The best TV stands of 2024

Find a new home for your TV and attached home entertainment gadgetry.

The best TV stands: shelves, cabinets and units

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Despite the fact that the best TVs money can buy these days are getting lighter and thinner than ever, they will still need a reliable stand. Otherwise called a TV or AV unit (or cabinet), they are part design statement and part practical necessity. Plus, there's no doubt that the best TV stands need to be both sturdy and attractive.

It has to be the right size for the room, the right viewing height, and fit all of your equipment. And it should be able to safely take the combined weight of all of it too. Despite its name, the best TV stands don't often have just a TV on it. As smart as smart TVs are, they still usually need to connect to half a dozen separate pieces of tech. You might be a movie buff with Blu-rays to store, or perhaps there's also a games console or two and an AV receiver.

The best TV stands of 2024 at a glance:

• Best overall TV stand: COSTWAY Bamboo TV Cabinet Media Entertainment Center - View at Amazon
• Best budget TV stand: Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center - View at Amazon
• Best compact TV stand: MDA Designs Orbit 1100WW Gloss White TV Stand - View at Amazon
• Best TV stand for storage: John Lewis ANYDAY Ridge TV Stand - View at John Lewis

But where to begin? Often the starting point for choosing one of these is the design and materials. Just keep in mind that, sometimes, the way something looks doesn't always make for a practical solution for housing all of your gear. Movie and game fans are likely to have a large array of kit to house, alongside a Freeview TV box or similar. Cable management and airflow are just as important. But, if you have a small 43-inch TV and very little connection to it, your needs will be simpler and lighter. We have a short guide at the end of the article to help you decide.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a tidy little cabinet or a sprawling entertainment centre, you need to make sure that you’re picking up the very best option. To help you find the best TV stands, we’ve rounded up a wide selection of options below. Let's dive in.

Best TV stands of 2024

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Best overall TV stand

COSTWAY Bamboo TV Cabinet Media Entertainment CenterCOSTWAY

The COSTWAY Bamboo TV Cabinet is a well-proportioned and sturdy platform for your TV and accompanying tech. The adjustable shelf and storage area in the middle are a decent size for extras like books or smaller devices, but the cupboard to the side is where you really gain some useful and practical storage space. Featuring two pre-cut cable management holes at the back, this TV stand is perfect for having your media players and other gadgets hidden away with minimal storage fuss.

We love the combination of a sliding glass door and a sliding rattan door too - the latter allowing for excellent airflow if your devices need it. The bamboo finish is also pleasing and natural to the eye. All in all, it's a wonderfully attractive yet practical TV stand and cabinet in one.


  • Plenty of options to stay tidy and organised while still being attractive
  • Decent shelving and cupboards with good cable management and airflow for devices
  • A combination of materials like bamboo glass and rattan gives it a quality feel


  • If you have a lot of AV kit to store, you'll need a larger unit with more cupboards and larger shelves

Best budget TV stand

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment CenterFurinno
Price: $43.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$43.99View offer

The Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center is an affordable shelf-style stand. The modern black styling and open design are neutral enough to suit any home. Designed for those with minimal storage needs, the central shelf is the ideal size for a media player or streaming device. Plus, you could use the shelves on either side for more equipment, or pictures or other memorabilia.

As a budget option, not only will this support a TV up to 55 inches - those shelves will be excellent for games, DVDs, Blu-rays or even books. All in all, this looks the part and delivers a lot for the price.


  • Great modern design - rounded contours soften the look
  • Central shelf for an amp or media player
  • An excellent way to store or display a few extras like DVDs thanks to the side shelving


  • The black colour and open design will show up the dust more than others

Best compact TV stand

MDA Designs Orbit 1100WW Gloss White TV StandMDA Designs

A contemporary design for TVs up to 55 inches, MDA Designs Orbit 1100WW Gloss White TV Stand is both practical and modern. The perfect solution for those with a modest entertainment setup, the two open-front shelves will happily accommodate a Freeview box, Blu-ray player or smaller console, with cables being routable through the rear.

Despite being a little too compact to provide hidden storage, we love the contemporary elliptical design and clean lines. The glass shelf in the centre accents the design, and alongside the pleasingly retro chrome legs, this stand makes quite a big statement for such a compact unit. It is a little lightweight though, and the single-stem leg isn't as stable as a four-legged unit, so make sure to stick to the weight limit.


  • Refined and contemporary design for modest TV arrangements
  • Enough open storage on the shelves for the typical combination of TV box and console or BluRay player
  • Excellent build quality


  • Single-stem leg design means you shouldn't overload the unit

Best TV stand for storage

John Lewis ANYDAY Ridge TV StandJohn Lewis

This ANYDAY TV stand from John Lewis certainly ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a sleek, modern design and solid build quality. Designed to accommodate a 32-inch TV, the maximum load this stand can take is actually a respectable 20 kg - so you could place anything on it as long as it's not overweight.

We love the mixture of contemporary design, understated colours and a mixture of shelf space and cupboard storage for your extra gadgets, consoles and players.


  • Adds a decent amount of storage and shelf space below any small TV
  • Works very well as a general-purpose unit below a wall-mounted TV
  • Solid, weighty and stable


  • Only designed for a 32-inch TV, so a larger TV may be too heavy or look too large for the unit

Best floating TV stand

GFW Galicia Wall LED, Floating TV Unit Console & Television StandGFW Galicia

Ideal for a smaller room or children’s bedroom, this floating shelf is a great companion to a mounted TV. There’s room for a device, such as a gaming console or Freeview box to be stored, as well as space for a smaller streaming device. The top surface is also great for additional speakers or for storing books, video games and Blu-rays (with the help of some book ends).

We like the two compartments with hidden shelves above too - lifting the doors on these allows you easy access to your media players and so on. Best of all, they have built-in blue LED downlights to really set off the high-tech look. However, if you're wall-mounting your TV above this, we’d recommend grabbing some cable trunking to finish the look off nicely.


  • Great for mounted TVs and single-device set-ups
  • Super-minimalist design with LED accent lighting
  • Can double as a shelving unit if the TV is wall-mounted


  • You need to be competent at DIY, as the instructions are a little tricky

Best corner TV stand

Dorset Grey Oak Corner TV UnitDorset

This Grey Oak Corner TV stand is the more traditional choice for anyone who needs to have their TV in a corner. The wide shelf is great for a Freeview, satellite and Blu-ray box, while the large drawer at the bottom gives you plenty of space for storage of things like DVDs, spare remotes and more. It also has a real oak frame and oak veneered panels.

There's a large cable management hole too, so you should be able to keep messy wiring at bay. The one thing you won't get with a corner unit like this one is a lot of extra space for more than one attached device - but if you only have a modest TV and one extra device, such as a Freeview or digital TV box, this is the perfect corner solution with a homely feel.


  • A solid piece of furniture with quality oak and painted finish that's designed for corner TV setups
  • A handy storage drawer underneath will keep things tidy
  • Good cable management provision


  • Very limited amount of storage

Best TV stand for gamers

Bestier TV Gaming Entertainment Center TV Stand with LED Lights Bestier
Price: $114.99

Any bedroom, study or games room will look the business with this unit from Bestier. It has a brilliant combo of rustic and industrial looks with a modern layout and design. The assortment of shelves means lots of display space - and the whole lot is lit with LEDs for the ultimate gamer aesthetic. And they come with a remote so you can adjust the colours and modes. If you have several consoles, you have ample airflow and lots of room to manage your cables.

The top is ideal for a TV and any soundbar or speaker arrangement - and the max load is a whopping 103 kg thanks to the metal frame. There's a removable drawer underneath too, so you could take it out altogether and use it as spare storage - leaving the open shelf for yet more tech.


  • A modern twist on an industrial design - ideal for displaying your gaming gear
  • Built-in RGB LED lighting with remote for lots of customisation options
  • A removable drawer and extra side shelves make this a very flexible unit


  • No hidden cable management

Best TV stand on wheels

FITUEYES Tall TV Stand with Wood Storage CabinetFITUEYES

If you think of a TV stand with wheels, you may envisage those industrial stands that got wheeled around your school or college back in the day. But here we have a model that is firmly designed to fit with your home decor - while keeping the whole thing movable thanks to the lockable wheels. We particularly like the grey metal legs and wood-style shelving below.

The lower compartment has a cable management hole in the back too. The best extra feature though, is the peg-board style panel for mounting odd and ends - ideal for game controllers, headsets and more. The sturdy metal construction also means this will support a TV as heavy as 60 kg too.


  • Practical, movable yet stylish for the home
  • Can support a lot of weight and larger TVs up to 85-inch
  • The addition of storage shelves and a peg board for mounting items is an ingenuous use of limited space


  • No cable management and open design means you'll need to find ways to keep wires tidy

Best TV stand with shelves


Sometimes a quality stand just needs to do a few things well - and this sturdy metal and glass floor stand from FITUEYES does it too. With three shelves, which include hidden cable clips, you can hook up your favourite consoles or players to your TV. The simplicity here means this stand is ideal for smaller spaces. Plus, you can swivel the angle up to 35 degrees, as well as adjust the height for comfort.

Another benefit to the design is that it will sit very close to any wall, thanks to the slim but heavy tempered glass base. Lastly, whereas some stands of this type have fixed shelves, this one has adjustable heights - so you can tweak the look and distance to suit your equipment.


  • A great solution for anyone who likes to display their players and consoles
  • Can support larger TVs up to 60-inch and 30kg in weight
  • The ability to alter the height and swivel angle makes this a flexible solution for smaller spaces


  • The black tempered glass looks great - but prepare to dust

Best TV stand with shelves

Price: $99.98

This PUTORSEN stand has an easel-like design that is super-minimalistic - and that makes this stand a perfect accompaniment to any room where originality and style are at the fore. It can even present the TV as a work of art - so it would be a great match for a TV with an artwork-based screensaver feature. Underneath the TV is a small shelf - often missing grom easel stands. And that's perfect for a soundbar weighing up to 22kg.

The legs are sturdy too, with rubber feet to keep the whole setup nice and stable - particularly on wooden floors. Plus, it'll take a TV up to a massive 65 inches in size, and the height is adjustable too. Obviously, as this is a three-legged design, it's not ideal for setting flush against a wall, but for rooms with lots of space, it's an innovative, stylish way of displaying your TV.


  • A super-stylish addition to any designer interior
  • Can support large TVs up to 45kg in weight
  • A sturdy build and extra shelf for a soundbar make this a practical, minimalist choice


  • The design means it has to sit quite a distance away from the wall

Best TV stand of 2024: Buyer's guide

Choose your TV stand size wisely

Of course, you'll need to make sure your TV stand or unit can do a couple of important things. Firstly, and most obviously, will it house all of the entertainment gear you need it to? You may also want extra storage for Blu-rays and video games, and other bits and bobs.

Don't forget to check measurements as well - especially for amplifiers which tend to demand varying and larger spaces. Adjustable shelf heights might be a prerequisite for you. And, of course, make sure it'll fit into your living room without causing any issues. Here are some of the key things to look after, depending on the user:

Movie fans

You're bound to have a set-top box or media player, plus an AV amplifier and perhaps a collection of films. You'll probably have a large set, such as a 60-inch smart TV, or larger, as well. Look for a stand with built-in storage solutions and good cable management. Amps can generate a lot of heat, so make sure your stand has adequate ventilation.


Much like movie and TV fans, you'll probably have a collection of equipment - from consoles to even a mini PC. A collection of games might need storing alongside all the usual TV and movie-playing devices. You may also have an amplifier and a large TV. As gamers tend to have a collection of game consoles, we think you should look after airflow and cable management as well as finding as large a TV stand as you can fit and afford. This will give you room for your expanding collection.

Large TV owners

If you only own a TV with a large screen, such as a 60-inch or 70-inch TV and rely on the internal smart TV functions for your viewing, you may not need much in the way of storage. So, look for a stand, not necessarily with drawers or cupboards, but which is rated for the weight of your TV. If you do have a few other additions, like a satellite box, remember to add the weight of that as well. And, of course, measure everything twice, including the depth of your TV versus that of the stand. A large stand needs a large enough room, too.

Small TV owners

Naturally, you still need to measure up for the right size for both your TV and your room. You might also need a drawer or cupboard to stow spare remotes and the like. Weight considerations will be reduced, but you still need to keep an eye on that. More on weight, next.

Will it take the weight?

Unless you have a dozen amplifiers from the 1970s, most audiovisual equipment is of a similar size and lightweight enough to house together in one TV stand. Most units will comfortably house this equipment without bowing the shelves. But the weight of your TV itself is a different matter. This can strain materials, which are then liable to bow, bend and break. While this is bad news for a stand, it can be even worse for a television. As we all know, 4K TVs don’t take too kindly to hitting the floor.

Depending on the type of TV you have in mind, a 55" TV could weigh as much as 30-40kg; or more if you're going for one like the biggest and best Sony TVs we've looked at recently. You'll generally only need to be concerned about the maximum load your new furniture can take if your set is over 50 inches. Or if it's an older heavier model. If in doubt, always check the specifications before you buy. Also, buy with potential upgrades in mind - whether that's a larger TV, soundbars, surround sound; or extras like consoles or media players.


With all the heat generated from television sets, gaming consoles and the like, you’ll need a TV stand with good airflow. Having space for cool air to enter and hot air to exit can improve the performance and life span of certain equipment. For this reason, you also want to avoid stacking devices.

Cable management

Those new to home cinema setups can find they don't have enough cable management features; like cut-outs in the rear panel. These help you to easily and neatly route your plugs and connection cables. If your chosen stand has several shelves, make sure they have a gap down the back; or, even better, cable management holes cut into them. They will allow you to neatly wire various gadgets to one another on the next shelf.

The same goes for traversing cables between each stack of shelves. Cutouts or gaps at the back of vertical dividers will let you wire cross-ways as well. If you've fallen head over heels for the perfect design but it doesn't have cable management (or ventilation), there is one option: DIY. If you're handy and have the right tools, cutting extra holes can be an effective way of getting the features you need.

Best TV stand of 2024: FAQs

Are TV stands worth it?

Yes, absolutely. And in terms of worth, you should equate the build quality plus the price of a decent stand to the value of your TV. If you value your set (and who doesn't), you should make sure your stand is up to the task. Buying a cheap and nasty stand that looks impressive might save you a few pounds, but it could cost you big in the long run.

What size TV stand is best?

Our selection of the best TV stands above is a great overview of the different build types, design variations, and manufacturers that are out there. As with most furniture, and in contrast to popular technology companies, there are no clear leaders when it comes to brand. Although, there are clearly some that are associated with more premium builds than others. As always, go with the reviews as your guide, and always check the weight capacity of the stand you're interested in.

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