Reader’s choice: The best Kindles to buy in 2024

We breakdown the Kindle range to help you find the one for you.

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Kindle dominates the e-reader marketplace, offering devices and ebooks at price points across budgets, catering to fans of new releases and classics, newspapers and comics. But this success didn't come overnight. When e-readers first landed on our shelves, they were met with distrust and disdain, mainly due to clunky operation, reflective screens and quick-draining batteries.

This is no longer the case. The Kindle range has gone through many iterations over the past decade. Faster, lighter and more versatile than ever before, a Kindle device is now the premier way of accessing e-books and audiobooks, along with digitised magazines, newspapers, comics and graphic novels.

Man holding an All-new Kindle (2022 release)

Storage volume has shot up to gigabytes, while e-book size has shrunk to around one megabyte. The battery life they carry is obscenely good, lasting for weeks on end from a single charge. Anti-glare screens have come on leaps and bounds, now being readable in any light, with screen resolutions that display crisp, precise text.

The customer experience has hit new heights, too. The Kindle bookstore is quick and easy to navigate, with downloads coming straight to the device in seconds with a Wi-Fi connection. Prime members have a selection of free texts with Prime Reading, and a Kindle Unlimited subscription service provides access to a library like no other, featuring thousands upon thousands of works from across the ages.

The best Kindles of 2024 at a glance:

Best overall Kindle: Kindle Paperwhite – View on Amazon
Best for casual readers: Kindle (2022 release) – View on Amazon
Best for margins scribblers: Kindle Scribe – View on Amazon

The range begins with the Kindle – a basic model (with ads and without) that is by no means lacking – while the Kindle Kids Edition takes on the base model and overhauls some of its features in a way that supports and educations young readers.

The Paperwhite, the most popular model in the range, introduces higher resolutions, varied memory capacities and even free 4G networking – not to mention waterproofing. Finally, the Oasis sits atop the pile as the most-expensive but most-powerful Kindle available, carrying features that serve to improve user-experience both visually and physically.

The only problem that has come from this choice is the question: what Kindle should I buy?

We’re here to help you find the right Kindle. Read on for our break down the Kindle range.

The best Kindles to buy in 2024:

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall

Amazon / Kindle

The Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular e-reader in the range with over 80% of its reviews being five stars. It's not by chance that the Paperwhite has become so popular – it's an accomplished device that both innovates and builds on the success of previous Kindle generations.

The Paperwhite's base functionality is the same as the standard Kindle's. Navigation of the device, ebook, and the integrated Kindle library takes place via touchscreen. Highlighting, translations, definitions, and control over page and text settings are all here, and Audible can take over at any point via a Bluetooth audio connection.

Elsewhere, the Paperwhite can be considered a significant upgrade. The screen resolution has improved to an easy-on-the-eye 300ppi. This pixel density makes a marked difference in text, much sharper than the base model. The higher resolution impacts image quality, vastly improving the experience of reading magazines, newspapers, comics, and graphic novels. The screen also has 17 LEDs, up from five, for comfortable night reading.

The Paperwhite is also waterproof. Rated to IPX8, the Paperwhite can join you by the pool or sit by your coffee on a wobbly table without fear.

The Paperwhite is available in 16GB. Its higher capacities provide space for audiobooks and visual-heavy media, like magazines and graphic novels.


  • Improved resolution for visual clarity over a wide range of publication types
  • 17 LEDs for comfortable late-night reads
  • Optional free-access 4G network for new books on the go


  • No expandable storage

Best for casual readers

Amazon All-new Kindle (2022 release)Amazon / Kindle

The Kindle is the base model of the e-reader range. Affordable and user-friendly, the Kindle is a great place to start for the casual reader dipping their toes into the world of ebooks for the first time.

The screen measures 6 inches with anti-glare and a resolution of 300ppi. This combination results in a reading experience akin to that of paper. Powerful and persistent light sources – lamps, spotlights, the Sun – will not reflect from the screen, and four LEDs diffuse natural light across the screen for low-light and night reading.

The Kindle is controlled via touchscreen. You turn pages with a quick tap of the screen, often with your thumb. You can highlight passages, view word definitions, and search for translations. You can also change text size, font, and page settings while reading.

With 16GB of internal memory, the Kindle can store thousands of ebooks. Downloading ebooks is simple as the Kindle library integrates into the main navigation menu. Goodreads, the book tracking and recommendation service, is also integrated here.

Magazines and newspapers can also be downloaded to the Kindle. However, due to the screen, they will only display in black and white.

If you have a Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or speakers, the Kindle can connect to this for audiobook playback via Audible. This enables you to switch between reading and listening to your book – the feature tracks your reading/listening location and automatically picks up from where the other finished.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Accessible gateway to e-readers
  • 4GB memory for thousands of books


  • Lacks waterproofing

Best for notetaking

Amazon / Kindle

The Kindle Scribe, the only Kindle product to include a digital notebook stylus, is an excellent choice for those who want to combine their eReading and note-taking interests. The Kindle Scribe is versatile and perfect for journaling, sketching, and scribbling on sticky notes.

But what truly sets apart the experience is its world’s first 10.2-inch 300 ppi glare-free display. It provides an immersive writing experience that is both kind on the eyes and makes you feel as if you’re writing on paper.

Another of its standout features is its incredible battery life, making the Kindle Scribe the longest-lasting Kindle device. You can use it for days – scratch that – weeks on end without charging your device, making it the perfect companion for holidays.

In addition to its reading and note-taking capabilities, the Scribe's ability to create to-do lists on Kindle’s templates is equally handy. These are designed with Kindle’s signature minimalism for easy-to-navigate efficiency.


  • Longest battery life of all Kindle products
  • Handy pen for writing or as a stylus
  • Ample storage options


  • Limited markup abilities

Best for e-bookworms

Amazon / Kindle

Rrp: $269.99

Price: $135.00

The Kindle Oasis is the apex of the e-reader range. The Oasis takes all that the Kindle Paperwhite offers and injects its twists, innovations, and valuable additions.

The Oasis screen is the largest in the range, measuring seven inches. This allows more text to be shown and greater visibility when navigating menus and settings. Of course, it all looks crisp because of the 300ppi resolution. The Oasis has an IPX8 waterproof rating and can sync with Audible to switch between reading and listening.

One of the most effective upgrades on the Oasis is the ability to change the screen colour from a stark white through to a warm, amber hue. Couple this with the 25 in-screen LEDs, and the Oasis is a beautiful way to read any time of the day. Changes to screen colour and brightness can be automated, too, via customisable schedules. Automated brightness adjustment will ensure the Oasis automatically changes the brightness to best suit the lighting conditions.

In terms of form, the Kindle Oasis is a different beast from the near-identical Kindle and Paperwhite. And it’s not just because of the larger screen. Just to the side of the screen, the Oasis has a panel with two buttons. These buttons are for turning the page, and the extra panel space allows for a more secure grip on the device without blocking the screen.

Behind the panel, a raised section with a curved lip sits on the rear of the device, improving grip comfort over prolonged reading sessions. (Don’t worry, lefties, the display flips when held by the left hand.) In addition to comfort, this physical feature allows for one-handed reading.

As with the Paperwhite, the Kindle Oasis is available with 8GB and 32GB of memory. The 32GB variant also has Wi-Fi and free 4G mobile network connectivity for on-the-go downloads and updates.


  • The biggest screen in the Kindle range
  • Versatile screen colour and brightness options with 25 LEDs
  • Ergonomic shape for one-handed reading


  • Lacks headphone jack

Best Kindle for children

Amazon / Kindle

Offering three child-friendly and protective covers and one year of Amazon Kids+ subscription, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids is the eReader for you and your budding bookworms. With so many screens in your children's lives, this no-distraction device is perfect for cutting out the noise while incorporating reading from a young age.

Designed with adaptability, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids is equipped with teaching technology –including Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise – while also offering thousands of books across several reading ranges. As your child starts and grows in confidence as a reader, the device can easily adapt to their changing needs. Its adjustable warm lighting also ensures that your child can read comfortably at any time, whether in the garden during the day or before bedtime.

Additionally, as with any child device, Kindle have thought ahead for those inevitable drink spills by incorporating IPX8 waterproofing, giving parents peace of mind for unaccompanied reading. And if your child somehow manages to break the device, Kindle offer a 2-year guarantee for a free replacement.


  • Up to 10 weeks of battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Free one-year Kids+ subscription


  • Quite pricey compared to the Kindle Kids

Best budget Kindle for children

Amazon Kindle Kids (2022 release)Amazon / Kindle
Price: £104.99

The Kindle Kids Edition is an excellent option for younger readers. The Kindle itself is the base model with a glare-free, six-inch 300ppi screen with four LEDs. However, the memory has been boosted to 16GB to accommodate books with images and audiobooks.

What makes the Kindle Kids Edition so noteworthy is the additional features and services provided. It comes with a child-friendly cover, protecting the device from knocks and drops. The warranty is a two-year, worry-free package with free replacements for damaged devices.

Amazon has modified the in-built dictionary for children, too. It now features simplified definition explanations that automatically appear above advanced or unusual words. These handy hints are customisable to individual reading age and comprehension ability. Any definitions that are looked up are stored in the Vocabulary Builder, which creates flashcards for future revision and continued learning.

The Kids Edition also comes with a free year-long subscription to Amazon Kids+, which provides free access to kid-friendly books and magazines – this includes new releases and timeless classics, from the Harry Potter series to The Secret Garden. Audible can be used over Bluetooth devices to switch between reading and listening to stories.


  • Increased memory for images and audiobooks
  • Distraction-free reading
  • Two-year damage protection


  • Buying books could be more user-friendly

Best value Amazon Fire tablet

The Fire 8 Tablet is not part of the Kindle range. However, it has properties that make it the perfect option for readers of web-based journalism and content. As a mini-tablet, the Fire 8 grants access to downloadable applications – in particular, a free app called Pocket.

Pocket allows you to save articles and web pages to read at a later time. Once you sign up for a Pocket account, you can download an application to your smartphone and an extension to your internet browser. Then, whenever you come across an article you would like to read, share the piece with Pocket or tap the browser extension icon. Next time you access the Pocket app, the article is catalogued and ready for you. It’ll display the estimated reading time.

The app also improves the reading experience by extracting and displaying the text in a plain, reader-friendly format. The font, text size, screen orientation, and scrolling settings are also customisable. It’ll remember your place if you don’t finish reading in one sitting. You can also manage the articles and archive favourites for future reference. If you would rather listen to your chosen articles, the app offers a text-to-speech function – the final result is very convincing, especially for a free service.

Of course, Pocket isn’t the only reason to pick up a Fire 8. It’s not a very powerful tablet, but Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix all work here. Plus, a Kindle library integrates into the OS for an easy e-reader experience.


  • Access to Pocket app
  • Alexa integrated
  • Versatile – internet browsing, streaming and Kindle app


  • Battery life not as good as other models

Best Amazon Fire tablet for children

For those with especially young children, particularly those who are just starting their reading journey, this Amazon Fire is the eReader for you. With 32 or 64GB of internal storage and up to 1TB of expandable storage, this device is perfect for storing books and entertainment (Netflix, Disney+ and games). It also includes a one-year free Kids+ subscription filled with everything from Peppa Pig to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Like its Kindle counterparts, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids comes with a two-year guarantee, even if your child manages to break it. And to further put your mind at ease, it's encased in a drop-proof case, ready to withstand any bumps and bashes.

As with most kid-friendly gadgets, the Fire HD 8 includes an easy-to-navigate Parent Dashboard. This feature allows you to monitor and filter content based on your child's age and implement time limit restrictions.


  • Protective child-proof case
  • Reliable, easy-to-navigate parental controls
  • Up to 13-hours of battery life


  • Sometimes sluggish

The best Kindles of 2024: Buyer's guide

What is ppi?

Screen resolution is measured in pixels. One way to refer to this measurement is in Pixels Per Inch, abbreviated to "ppi." The higher the density of pixels per inch, the more precise the display.

What is Whispersync?

This is the correct name for the function that allows users to switch between reading a Kindle ebook and listening to the Audible audiobook without losing their place. Whispersync is a phrase you're likely to encounter on a Kindle device itself and in the Kindle store.

This feature is not available on all ebooks, only those with corresponding audiobooks. Still, the library is significant, with a count of over 30,000 texts.

Free books for Prime members with Prime Reading

Prime Reading is a service available to Prime members. It offers ten free downloads from a curated list of over 1,000 books and magazines. Visit the Prime Reading page to see what's available.

Amazon Woman sitting by a tree reading on ebook on her Kindle

FAQs: your questions answered

Why buy a Kindle instead of a book?

Kindles are all about convenience. Turning a pile of books into a single object is a game-changer for space-saving. If you're someone who loves to display their books on a shelf or prefers the tactile experience of reading a physical book, I understand. But, if you're planning on reading a lot of books while on holiday, carrying physical books could burden your luggage and wallet. This is where having a Kindle comes in handy. It may not feel the same as a sun-bleached and slightly pool-wet book, but it can save you money on luggage costs. So, don't worry if you prefer physical books, a Kindle can still be a great option for you.

With ads or without?

Some Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets are listed on Amazon UK with the option to purchase "with Ads" or "without Ads." The default option on these pages is "with Ads," which is typically listed as £10 cheaper than the "without ads" option – but what does this mean?

Effectively, Amazon is offering users the chance to opt in to have their new device's lock screen display advertisements for a saving on the device's overall cost. Depending on your outlook, the inverse may also be true.

The functionality of the device does not change – it's merely a case of whether you mind seeing advertisements. The choice is yours.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service offered by Amazon. It allows members to borrow up to 10 ebooks, comics or magazines per month. You can read more about Kindle Unlimited with our quick expert guide or try the service with a 30-day free trial.

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