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Finding the very best keyboard for typing is a trickier process than you might think. From key spacing to anti-ghosting, many factors make up the best keyboards for typing that aren't obvious at first glance. That's where we come in – our experts have found keyboards that will keep you typing accurately and comfortably all day.

Keyboards come in many different shapes and sizes, so if you're looking to save on desk space, you'll be glad to know you can still get a good keyboard for typing that is also compact – such as 60 per cent keyboards, for example. If you'd rather save your pennies, then you don't need to go for an expensive or premium model; you can still get a solid, budget-friendly keyboard to do the job.

The best keyboards for typing in 2024 at a glance:

Best for typing: Logitech MX Mechanical Performance - View at Amazon
Best budget: Arteck USB Wired - View at Amazon
Best mechanical: CORSAIR K100 AIR WIRELESS - View at Amazon
Best compact: Logitech G413 TKL SE Mechanical - View at Currys

We've made a list of our favourite keyboards for typing so that you can decide which is best for you. To help you with that, we've examined their strengths and weaknesses, as well as noted what we think they're the best at.

If you're a speedy typer, you'll appreciate a model with anti-ghosting, but that's not all to keep an eye out for. Comfort is an important factor too, so we've included keyboards with different key spacing, keycap height, form, and of course, size. All that's left is for you to pick the one that works for you.

The best keyboards for typing in 2024

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Best overall keyboard for typing

Logitech is no stranger to making quality keyboards, and this one combines the best of design, key choice and build quality. The Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard comes with low-profile mechanical keys that have a quiet operation. But, if you like the clicks, you have a choice of two other key types available. Great additional features include backlighting and customizable function keys.

Design-wise, we love the two-tone keycaps and aluminium chassis for strength and stability. Plus, as a wireless keyboard, it has a quick-charging battery that Logitech claims can last for up to 10 months without the backlight. All in all, it's a solid, responsive keyboard with a ton of usability features built into it.


  • A full-size mechanical keyboard layout that will be familiar to most typists
  • The low-profile mechanical keys have quiet switches for responsive typing
  • Smart backlighting levels for trouble-free illumination


  • Some may find the backlighting doesn't stay on long enough after a key press

Best budget keyboard for typing

Arteck USB Wired Keyboard
Price: $35.99

The previous entry was a more premium option, but the Arteck USB Wired Keyboard is a great showcase that you can still get a fantastic typing keyboard on a budget. The keys aren't mechanical - and so they're notable for how quiet they are, making this a brilliant budget keyboard to bring into the office. Alternatively, if you're at home, you can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing backlight to keep your keys lit up through the night.

We do have a minor complaint regarding the adjustability of this keyboard. You're fairly limited in how much you can tilt it, so you may want a wrist rest when using it.


  • Quiet low-profile keys make it ideal for office work or anywhere in public
  • A nice wide and spacious layout means this is a good fit for most typists
  • Plenty of backlighting options


  • The tilt is fairly limited

Best mechanical keyboard for typing

Don't let the name fool you, the CORSAIR K100 AIR Ultra-Thin Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a versatile piece kit for more than just gaming. And it won't look out of place in an office thanks to those refined looks and brushed metal chassis. Plus, with a handful of function keys and extra controls, plus of course the numpad, it's more than capable of being used for a home office or professional business setup. The switches are Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile - very effective and dependable when it comes to rapid typing. And that speed is supported by anti-ghosting too.

We're also fans of the overall build. This is a solid keyboard that can take a bit of damage, so you won't need to worry if your cat decides to perch on it. And it's backlit, making typing in low lighting easier.


  • Brilliant Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile switches are ideal for rapid typing
  • Anti-ghosting supports the fastest typists and macro-users for flawless operation
  • Overall solid and durable build


  • Some mechanical key fans may prefer deeper keys with more travel

Best compact keyboard for typing

While the Logitech G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might look simple, it's a mighty effective typing machine. We always love to see anti-ghosting, and it's especially important here. Whether it's multi-key shortcuts or just plain fast typing, anti-ghosting ensures no input gets lost in the mix, so you can type away knowing nothing will be missed.

As a nice bonus, it's a very easy keyboard to take care of. Removing the keycaps is super simple, so you should be able to keep it at top form for a very long time.


  • Super-simple layout and straightforward design make this a no-nonsense compact option
  • Anti-ghosting ensures every input is precisely registered
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Some may find the backlighting a little less bright than others

Best keyboard for typing on mobile devices

If you're looking to do a lot of typing on the move using a mobile device, you're normally going to find plenty of cheap and cramped keyboards. Not with the Arteck Universal Bluetooth Keyboard - as it has a larger profile than most with well-spaced keys. And on that subject, the keys are low-profile scissors, so you get a great balance between having a lightweight fast action and some feedback with each press.

Extra features include the integrated stand for your tablet or phone and support for up to three different devices at once.


  • A larger size key layout compared to most mobile keyboards
  • The low-profile scissor keys have decent feedback and a great for fast typing
  • A full numpad is a welcome addition for anyone working with figures


  • Some of the additional keys are a little cramped

Best ergonomic keyboard for typing

When it comes to ergonomics, anyone thinking of making the leap from a standard keyboard should take a look at the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5005 from Microsoft. Unlike many, it takes a gentler approach to ergonomics, so you can benefit from improved posture and position without a steep adjustment period.

The wave layout is a nice modification to a standard flat keyboard layout. So, it's perfect for anyone who needs to let their shoulders, arms and wrists fall into a more natural stance. Add to that the included mouse, programmable function keys for productivity and the fact that this has an (American) Ergonomist certification, and you have a comfortable keyboard that can only speed up your typing and improve accuracy.


  • Ergonomist-approved comfort curve design
  • The traditional key layout on a gentle wave is ideal for intuitive easy use
  • Programmable special function keys to aid productivity


  • Some may find the left shift key is a little small

Best programmable keyboard for typing

In our review of the Logitech G915 Lightspeed, we not only found super sleek and unique looks but also a highly accurate typing tool. It's an ideal typing keyboard for those with smaller hands too, especially since most other mechanical keyboards tend to have larger spaces between the keys.

Speaking of keys, the set of five programmable ones is a nice addition to have and is fantastic if you like to streamline your shortcuts - a feature that typists who use advanced functions or coding shortcuts will love. You may well find other keyboards with more programmable kets, but here the emphasis is on typing first - with customisable keys as a typing aid rather than being the main feature.

It's also a wireless keyboard, meaning your typing will never need to be limited by cable length. You might be concerned about battery life, but fear not, this Logitech keyboard sports a seriously impressive 40 hours, even with the backlighting turned on.


  • The programmable keys make typing application shortcuts and bespoke functions even easier
  • The mechanical keys and a solid Logitech build make this a no-nonsense, quality keyboard
  • Wireless mode sports an impressive battery life


  • Low profile may require some to use a wrist rest with it

Best tenkeyless keyboard for typing

Razer BlackWidow Lite TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $49.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$59.99View offer

Anyone who doesn't need a Numpad but still appreciates some cursor, insert and page control keys will love this tenkeyless model from Razer. The BlackWidow Lite TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard is a typist's dream thanks to deep responsive keys and a simple yet well-spaced layout that many will find instantly familiar. You can even program all of the keys with macros if you want to.

Design-wise, Razer's TKL BlackWidow Lite is slick and minimal, with orange key switches that are smooth and tactile. And it's those keys that make Razer's TKL BlackWidow whisper-quiet - ideal for office environments or just for the writer who likes to make less noise. I you do need a Numpad, other keyboards by Razor do have those extra ten keys - but for our money, this is the best balance between a simple TKL layout and a handful of advanced features that you can buy.


  • The silent tactile mechanical keys make for quiet but responsive typing
  • Each key has independent backlighting that can be programmed
  • Razer's supporting software allows you to remap every key if you need to modify it for things like macros


  • Some may find the design a little plain

Best Mac keyboard for typing

In our Logitech MX Keys for Mac review, we found it to be a beautifully understated piece of design with a slim profile that hides a wealth of features and usability. Even better, for those of you who flip between different systems, the MX Keys can sync with three Apple Macs, MacBooks or iPads at once. The keys are low-profile scissor switches that have a fantastic concave shape that enhances your feedback and accuracy when typing.

And then there's the addition of adaptive backlighting to keep you writing in various lighting conditions. The battery is charged rapidly via USB-C and will last around 10 days. The Logitech MX Keys for Mac is a favourite of What's The Best Deputy Editor William Lobley, who has used it day in and day out for over a year. Not on a Mac? Thankfully, there's also a Logitech MX Keys for Windows.


  • The incredible minimalist design and well-spaced keys make for a simple and accurate typing experience
  • Concave keys with responsive scissor switches enhance accuracy and feedback
  • Lots of connection options mean you can use this across all of your devices


  • There's no tilt adjustment

Best typewriter-style keyboard for typing

If you started out typing on a typewriter (or just like the vintage retro aesthetic) Andana's Rymek Typewriter style mechanical keyboard is for you. With just enough of a vintage look to sit well with the round keycaps on offer, this really does evoke that satisfying click with each stroke of the mechanical Blue Switch keys.

But, under the hood, you get some welcome modern additions, like LED backlighting and the ability to pair with up to three devices at once. It's also wired and wireless, giving you loads of portability and connectivity options.


  • Authentic typewriter look and feel with a deep mechanical key action and satisfying audible keystroke
  • Can pair with up to three devices at once for maximum flexibility
  • Backlit keys are a nice modernisation of a vintage design


  • It's looks may not be for everyone

Best keyboards for typing in 2024: Buyer's guide

Look after your typing comfort

A handful of small factors could leave you aching after a long day of typing. If you're feeling discomfort in your rests, we recommend picking up a wrist rest to hold your hands above the desk. It might feel a bit unusual at first, but taking proper care of your wrists is paramount for ensuring you don't suffer further pain.

You might also want to consider the angle at which your keyboard sits. If possible, a keyboard with adjustable tilt/legs is a great pick. You can change it throughout the day depending on how you feel.

An ergonomic keyboard might be for you

If your fingers are aching, think about the design of your keyboard and the shape of your hands – that's where an ergonomic keyboard may come in useful. They feature unique key arrangements and orientations – and the spacing between them is more important than you might think.

Those of us with larger hands will likely want a keyboard with a decent space between the keys; that way, our fingers aren't always cramped together. As for those with smaller hands, you'll want the keys to be close together so you're not straining and stretching them constantly. There are several ergonomic designs out there, some quite conservative with their designs – others offering split sections for the left and right hand and with a wave profile to aid finger position and comfort.

Choose your key type

All of us have different preferences when it comes to the keys themselves. Some prefer a soft feel, typically found on a standard keyboard with a silicone membrane underneath. Others like the clicky precision of mechanical switch keys – like those made by Cherry MX. Both types come in low profile ('chiclet') styles and larger chunkier keys with much more travel. Often, chiclet keys are scissor-switches – a different type of key with a slightly mechanical action but sits above a membrane. Ultimately, try out as many keyboards as possible to find the right feel for you.

an ergonomic keyboard

Best keyboards for typing in 2024: FAQs

Which type of keyboard is best for typing?

As with all computer peripherals, the choice is yours based on comfort, feel, and responsiveness. That said, mechanical keyboards have a reputation among typists for being accurate with a positive feel to them. They can have more of a typewriter feel in many ways than most other keyboards. Plus, many of them can be customised as the keys themselves are hot-swappable – meaning that if you decide you prefer quieter, softer switches, you can swap them out.

Is a wireless keyboard better than wired?

There are advantages for both keyboard connectivity types. While a wired keyboard has the faster most reliable connection, you will of course need to put up with the wire itself. On the other hand, a wireless keyboard looks neater. But, although a wireless keyboard needs batteries, they last for months or even years. Many wireless models, like many of the best Logitech keyboards, include super-fast wifi connections to a single USB dongle – and often, one dongle will support both keyboard and mouse.

What is anti-ghosting?

Have you ever had some of your typed characters not appear even though you swear that you pressed the key? That's ghosting; when an input is swallowed and not registered when attempting to press multiple keys at once or too many in rapid succession. Speedy typers and shortcut enthusiasts know the annoyance this can bring. That's why having an anti-ghosting keyboard is so handy, as it helps give you the peace of mind that all your inputs are registered with precise clarity.

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