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Running low on storage? Is your collection of USB sticks bursting at the seams? Perhaps your PC needs a speedy storage boost? Now is the time to get saving - and we’re not just talking about your data. Don’t miss these incredible data storage deals with amazing discounts- we've rounded up the best offers below.

Whether you’re a photographer, gamer or just someone who needs to archive a lot of important data - investing in devices like external storage drives and USB sticks from SanDisk and other trusted brands is essential.

The best data storage deals at a glance:

Best high-speed M.2 SSD storage device: WD_BLACK SN850X 2TB M.2 2280 Game Drive - View on Amazon
Best Xbox expansion card: WD_BLACK 1TB C50 Expansion Card - View on Amazon
Best Best high-end portable SSD: SanDisk Professional 1TB PRO-G40 SSD  - View on Amazon
• Best high-capacity USB memory stick: SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO - View on Amazon

One thing’s for sure - you shouldn't trust your precious data to just any old device you might find in the sales. External or portable SSD drives are an excellent solution for most uses, keeping your data safe while it's on the move. But, of course, if you’re looking to add more storage to your camera, smartphone or games console you’ll need some fast microSD cards os USB sticks for those that can take them, and fast SSD drives for gaming PCs and so on have been specially designed for extra speed.

So, let’s find the best deals on reliable storage devices for all of your gadgets and gizmos. It’s never been faster or easier to get saving.

Data storage deals

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best high-speed M.2 SSD storage device


WD_BLACK SN850X 2TB M.2 2280 Game DriveWD_BLACK
Price: $163.48 (was £402.07)
Alternative retailers
Walmart$179.99View offer
Dell$279.99View offer

This WD_BLACK m.2 SSD is specially designed for gaming rigs - and it’s the heatsink and blistering Gen4 NVMe speeds of up to 7300 MB/s that put it right at the top of the performance league. With an incredible 59% off right now.

Best Xbox expansion card

7% off

WD_BLACK 1TB C50 Expansion CardWD_BLACK

Rrp: $157.99

Price: $149.99
Alternative retailers
Target$149.99View offer
Walmart$149.99View offer
Best Buy$149.99View offer

If you want a compact, fast and reliable way to add more space to your Xbox, this WD_BLACK 1TB expansion card does just that. Slot it in, save your games and content, and then remove it for true portability. It even includes a 1 month Xbox Game Pass subscription. Save 15% today.

Best high-end portable SSD

Save on 4TB SSD

SanDisk Professional 4TB PRO-G40 SSDSanDisk
Price: $399.99
Alternative retailers
Adorama$399.99View offer

When SanDisk go pro they really pull out all the stops. This Professional 4TB external SSD is engineered like a tank. It’s an ultra-rugged design with Thunderbolt3 and USB-C, so you can use it across Mac and PC. Save right now.

Best high-speed microSD card

SanDisk deal

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO microSDXC cardSanDisk

Rrp: $59.25

Price: $54.60
Alternative retailers
Walmart$78.80View offer

Everyone needs one of these little microSDXC cards eventually, and SanDisk have a 512GB version here with Class 10 speeds - that means your photos, videos and so on aren’t going to be held up by this one when saving your files. Save on this little wonder right now.

Best budget M.2 SSD storage device

57% off WD_BLACK

WD_BLACK SN770 2TB M.2 2280 Game DriveWD_BLACK

Rrp: $159.99

Price: $134.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$139.99View offer
Dell$229.99View offer

Want a cheaper way of adding 2TB of storage to your gaming rig? This WD_BLACK SN770 is capable of up to 5150 MB/s. The Gen4 NVMe card is going to amp up your gameplay with blistering load times. Now with a scorching 57% discount for the Amazon Spring Deal Days event.

Best high-capacity USB memory stick

16% off

SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash DriveSanDisk

Solid-state USB memory sticks don’t tend to come this well-engineered with 1TB of space, but this one from SanDisk does. It’ll read and write up to 420 MB/s too. The durable case means you really can put this on a keyring and take it anywhere. Save 16% in the sale.

Best budget microSD card

SanDisk discount

SanDisk 256GB Extreme SDXC cardSanDisk
Price: $34.99

Much like the other SanDisk products that make it onto our list, the brand is renowned for its reliable storage. This 256GB Extreme SDXC card is no exception. The key feature here that makes it ideal for photographers and videographers is the Class 10 speeds. It’s a 256GB card, so not as large as some, but that’s why it’s such a good price - and even better in the sale.

Best portable SSD for console gaming

8% off Crucial

Crucial X9 4TB Portable External SSDCrucial
Price: $261.99

Not all SSDs are made equal, and if you want more space for your console games and save files, this X9 from Crucial is designed for you. Designed for PlayStation and Xbox, there's also PC and Mac compatibility. Get 15% off in the sale today.

Best data storage deals: Buyer’s guide

Size up your needs

Look at what you need your new storage device for. It might help to look at your existing memory sticks and SSD drives to see how your usage stacks up. The key thing here is to estimate how much data you’ll want to store. For heavy users like gamers who download a lot of games and patches, or for media professionals, buy the largest storage capacity you can afford and add 10% to the capacity to be sure.

Stick to renowned brands

If a deal in the sale looks a little too good to be true, it probably is. By staying with known brands you’ll avoid the all-too-common issue of seemingly high-capacity devices at super-low prices. The chances are the quality isn’t there and they may not even contain the amount of storage they claim.

Our pick of the best storage device deals above comes from well-respected brand names with excellent track records for protecting and preserving your data. Even if you’re only using a USB stick to record TV shows, you don’t want to press play only to find the file is corrupted.

Buying memory cards? Look after your classes

Flash memory cards for use by photographers and videographers in particular need to have a very high read and write speed. That’s because the stream of data that cameras generate needs to be saved to the card at the speed the data is being generated. A slower card will end up corrupting your files. The classes for memory cards are Class 2 to Class 10 - with class 10 being fast, at a minimum write speed of 10MB per second.

memory sticks
You never can have enough memory ©getty images

Best data storage deals: FAQs

Do SSDs wear out?

Technically, yes they do. There’s a limit to the number of times a flash cell can go through the read/write process - this is known as the TBW limit or terabytes written. TBW varies between manufacturer and SSD model, but generally speaking, a user is going to want to upgrade their device before an SSD comes close to its TBW limit. You can read more about SSD lifespan with

Is an SSD the best for gaming?

An SSD can offer a significant performance boost when playing video games on a PC. Specifically, an SSD will increase game start-up times and in-game loading - both loading screens and real-time world loading of assets.

Custom SSD technology has been utilised by the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 to maximise gaming performance.

Are USB sticks reliable?

Yes, USB sticks are very reliable – they are simple devices with no moving parts, so there's not much to go wrong. However, cheap and unbranded USB sticks may have poor construction, meaning that they are liable to break. Picking a device from a reputable brand is a way to be sure that you're getting a quality item.

Can an SD card become corrupted?

Any electronic storage is prone to corruption, sometimes it's accidental physical damage that causes a card to break, and other times it's an error during the saving process that can cause a cataclysmic loss of data.

How can you avoid this? Look for reputable SD card brands, treat your SD card with care, and never remove the SD card while accessing its storage.

Best data storage deals: Jargon buster

SSD - The Solid State Drive is essentially faster storage technology than a normal HDD with a spinning disc mechanism. With SSDs, data is stored electronically rather than magnetically, which is why they’re so much faster for loading and saving.

NVMe - NVMe is a relatively new development in SSD technology providing vast improvements to performance speeds. It’s a communications interface that better links SSD memory with a system using PCIe slots rather than SATA connections. As Kingston highlights on its blog, a SATA III connection delivers 600MB/s, whereas a PCIe Gen 4 has 16 lanes at 2,000MB/s each.

HDD - A Hard Disk Drive uses a physical disk and arm that writes and retrieves data magnetically. Despite running slower than SSDs, their capacities are a lot higher and they’re also more affordable.

GB – Gigabyte. A measurement of storage capacity. 1GB is equal to 1000kB, which can hold upward of 5,000 documents, depending on their size. Video and music take up much more space.

TB – Terabyte. A measurement of storage capacity. 1TB equals 1,000GB and can hold around 500 hours of video footage or 200,000 songs.
Write speed – The maximum speed at which a USB can store data in its memory. The higher, the better, especially if you want to transfer large files. Note that the number quoted by manufacturers is based on lab conditions.

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