The best keyboard wrist rest of 2023

Writing all day shouldn't be a pain in the wrist, hand or arm. Type in comfort instead.

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There’s only one thing better than being able to type quickly and efficiently, and that’s having the best keyboard wrist rest for comfort. It doesn’t matter how much money you or your employer has spent on getting you the best keyboard on the market; if your wrists don’t have proper support you could soon end up wishing you had.

You’ve probably heard of repetitive strain injury (RSI), but did you know that symptoms range from numbness and weakness to wrist pain and even discomfort in the arms? However, symptoms aside, even some users of budget keyboards without a rest are lucky enough to escape these problems. But, if you’re not so lucky, you’ll probably already know the benefits that a decent keyboard wrist rest can bring.

Best keyboard wrist rest of 2023 at a glance

• Best overall keyboard wrist rest: VAYDEER Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest - View at Amazon
• Best budget keyboard wrist rest: ZIBLY Wrist Rest Keyboard and Mouse Set - View at Amazon
• Best compact keyboard wrist rest: Redragon P035 Meteor S - View at Amazon
• Best full-size gaming keyboard wrist rest: Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro - View at Amazon

But which keyboard wrist rest is right for you? Well, a lot of this will come down to your keyboard itself. If you’re working on a compact tenkeyless keyboard your wrists will have a little less work to do in terms of the distance your fingers travel between keys. On the other hand, a large gaming keyboard may well have wider-spaced mechanical keys and a chunkier chassis. All of this can add up to wrists that are overworking to maintain your typing position. Even users of ultra-slim keyboards with low-profile keys don’t get off scot-free. Just because the keyboard case is flatter than a chunky mechanical gaming keyboard doesn’t mean your wrists aren’t still working hard while you write.

All of that said, just like choosing a keyboard itself, finding the right rest is really down to ergonomics. Everyone is different, and so there’s really nothing better than testing one out in person. But, if you’re already a wrist rest owner who needs an upgrade or replacement, you’ll have an easier time choosing a new one. Either way, our experts have selected the best products to match certain types of users. We also have a handy buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Best keyboard wrist rest of 2023

Best overall keyboard wrist rest

VAYDEER are fast creating a reputation for affordable yet sturdy computer peripherals. This keyboard and mouse wrist rest set makes our top spot here, and not simply because it contains both pads. The key to this rest's success lies in the ideal blend of cost, build quality and ergonomic design. Featuring a wave-contour and dimpled fabric, wrist comfort is paramount with this set, as is stability thanks to the anti-skid silicone base. And if it's a little large for your keyboard and mouse, there are some medium-sized versions available, too.


  • Soft breathable material ideal for maximum comfort
  • Anti-skid silicone base for stability
  • Wave-shaped and ergonomic texture
  • Mouse wrist rest included


  • Dimpled texture might not be for everyone

Best budget keyboard wrist rest

ZIBLY Wrist Rest Keyboard and Mouse Set  - possibly the best keyboard wrist rest

Rrp: $9.97

Price: $8.99

It's quite rare for us to find any computer accessory for under £10 that's worth recommending, but the ZIBLY wrist rest set is a clever budget purchase that users love. Not only is this extremely comfortable, it utilises breathable material so you won't regret your purchase on a hot summer's day at your desk. One added perk is that the keyboard wrist rest is foldable, so if you are a laptop user this can slot into your bag without a hitch.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with a mouse wrist support
  • Material is breathable so more comfortable to use in hot weather
  • Foldable, so ideal for mobile laptop users too


  • Could be too soft for some

Best compact keyboard wrist rest

Redragon is another brand that's popular with gamers and home PC users alike. But it's not just down to the name, here we have a reasonably firm but padded rest with an 8-degree tilt. That means that this is going to work really well with tenkeyless keyboards or compact mechanical keyboards as they tend to sit a little higher. To top it off, the faux leather finish is easily cleaned and looks great on the desktop.


  • Faux leather looks great and is easily cleaned
  • Memory foam for excellent durability
  • Anti-slip feet to keep it's position as you type
  • 8-degree tilt is very ergonomic with most keyboards


  • Some find the padding a little thin

Best full-size gaming keyboard wrist rest

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro for Full-sized Gaming Keyboards - possibly the best keyboard wrist rest
Price: $55.37

When it comes to gear for gamers, Razer is right up there with the best of them. Here we have an unusually understated design that will slot right into any gaming rig without stealing the show. The cushioning here is ideal for anyone playing competitively, as it's gel-infused. Again coated in leatherette, this one is longer in length - ideal for gamers using a full-size keyboard.

So, anyone who likes to game using a numpad is going to have great support throughout. However, as this is a fairly chunky pad that's designed to sit up close to the keyboard, it's not ideal for those more exotic gaming keyboards with a contoured front edge.


  • Great combination of gel-infused cushioning and leatherette for cool comfort
  • Designed for use at an ergonomic angle
  • An excellent match for any full-size keyboard for full-width support


  • Not best suited to keyboards with a contoured front edge

Best gel keyboard wrist rest

Kensington K62397AM Duo Gel - Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rest -  possibly the best keyboard wrist rest

Rrp: $18.99

Price: $17.99
Alternative retailers
B&H Photo Video$17.99View offer
Walmart$18.18View offer

There's no mistaking what this is, and Kensington is not about to mess with the design just to follow other trends. Yes, it's two blobs of coloured gel in a functionally-sound soft plastic housing. Most computer users have used something like this in their time, but Kensington has perfected the formula - incorporating a ventilation channel so that it remains cool to use for longer sessions. It also goes without saying that this is eminently cleanable - just don't get it close to anything sharp.


  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Gel and ventilation channel helps your wrists and hands stay cool
  • The contour matches the natural curve of the hand and wrist


  • Looks aren't to everyone's taste

Best memory foam wrist rest

HyperX Wrist Rest for full-sized keyboards
Price: $19.99
Alternative retailers
Best Buy$19.99View offer
HP$19.99View offer

When memory foam meets gel you get a really amazing combination of comfort, fit and support. For that reason alone, this wrist rest from HyperX is one of the best options for support when using a larger keyboard. Again we have an anti-slip base to keep things in place, but the material on the outside has special stitching that will prevent fraying - that all-too-common telltale sign of ageing substandard mouse pads and rests. Despite the fabric being a little stretchy for some, this really does look excellent next to your peripherals.


  • Simple yet effective shape and size
  • Material has anti-fray stitching for a longer lifespan
  • Cooling gel pad for extra comfort
  • Excellent anti-slip base for stability


  • Fabric can be too stretchy for some

Best hard surface wrist rest

Okay, so many may cringe at the idea of any kind of comfort product that has no padding, but not all typists like or need soft support. Here we have the ideal blend of traditional material - walnut wood - meeting ergonomic design. You get non-slip pads to keep it in place, but also the sloped profile is designed to suit many kinds of keyboards and users. Being real wood, the surface sheen will of course fade, but someone who likes wood and knows how to use a spot of oil or polish on it will be very happy indeed.


  • Real walnut wood brings a classy look to your desktop
  • An ergonomic sloped profile for excellent usability
  • Weighty with non-slip pads
  • Ideal for anyone who needs support without padding


  • The natural surface will wear and need some maintenance

Best bean bag keyboard wrist rest

CandoCraft Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Bean Bag Set - possibly the best keyboard wrist rest
Price: $32.99

Think 'bean bag' and you'll probably have visions of the seats in the kids' corner of the local library. But, if there's one thing that beans (or in this case - beads) can do it's comfort. Naturally, you can squash and pull these things around to suit your needs. Thankfully, the beads are also eco-friendly - but they do make some noise when moving around. The cotton outer comes in a range of designs too, so you're not short on style and comfort with this keyboard and mouse wrist rest set.


  • Maximum flexibility of shape and support thanks to bead filling
  • Cotton case means great breathability
  • Various design options are available
  • Beads are eco-friendly


  • Beads make some noise when you move around

Best office keyboard wrist rest

Workers, whether beavering away from home or at working from the office, often don't want a wrist rest that's out of place with the rest of their setup. They just want something that will more or less blend in with the whole office look and feel. This offering from Kensington does it all, simply and quietly. The gel interior gives plenty of support, and the outer (here in grey, although other shades are available) is both simple and easily cleaned. it is quite chunky, so check your typing position if you're using a flat, low-profile keyboard.


  • Sturdy yet elegant materials
  • Easily cleaned leatherette
  • Gel interior for excellent flexible support
  • Simple design, ideal for understated home offices


  • Fairly chunky so might not suit low-profile keyboards

Best TKL keyboard wrist rest for gaming

ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest - possibly the best keyboard wrist rest
Price: $40.29

Much like Razer, the whole ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) look is evidently geared towards gamers. But, the beauty of this one is that it aims to extend that look, not compete with it. Yes, you have the prominent logo against the black splash-resistant material, but there's not a garish LED light in sight. Once more we have anti-fray edges to keep things looking smarter for longer. Plus, this is designed for those gamers who prefer to go tenkeyless, so it's not too large and will sit next to any separate mouse pad or mouse wrist support without getting in the way.


  • The perfect size for tenkeyless (no numpad) keyboards
  • Splash-resistant material with a smooth feel
  • Anti-fray edges mean it'll stay looking smarter for longer
  • Fits with the ASUS ROG gamer aesthetic


  • ASUS ageing keyboard owners wish it had magnetic attachments

Best keyboard wrist rest with a design

We couldn't finish off our list without having something for those who really find plain black or grey boring. The example we've used here is one of the more muted designs available, with plenty of colourful patterns and design options to choose from. Build wise the ToLuLu Gel wrist rest is standard fare - but the anti-slip base and included mouse pad really help to elevate this set. Users say they fund these tobe very comfortable to use, which - art and design aside - is what really counts.


  • An unusual and varied range of designs are available
  • More eye-catching than the usual dull black or grey
  • Includes mouse pad
  • Anti-slip base for stability


  • Not a great width for larger keyboards

Best keyboard wrist rest of 2023: Buyer’s guide

If it works for you, stick with it

If you’re already a faithful wrist rest user looking for a cosmetic upgrade or replacement, don’t change what works. If you know that a certain size or height or keyboard wrist rest is keeping the RSI away, stick with it. Take some measurements if you need to and try to find a new version that matches.

Pay attention to the materials

Not everyone likes the feel of a fabric-covered wrist rest against their skin as they type, particularly if there’s a lot of travel involved with the hands. Conversely, some find the gel type unpleasant, particularly in the summertime as things warm up. Bear in mind that every kind of keyboard wrist rest will need to be cleaned, so make sure this doesn’t ruin any fabrics. If you’re particularly sensitive to grime, avoid lighter-coloured fabric coverings as they’ll look their worst faster than you think.

You may already be using a wired or wireless keyboard with the built-in palm or wrist support. Often these offer minimal or no padding. Some users prefer that over the soft wrist rest variety.

Stability and fit

Some cheap and nasty wrist rests will not stay put. They can lack a tactile base that will have some level of grip with the desktop. If your wrists and arms are constantly working to stop the thing from sliding, that’s almost as bad as not having a rest in the first place.

Secondly, check that your keyboard itself is a good match for the wrist rest. A larger keyboard case, sometimes with built-in (but often uncomfortable) palm rests, will take up a certain amount of space. Your wrist rest will obviously need to be able to sit close enough to the keyboard without overlapping it. If you want something that you know will be a good match, some of the best Logitech keyboards and other brands come with wrist rests designed to go perfectly together.



Is a keyboard wrist rest necessary?

For many users, yes. But, as with everything under the ergonomic heading, the final judge is you. If you’ve ever experienced tingling, numbness or deep aches and pains in the wrist, forearm and hands you may benefit from the proper wrist rest. Try some out before you buy if you’re unsure which one will suit you best.

Do keyboard wrist rests cause RSI (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)?

As a rule, no. Although, it’s worth remembering that this is all about your own personal ergonomics. Someone who doesn’t need a wrist rest for any reason might become uncomfortable using one. If you’ve taken the time to read this article, chances are you need one for your typing position and style.

What’s the best keyboard wrist rest for gaming?

Gamers can need comfort and stability more than most, due to fast reactions, accuracy and relatively static hand position. They also famously game for hours on end without a break. So, if that’s you, take the risks of developing RSI seriously and check out some of our recommendations. The last thing you’ll want to impact your KDR is persistent wrist pain.

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