Xbox Series X restock: The best places find Xbox Series X stock and buy the Series S

All the best places to pick up Microsoft’s most powerful console… and its smallest.

Where to buy Xbox Series X and S: The two consoles on a textured background

by William Lobley |

When the Xbox Series X launched back in late 2020, it was met with a huge audience. This, coupled with the logistical issues caused by the COVID pandemic and the prevalence of pesky bots and scalpers, made Microsoft’s latest and greatest console hard to come by.

We wish we could tell you things have changed, but they haven’t, or at least, not by much. The Xbox Series X is still a challenge to find in stock anywhere online that isn’t a third-party auction site like eBay.

Though the stock is a little thin on the ground, that doesn’t stop people from endlessly searching for Xbox Series X restocks. That’s because the console is hugely accomplished. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is a console boasting some seriously impressive specifications and an exciting roster of games, all being reinforced by the incredible scope of play available with a subscription to the Xbox Games Pass. Though the console carries the clunky tagline “Fastest. Most powerful”, we cannot deny that of the two next-gen big boys, this certainly seems correct.

To top it off, the first round of next-gen Xbox exclusives is now coming through, with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite dropping at the beginning of the year, with a ton of promising exclusives such as Bethesda's Starfield, Warhammer 40K: Darktide, and Stalker 2 arriving shortly.

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While the Series X stock is patchy, luckily, the Xbox Series S is readily available. Though it isn’t as graphically impressive or carrying as much storage as the Series X, it’s still an excellent all-digital machine capable of delivering you the very best of Xbox Game Pass. It’s also ideal for anyone with a 1440p gaming monitor, and it’s small so doesn’t take up too much space.

We’re here to bring you a consolidated list of the best places to find the Xbox Series X in stock. But be warned, though these retailers are the most reliable locations for Xbox stock, the consoles are still hard to come by. The best thing to do? Keep checking back!

The best places to order Xbox Series X in the UK

Please note: If a retailer has no stock, the link may default to another Xbox or game-related landing page.

Amazon is likely to be the best place to order this season, especially for Prime members, but there are plenty of other retailers out there.

John Lewis

Microsoft Store {#h-microsoft-store}

George Asda



Currys PC World


The best places to order Xbox Series S in the UK

Please note: If a retailer has no stock, the link may default to another Xbox or game-related landing page.

Controllers (£54.99): Carbon Black | Robot White | Shock Blue

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

How much does the Xbox Series X|S cost?

The Xbox Series X was initially retailed at £449.

The Xbox Series S retails at £249.

Both consoles were released on November 10, 2020.

It's apt that these prices were brought to light early, courtesy of a leak. One of Microsoft’s higher-ups was duped by a journalist into confirming a November launch, and some leaked imagery of Xbox Series X packaging carried labels stating “do not sell or display before November 6, 2020” (via Digitaltrends). {#h-it-s-apt-that-these-prices-were-brought-to-light-early-courtesy-of-a-leak-one-of-microsoft-s-higher-ups-was-duped-by-a-journalist-into-confirming-a-november-launch-and-some-leaked-imagery-of-xbox-series-x-packaging-carried-labels-stating-do-not-sell-or-display-before-november-6-2020-via-digitaltrends}

In terms of price, there were rumours flying around for many months. Most notably, games journalist Alanah Pearce stated the price will be $599 (£455), after seeing screenshots from a retailer’s internal system (via Forbes). Turns out this wasn't far off the truth. {#h-in-terms-of-price-there-were-rumours-flying-around-for-many-months-most-notably-games-journalist-alanah-pearce-stated-the-price-will-be-599-455-after-seeing-screenshots-from-a-retailer-s-internal-system-via-forbes-turns-out-this-wasn-t-far-off-the-truth}

Unlike Sony, Xbox took its time to confirm the existence of a cheaper Series X model, the Xbox Series S, despite a highly reputable leak.

What else do I need to get the most out of my new console?

A new 4K smart TV is a good place to start, allowing you to truly appreciate the teraflops of graphical capability jammed into the Series X/S - though if you're feeling flush, you're free to go the full 8K. Alternatively, a decent gaming monitor will also deliver on this front, with a reduced price tag. This is especially true of you're going for the Xbox Series S, which performs and 1440p.

Next up is audio – while our existing in peripherals should all work with the Series X/S, a soundbar, surround sound system, or versatile gaming headset is still a good shout.

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