Xbox Series S confirmed in controller packaging leak

Microsoft’s second next-gen console is unceremoniously confirmed on Twitter

Xbox Series S confirmed in controller packaging leak

by William Austin-Lobley |
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It looks like Microsoft’s worst kept secret has been confirmed via a new image leak. The offending photograph is of the Xbox Series X controller’s packaging, which lists the Xbox Series S as a compatible device. The controller was obtained by Twitter user Zak S, and its official status has since been confirmed by The Verge.

In Zak S’s thread, there’s also a video of the controller, and a side-by-side comparison with the current-gen Xbox One controller.

The image also confirms that the controller is backward compatible, working with the Xbox One, along with Android and iOS devices. This is in stark contrast to Sony’s recent DualShock 4 and DualSense announcement.

The online rumour mill was already working overtime, speculating that the Xbox Series S was going to be announced in Microsoft’s upcoming event along with a launch date and console pricing.

The image confirms the existence of the Xbox Series S, a second, cheaper Xbox Series X console. Microsoft has continuously denied the existence of a second console, sometimes referred to by the codename Project Lockhart. However, online speculators and industry analysts alike seem to agree that the Xbox Series S will be diskless and carry reduced specification, particularly when it comes to visuals – possibly being locked to only Full HD resolution.

Somewhat overshadowed by this revelation is the fact that this image shows the Series X controller in white, a colourway unannounced by Microsoft.

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