The PS5 Slim announced – Sony confirms release for November 2023

Sony has announced the release of the PlayStation 5 Slim which releases in November, and we couldn't be more excited...

PS5 Slim

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Highly anticipated since its release, Sony has announced a slim version of the PlayStation 5 which arrives in November, just before the holiday season - but just how much smaller is the new PS5?

Released in 2020, Sony's PS5 was met with a wave of criticism about its size, and there's no mystery as to why. At a staggering 15.6 inches tall, 10.2 inches deep and 3.6 inches wide - the PlayStation 5 is quite easily the largest next-generation console ever released, there's no denying it.

The almost impractical size of the PlayStation 5 has led to gamers speculating on the release of the PS5 Slim for some time. Since the release of the original PlayStation over 20 years ago, Sony has released slimmer versions of their industry-leading consoles, so it was only a matter of time before the PS5 Slim was announced - and three years later, it was finally confirmed.

But for those expecting a radical change in size, you'll find the PlayStation 5 Slim to be particularly minor, even compared to previous generations.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the PS5 Slim stands 14 inches tall, 8.5 inches deep and 3.7 inches wide, reducing the size of the original console by 30 percent, with a weight increase of approximately 18-24 percent. This should help it fit nicely under a great monitor on a desk, or into a TV entertainment cabinet.

The PS5 Slim: Ultra-HD version (left) and Digital Version (right)

Are there any performance upgrades?

As for actual performance upgrades, the difference is very slight with the latest iteration of the PS5. Make no mistake, this isn't the 'Pro' version of the PS5 - this is mostly a size upgrade - or should that be downgrade? - but there are some other changes worth checking out if the PlayStation 5 Slim intrigues you.

Most notable is the increase in storage to 1TB of SSD storage (from the original 825GB), which is a blessing when considering the size of the best PS5 games right now.

PS5 Slim disk drive add-on

If you opt for the PS5 Slim's Digital Version, you might be excited to discover that Sony plans to release an Ultra-HD disk drive add-on, allowing gamers to convert and switch between - a never-before-seen option on a console.

What's more - Sony has also announced the release of a variety of PS5 console colours to choose from, which are to be released in early 2024, including 'all-matte Black', as well as a 'Deep Earth' colour collection, including; 'Volcanic Red', 'Cobalt Blue', and 'Sterling Silver'.

Have there been any announcements from Xbox?

As of yet, there has been no official announcement of an Xbox Series X Slim, or Pro variant slated for release this year, but that doesn't mean Xbox fans have not been totally deprived of rumours, leaks and speculation.

Talks of a Digital Version of the Xbox Series X have floated across the internet this week thanks to an unconfirmed information leak which has had fans in deep speculation.

FTC court documents were recently leaked, containing announcements for several new and upcoming Microsoft and Bethesda titles, as well as supposed plans for the Xbox Series X 'Digital Version'

Credit: Microsoft

The leak speculates that this Digital Version of the Xbox Series X will offer similar specifications as the 2020 console but in a much slimmer, cylindrical design.

Gamers planning to sell their PS5 to buy an Xbox Series X Digital Version, however, may have to wait until next year for the pleasure.

Are there any new titles being released with the PlayStation 5 Slim?

Along with the release of the PS5 Slim, this autumn, we'll see Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-man 2 hit stores, and following the uproarious success of the original beat-em-up web-slinging game, there's bound to be even more critical acclaim.

In November, just encroaching upon the holiday season, Activision's light remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases, giving long-term FPS addicts a much-needed hit of nostalgia for the original game, which was released over 12 years ago.

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