Powerful, portable: the best power banks of 2024 for peace of mind

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The best power banks of the year

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Perfect companions to the best smartphone of the year, power banks are the ultimate way to keep your smartphone powered up and ready to go when you're on the move. Regardless of whether you're headed into the wilderness on a camping adventure, rocking out in a festival, or you're travelling with no sign of a plug socket for the foreseeable future, the best power banks are here to keep your devices full of power and functional.

Even the best smartphones for battery life run out of battery eventually, and when you need power in a pinch, a power bank is worth its weight in gold. Power banks have evolved over the past few years, offering more ports, more power, and even solar-powered options for total off-the-grid power.

The best power banks of 2024 at a glance:

Best overall: Anker Prime Power Bank - View on Amazon
Best budget: Juice Max Power Bank - View on Amazon
Best high capacity: POWERΛDD PRO Powerbank - View on Amazon
Best for portability: Anker Nano Power Bank - View on Amazon

Discerning what power bank is best for you, however, is no easy feat. There's a massive range of power banks to pick from, with a wide range of ports, battery capacities, and wattages that'll make or break your travels.

Thankfully, we've experienced our fair share of power banks and done our due diligence in finding the best power banks of the year so far. Each with unique qualities that'll make them perfect for practically anyone, these power banks are cutting-edge and are bound to give your smartphone and other devices a much-needed battery boost when you need it most.

The best power banks of 2024:

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Best overall power bank

Anker Prime Power BankAnker
Price: $129.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$89.98View offer
Best Buy$129.99View offer
Dell$129.99View offer

The Anker Prime Power Bank takes the top spot this year, and for technology enthusiasts with power-hungry devices, there's no mystery as to why. With a whopping 20,000 mAh battery life, the Anker Prime Power Bank has a huge store of battery life despite its small pocket-sized design, so you're not without power whilst roaming.

But it's not the vast storage of the Anker Prime that excites us, but the mindblowing 200W power output, which can power up even the best gaming laptops whilst on the go. With three ports and 200W of power, you can comfortably power two phones or two laptops, and the charging speed will be greater than it would be with a standard 14W charger, the Prime Power Bank is just that good.

Unlike the vast majority of power banks on the market, the Anker Prime Power Bank also has a handy display, showing total battery life, wattage to each charging port and even overall battery health, which is a phenomenal feature I didn't know I needed.

If we were to nitpick, we'd certainly note the Anker Prime's hefty 540 g weight, which might be a little too heavy for most people to lug, but otherwise, it's genuinely hard to fault the Anker Prime Power Bank.

Read our full review of the Anker Prime Power Bank here.


  • Incredible charge output with high storage
  • Useful battery information display
  • Small and pocket-sized design


  • Fairly heavy for a power bank

Best budget power bank

A phenomenal choice for those searching for a cheap, high-capacity power bank for a constant supply of portable power, the Juice Max power bank might just be the perfect power bank for you. A fairly standard power bank in terms of design, the Juice Max power bank isn't as conveniently sized as other options on the market, but it's certainly not overly large.

With a commendable 20W charging output and three charging ports, on-the-go users can comfortably keep their devices fully charged and operational, and it's largely thanks to its colossal 20,000 mAh of battery capacity.

For its price, with quick charging and high battery capacity, picking the Juice Max power bank seems like a simple decision, so what separates it from high-end power banks? Well, it's largely related to the Juice Max's charging itself.

With a humble micro USB connection, charging the Juice Max power bank is a long, slow trawl, lasting a few hours at least. That being said, once it's charged, you'll find it can charge other devices considerably quicker than it can charge itself, and its enormous battery capacity ensures you'll get plenty of devices up and running again in the meantime.

The Juice Max is a fantastic power bank for those on a budget, and despite its slower charging, it's easily one of the best power banks on the market right now.


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Max capacity is enough to charge an average phone seven times
  • Strong build


  • Takes a while to recharge

Best high capacity power bank

The ultimate selection for high-capacity charging on the go, this monstrous 50,000 mAh power bank is the be-all-end-all in charge reassurance. With 65W charging, you can charge even your laptop at high speed with this mighty device by your side.

Design-wise, this monolithic power bank is very large compared to its competition and weighs over 1 kg, which is significantly large. Lugging around this enormous power bank is bound to cause a struggle on a work commute or a longer venture, but for the charging potential alone, it's seemingly worth it. Capable of charging up to four devices at once, including demanding laptops, the POWERADD is undeniably impressive for less than £50.

For peace of mind and powerful charging, there are few options that can go toe-to-toe with the POWERADD Pro power bank, it's got some of the best charging speeds available, a huge array of ports, and even a built-in torch that's perfect for camping. Charge your phone countless times with the POWERADD Pro, it's a tough power bank to beat.


  • Mindblowing 50,000 mAh battery capacity
  • Can charge a laptop and multiple devices simultaneously
  • Well-designed with a strong handle


  • Very heavy at 1.2 kg

Best power bank for portability

Anker Nano Power BankAnker
Price: $25.99

One of the more creative designs on our list, the Anker Nano power bank combines power and functionality in what might be the ultimate power bank, especially for those who dislike that extra bag bulk. Ditching the cables altogether, the Anker Nano power bank plugs directly into the socket of your smartphone or other device, giving you a slim and unobtrusive power bank that's easily one of the most portable ever made.

As for charging capabilities, the Anker Nano Power Bank is certainly handy when there's no plug socket in sight, but it isn't a game-changer in terms of sheer power. At 5,000 mAh, the overall capacity of the Anker Nano is slim, equating to the battery life of another smartphone, so expect to get another full charge out of it from a completely flat battery. As for charging the power bank itself, expect the Anker Nano to be up and running within an hour or so, especially if you've got a high-wattage charger available.

But anticipate a long charging time, the Anker Nano Power Bank has around 12W of output, so you're not going to see a fully charged smartphone within the hour.

And yet, despite certain sacrifices, the Anker Nano Power Bank is still the most convenient we've seen, and doesn't interrupt typical phone usage like a normal power bank might, so it's absolutely worth grabbing.

Read our full review of the Anker Nano Power Bank here.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Capable of charging your smartphone without any cables
  • The power bank itself charges very quickly


  • Battery capacity could be higher

Best power bank for iPhones

Anker MagGo Power BankAnker
Price: $69.99

A fantastic choice for iPhone users, and for those who enjoy a certain level of comfort whilst binge-watching YouTube and Netflix, the Anker MagGo power bank is a fantastic Apple-exclusive technology that offers users some versatility whilst charging their phone on the go.

With a MagSafe design, place your iPhone on the charger to simultaneously charge and stand your iPhone, making it perfect for multitasking while at your desk or home. It's especially brilliant for video calling friends and family, since you'll no longer need to lean it against a book or cabinet side, waiting for it to fall flat on its face eventually.

But that's not all it's good for, with a 6,600 mAh charging capacity, the Anker MagGo is ideal for day-long power, wherever you go. Don't expect your phone to be fully charged within moments, however. The Anker MagGo power bank has a 15W output, which is half of the typical speed that fast-charging smartphones can receive.

That being said, it's a fairly standard wattage for a charger, and with its solid battery capacity, you'll be able to gain a good amount of charge from the MagGo on the go. One of the best wireless chargers of the year, the Anker MagGo power bank is a great choice for anyone looking for both power and functionality in one nifty little device.


  • Built with angling functionality for comfortability whilst charging
  • Strong battery capacity
  • Excellent wireless charging capability


  • MagSafe charging is available only on Apple phones

Best power bank for Android

UGREEN Nexode 145W 25000mAh Laptop Power Bank Fast Charging Portable ChargerUGREEN

Rrp: $149.99

Price: $80.99

The ultimate power bank for the best Android phones. this mighty UGREEN Nexode power bank is one of the rare few high-powered power banks on the market. Capable of charging a plethora of devices simultaneously at incredible speed, the UGREEN Nexode power bank is the perfect solution for those who want port-free rapid charging when they're on the go. More powerful than most high-end chargers on the market, with one USB-C port capable of 100W charging, the UGREEN Nexode is truly high-end, there's no denying it.

We particularly love the slick aesthetic of the Nexode, with its subtle battery life display and slightly rounded edges for a modern, comfortable feel. We must say, however, that the overall size of the Nexode is quite large. Following the typically large size that's so common in more powerful power banks, the Nexode weighs slightly over half a kilogram, which certainly isn't ideal for portability, especially if you're travelling light.

That being said, the Nexode is capable of charging multiple laptops at once and has an enormous battery capacity, so needless to say it's going to have a little extra bulk. Perfect for Android users on account of its USB-C functionality, the UGREEN Nexode is an exemplary power bank ideal for long ventures into the wilderness, or hours of commuting, where it can handle even a powerful laptop.


  • Fantastic 25,000 mAh battery capacity
  • Elegant design with battery life display
  • Phenomenal 145W ultra-fast charging


  • Fairly bulky for a power bank

Best solar power bank

Riapow Solar Power BankRiapow

A fantastic device for conquering the outdoors this year, the Riapow solar power bank offers speedy charging, a tough design and excellent value, coming together to create what is one of the best power banks of the year.

With three ports for charging multiple devices at once, the Riapow's reliable charging is somewhat unusual for solar power banks, which are often limited in output. But thanks to some clever manufacturing, this power bank has a fantastic 15W output, and a mindblowing 26,800 mAh of total battery capacity, which is enough to charge any phone several times over.

If you're concerned about water dampening your ability to charge your smartphone, fear not, Riapow's solar power bank is completely waterproof, so you can charge your devices into the distant future. If you happen to be on the road or camping on a sunny day, strapping the Riapow power bank to the outside of your backpack is a great, hassle-free way of powering up once again, and after a day of walking, you'll have more power than you'll know what to do with.

In fact, its capacity is so large, that this power bank doubles as an ultra-bright torch, which even has strobe and SOS functionality, so if you're in the thick of danger, you can grab some help.

Of course, with solar power, you're not getting the fantastic output a standard power bank might provide, so you can't expect to charge multiple devices within an hour, but for the sake of sheer reliability when a power socket is far away, the Riapow solar power bank is a phenomenal choice.


  • Fantastic solar power charging
  • Solid 15W charging capability
  • Brilliantly durable and waterproof


  • Solar charging than non-solar power options

Best magnetic charging power bank

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power BankBelkin
Price: $59.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$59.98View offer
Dell$69.99View offer

The perfect power bank for portability, this small, yet high-capacity power bank has some great magnetic charging functionality, making it an ideal choice for iPhone users. Equipped with multiple ports, MagSafe charging and a commendable 10,000 mAh battery, the Belkin magnetic wireless power bank is an excellent choice for versatile, reliable charging.

We particularly love the size of the Belkin magnetic wireless power bank, which is around the same size as a smartphone, a purposeful and ingenious design choice from Belkin. Suppose you're fortunate enough to have an iPhone. In that case, you can use magnetic charging to securely attach the power bank and the iPhone together, making a single secure charging unit that doesn't need to be dangling from a cable.

Of course, it isn't perfect: there are limitations of magnetic charging: at 7.5W of output, it doesn't charge as quickly as other options drawing out charging a lot longer than a typical charger. But, for on-the-go power, it's a remarkable choice.

With standard USB-C charging sitting comfortably at 18W, the Belkin magnetic wireless charger works equally well for non-Apple products, making it viable for pretty much everyone.


  • Excellent magnetic charging
  • Small and portable design around the size of a smartphone
  • Ideal for iPhone and Android users


  • MagSafe charging only works with iPhones

Best power bank speaker

If you're confused as to why this is here, allow us to enlighten you: many speakers have power bank functionality, for the sole purpose of keeping the beats going throughout a night-long party. There's nothing worse than a dying phone when things are ramping up: save your precious song queue and plug in your phone with ease on the JBL Charge 5.

A phenomenal speaker for bass, the Charge 5's larger design doesn't make it ideal as a power bank that you'd regularly use, but for home use, when you're blaring music, it's a brilliant way to gain a little extra power.

At 10W of charging, it's admittedly not the fastest charging, but it's certainly enough to keep the music going, which is all that truly matters. A high-capacity power bank speaker worth checking out, the JBL Charge 5 is a fantastic combination of sound and convenience in one neat, bassy bundle.


  • A fantastic speaker with power bank functionality
  • Solid 7,500 mAh charging
  • Excellent bassy speaker


  • Not the fastest charging

Best five port power bank

VIYISI Power Bank 30000 mAhAnker

Rrp: $65.98

Price: $59.99

A remarkably cheap power bank from VIYSI, this phenomenal 30,000 mAh power bank has a little something for everyone, including an array of different charging ports for complete charging reassurance.

A standard experience for most technology users, you want to charge your power bank, but can't find the micro USB or USB C cable that it came with, how are you supposed to charge your power bank? Fear not, the VIYSI power bank comes with a micro USB, USB-C, and even a Lightning port, so you're never without the ability to charge it.

As for its charging capability, at 30,000 mAh, you can rest assured of its capacity: charge several smartphones at once with this brilliant power bank. With a 22.5W charging speed, the VIYSI power bank isn't the best for ultra-quick charging, but it's certainly not the worst. You'll likely find your smartphone has fully charged within two hours or so, which is rare amongst power banks.

All things considered, the VIYSI power bank is a brilliant option for powerful charging on the go, and at its price: it's a bargain.


  • Excellent value power bank
  • Can charge up to four devices at once
  • Multiple input ports for easy charging


  • Not the fastest charging option

How to pick the best power banks of 2024:

Person using the best solar power bank to charge phone

What does mAh mean?

Standing for "milliampere hours", this is an industry-standard way to represent how much charge a power bank can hold. As a general rule, 10K mAh should be able to fully charge an average smartphone around three times, with a 20K mAh model able to do so around six to seven times. This can differ depending on your smartphone model, the amount of time between charges, and if you use the power bank for other devices too.

What is output wattage?

The wattage of a power bank is the measure of how much power the device outputs, the higher the wattage, the faster devices will become fully charged. For standard charging, you can expect at least 14-18W of charging power, but this might be lower when using wireless chargers.

New smartphones can handle around 30W and above of wattage, so it's good to utilise it to experience a fully charged device within an hour.

What types of ports are there?

If you're looking for a new power bank, you'll likely find that numerous ports and methods of charging are available, but are there any particularly brilliant options? Here's a breakdown of the main types of port:

USB-A: This is your standard method of charging, your home is likely filled with them. Often tricky to plug in, you've seen USB-A connections on the sides of computers, laptops and plugs for a good while. Slower than USB-C and lightning, this stable method of charging is cheap and cheerful, but provides a secure connection for devices nonetheless.

USB-C: The new up-and-coming standard for smartphones, USB-C is now used everywhere, but it's particularly popular in laptops and smartphones. The quickest method of charging, USB-C cables are capable of outputting up to 80W of power and above, which is more than enough for power-hungry devices.

Micro-USB: A slow and largely outdated method of charging, you'll find microUSBs on a lot of power banks thanks to their cheap manufacturing costs. These cables are much slower than USB-C and are largely reserved for charging power banks themselves, rather than modern smart devices.

Lightning: Reserved only for Apple products, including the iPhone and MacBook, lightning cables are ultra-quick, offering high charging speeds and sturdy connections.

FAQs: your questions answered

A person charging a laptop with a power bank

Does a high wattage damage your devices?

Despite certain misconceptions online, there is no evidence to suggest that using a high-wattage power bank or charger will damage devices not designed to handle the output wattage. Devices will draw the power they can sustain from the power source, and therefore will not overload.

Are cheap power banks worth it?

Without question, cheap power banks are absolutely worth buying. We've listed a great number of cheap power banks with high wattage, incredible battery capacities and appealing designs that are particularly portable.

Though some power banks on the cheaper side might not be worth it due to poor technical specifications, we've picked some brilliant power banks that are more than worth considering.

Are solar power banks worth it?

Solar power banks are admittedly a little slower than standard power banks for the most part, but since they can utilise the power of the sun to completely recharge, they're absolutely worth it. Perfect for taking on a camping adventure, or for those more environmentally conscious, a great solar power bank is absolutely worth investing in.

Can you bring a power bank on a plane?

You should always double-check the exact policies and restrictions of your specific airline. That said, in most cases, you should be able to bring a power bank with you.

Certain restrictions may apply. For example, the majority of airlines ask that your power bank be included in your carry-on bags rather than stored away with luggage. A power bank should not be kept in checked luggage and should be treated akin to any device like a laptop.

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