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HP smart wireless printer

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In a world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, long commutes, and coffee shop team meetings, you may find that most of your day-to-day admin takes place on the go. But we don’t live in a completely digital age yet! There will still be loads of times you need to print something out – be it an invoice, essay or lovely family photo. Because you’re never tethered to one place for long enough to warrant hooking yourself up to a tonne of cables, you need a top-notch wireless printing solution.

Luckily, the big brains over at HP have your back. They’ve got a number of wireless and smart printer products that can really simplify your life. While these options will all let you print from a laptop or PC, they’ll also let you print, scan and copy from tablets and smartphones via the HP app. Another bonus of this app is that you can print from anywhere with an internet connection to your home printer, so your documents will be ready for you when you get in.

Many of the printers now offered by HP are compatible with the HP Instant Ink program, which will keep you stocked up with ink, so you’ll never run dry.

Here’s some of the highlights from HP’s range:

HP Smart Printers

HP's Tango is a slim-line modern printer which offers hands-free and voice-activated printing via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant and also offers Bluetooth connection. It can print, copy and scan documents via the HP app, and can print on 5x7 photographic paper from a separate tray. It's not just flashy gadgets though, the final print quality is more than acceptable too.

Note: There is no USB connection for this printer.

The HP Tango X is the same printer as the non-X version above, only with the addition of the stylish wrapping cover. This cover allows the user to disguise the printer when not in use, but also offers a work-surface protection from scratches.

Best Value

This printer offers copy and scan features and can be print, scan and copy from a smartphone via the HP app. If you print a lot, then the Smart Tank might be for you. On the right-hand side of this conventional-looking printer, there is a low protruding tank – this is where the ink goes. The user will be able to see each the volume of each individual colour, so they'll never questioning whether you have enough ink left. The ink will last too, with one HP Black Ink Bottle printing up to 6,000 pages.

The 105NW is a great quality printer. The print quality is high and completion time speedy, being capable of printing one black ink page every three seconds. The HP app allows the user to print, scan and copy from a smartphone, and the WiFi connection also facilitates printing from Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. As one of the world's smallest colour printers, its compact size means that it doesn't intrude on a user's workspace.

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