The best gaming headsets

Unlock the best audio experiences on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

The best gaming headsets

by William Lobley |

For a gamer, the purchase of a gaming headset is one of those rarest of things – a perfect purchase, merging the giddy feeling of nabbing a tech treat, with the satisfaction of knowing that the buy is an essential one. Long gone are the days when standard speaker arrangements were enough – we live in a time where the in-game soundscapes created by developers are so layered, accurate and immersive that they demand the clarity and precision delivered by a gaming headset (unless you can get hold of a incredible sound system). Just like a gaming monitor, the headset is a key tool in unlocking your gaming content's true potential.

The gaming headset market is an immense creature, loaded with hyperbole and strong claims. To help you cut through the nonsense and sales jargon, we’ve headed out to find the best gaming headsets available. By putting the headsets to the test, we’ve managed to nail down what’s hot and what’s not. We’ve truly gone all out, hunting high and low for top-notch options that’ll satisfy even the most exacting gamers on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

We started with the top-tier offerings, spoiling ourselves to the finest headsets money can buy. Why? So we would hunt harder! As we came down from the astonishing heights provided by ASTRO A50s and SteelSeries Arctic Pros, we searched every budget bracket for the gaming headsets that would satisfy our newfound extreme audio standards. And we’re happy to say we’ve been blown away by the choice available for anyone looking for a new gaming headset. No matter the platform, no matter the budget, there’s something exciting waiting for everyone.

Here are our picks of the best gaming headsets:

What’s the best gaming headset?

We would have to say that the ASTRO A50s and the Arctis Pros are the best – but they also come with a hefty price tag.

For our money, we’d happily opt for the Logitech G935s or SteelSeries Arctis 7s. These are mid-range options boasting an excellent array of features and, most importantly, they deliver an impressive and engaging audio experience that improves gameplay.

We stand by all of our choices though. The difference between our picked favourites and the others shown in our list is all down to personal preference – every gaming headset here has something to offer.

A quick note on PC and console compatibility

If you’re new to the headset marketplace, you may be a little confused by the platform compatibilities advertised. So long as there’s a 3.5mm audio jack (the small thin type that are found on standard wired headphones), you’re going to be able to use the headset with consoles (via the in-built controller port), PCs, mobiles, and other similar devices. Some headsets require a USB connection, and some require a Bluetooth connection – always check compatibility before your purchase if you’re unsure.

In some instances, a headset’s feature list may be slightly reduced when used on a console compared with a PC. This can affect surround sound packages and game chats. Again, check compatibility before purchase.

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