PS5 restock: The best places to order the PlayStation 5

Sony's PS5 is a bonafide hit - here are best places to order the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

PS5 pre-order: The best places to pre-order the PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation 5 has long since launched, and is one of the most popular games consoles on the market. The end of 2020 saw some less than spectacular pre-order mayhem, brought on by an unprecedented swell in demand for video game consoles and a pesky virus that will go unnamed. Though Sony’s latest console is a certified hit, PS5 stock is still hard to come by. Coming through in dribs, drabs and random drops, many fans are still finding it a challenge to locate a PS5 restock.

We’re here to bring you a consolidated list of the best places to find the PS5 in stock. But be warned, though these retailers are the most reliable locations for PlayStation stock, the consoles are still hard to come by. The best thing to do? Keep checking back!

While the likes of Deathloop, Demon's Souls and Spider-man: Miles Morales are delivering big things for the new console generation, Sony is also offering PlayStation Plus members free access to a host of PS4 classics. These include Days Gone, God of War, The Last Of Us and The Last Guardian, all of which promise improved performance on the PS5.

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The PS5 comes in two flavours. The standard PlayStation 5 has a disc tray and the PlayStation 5 Digital that has no disk tray, but a lower price tag.

There's a lot to get excited about, so here are the best places to order the PS5:

PS5: The best places to order the PlayStation 5

Please note: If a retailer has no stock, the link may default to a PS5 or game-related landing page.

Amazon has a great selection of PS5s available, but a lot of them are used and aren't being sold from Sony directly due to stock shortages, but you can still grab one!

These links are going to be your main port of call for finding a PS5, they're restocked the most so they're your best chance at grabbing one.

Currys PC World - PlayStation5

Amazon UK - PlayStation 5

Very - PlayStation 5

GAME - PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital

John Lewis - PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital

Argos - PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital

PS5 extras:

Accessories: DualSense Controller | HD Camera | Media Remote | PULSE 3D Headset

PS5 prices

PS5 price

The PlayStation 5 is priced at £449.99 ($499.99)

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at £359.99 ($399.99)

PS5 Family

What else do I need to get the most out of my new console?

A new 4K smart TV is a good place to start, allowing you to truly appreciate the graphical capability of the PS5. Alternatively, a decent gaming monitor will also deliver on this front, with a reduced price tag.

Next up is audio – while Sony will be launching the PS5 with an all-new headset, a soundbar and surround sound system is also a good shout. It’s also a given that some more versatile gaming headsets are going to be useful – even if they don’t work with the PS5 (the jury is still out on accessory compatibility), the head is sure to work with TV and monitor audio-outs.

If you happen to have a cool £1,000 going spare, then the “PS5 Ready” Sony BRAVIA TVs manages to combine all of these features into one, wholly impressive package.

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