked it can take the weight, is a TV stand or unit. With a set this large, if wall-mounting isn't your thing, a unit that can also house all your connected entertainment gear is the way to go.

What's the best television brand?

Arguably, the most popular television brand right now is Samsung - and we're inclined to agree with shoppers. Samsung has the widest range of excellent televisions on the market. Somehow their TVs end up on top-tier lists across the internet, but that doesn't mean there aren't any other brilliant manufacturers out there. The best Sony TVs are always a popular choice. Philips, LG and Hisense are also incredibly solid choices for the most beautiful TVs.

Do smart TVs need to be connected to the internet to be used?

An internet connection is not required for offline gaming, or watching Blu-Rays or Freeview. If, however, you want to access streaming, online multiplayer games, or practically any app such as YouTube or Freeview Play, you will need an internet connection.

Jargon buster

4K UHD - 4k refers to the resolution of the television, typically a 4K TV has a resolution of about 3840 x 2160p; which is a measurement of the number of pixels there are on the screen itself.

HDMI - HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a method used by most televisions to transfer audio and video at high speeds from a device to the television itself.

Contrast - Contrast is the ratio between the lightest and darkest tones a screen can produce.

HDR - HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This provides a wider range of colours than standard TVs - more than a billion shades. That's compared to the 16 million available on normal HD sets. Combined with screen technology like OLED or QLED, HDR can also boost the colour accuracy and contrast of a TV; enhancing the darkness of dark tones and the lightness of light tones.

Refresh rate - Refresh rate is a measurement of the number of images a display can produce per second, a high refresh rate leads to smoother browsing, gaming, or casual movie playback.

OLED - OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode is a recently-developed technology that does not require a backlight to produce light. Instead, the individual diodes can produce their own l.ight, making response times and refresh rates incredibly fast.

QLED - Quantum-Dot Light Emitting Diodes are like standard LEDs. They are smaller and are made of phosphorescent nanocrystals. They widen the colour gamut (the number of colours the display can produce) for more accurate colours.

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