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Amplify weak wifi signals and banish poor connectivity with the latest mesh gadgetry

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If you’re frequently frustrated by dead zones, weak signals and unreliable Wi-Fi connections as you move that tablet or shiny new laptop from room to room, mesh Wi-Fi technology answers your prayers. Today, the average home is filled with a collection of electrical equipment and advanced wireless tech - and right at the heart of it sits your home internet router.

Tasked with keeping your internet connection alive and kicking, it does its best to farm that connection out to a growing collection of internet-enabled devices like the latest laptops, smartphones, game consoles and office tech like wireless printers or anything sporting a Wi-Fi dongle. Before you know it, you need a strong and stable connection throughout the entire house. But is your router up to it? Before we jump into our recommendations, let’s take a quick look at what mesh Wi-Fi technology actually is.

The best mesh Wi-Fi of 2024 at a glance

• Best overall mesh Wi-Fi system: TP-LINK Deco M4 Whole Home Wi-Fi System - View at Currys
• Best budget mesh Wi-Fi system: Mercusys AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - View at Amazon
• Best mesh Wi-Fi system for small homes: Linksys Atlas Pro 6 - View at Amazon
• Best mesh Wi-Fi system for large homes: NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System - View at Amazon

A typical mesh setup has one job: Connect to your existing home modem/router, take the internet connection it provides and then stably transmit it throughout your home via a series of compact interconnected repeaters. Think of it as a wide-reaching upgrade to your router’s Wi-Fi capabilities - only using extra hardware. But wait, doesn’t that sound like a load of standard Wi-Fi range extenders? Almost - except, unlike normal extenders, these nodes can talk to each other and the router - creating a ‘mesh’ of interconnected wifi provision.

The net result of a mesh system is a more comprehensive and stable internet connection throughout your space. You’ll also have one network ID and one password instead of different ones for each bandwidth. Best of all, it also has seamless roaming features that allow you to transition between access points with no signal drops. So, let’s get ready to ditch those dead zones and bring a strong signal to every corner of your home with the best mesh Wi-Fi kit on the market.

Best mesh Wi-Fi of 2024

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Best budget mesh Wi-Fi system

Mercusys AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi SystemMercusys

The idea of being able to solve some of the worst connection problems that plague your Wi-Fi for less than £50 might seem unrealistic. But the Mercusys AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System is here to disprove that, with a compact dual-band system that will cope with up to 100 devices at once. 

Looks-wise, the design is very featureless, but as these are also small cubes, they can be tucked away out of sight easily. And if you’re thinking that two of these little things aren’t enough - that’s the power of mesh. Whereas a normal Wi-Fi range booster talks to and from the existing modem/router for its internet connection, it won’t also talk to other boosters and fill signal gaps. These two nodes will do just that - and they’ll solve dead zones in a blanket that extends to 2,800 sq ft. Amazing power for very little outlay for compact homes.


  • Compact yet powerful enough to give you excellent speed and coverage in a smaller home
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi means this will support all of your devices
  • Each unit is a simple cube shape that won’t take up much room


  • The design is very no-frills

Best mesh Wi-Fi system for small homes

Linksys Atlas Pro 6 Velop Dual Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 SystemLinksys

Whereas our top pick for a budget mesh system has similar coverage in terms of range, this Linksys Atlas Pro 6 Velop mesh system also has the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, so you’ll get even more speed - up to 5.4 Gbps. Able to spread the signal evenly over 2700 sq ft - around the same size as a typical 2-3 bedroom home - this is an easy system to set up.

Firstly, it’s only two units - which may seem a little lacklustre compared to others here, but thanks to the Linksys build, it’s more than up to the task. Each unit can support up to 30 devices connected at once for a total of 60. Secondly, setup is super-easy thanks to the Linksys app, and each node will update automatically to keep things up-to-date and secure. One last feature we love is that a guest network is simple to set up and control - perfect for anyone who wants to give guests internet access without having access to the rest of your network.


  • A simple single unit that connects to your modem and can be placed out of sight if needed
  • Enough power and range to handle a small 2-3 bedroom home and improve Wi-Fi performance
  • Lets you set up a separate guest network - ideal for visitors or guests in a rental


  • Supports up to a reasonable 60 devices for a Wi-Fi 6 system, but make sure that’s enough

Best compact mesh Wi-Fi system

We love these little cubes  - the Tenda Nova MW12 Mesh Wi-Fi System is clearly designed to be compact and easily hidden away. But, if you enjoy having their gadgets on show, we also think the subtle texturing on the outside is a little more homely than most. Plus, thanks to the Tenda App, there’s a very easy setup and control. 

This tri-band system also offers a third 5 GHz band to offer dedicated bandwidth to devices that support faster connections. Range-wise, the three nodes add up to excellent signal coverage - up to 6000 sq ft, that’s enough to blanket a modest four or five-bedroom home. It also has brilliant, seamless roaming tech that will keep you connected without interruption as you move around the home. Coverage aside, we’re happy to see the inclusion of Alexa compatibility - meaning you can speak to any of the nodes for instant voice control over your Alexa gadgets.


  • The three small cubes have a textured finish that’s very easy to integrate with your home
  • Excellent wide coverage thanks to the three nodes, making this suitable for a 4-5 bedroom house
  • The network allows for seamless roaming, automatically picking up the nearest strongest signal on the fly


  • Tri-band is good as it gives a third 5 GHz channel for faster devices to use - but if you want gigabit speeds, look for a Wi-Fi 6 system

Best mesh Wi-Fi for parental controls

Google Wifi - Mesh Wifi System, pack of 3Google

As companies go, Google is just about as well-established and trusted a brand as you could hope for. And that’s why this Google Wi-Fi Mesh Wi-Fi System is our pick for a mesh solution with parental controls. Once you’ve set up these reasonably compact cylindrical nodes (or ‘points’ as Google call them), you can guarantee great Wi-Fi reception across a typical 3-4 bedroom home. 

And that’s great for any children who sit watching their tablet in their bedroom or study. Even better, it uses the Google Home app for setup and control, including parental controls that will let you manage screen time, individual device access, schedules, and more.


  • An excellent set of parental control options from a trusted brand
  • Having three points (nodes) means this will cater for most 4-5 bedroom homes - add more for even more coverage
  • Automatic security updates will keep your home network safe


  • Only dual-band, so no dedicated third 5Ghz band - if you need more bandwidth in a busy household, go for tri-band or a Wi-Fi 6 system

Best tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system

ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Whole Home WiFi SystemASUS

The benefit of a tri-band mesh system is that it adds a second 5 GHz band that’s dedicated to faster devices. This ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Whole Home Wi-Fi System does just that and monitors each device’s connection usage, controlling the bandwidth available to each one for a more stable and metered user experience. But it’s that second 5 GHz band that really makes all the difference. The more capable high-speed devices on the network will be given access to the more capable band - meaning your 4K streaming or downloading is protected from being affected by the slower devices on your network.

As for sheer speed and coverage, this Asus knocks it out of the park with a combined 6600 Mbps - enough for streaming ultra-definition video without a hitch. We also like the look of the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8. Its unashamedly black casing and premium finish really sets it apart from the crowd, and looks great on the shelf or side table.


  • The third 5 GHz band /  120Mhz frequency delivers a staggering 6600 Mbps - ideal for high-level 8K streaming video and more
  • An extremely solid build and premium looks - should slot well into high-tech homes
  • Works with the ASUS Router app for easy customisation


  • The build and design are premium - but may still be too blocky and hard to conceal for some

Best mesh Wi-Fi system for Wi-Fi 6E

Much like the other examples of mesh technology here, the Tenda Nova Mesh Wi-Fi 6E system provides three wifi bands. But, here the third one is powered by Wi-Fi 6E - meaning it operates on the 6 GHz bandwidth. The dedicated frequency range, plus the 6E tech itself, means the fastest home networking speeds on the planet. The 6 GHz range is also uncluttered, supporting reliable connections even more. It’ll even support over 200 devices at once - one of the best on this list.

There's no shortage of range and power with these three nodes either, as it’ll blanket a massive 7300 sq ft with rock-solid Wi-Fi. Again we see the inclusion of Alexa compatibility for added convenience with voice commands. All in all, if you want to invest in the best version of Wi-Fi 6 and do things like upgrade your PC with a Wi-Fi 6E card, this is the system you’ve been waiting for.


  • Incredibly high combined data speed thanks to Wi-Fi 6E and its 6 GHz ultra-large bandwidth
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, so you can use each node with voice commands to control your smart home and more
  • Includes some good parental control options


  • Some users find the setup a little more complex than others

Best mesh Wi-Fi system for large homes

NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System (RBK863S) NETGEAR

There was a time when NETGEAR were the go-to brand for high-quality networking gear - and that’s still true, but they’ve upped their game in recent years to provide ultra-high-end equipment that enters a class (and price) of their own. If you have the budget, this NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System is not only a particularly pretty sight, but it’s also one of the most powerful for signal strength. Coupled with a frankly astonishing 8000 sq ft range, this is adept at overcoming all kinds of obstacles, thick walls and more. 

It’s a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 system, so you have the best of all worlds connection-wise. The system carries tri-band backhauling, which ensures that communication between nodes does not impede the user experience. A one-year subscription to Netgear Armor provides comprehensive network security. Plus, much like others here, you can expand the system with even more nodes if you need to. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Orbi is its looks - bringing a rare sophistication to the normally white plastic product. All in all, it’s a premium product with functionality to match.


  • Extremely impressive best-in-class signal range and reliability - for the largest homes of all
  • Perhaps one of the most attractive designs for a mesh system out there - a premium high-tech look for your home
  • Add more nodes for even more super-solid tri-band coverage if you need it


  • Some users find the Netgear app a little limited in terms of the UI and options
a home modem router

The best mesh Wi-Fi of 2024: Buyer’s guide

Get the best out of your new mesh Wi-Fi signal

So, you’ve decided to invest in better Wi-Fi - now what? Well, it’s worth looking at all of the ways it can solve problems and open up new opportunities. Yes, you can make sure you get a strong signal in the home office upstairs or all the way to the conservatory or garden. You might also finally get rid of the buffering issue on that 55-inch smart TV once and for all if it was suffering from patchy Wi-Fi.

But, if you have the mesh nodes to spare, you might be able to do things like install a smart doorbell and enjoy a reliable video feed from it. Or how about putting a new Alexa smart speaker in the summerhouse or shed for music, voice assistant and smart home functions while you work?

Do you need a new modem/router, or just boost your old one?

As mentioned earlier, you can buy a mesh Wi-Fi system to connect to your existing Wi-Fi router (usually via an ethernet cable) or replace it altogether with a mesh-enabled modem/router for a neater setup. If you’re happy with your current router in terms of its stability when it comes to keeping your incoming internet connection up and running, we recommend going for one of the mesh Wi-Fi systems above. Remember, you’re essentially replacing the Wi-Fi aspect of your router with a new wireless system that you can position around your home, so most of us can happily keep our existing routers where they are.

But, if you’re having issues with your current broadband modem or just prefer to replace it to keep things neat, a modem with mesh networking built-in is ideal. Like regular mesh systems, you can add more nodes to your modem/router at any time to boost your signal as needed.

Plan for power

It’s all good and well to buy a system with half a dozen nodes and plan to spread them everywhere, but remember - they each need their own power supply. Many nodes are designed to mount onto a wall too, and that means planning ahead in terms of available power sockets and cable runs.

Pay attention to the design

So, you’ve placed your mesh Wi-Fi system all over the house - but does it look good? Our selection of recommended systems includes various designs. Some are more suited to fit in with home decor than others. So, choose wisely and, if you need to, plan their placements so they’re out of sight in rooms where you want to keep the decor simple and coordinated.

Mesh Wi-Fi example

The best mesh Wi-Fi of 2024: FAQs

What is mesh Wi-Fi?

Mesh is a type of connection technology that enables fast, strong and stable wireless networking. It does this by combining 2.4GHz and 5Ghz connections into one integrated network and then provides those connections via its own hardware. Often that hardware is also equipped with Wi-Fi-6 technology for faster speeds. For a more detailed explanation of the ins and outs of this technology, check out the TP-Link guide to mesh Wi-Fi.

Is it worth getting mesh Wi-Fi?

If you’re having connectivity issues, no matter the size of your home, you could benefit from a mesh Wi-Fi system. Not only could you plug those gaps in your existing network coverage, but you could also end up being able to do things you’ve never considered, Like working on your laptop at the bottom of the garden, or enjoying music from the top floor of the house on something like the Fitzwilliam 3 internet radiowe reviewed.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi-6 technology is hardware that works with both the 2.4 GHz up to two 5Ghz bands and adds a 6GHz band to boost speed. In addition to improved speeds and performance with multiple devices, Wi-Fi 6 has better security. There’s also Wi-Fi-6E which also works across the 6GHz band and offers more channels with even faster data speeds - but you’d need your devices to have a 6E network adapter to use this cutting-edge tech right now.

Many of the latest wifi cards for gaming include 6E support, but it’s still a bit of a specialism. Besides, right now most of our devices, like smartphones and tablets, are still the standard dual band in terms of network connectivity. So, a mesh system that has Wi-Fi 6 is the best all-round option for the best speed and range. You can read more about Wi-Fi 6 on the official Wi-Fi Alliance website.

What is MU-MIMO

You’ll find this mentioned on many mesh Wi-Fi routers and network devices. It stands for:
Multi-User, Multiple-input, Multiple-Output.

What does this mean? Well, if you’re in a household running a mesh Wi-Fi network with several people using quite a lot of data for gaming, movies and more, MU-MIMO will ensure that every user gets their fair share of the bandwidth and no more.

What is tri-band?

Tri-band is a feature found on some routers. It means that the router can send information over three radio bands, one 2.4Ghz and two 5Ghz. This means that there are three channels to connect to, giving more user choice and preventing them from becoming cluttered.

Some mesh Wi-Fi networks will hold onto one of these channels for master-slave communication, thus keeping user channels clean and not impeding the user experience.

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