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Best Netflix VPN

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The way we watch our favourite TV and movies is constantly evolving, but you still need a Netflix VPN to make sure that experience is safe and secure. Cyber threats are a major concern today, a concern that can only be combated with the best VPNs. We live in a digital age where we have access to endless catalogues of content from the comfort of our sofa, or anywhere in the world for that matter. Netflix has led this charge for the longest time. While this digital age has come with its advantages, serious risks have arisen too. When you stream on Netflix, you’re not safe from the dangers of the internet unless you have the best Netflix VPN by your side.

As far as online activities go, streaming is heavy on usage, and the time spent connected to the network is far greater than nearly anything else. It’s for this reason that you need the protection of a Virtual Private Network that much more. As long as you stream through a VPN connection, your device will be protected from the hazardous, unpredictable flow of ordinary internet traffic.

The best Netflix VPN at a glance:

The best Netflix VPN: NordVPN - View on NordVPN
The best Netflix VPN for unblocking: ExpressVPN - View on ExpressVPN
The best Netflix VPN for value: CyberGhost - View on CyberGhost

It’s not all safety this, protection that when it comes to using a VPN with Netflix. There are some added bonuses you definitely shouldn’t be turning your nose at. One of the advantages to a Virtual Private Network is that you can alter your IP address to another global location. While this is, first and foremost, a privacy measure, this also means you’ll have access to the region-specific content of whichever IP you choose. In the case of Netflix, every country has a different catalogue of films and TV, so your streaming options will expand exponentially.

When it comes down to choosing the right VPN provider for your Netflix habits, there are a few key things you’ll need to look out for me. Like many of the best streaming VPNs, their greatness is determined by performance and features.

The best Netflix VPN

NordVPN Logo
Price: £3.09 p/m+

For an encapsulating Netflix streaming experience that’s as safe as it is enriching, NordVPN has cracked the code. The provider we have before us is one that has been crafted with the ultimate streaming experience in mind.

Nord is the 1st choice Netflix VPN for 4K streaming, nearly vanished are the days of 1080p streaming, and NordVPN are certainly keeping with the times. Speeds are market-leading and you can be sure that they can be sustained for long durations of Netflix viewing.

Nord’s double data encryption is always a talking point when security is concerned (which it always is). Pair this with plentiful, strong servers that are optimised especially for Netflix and get the best Netflix VPN.

Nord is only ever so slightly let down by its mobile versions, which offer a less smooth experience overall than other operating systems. But we’re sure that with time and persistence, users can still experience the greatness in Nord and Netflix.


  • 1st choice for 4K streaming
  • Super secure
  • Netflix-optimised servers


  • Mobile experience could be smoother

The best Netflix VPN for unblocking

Express VPN
Price: £5.65 p/m+

A market-leading provider that lives up to its name time and time again. ExpressVPN has paved the way for streaming with a VPN, and it’s a no-brainer choice for Netflix viewers too. Stream with seamless speeds that are always reliable, take comfort in some of the best security in the game, and unblock with ease.

ExpressVPN shines brightest when it’s unblocking Netflix catalogues, some of which are notoriously tough to access. Japanese Netflix is highly sought after by VPN users around the world, but Express is one of the few providers that can access it with no questions asked. With Express, unblocking is quick, easy, and, most importantly, effective.

The super-experienced VPN users might find Express lacking some power features, but that’s not to say Express isn’t powerful in its own right. There’s just no flashy VPN accelerators or other quirky tools to play with.


  • Excellent unblocking
  • Unblocks Japanese Netflix easily - great for anime fans
  • Reliable speed and security


  • Lacks power features - might not appeal to advanced VPN users

The best Netflix VPN with unlimited devices

Surfshark logo
Price: £1.83 p/m+

No matter what the service, there are always limits and restrictions to some extent. For VPNs, how many devices you can connect simultaneously is a common limit across providers. Surfshark is one of the few providers that offers users unlimited simultaneous connections, and it just so happens it’s a great VPN for Netflix too.

Surfshark grants the luxury of VPN protection across infinite simultaneous devices. It’s no joke for Netflix either, some of the highest speeds recorded from a VPN have come from Surfshark. An easy-to-use interface across all operating systems means hopping IPs and switching Netflix catalogues has never been simpler. It’s no shock that Surfshark has built a very solid reputation for use on Netflix.

When it comes to coverage, you get a brilliant selection of over 3200 servers worldwide. Although you might find the occasional slow one, once you get a server with those peak speeds, it’s all worth it.

While Surfshark is a great choice VPN for unlimited simultaneous connections and Netflix use, we encourage caution. There have been minor kill switch issues when recorded when Surfshark is under extreme pressure, so maybe 10 devices all streaming Netflix at once could be a little overwhelming.


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Very high peak speeds
  • Easy to use


  • Occasional slow server
  • Minor kill switch issues under extreme use - security issue

The best Netflix VPN for value

There’s nothing scary about this little yellow ghost unless you consider a fantastic value VPN to be frightening. CyberGhost is by any means a solid VPN option if the sole purpose is streaming on Netflix, and its value for money makes it that much more appealing.

CyberGhost has a vast server fleet, meaning there’s a whole world of Netflix catalogues just waiting to be unblocked and enjoyed. Despite struggling with China, this provider has built up a very good record for unblocking US Netflix. With optimised streaming servers, CyberGhost users can expect a superior Netflix streaming experience.

Coming back to value, CyberGhost offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee for new users. On the off chance you don’t get the most out of the CyberGhost experience, there’s no risk at all.

Security and encryption are of the highest grade at CyberGhost. Only Mac users ran into trouble with the WireGuard protocol from time to time, but with an excellent customer support system, problems like this can be resolved very quickly.


  • Vast server fleet
  • Optimised streaming servers
  • Perfect for US servers
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Struggles with unblocking Netflix in China
  • WireGuard issues on Mac

The best Netflix VPN for coverage

Commonly abbreviated to PIA – Private Internet Access is a Virtual Private Network ever growing in popularity, and that’s not by chance. As a Netflix VPN, it makes our ranking as one of the best for being extremely well-rounded but mostly for its incredible coverage.

Like most top-drawer Netflix VPNs, PIA hosts dedicated streaming servers across its whopping coverage of 35,000. Should you pick PIA, you’ll be getting a feature-packed VPN. There’s a well-tested kill switch that Private Internet Access users swear by. PIA subscribers are also looked after by a solid customer support available day and night.

PIA could be a little technical for VPN newbies with its abundance of features scattered across the interface, but switching IPs is one of the easier tasks. It might not be as lightning fast as some of the competitors, but It’s a treat for unblocking the likes of US Netflix, and for some, that can be enough.


  • 35,000 servers
  • Feature-packed
  • Unblocks US Netflix effectively


  • Too technical for beginners
  • Not the fastest out there

Please note: All prices are correct at time of writing. VPN deals and savings are subject to change at short notice.

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The Criteria

VPN speeds are a huge factor in how well you’ll be able to stream on Netflix. Peak speeds are obviously important, but super-fast speeds are nothing if they’re not consistent. The fastest VPNs are so great because they can maintain those top speeds at a reliable rate.

It goes without saying that your Virtual Private Network should have the best security money can buy, especially for those long Sundays spent Netflix binging. You shouldn’t be settling for anything less than military-grade encryption, next-gen encryption is even better. The most secure brands offer privacy features like kill switches, ad blockers and trackers. All of these make for a truly secure VPN.

Of course, if you’re after getting your hands on some otherwise inaccessible Netflix catalogues, you’ll need a provider with well-tested unblocking. Only the best Netflix VPNs will be able to unblock the streaming service in certain countries, so finding the one that can is imperative.

Glossary of terms

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Streaming services - On-demand online entertainment sources accessible to multimedia devices

Kill switch - If internet connection is lost, it kills any internet connection until a secure VPN link re-established

Simultaneous devices - Number of devices that can connect to the VPN at once

How to use a VPN on Netflix

Using a VPN on Netflix is fairly simple, but it does depend on the device you’re on. On mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, you’ll simply have to download the VPN to your device either through the website or the app store. Once downloaded and logged in, simply open up Netflix, and you’re protected. This process is identical for Amazon Prime VPNs too. It's even more essential to follow this process with the best providers for BBC iPlayer, especially if you're wanting to access the service from another country.

On some smart TVs, consoles, and other devices where you can’t download a VPN directly to them, do not fear. In this instance, you’ll need to either install the VPN to your router or connect your device to a computer or laptop that’s protected by the VPN.

Which free VPN works with Netflix?

There are plenty of free VPNs that work with Netflix. The problem with even the best free VPN providers is that they have restrictions like data and bandwidth limits. You’ll find your Netflix experience very diminished if you choose to use a free VPN.

Can Netflix ban you for using a VPN?

No, Netflix does not ban users for using a VPN. However, it does block IP addresses that it knows are associated with VPNs. This means that if you use a VPN to connect to Netflix, you may not be able to access the content you want to watch.

There are a few things you can do to try to bypass Netflix's VPN block:

• Use a VPN that is known to be able to unblock Netflix.
• Clear your cookies and cache before logging into Netflix.
• Connect to a different VPN server.
• Block IPv6 on your PC.

Netflix blocks VPNs to comply with licensing agreements and to prevent fraud.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can still use a VPN to connect to Netflix. However, you should be aware that you may not be able to access all of the content that you want to watch.

Netflix may start banning users who use VPNs to bypass geo-blocking in the future. This is because Netflix is increasingly cracking down on VPN use. However, as of right now, there is no evidence that Netflix is banning users for using a VPN.

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