The best PC gaming cases of 2023

RGB, RGB, RGB - it's all you need for true gaming bliss, and luckily enough - there's no shortage of flashing programmable lights in our best PC gaming cases of the year roundup.

The best gaming PC cases of the year

by Ryan Houghton |
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A PC gaming case is an investment into great aesthetics, durability, and most importantly - effective airflow to keep your monster graphics card cool.

But, as we're sure you've found, or will quickly find out - the internet is ablaze with PC gaming cases - ATX towers, Micro-ATX towers, ITX towers - it can all become quickly dizzying. So quit the endless doomscrolling, grab yourself a beverage, kick your feet up, and join us for our deep-dive into the best PC gaming cases of 2023.

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What should I be looking for in a PC case?

Regardless of whether you're looking for something classy and minimalistic, or the flashiest Tron-inspired, futuristic, angular tower - there are a few downright essential qualities in a PC case that are going to be crucial to have.

Cable management - a PC case simply must be organised - that means no loose wires, or confused criss-crossing cables, and its more than just for aesthetic reasons. Tangled cables can cause unnecessary tension on motherboard ports, and even your shiny new GPU, leading to damage that would've been totally avoidable.

A solid PC case has plenty of cable routing, which not only makes your PC look incredible, it also makes components last longer, and replacing old hardware becomes an absolute breeze.

Space - Speaking of hardware, choosing the right PC case for your hardware is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Modern GPUs are massive - thick with triple fans, and while they look great, you certainly won't appreciate it if you simply don't have the space for the card itself. Choosing the perfect tower for your components is essential - so do your research.

Airflow - While most modern PC cases have a fantastic amount of airflow, you can't be too careful when picking your case. If you've got yourself a lot of demanding hardware - a high-wattage PSU and a big graphics card, then plenty of ventilation is incredibly important. Airflow is improved by having plenty of fans on the case itself, and an open design that encourages airflow.

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The best PC gaming cases: the shortlist

The best PC gaming cases of 2023

Without further ado, we're going to round up the best PC gaming cases of the year so far - with options for the budget builders, as well as the big spenders.

Best high-airflow PC case
Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case 

Rrp: $104.99

Price: $89.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$104.99View offer

One of the most popular (and often out of stock) PC cases on the market, Corsair's 4000D strikes a fantastic balance between both affordability, and fantastic quality.

With a huge mesh-style front for maximum airflow, and two built-in fans (with room for up to six), this spacious mid-tower is perfect for even the highest-end of gaming PC builds.


  • Great design
  • Fantastic cable management
  • Spacious


  • No RGB lighting

Best RGB PC case
MSI MAG FORGE 100M Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case 
Price: $112.00

The seriously stunning, unfathomably affordable MSI MAG FORCE 100M is the pinnacle of PC case elegance - with plenty of ventilation, room for components, and most importantly - RGB lighting to satiate the most devoted gamers out there.

The tempered glass side panel is also a fantastic touch - and without an overly large frame surrounding its edge, the whole PC interior can be seen in its full glory.


  • Gorgeous modern design
  • Subtle RGB lighting
  • Good ventilation


  • Not a ton of room for higher-end graphics cards

Best value PC gaming case

For one of the most solid cases on the market, with a gorgeous clean aesthetic, great cooling, and plenty of space for even top-tier components - Corsair's SPEC-05 is simply perfect.

Despite lacking any-and-all RGB lighting, we still think the more minimalistic design ethos is slick.

There aren't heaps of bells and whistles with Corsair's budget case - but with ample space, good airflow, and a particularly excellent acrylic side panel to expose some of your glowing components, you cannot fault it.


  • Incredible value
  • Gorgeous minimalistic design


  • Might be a little dull for some users

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A fairly flawless design from Corsair, the SPEC-DELTA looks simply stunning - plenty of room for great components, incredible programmable lights that are subtle, and a good amount of ventilation - it's got it all.


  • Fantastic build
  • Subtle fan lights
  • Awesome design
  • Great ventilation

Corsair's 280X Micro ATX PC case is perfect for gamers without a whole lot of space in their room, yet despite its compact design, there's plenty of room for some fairly large components inside.

This unique case is composed of two distinct sections - the primary tempered glass section with room for up to six fans (and with two fans installed), and an ingenious cable management section used to hide the excess of wires that tend to look more obvious in a smaller PC.

PC builds in Corsair's 280X, therefore, look incredibly clean - making that professional-level build aesthetic easy to achieve even for amateur builders.

Our major concerns with Corsair's 280X admittedly tie into the case's small stature - it's simply too small for some of the larger cards on the market. Cards like Nvidia's RTX 3090 simply won't fit in the case, making upgrading to a next-generation card down the line a little tough.


  • Fantastic Micro ATX case
  • Some of the best cable management in a PC case
  • fantastic modern design


  • Slightly pricey
  • Not great if you've got a large GPU

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Best minimalistic design

For the cleanest look possible, NZXT's H510 steel PC gaming case doesn't have the divisive over the top futuristic aesthetics that so many modern PC cases have, instead embracing an ultra-modern simplicity that is timeless and tasteful.

With a fantastic cable management system built in, two pre-installed fans, and ample room for even higher-end graphics cards - the H510 is perfect for any budget.


  • Perfect for high-end builds
  • Great minimal design
  • Easy cable management


  • Not a ton of ventilation

Okay - we admit it, this is pretty cool. This straight-up sci-fi PC case is unlike anything we've come across in our search for the best PC cases - a blend between a Gundam robot and a high-tech supercomputer, this is the ultimate micro-ATX case for someone who really wants to show off the power of their build.

And there are genuine benefits to this case design - for one there's tonnes of ventilation, ensuring your components are running as perfectly as possible, and a huge amount of internal space for a powerful graphics card, it's quite fantastic.

Of course, it's a little on the pricier side, and the design isn't for everyone - but if you're looking for flash, then you've found it.


  • Incredibly unique design
  • Steel body is very durable
  • Spacious
  • Incredible ventilation


  • Design isn't for everyone

Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB Full-Tower ATX PC Case

Rrp: $339.99

Price: $249.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$249.99View offer
B&H Photo Video$336.00View offer

For those looking for the most longevity, the most customisation, and some of the best ventilation - the Corsair iCUE 7000X full tower is a seriously brilliant option for you.

A seriously well made case, with plenty of tempered glass to exhibit your top-of-the-line components, alongside tonnes of room for even the most powerful GPUs, this is one case that is tough for us to fault, it's just pricey.


  • Huge amount of room for top-tier hardware
  • Great cooling
  • Massive design


  • Expensive

FAQs: your questions answered

What size PC case do I need?

A common question - the size of the tower might not sound important, but it absolutely is. First, the size of your motherboard will determine the size of your PC case. An ATX motherboard is the most standard size and is perfect for both mid and full-size PC cases. Mid and full towers sometimes can also support mini-ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards too, giving you a whole new level of optionality.

Mini towers, however, can only support smaller motherboards - that's the micro ATX and mini ATX motherboards, so take caution in your shopping.

Another note to add - smaller cases often are limited by component size - specifically the size of the graphics card, which might be a problem if you're looking for a top-tier card.

How do I install PC case fans?

If you've got yourself a PC case and are unsure how to get those front fans spinning, it's relatively straightforward. Most 120mm fans have 3-pin connectors on them - simply find a 3-pin slot (which is sometimes demarcated by 'fan' on the motherboard itself) and plug it in.

Sometimes a fan will come with what is know as a Molex connector, which plugs into a female plug (consult your motherboard manual for further guidance.

How do I control my PC case's RGB lighting?

Most of your PC case's lighting comes from the fans, so if you've installed them correctly - you should at least see some light coming from them.

To control the lighting, you'll need to access the fan's software - install the software required by the case and you should be able to control the lighting quite easily.

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