The best laptop backpacks of 2024: Conquer the commute

The very best laptop backpacks that'll keep your precious technology safe and sound.

An excellent laptop backpack

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For the cumbersome journey to campus, the pack-up-and-go morning rush, or the long walk home, protecting your laptop with a quality backpack is a critical lifeline for keeping your precious technology safe and sound. A reliable laptop backpack should not only bear the weight of your laptop (along with plenty of paperwork), but also keep it safe from harm.

Whether it's splashes, spills, or the occasional unforeseen thunk to the floor, a great backpack is an investment towards keeping your splendid laptop safe from the elements. As such, always be on the lookout for the water resistance of any backpack. If you plan on adding a lot of books alongside your student laptop, a bag with a large capacity is a must so as to prevent anything from getting crushed.

The best laptop backpacks of 2024 at a glance:

• Best overall: Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack – View at Amazon
• Best budget: Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – View at Amazon
• Best waterproof: Mark Ryden Laptop Backpack – View at Amazon
• Best anti-theft: Bange Anti Theft Laptop Backpack – View at Amazon

As for keeping your laptop safe from others, many modern laptop backpacks are well-equipped for that too. From ingenious internal zips that are tricky to open to RFID signal-blocking technology that keeps your personal data well and truly safe from harm, our selection of laptop backpacks is a must for security-conscious laptop users.

But it's not just about protecting your laptop from harm, a great laptop backpack ought to be comfortable too. Plush, adjustable shoulder straps, padded, breathable back support and a spacious design are all must-haves for large, 17-inch laptops. Our picks for our favourite laptop backpacks are chosen to accommodate travellers of any size. There are plenty of brands and budgets to consider, so we've made sure to include a variety of different laptop backpacks.

Best laptop backpacks of 2024:

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Best overall

KROSER Travel Laptop BackpackAmazon/KROSER
Price: $49.99

If you're in need of plenty of bookspace, as well as some room for your 17-inch laptop, then Kroser's 18.4-inch gaming backpack is the bag for you.

With no shortage of side pockets, hidden anti-theft storage compartments, and signal-blocking RFID-lined sections, the Kroser laptop backpack has everything you'll need for a successful commute to work or campus (without the worry of succumbing to bad weather or opportunistic hackers).

Breathable and plush despite its serious size, there isn't much this reliable backpack can't handle.


  • Excellent high-capacity backpack
  • Water-repellant material for safe transport
  • Incredibly comfortable and spacious


  • Perhaps overly large for some users

Best budget

MATEIN Travel Laptop BackpackAmazon/MATEIN

Matein's wonderful travel laptop backpack is the perfect solution to your commuting needs. Delightfully spacious (without being overly large), comfortable and aesthetically subtle and understated – Matein's travel laptop backpack has more than enough room to keep your laptop safe and sound.

As for comfort, the Matein's breathable back padding and pleasant shoulder straps ensure that you're as relaxed as can be when lugging home your workload. For your most precious belongings, there's a cleverly hidden pocket disguised as back padding. This can be accessed quickly from the outside, saving you some potential pocket space, as well as ensuring peace of mind.


  • Fantastic, spacious design
  • Formal, slick aesthetic
  • Useful anti-theft pockets


  • Not entirely waterproof

Best waterproof

Mark Ryden Business BackpackAmazon/Mark Ryden

For protection against the elements, the Mark Ryden business laptop backpack is a solid choice that'll keep your books and budget laptop safe from harm.

Coated in a thick nylon outer layer, Mark Ryden's business backpack is fortified against both miserable weather and any potential accidents that might befall you on your commute.

Plenty of space, easy to access with a 90-degree opening angle (so you've got room for lunch too) and some wonderfully well-hidden anti-theft pockets – the Mark Ryden business laptop backpack is one of our favourite choices this year.


  • Excellent waterproof design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Breathable design suitable for cyclists


  • The aesthetic is a little bland

Best anti-theft

BanGe Anti Theft Laptop BackpackAmazon/BanGe
Price: $73.99

So, you've just acquired yourself a shiny new laptop under £500. It's bold, brilliant and extremely precious to you. Travelling with any ordinary backpack might prove fatal to your gaming on the go – a lack of security and an easily accessible zip makes it much easier for thieves to simply nab your valuables without a trace, don't make it easy for them.

Bange's truly stellar anti-theft laptop uses a passworded anti-theft TSA lock system which keeps your zips firmly locked and sealed, so only you can access your invaluable belongings.

This tough, waterproof laptop backpack is perfect for enduring a dreary walk to work.


  • Slick, formal design
  • Waterproof for total protection against rain
  • Excellent anti-theft design


  • Not as spacious as other choices

Best ultra-slim

ZINZ Expandable Laptop BackpackAmazon/ZINZ

Rrp: $29.98

Price: $26.99

In need of something a little lighter on the shoulders? This nifty ultra-slim backpack is the perfect answer to your bulky travelling woes. Slim, yet expandable, this affordable backpack offers plenty of versatility for those who don't fancy lugging a gargantuan backpack around just for a student laptop.

Ultra-comfortable thanks to its lighter design and ideal for those commuting on the train in need of some foot space, the Zinz expandable laptop backpack is a solid choice at an affordable price. If you're something of a bookworm, however, and you need as much space as you can muster, a larger bag will do you wonders (and save you several trips to the library).


  • Excellent for light luggage transport
  • Amazing expandable storage
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Not a great deal of room in the laptop backpack

Best pockets


For those searching for a backpack with convenience as its priority, consider the Sandstrom S17BPBK20. Although it lacks any fancy features, what does feature is excellent. You get a great array of pockets and compartments, so whether it's your phone, a notebook, or some water bottles, you'll have the space for whatever you bring. Even the zips are designed to be convenient, with two per track.

Although you can find backpacks with a larger maximum laptop size, we think that 17 inches is more than enough given that most laptops sit around the 15-inch range.


  • Very handy set of pockets
  • Dual zips for extra convenience
  • Max laptop size of 17-inches is plenty


  • Not as many features as other options

Best padded

HP Prelude Laptop BackpackArgos/HP

While the HP branding might make you assume it's best to pair this Prelude backpack with an HP laptop, it's versatile enough to use with any 15.6-inch laptop. This backpack stands out thanks to its padded design that makes it very comfortable as well as lightweight. If you plan to do a lot of walking with your laptop, you'll want a design like this.

The build here is also brilliant. Although the zipper is a bit mediocre, the actual quality and durability of the backpack overall are fantastic, in part due to the padded design providing a bit of extra protection. It's also water-resistant, so a bit of rain won't cause you any alarm.


  • Padded material makes it very comfortable
  • Great durability
  • Very lightweight


  • So-so zipper

Best style

GOJI GSBPBK15C Laptop BackpackCurrys/GOJI
Price: £24.99 (was £29.99)

Aesthetics are still worth thinking about when choosing your laptop backpack, which is why we're suggesting the Goji GSBPBK15C. A lot of backpacks go for a mono-grey aesthetic, so we appreciate the extra bit of refinement on this one. Plus, the design itself is well-made, with clever sections for headphone cables and some very adjustable straps.

This Goji backpack is another contender worth your consideration for a budget-friendly pick. Its affordability does come at the cost of any advanced features, but if you don't mind the simplicity, you're getting a great product at a great price.


  • Straps are easy to adjust
  • Stylish design
  • Budget-friendly


  • More durable options exist

Best eco-friendly

Wenger MX ECO Light Laptop BackpackArgos/Wenger

The Wenger MX ECO Light allows you to choose a great quality laptop backpack while also doing some good for the planet. That's because its outer fabric is made from recycled PET bottles. Best of all, it's able to keep up a grade level of durability, with a water-repellent coating and anti-bacterial lining that helps to keep it clean. It even has expandable side pockets and dedicated space for a tablet, so the build is an all-around winner.

This backpack does still have a few downsides. Firstly, it's not as comfortable as other options on our list, so you'll need to weigh up how important that is for you. Secondly, its 19L capacity is easily outdone, paling in comparison to the Kroser's 55L.


  • Outer fabric made from recycled bottles
  • Anti-bacterial lining keeps it clean
  • Expandable side pockets


  • Not as comfortable as others on the list

Best for durability

Port Designs Houston Laptop Backpack Argos/Port Designs

Although it's not as sleek as other laptop backpacks, the Port Designs Houston is worth your consideration with its exceptional durability. Thanks to its padding, your laptop and other belongings will be completely safe inside. In fact, there's even space for a tablet to fit alongside it, so this is a great backpack for those travelling with a lot of electronics.

The outside is very durable as well. Along with being water-resistant, this backpack features some very resilient nylon material. As such, you can expect this backpack to last you a good few years, making it excellent value for money.


  • Padded protection for your laptop
  • Very durable nylon material
  • Dedicated tablet space


  • A bit bulky

How to choose the best laptop backpacks for you:

It can be tricky narrowing down what you may want from a laptop backpack, so we've noted a couple extra points to keep in mind.

Capacity, build, and comfort

The maximum capacity of your backpack doesn't just matter for fitting a laptop in. After all, you'll likely be bringing more with you than just the laptop, you'll want to take a charger along, as well as any other accessories.

As such, you will also want to keep an eye on the build. We all have our own personal preferences on how many pockets and sections a bag should have, as well as where they're placed. The material also matters, especially if you choose a heavier laptop. Sturdier materials mean a longer-lasting backpack.

Comfort is also important. No one wants to hike around on a hot day with a stuffy backpack causing them to sweat. Many laptop backpacks have mesh material that is both soft to the touch and improves the overall breathability.

Extra features

Aside from features such as waterproofing or anti-theft designs, there main other thing to consider would be any USB openings. Some backpacks have small sections that you can fit a cable through, just enough to connect something inside to out. It's a great way to keep your USB and USB-C connections tidy.

While it may not have as many direct applications for a laptop, it's very handy for use with power banks. If you're out walking and using your phone but need to charge it, you can connect it to a power bank inside your bag without needing to carry it separately.

Match your style

Although we've talked a lot about the importance of functionality, it's worth your time to consider the aesthetics of your backpack. After all, a backpack will become part of your outfit, so it's good to choose something you like the look of.

We think it's worth matching the aesthetics of your laptop with your backpack. Choosing a classy backpack to pair with your business laptop gives you a bit of professional style, or you may want to pair your HP laptop with an HP backpack for the ultimate match.


Laptop backpack vs regular backpack – what's the best?

A laptop backpack is usually equipped with multi-layered compartments, as well as somewhere snug for your laptop to sit while you're walking. While this might not sound exciting, that extra layer of padding provides padding to protect your laptop from slips and falls that catch us off-guard at times.

A regular backpack, however, might not even have enough room for a laptop – leading to a sudden wrestling match before you head off to work or school in the morning, not the most fun thing to do before you've properly woken up.

Are laptop backpacks waterproof?

Laptop bags are, for the most part, water-resistant, they'll protect your bag from a decent amount of water, but forget taking it for a dip.

How can laptop backpacks prevent theft?

Laptop backpacks have a number of ways of keeping your hardware safe and sound, from TSA anti-theft locks that keep zippers code-protected, to hidden anti-theft pockets and RFID signal-blocking material that wards off any unwanted thieves and hackers from stealing data.

The verdict

One of the best aspects of laptops is portability, and in order to get the most reliable use out of that, you need a bag for your laptop. While a standard case might do a decent job at protecting it, you really want to invest in a backpack for the best balance of protection and convenience.

Our personal favourites have to be either the Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack or the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack. The Kroser does everything you want from a backpack, with the spacious design being especially appealing. Meanwhile, the Matein's combination of breathability and aesthetics, along with its affordability, make it well worth anyone's consideration.

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