Best 43-inch TVs 2024: Get the best for all budgets and needs

It's time to get the best a smart TV can offer with this size and budget sweet spot.

Best 43-inch smart TVs

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Sometimes home entertainment tech gets both smaller and cheaper – and that's truer now than ever, with some of the best TVs to choose from; thankfully, there’s a vast range of some of the best 43-inch smart TVs ever to hit the market. Even better than that, they sit right in that elusive sweet spot between screen size and budget. Make no mistake - while 43 inches is considered a small television in a world of 65-inch TVs, they still have the latest picture quality and smart features.

So, why go for a 43-inch TV when there are so many larger models? It's ideal for viewing from around seven feet, making it the perfect option for the average living room, bedroom, or gaming room. Plus, a smaller size means a lighter screen - so it'll be easily wall-mounted. Not everyone wants to accommodate a monstrously large TV - and a 43-inch model is still large enough to be notably larger than its closest neighbours, the 24-inch and 32-inch sets.

Best 43-inch smart TVs of 2024 at a glance:

Best overall 43-inch smart TV: Samsung QN90C Neo QLED - View on Currys
Best budget 43-inch TV: Samsung CU7100 - View on Currys
Best 43-inch smart TV for gaming: LG OLED C3 4K Smart TV - View on Amazon
Best 43-inch smart TV under £300: LG LED UR78 4K Smart TV - View on Amazon

Despite their more practical screen size, you'll still need to consider advanced features like QLED TV panels and refresh rates. The best 43-inch smart TVs we've looked at come packed with the latest innovations - but this is where things get a little tricky. There are various kinds of user-friendly interfaces to choose from. And then there are streaming apps - unhelpfully, not all are available on some sets. Lastly, all those picture-enhancement technologies have names laden with techno-babble. So, which one is right for you?

We have a handy buyer's guide and several of your most frequently asked questions answered at the end of the article to help. And our experts have trawled the smart TV market and netted the best 43-inch 4K smart TVs available. They all aim to deliver the greatest entertainment experience possible, and even our budget options are loaded with impressive features. So, get ready to discover that the best things really do come in smaller packages - top-quality viewing is within your reach.

Best 43-inch smart TVs of 2024

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall 43-inch smart TV

Samsung 43 Inch QN90C 4K Neo QLED HDR Smart TVSamsung

Finding a practically faultless television is rare, yet here we are with the QN90C. Samsung's cutting-edge display is the epitome of next-generation perfection. A heart-racing 144Hz refresh rate (which is rarely seen in smart TVs), and a gorgeous neo-QLED display with an unfathomable amount of colour volume and vibrancy, Samsung's QN90C is one of the most technologically impressive smart TVs of the year so far.

All of the QN90C's power is housed in a gorgeously thin design, which oozes elegance - it's a real show-stopper when positioned in the centre of your lounge. That being said, QLED televisions almost always struggle with gorgeous contrast, where OLED televisions truly excel. The sheer brightness of the QN90C is staggering, reaching over 2,000 nits is no easy feat, and while this lends to the QN90C's vibrance and colour accuracy, it also causes the QN90C to struggle with darker tones, leaving black colours slightly grey, rather than truly black.

That being said, the QN90C looks tremendous: its contrast, while not reaching the heights of OLED televisions, is certainly a fry cry from a standard smart TV - it's visually brilliant, performs extraordinarily well, and is stunningly designed.


  • Mindblowing Neo QLED picture
  • One of the best refresh rates on the market
  • Excellent Dolby Atmos audio


  • QLED technology doesn't quite have the contrast of an OLED TV

Best budget 43-inch smart TV

Samsung 43-inch CU7100 UHD HDR Smart TV (2023) Samsung

Despite being one of the best budget televisions on the market, Samsung's CU7100 is loaded with utterly brilliant technology and audiovisual goodness that we can't recommend it enough. Fans of Samsung's beloved 2021 AU7100 are bound to be enthralled by the next-generation Crystal Colour technology, with even more to offer for a low price.

Crystal UHD has a wonderfully vivid quality, delivering an unprecedented amount of colour for an LED TV which simply pops when watching any 4K films and shows. Paired with HDR10+, the CU7100 draws everything it can from its post-processing, greatly enhancing shadows, boosting colours and delivering what is a dazzling onscreen picture.

Despite advertising its array of Dolby Audio support with Object tracking, the CU7100 has a standard 20W audio output, which is solid for its price but isn't going to blow you back into your seat. It's certainly solid audio, but it isn't revolutionary - perhaps consider setting up some speakers to get the most out of this television.

Excellent visuals, solid design and plenty of post-processing to create what may well be the best 4K experience you'll get at a low cost, this spectacular 43-inch television is one to keep an eye on.


  • Gorgeous dynamic colour
  • Fantastically slim design with thin bezels
  • Excellent value picture quality


  • Fairly weak audio output

Best 43-inch smart TV for gaming

LG's C3 OLED TV is considered to be one of the best TVs for gaming ever made, from its second-to-none build quality that is unlike any TV we've ever used to its razor-sharp 0.1ms response time, crowning it as one of the fastest displays on the market - there are very few flaws with LG's C2.

The C3's OLED technology is world-class at delivering boundless depth and realism to images with beautiful accuracy, and its 800-nit brightness gives most televisions a run for their money in terms of vibrancy. But when comparing this brightness to a QLED television, the OLED C3 is left in the dust, unfortunately. Modern QLED TVs are reaching upwards of 2,000 nits in brightness, over double that of the C3. Despite the C3's price, it simply cannot compete with QLED TVs, and as a result - colours and vibrancy suffer.

OLED TVs, however, absolutely excel in contrast - an essential factor of what makes a smart TV pop. Shadows, dark tones and details are stellar, the C3 might well be one of the best in the world for its stunning infinite contrast. The LG OLED C3 is a great choice for true cinephiles, and even better for those looking for an unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Incredible responsiveness with super-low latency
  • Stunning OLED picture for deep blacks and great contrast
  • Excellent variable refresh rate for unbeatable smoothness


  • Vibrancy isn't going to match a QLED television

Best 43-inch smart TV under £300

LG has a huge range of highly affordable 4K smart TVs, but its UR78 AI ThinQ is easily one of our favourite budget smart TVs of the year so far. The UR78's smart AI processor is accompanied by AI sound for effective upscaling and image and sound optimisations.

Certainly solid in its functionality, the LG UR78 disappoints in other areas, with build quality in particular being fairly weaker compared to other smart TVs on the market. Yes, the UR78's ultra-thin screen looks attractive, but there is a noticeably plasticky quality to the back of the smart TV, which detracts from the smart TVs otherwise impressive quality. At its price, there's bound to be certain cut corners to provide impressive 4K quality, it's an otherwise necessary cutback to provide exceptional ultra-HD visuals.

Simple to use, with rapid processing for instant app access, and a surprisingly vibrant screen at its price, it's difficult to critique the UR78 in any regard - it's one of the best LG TVs that won't leave you broke after buying it.


  • Solid LED screen with some brilliant AI enhancements
  • HDR will make all those extra colours accurate and vibrant
  • A 2023 model, so you'll be getting the latest tech that LG has to offer

Best 43-inch QLED TV under £500

Samsung 43-inch Q65C QLED 4K Smart TVSamsung

The Q65C QLED TV is genuinely tough to fault whatsoever. It's ultra-thin, with a mesmerising QLED display and Object Tracking Sound for fantastic immersion. It's got all the techy goodness you could want for the perfect home cinema setup.

So why is it cheaper than some of our other QLED picks? Well, it's largely down to its slower refresh rate (which is fairly standard and is perfect for enjoying films), and it has good brightness levels for a Samsung QLED at this price, with a peak brightness of about 570 nits - more than enough for good HDR performance.

Despite not having a huge array of local dimming zones for better, deeper blacks, the screen still looks brilliant and is far better than most standard TVs on the market, so don't sleep on this one - they're selling like mad.


  • Fantastic QLED panel with excellent brightness levels
  • HDR and Object Tracking Sound bring scenes to life
  • Alexa built-in for hands-free voice control


  • Fairly standard refresh rate

Best budget QLED 43-inch smart TV

Hisense 43E7HQTUK QLED Gaming Series 43-inch 4K HDR Smart TVHisense

For the best QLED televisions, you cannot find a more affordable set than the Hisense 43E7HQTUK 43-inch smart TV. It's almost impossible to understand how Hisense could make a QLED model for this price. DTS Virtual X audio brings your movies and TV shows to life, and it even has Alexa inside for your voice control and smart some functions.

Certainly one of the cheaper QLED televisions on the market, the Hisense 43E7HQTUK undoubtedly reduces its price by providing significantly less brightness than typical QLED TVs, its average brightness sitting at around 300 nits, which is a far cry from high-end smart TVs on the market. Yes, there's plenty of colour for its price, but it's at the cost of brightness, so you're not getting a true QLED experience, but you are getting excellent colours and fantastic contrast for the price.

Packed with over a billion shades of vivid HDR colours, enhanced even more by Dolby Vision, the 43E7HQTUK looks fantastic. And at half the price of competing televisions, it's a total bargain.


  • Affordable QLED TV
  • Excellent HDR and DTS technology
  • Amazon Alexa for hands-free control


  • Fairly weak brightness for a QLED television

Best high-end 43-inch smart TV

Samsung 43-inch Frame TVSamsung

Samsung's The Frame is a brilliantly innovative television centred around looking as clean and seamless as possible, almost appearing like a painting. Owners of The Frame can choose between different wooden bezel designs, acting as a literal frame in a bold yet innovative move from Samsung that looks simply wonderful.

When in standby mode, one of The Frame's greatest features activates: Art Mode, whereby various masterpieces of the art world appear on The Frame, creating a wonderful centrepiece for your lounge. Paired with the matte screen, you'll scarcely believe that you're looking at a television.

But what about the technicals? Needless to say, Samsung's The Frame is filled with fantastic tech - a QLED display, fantastic viewing angles, and great sound - it's all there.

The Frame is conceptually brilliant, offering users a gorgeous smart television experience like no other, but when it comes to smart TV performance, it's not quite as exceptional as we'd hoped for the price. Comparing this 43-inch TV to others on the market, The Frame is easily one of the best on the market, but its performance doesn't reflect its price tag. There are Neo QLED televisions available at a similar price, with better performance at a similar price tag - so choosing between form and function becomes an easy decision to make.

For those looking for a unique, dazzling television that livens the room with its life-like art settings, and sublime QLED visuals, The Frame is an easy choice to make.


  • Perfect flush design for wall mounting
  • Practically flawless picture quality
  • Excellent user interface for comfortable navigation


  • Particularly pricey despite having similar hardware to cheaper QLED TVs

Best 43-inch smart TV under £250

Hisense 43A6KTUK 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Hisense

Easily one of the most affordable smart TVs on the market, the Hisense 43A6KTUK 43-inch smart TV is an exceptional offer on an up-and-coming midrange technology.

Sporting DLED technology, that's Direct Light Emitting Diode, the Hisense 43A6KTUK 43-inch smart TV has sharp, precise control over the screen's lighting, something which isn't regularly afforded to budget 43-inch TVs at its price. This better control ensures that shadows look deeper, colours look brighter, and images therefore, are more accurate than is typically possible on a TV of its price.

This sounds fantastic in theory, but how does it hold up in reality? Pretty fantastically, as it turns out. Films and television shows have an exciting array of colours, and while the depth of the image isn't as marvellous as it would be in a QLED or OLED television, it's nonetheless impressive in an entry-level smart TV.

As for its other features, the Hisense 43A6KTUK has a solid array of post-processing capabilities: HDR10+ complements Hisense's DLED technology well, further accentuating shadows and bright tones to create a deeper sense of contrast than this 43-inch TV should rightfully be capable of.

If we were to nitpick, however, we'd certainly point out the fairly underwhelming build quality on the 43A6KTUK. It doesn't chalk up to pricier televisions on the market, and it's reflected in a practically weightless television remote, and cheap feeling design that would undoubtedly shatter should an accident befall it.

Be that as it may, for the sheer quality of the screen itself, the 43A6TUK is worth the risk of weaker build quality, the screen looks fantastic and is well worth investing in.


  • Excellent value smart TV
  • Voice control support
  • Excellent post-processing sound technology


  • Lacking build quality

Best Toshiba 43-inch smart TV

Toshiba UF3D 43-inch Smart Fire TVToshiba

A true bargain from one of the most recognizable television manufacturers in the world, Toshiba's UF3D smart TV is a sensational entry-level television that brings plenty of visual goodness to the table at a low price.

Visually sharp with upscaling technology that complements live television and streaming shows well, the UF3D doesn't re-invent the wheel in terms of technology, but it's nonetheless a solid choice for kicking back and relaxing in the evening.

If we were to nitpick, we'd certainly note the UF3D's particularly thick and chunky design, which feels outdated by modern standards. A thicker television is less likely to break from those unforeseen accidents, but it's nonetheless ugly to look at, even when compared to other similarly priced 43-inch TVs on the market.

That being said, for solid picture, good sound, and access to all the apps and shows you desire, the Toshiba UF3D is a respectable choice for your home.


  • HDR10 support
  • Built-in Alexa for voice control
  • Solid picture quality for the price


  • Fairly thick design

Best Amazon Fire 43-inch smart TV

This Amazon Fire TV 43-inch 4-series 4K LED TV is an amazing deal for anyone who is a fan of Amazon Prime or any other streaming media provider.

Sporting Amazon's OS (tuned to Prime and other Amazon services), its stand-out feature is full Alexa integration. That means all of the voice-activated goodness you normally only find in an Echo or smartphone is at your command.

As for picture quality, the Fire TV holds its own against a market of powerful budget 43-inch televisions, its ultra-HD quality is brilliantly eye-catching, bringing Prime Television shows such as Fallout to life with a newfound vibrancy.

Using HDR10 on the Fire TV draws out plenty of colour and vibrancy from the screen, shadows are detailed and immersive, working especially well in dimly lit scenes, where the Fire TV comes into its own.

If there's anything to criticise about the Fire TV, it's the surprisingly slow user interface - it's a little sluggish and, even worse, filled with advertising that's inescapable for users. This, however, is a standard for cheaper televisions on the market, and is otherwise a minor blemish on a fantastic 43-inch television


  • Full Alexa integration for instant app access
  • HDR support for even more colour range and definition
  • Dolby Digital Plus delivers excellent surround sound


  • The OS is slower than some other high-end TVs

Best 43-inch smart TVs of 2024: Buyer's guide

So, you've settled on the size of television you want, but what about everything else? So many different brands, models, and technical goodness are out there. It can become almost overwhelming to decide - here's just a quick breakdown of what you should look out for:

Choosing QLED, OLED, or LED

If you're looking for the very best picture quality, you'll most likely need to choose between QLED, OLED TV panels, or LED when it comes to choosing from the best 43-inch smart TVs.

QLED or Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode technology is fantastic. It can deliver bright and vibrant pictures with a huge range of colours up to one billion shades.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.; A self-lit diode that doesn't require a backlight. This gives TVs unparalleled response rates (perfect for gamers) but also a gorgeous thin design that is a real show-stopper.

Finally, LED TVs are your standard TV display panels. They work similarly to QLED TVs but can't compete in terms of brightness and colour range. That said, many modern LED TVs still look brilliant - perfect for saving some cash.

Select the right refresh rate if you're a gamer

Refresh rate refers to how many times per second your television display creates a new image - standard TVs generally cap out at 60Hz (that's 60 new images per second), whereas some higher-end televisions reach upwards of 120Hz, but what's the benefit of this?

Simply put, the more images generated per second gives the display a much smoother, more responsive and instantaneous feel - something not so important to movie binge-watchers, but absolutely game-changing for gamers. The next generation of consoles can effectively utilise 120Hz gameplay for the first time ever, and the result?

Gaming has never felt so satisfying. Pin-point precision like never before, lag-less gameplay, a seamless experience - it's all possible with a proper high refresh rate TV.

Select the highest resolution possible

Resolution refers to the number of pixels on a display, the greater the pixels, the sharper the image. A 4K display has 3840 x 2160 pixels, regardless of whether that's a 43-inch TV or a 65-inch TV.

Our guide is exclusively going to cover 4K TVs for the time being - but why? As of recently, the price difference between 4K and a full-HD TV has become so minimal, that it's just simply not worth buying a full-HD TV.

If you're interested in higher resolutions, unfortunately, we're yet to see an 8K 43-inch television, but we're bound to see one at some point.

Don't have a smart TV? Upgrade without spending a fortune with the best streaming devices of the year so far.

Make sure the best 43-inch smart TV will fit

A 43-inch television may be on the smaller side, but it's a great size for lounges, bedrooms and more compact rooms.

Your viewing angle is essential for the best experience when considering the perfect television size. According to Samsung, this is around 40 degrees. But how do you know if you've got a perfect viewing angle?

To calculate, multiply the size of your chosen television by 1.2. This is the perfect distance to achieve a 40-degree viewing angle. 43 x 1.2 = 51.6 inches, or 131.06cm, giving you the best viewing angle to watch a 43-inch television.

If your room is too large or too small, you might need to think about getting a different-sized television.

Best 43-inch smart TVs of 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

What size TV do I need?

Here’s a rough guide to give you an idea of the minimum distance you should have from your TV when viewing HD content:

40 inches - 80 inches (6.7 feet)

50 inches - 100 inches (8.3 feet)

60 inches - 120 inches (10 feet)

70 inches - 150 inches (12.5 feet)

You can read more about how to pick the right TV size in our comprehensive guide.

What energy-saving features does a 43-inch TV offer?

Many 43-inch TVs offer energy-saving options like automatic brightness adjustment, power-saving mode, and sleep timers. LED-based technology, common in these TVs, inherently consumes less power, contributing to overall energy efficiency and cost savings over time.

What’s 4K, and what is Ultra HD?

These terms refer to the same thing – TV resolution. 4K screens offer four times more pixels than HD screens, with 8.3 million pixels working across the screen. This means clearer, more accurate images. You can read more about HD, 4K and 8K in our guide to TV resolutions. Here's a list of the most common resolutions you'll find when looking for TVs:

HD: 1280×720

Full HD / 1080p: 1920×1080

4K Ultra HD / 4K UHD: 3840×2160

What is the difference between 1080p and 4K on a 43-inch TV?

The main difference lies in the resolution. A 1080p TV has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while a 4K TV boasts four times the pixels at 3840x2160. On a 43-inch screen, 4K provides sharper details, especially noticeable with closer viewing, making it ideal for larger screens.

What are HDR and HDR10+?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It works to get as much light, crispness, and depth into your picture. Whites are brighter, and blacks are darker. It offers a huge range of over one billion colours. HDR10+ is an extension of this, but using metadata creates an even more refined picture.

What does 4K and HDR do together?

When 4K and HDR are combined, they create a visually striking synergy. 4K resolution enhances clarity with four times the pixel count of Full HD, delivering sharper images. HDR extends the colour and contrast range, providing more vibrant colours and lifelike details. Together, they offer an immersive viewing experience with unparalleled sharpness, realism, and dynamic visual depth.

What is contrast?

Contrast is a method of referencing the difference between the lightest and darkest images a TV can produce. The measurement is written as a ratio: for example, 4,000:1. Typically speaking, the higher the ratio, the better your viewing experience will be.

There’s more to contrast than that, including plenty of mathematics and specialist lighting measurements. CNET has a comprehensive guide on contrast and the pros and cons of contrast when purchasing TVs.

Want to learn more about contrast ratio quickly? Watch the video below from Techquickie for a short crash course. It’ll help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

What can a smart TV do?

A smart TV is a television that can connect to the internet directly without the need for a secondary gadget like an Amazon Fire Stick. They tend to be pre-loaded with an array of well-known catch-up streaming apps like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub as well as subscription services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. A smart TV will also provide the users' access to other internet services and apps, such as social media, news and weather, and internet browsers.

What are the best apps for a smart TV?

The best apps offer you the best entertainment choices, features, and reliability. We’d recommend Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, All 4, YouTube, and Spotify as a starting point.

Please be aware that for these apps to work correctly, you’ll need a WiFi or Ethernet connection with a stable internet connection, good broadband speeds, and unlimited (or very high) data limits. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, and YouTube Premium require you to pay a subscription fee to access their content, though free trials are available for all.

What can a VPN offer me?

If you are subscribed to a VPN or considering joining, you may wonder what the service can offer your smart TV. Here are a few of the highlights:

Privacy and security: A VPN - or Virtual Private Network - encrypts your internet connection. This makes life hard for anyone trying to peak at your internet usage - including hackers and your Internet Service Provider. This is especially important when streaming content on your smart TV, as it helps protect your personal information and browsing history.

More content to stream: Many streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, have content restrictions based on your geographical location. Connecting to a VPN server in a different country allows you to access region-locked content on your smart TV.

Avoid go-slow connections: Some ISPs might intentionally slow down your internet connection, a practice known as throttling, especially when they detect data-intensive activities like streaming. A VPN can help bypass throttling and maintain a more consistent and higher-quality streaming experience.

Access everything: Sometimes, certain online services or apps may be blocked or restricted by your ISP or local network. A VPN can help you bypass these restrictions and access the full online services.

Anonymous activity: Using a VPN can help maintain anonymity while streaming content on your smart TV. It can prevent advertisers, streaming platforms, and third parties from tracking your viewing habits and personal information.

What are some recommended VPN providers for smart TVs?

To get the most out of your VPN, you need to make sure that you've picked the best possible one for you to begin with. To help you decide on the best, our resident VPN expert has compiled a comprehensive list of the best VPNs for streaming. Topping the round-up is ExpressVPN, PIA and NordVPN.

What is Freeview Play?

Freeview Play pools on-demand and catch-up television streaming into one place, allowing you to search forward to see what’s upcoming and backwards to stream shows from the previous week. It effectively combines the functionality of the catch-up elements of apps like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and All 4, and merges them for user ease.

What is refresh rate and what is Hz?

Refresh rate refers to the number of times a TV screen refreshes the entire on-screen image, per second. This count is measured in Hertz, or Hz. A 60Hz TV will refresh an image 60 times, and a 120Hz TV will refresh an image 120 times.

Therefore, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the moving image appears. By contrast, an exaggeratedly low refresh rate of 10Hz would make fast-paced content appear to jump, stutter and jolt. 50Hz - 60hz is going to be fine for most users.

If you’re a dedicated gamer or sports fan, you may want to consider higher rates, as the images will appear with considerably reduced blur. Just be aware you'll have to pay for the privilege.

What is HDMI ARC?

HDMI Audio Return Channel, or HDMI ARC, is a feature that allows soundbars and surround sound systems to operate with fewer cables. A single HDMI cable (1.4 or higher) is connected from a TV’s HDMI ARC to an HDMI ARC port on a soundbar or surround sound receiver. This connection will deliver audio from another device connected to the TV through the soundbar - a gaming console, Blu-ray player, or media streaming device.

Note that some TVs, even some of the best 43-inch smart TVs, will require you to manually enable 'HDMI CEC' in your TV settings for the ARC system to work correctly.

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