The best 32-inch TVs for 2024

Big entertainment crammed into the best 32-inch TVs perfect for any room.

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When looking for a truly great TV, simplicity is sometimes bliss - but can the best 32-inch TVs compete? After all, the latest and greatest TVs have 80-inch screens and offer monstrous resolutions, AI processing, and more speakers inside than your local hi-fi shop. But why do you need all of that for casual watching in smaller rooms? Spoiler: you don't.

The humble 32-inch television still has a place in bedrooms, kitchens and mancaves across the globe. They're often cheap, easily moved about the home, and have excellent picture quality despite their size. For many, there's no need to duplicate the full 60-inch TV experience on a small TV for casual use. We couldn't agree more.

The best 32-inch TVs at a glance:

Best overall 32-inch TV: Samsung QE32Q50AE 32-inch Full HD TV (2023) - View at Amazon
Best budget 32-inch smart TV: Hisense 32-inch HD VIDAA Smart TV 32A4KTUK (2023) - View at Amazon
Best 32-inch TV for features: SHARP 32FD6K 32-Inch HD Ready Smart Roku TV - View atCurrys
Best 32-inch TV with voice control: Amazon Fire TV 32-inch 2-Series - View at Amazon

We're all about keeping things simple regarding small televisions; more often than not, they just need to sit in a corner and work. That said, unless you're tempted by one of the best 50-inch TVs instead, there are still choices to make. We've compiled a guide and answered some of your questions to help you choose.

Perfect for a child's bedroom, caravan or spare room, many will combine great value, top-tier performance, and ease of use. So, whether that's breakfast news in the bedroom or a spot of sport in the kitchen, we have the best 32-inch TVs.

Best 32-inch TVs of 2024

Best overall 32-inch TV

The Samsung Q50A is a top choice for a 32-inch smart TV with a QLED panel. And it's no wonder why - a QLED screen on any TV under 42-inch is a real rarity and they are prized for their smooth image and great colour. This excellent value 1080p screen has real clarity and vibrancy, assisted by HDR10+ for extra colour range. The on-screen contrast is decent too. Alongside is Samsung's Ultra Clean View processor, which will upscale live television for extra detail in real time.

Everything from the thin screen, the tiny bezels, the solid build and the speedy functionality of the Q50A makes it feel like a television double the price, so there's no need to fork over heaps of cash for a premium TV experience. Gamers are very well catered for at this price point, even when put up against our picks for the best gaming TVs of the year; the inclusion of Samsung's Motion Xcelerator tech will compensate for missing frames and make for much smoother gameplay.

Audio is very well represented here, with Dolby Digital Plus and Q-Symphony; the latter is Samsung's clever tech to combine your TV's internal speakers with an external soundbar for all-encompassing sound. There's even Object Tracking Sound - amazing on a TV of this size - which will work to make important sounds, like dialogue, seem as though it's coming from the right spot on-screen. Alexa voice control is built-in, too, as are all of the usual streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.


  • Stunning QLED panel
  • Excellent Dolby sound specification
  • Great range of apps supported


  • Speakers could be better - invest in a soundbar

Best budget 32-inch smart TV

Hisense 32-inch HD VIDAA Smart TV 32A4KTUK (2023)Hisense

Our final pick is certainly on the more budget end of the spectrum, but it's a new model for 2023 and remains a solid choice. It's a nice-looking display with strong sound and plenty of smart TV apps.

Hisense's 32A4KTUK 32-inch TV is an HD-Ready 720p TV, and that's the only slight shortcoming to mention. Full-HD would have been nice, but what you lose in definition, you gain in extra features. A 32-inch screen is, after all, a little bigger than an open tabloid newspaper, So for many casual viewers, 720p resolution is more than enough for a sharp and vibrant picture.

For the cinematically inclined, there's Natural Colour Enhancer tech to deliver optimised images. And in terms of audio, this set has DTS Virtual X sound-enhancing technology for better bass and more vocal clarity. Smart TV functions abound, thanks to Hisense's VIDAA operating system. You have access to all of the usual apps, like Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. To top off this excellent package, Game Mode and Sports Mode will fine-tune your experience depending on what you're playing or watching. This is a perfect all-rounder and one of the best TV deals to be found when it comes to having useful features at hand.


  • Sharp, vibrant images with natural colour processing
  • Great audio immersion thanks to DTS X
  • Fast VIDAA operating system with excellent menu usability


  • No HDR (high dynamic range) so only standard colours

Best 32-inch TV for features

SHARP 32FD6K 32-Inch HD Ready Smart Roku TVSHARP

This Sharp 40FD6K comes packing a brilliant overall range of features that make it one of the most usable and practical 32-inch TVs on the market. You need to use the free Roku companion app for voice control - but once done it interfaces with all of the major smart home assistants out there such as Apple AirPlay, Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home. Elsewhere, this TV is a Full HD model with access to Freeview for all of your regular TV viewing, plus all of your streaming apps.

Unusually for a sub-40-inch set, this one has HDR10, which is a step up from others in terms of colour range and clarity. We also love the inclusion of Dolby Digital for enhanced audio, and users report excellent sound from the internal speaker system for once in a TV at the smaller end. Lastly, the addition of Active Motion to keep fast-moving action sharp and tear-free will make all the difference for your sports and movies.


  • A remarkable set of features for the price - from Freeview and Roku to Active Motion technology and full HDR10 for a superior picture
  • Exceptional compatibility with various voice assistants via the Roku app
  • The frameless design will maximise your viewing space and blend with your decor


  • The TV and remote don't have any voice assistants built-in, so you'll need the Roku app on your phone or tablet

Best 32-inch TV with voice control

Amazon is becoming equally well known for its feature-rich and affordable Fire TVs. Despite only being a 720p HD set, this one has plenty of technical trimmings to make for a highly usable and practical TV. This is down to the brilliant integration with Amazon's streaming content and the remote with built-in Alexa voice control. Hit a button on the remote to access all that virtual assistant power - change the channel, set a timer, control your smart home - the works.

The picture is well-specced, thanks to HDR10 with over a billion colours, and Dolby Digital Audio is there too for immersive sound. As you'd expect, all of the popular streaming apps have lots more to choose from available for download. If you're not streaming, there's no shortage of inputs on the side panel, too.


  • Comprehensive and fast Alexa integration makes this a true addition to any smart home
  • Plenty of external connections for such a small TV
  • Dolby Digital Audio brings the whole package together nicely


  • Only 720p resolution (but on a 32-inch TV do you really need higher?)

Best 32-inch TV for Roku users

If you're firmly in the Roku camp regarding all of your favourite content, this is the TV for you. Running under a fast and intuitive interface, RCA has packaged a lot of high-tech TV goodness into this model. You have access to Apple TV+. Disney+ and all of the usual streaming apps, but you also have Dolby Audio, HDR and three levels of picture noise reduction.

There's a smooth 60hz refresh rate here, too, so shows and movies will look sharp and slick - as will all but the most fast-moving sports. We do wish that RCA had included Bluetooth into the mix, but there is at least a headphone jack so that you can plug in your favourite headphones for uninterrupted listening.


  • Built-in Roku means a fast and familiar operating system and UI experience
  • Loads of apps available, including Plex and others not normally seen on the average smart TV
  • The no-nonsense design will fit into any small room or bedroom


  • No Bluetooth for wireless headphones

Best 32-inch smart TV for sound

It wouldn't be a top 32-inch TV list without an LG. And let's face it, not everyone wants or needs a 4K resolution. As you'd expect from LG, a reputable manufacturer, the 32LM6300 delivers great quality at an affordable price. It has packed the LM6300 with a shedload of premium technology - including an intelligent processor that sharpens pictures in real time. Sound is dealt with by an immersive AI sound processor, coupled with LG's excellent speaker quality for a TV of this size.

The only thing we're not huge fans of is the thick-ish bezels that give the TV a far more retro look than the screen deserves. Despite such nitpicking, this is a great screen worth investing in for the price.


  • The ultra-thin profile will blend into all settings
  • HDR for over a billion colours - great to see on a 32" model
  • Virtual surround audio is simple and effective


  • Slightly thick bezels compared to some

Best 32-inch TV with HDR

TCL's fully kitted-out 32SF540K 32-inch FHD Fire TV display is a spectacular deal on television that pairs perfectly with bedroom console setups, snug lounge areas, and kitchens. After all, a little something on in the background while cooking makes it all the more enjoyable - especially if it's also one of the best budget TVs on the market. Despite not being a 4K TV, we think that a 32" model only needs a 1080p screen - as this TV is all about being practically sized for all your streaming apps. But, amazingly, it does have HDR10 for high dynamic range with over a billion colours - that's not normally seen on a TV this size or on a non-4K screen.

The screen is a crisp, thin 1080p display with a minimalistic, modern look and bezel-less surround. Hands covered in flour while cooking? Simply use the remote with Alexa built-in to change channels or crank up the volume. TCL's built-in dual-band 5ghz Wi-fi is joined by Bluetooth - so you can connect headphones and more. This TV's a real showstopper for a terrific price. The only thing that will come close budget-wise is the range of 4K TV for under £500 - but you won't find many 32-inch models there.


  • The slim design fits anywhere and the bezel-less surround is super-modern
  • HDR for more colours and a vibrant image
  • Voice Remote with Alexa


  • Weak speakers - buy a soundbar
  • Remote can be finicky to use

The best 32-inch TV and computer monitor

Samsung SMART MONITOR M7 32-inch 4K Smart MonitorSamsung

This TV is a far-from-humble smart display from Samsung, aptly named due to its dual functionality as both television and monitor. Samsung's M7 smart display is elegant. From the M7's sharp, simple, yet modern chassis to its dedicated smart remote, Samsung's M7 is an exciting collision of functional, ergonomic design with streaks of Samsung's trailblazing technology. The extra features alone make this TV worth every penny.

But what of the M7's 4K UHD screen? Well, you won't be disappointed. Rich, vivid, and bold - the M7's pixel density is much higher in its 32-inch size than it would be in a larger television, giving the picture quality a richer colour and detail boost that brings films and television to life.

All things considered, despite the slightly higher price of Samsung's M7 compared to other 32-inch televisions, we believe that value is absolutely paramount here. With the M7, you'll get a gorgeous 4K TV with streaming and web-browsing functionality.


  • One of the very few 32-inch 4K TVs available - massive flexibility as a monitor
  • Gorgeous, slim design with neat stand for desks and tabletops
  • A good range of inputs allows for multiple device connections


  • Not as straightforward to use as a regular TV

Best 32-inch Android TV

TVs in the Sony Bravia range do come in all shapes and sizes, from staggering 75-inch screens to the more compact 32-inch that you see here. But what makes this such a capable TV is the range of features - like HDR for mode colours and of course that Sony Bravia Engine for superior picture processing compared to lesser brands. There's also voice control, director recording to a USB stick, and a tonne of apps via the Android operating system.

The inclusion of Android makes this a familiar experience for existing Android users with a lot of app choices in the store - over 5000 at the time of writing. So, if you’re after a compact TV with some serious smarts, the BRAVIA KD-32W800 is perfect for you.


  • Unmistakable premium Sony picture processing for better visuals
  • HDR for over a billion colours - great to see on a 32-inch model
  • Android operating system for access to thousands of apps


  • Slightly thick bezels compared to some

Best 32-inch smart TV with DVD player

This ZF0223 from Cello offers ultimate simplicity for anyone who wants a simple TV that just works. There are no smart apps or voice control here - just a solid and reliable 32-inch set with modern looks that will hook up to your digital TV aerial or satellite dish for all of your free-to-view terrestrial channels. Keeping with the simple but functional ethos, the trick up the sleeve here is the integrated DVD player.

Do you have a collection of movies on disc? What about all those Disney films you need to watch when the grandchildren visit? No need for a separate player here - the ZF0223 is a neat, hassle-free TV that will slot very nicely into smaller rooms.


  • A fantastic array of essential features for anyone who just needs a non-smart TV that works
  • The integrated DVD player means you can forget apps and streaming and just play your movies the easy way
  • Great-looking - will fit into smaller rooms very well


  • Doesn't include any smart functionality or streaming apps

Best 32-inch TVs of 2024: Buyer's guide

Looking at 32-inch screens, the ideal viewing distance is around 3-4 feet. Any closer than that, and you'll be straining to see the whole picture at once. If you have to sit more than 10-12 feet away and have the space, consider a 43-inch model.

Alternatively, if a 32-inch screen is too large for students, commuters, and everyone in between, we have some of the best 24-inch TVs to choose from.

Screen resolution

You'll probably not come across many 32-inch TVs with resolutions at the higher end of the scale. This is partly because the production of small models has dropped in the wake of TVs 50 inches or larger.

If you want to know about resolutions, check out our full resolution guide here.

HD/720p: 1280×720

Full HD/1080p: 1920×1080

Ultra HD/4K: 3840×2160

What size TV do I need?

This is always going to be a personal preference. If you're reading about 32-inch TVs, you'll probably have limited space. However, just because you can cram one of these into your caravan or spare bedroom doesn't mean it's going to be a comfortable fit.

Best 32-inch TVs of 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?

High Dynamic Range refers to a television's ability to display a wider colour palette than regular TVs can. In short, whereas standard sets can display around 16 million colours, HDR can manage over a billion. That makes for extremely natural-looking pictures and colour accuracy. The base standard for this is HDR10, but that is closely superseded by HDR10+ and Dolby Vision - each a slight improvement on the other in terms of the widest colour range.

What is Freeview Play?

Freeview Play

Freeview Play is a service that combines on-demand and catch-up television streaming into one place. This allows you to browse to see what programmes are coming up. You can watch live TV and also catch up on shows from the previous week.

If you really want to boost what's available to watch on your new TV, you may want to consider a VPN. For example, the best VPN for Netflix will grant you access to the catalogues of any country in the world, like the US, Japan or Australia. These countries have different shows, meaning greater variety of choices for you.

Do smart TVs need to be connected to the internet?

For applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Spotify, you'll need internet access to stream any content; but if you've got a TV that has a Freeview aerial or Freesat dish connected, you can watch broadcast content without an internet connection.

Is it worth buying a smart TV?

Smart TV functionality is built into most TVs these days, even some that double as PC monitors. So, even if you're used to watching live TV, having smart functions - such as apps for streaming your favourite dramas or movies - may well come in handy at some point.

What are the best apps for a smart TV?

For most people, Netflix and YouTube are the go-to apps when it comes to casual streaming. Often included by default on some of the best 32-inch TVs, these apps can deliver thousands of TV shows. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll probably have heard of Prime Video; this app is also usually available pre-installed on your TV or downloadable from your set's app store.

Alternatively, you've got Disney Plus, you'll get the latest and greatest Marvel shows on demand. There are thousands of Disney classics, which now include the Star Wars franchise.

The Spotify app will enable you to log into your account and stream all of your favourite playlists - perfect for that impromptu party in the kitchen.

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