Reviewed: Apple Magic Mouse 2

We put Apple's Magic Mouse 2 to the test - but how did it fare?

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Reviewed

by William Austin-Lobley |
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Verdict: An incredibly low-profile and lightweight mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great device, offering excellent no-fuss streamlining features that are sure to improve user experience.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

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Apple Magic Mouse 2

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Space Grey

The Review

The Rundown

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a lightweight mouse designed for use with iMacs and Macbooks. The mouse uses Multi-Touch technology, which can be seen as a hybrid merging of the traditional PC mouse, and gesture controls found on trackpads and smartphone touchscreens. This allows simple operations, like scrolling through documents, changing browser pages, and zooming, to be carried out with ease - the intention being to improve overall workflow by streamlining the user’s experience.

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The 2 is, on the outside, almost identical to its predecessor, the original Magic Mouse. Inside, the 2 now has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery loaded with fast-charging – providing nine hours of power from only two minutes of charge. On the underside, the original’s rails have been replaced with smooth running upgrades to increase lightweight feel and speed.

The Magic Mouse 2 pairs via Bluetooth, and is charged via Lightning cable.

The Experience

In hand, the first thing a user will notice is the Magic Mouse 2’s lightweight and low profile body. Weighing in at just under 100g and measuring just over 2cm tall, it is clear that Apple has taken great effort to ensure that the mouse offers no resistance to a user’s input, a point reinforced by the smooth running rails, which effortlessly glide over any surface, be it mouse mat, desk, or textured work-surface.

Apple, true to its thoroughly integrated ecosystem sensibilities, has made paring the Magic Mouse 2 to a cinch - a quick connection via the Lightning connection, and it’s done. From there on, operation is easy and intuitive, as we’ve come to expect from the Californian innovators.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 on desk during review

The implementation of Multi-Touch is a clear success, with the single and double finger gestures proving instrumental in streamlining computer navigation. It’s particularly useful when dealing with large documents, and large or multiple monitor arrangement, as the ability to swipe between apps and Mission Control reduces the need to move the cursor large distances. While such a movement may seem trivial, in actuality it is a welcome feature that is quickly replied upon to maintain pace and flow.

From the ‘Mouse’ settings, tracking speed, scroll direction, secondary right-click, smart zoom, and three swipe gestures can be toyed with until the right balance is met, depending on need. Though this minor customisation is welcome, when compared with its professional-tier competitors, such as the Logitech Master MX 3, the Magic Mouse's scope of control does feel limited. Yet, this is what users subscribe to when they opt for Apple products – brilliant implementation of what is given, with no real chance to add some personal touches.

Despite this issue, which to many users won’t even be that, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great device, offering excellent no-fuss streamlining features that are sure to improve user experience.

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Four Features

Multi-Touch and Gesture Control

Apple’s integration of Multi-Touch - a technology that can recognise multiple points of contact - into the Magic Mouse 2 allows for seamless and intuitive user-input that greatly improves document and multi-app navigation.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is an impressive thing. It negates the need for traditional batteries, as required in the original Magic Mouse, and provides a huge amount of charge, which can last weeks and be replenished in minutes. For example, two minutes of charge converts to nine hours of continuous use.


The wireless connection is established via Bluetooth. The connection is stable, and pairing occurs automatically via the Lightening cable.


Weighing only 99g, the Magic Mouse 2 is extremely light. Coupled with the low-drag rails, manipulating the mouse is a rapid affair.

But, if we were to change one thing….

We would like to have seen greater function customisation options. This would allow users to program and refine gestures to suit their needs more keenly. This would make the Magic Mouse 2 an exciting choice, rather than simply a good and sensible option.


Reviewed: Apple Magic Mouse 2

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Apple Magic Mouse 2

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Space Grey


The Technical Bit

Height: 2.16 cm (0.85 inch)

Width: 5.71 cm (2.25 inches)

Depth: 11.35 cm (4.47 inches)

Weight: 0.099 kg (0.22 pounds)

Features: Multi-Touch, Bluetooth, Lightning port, Wireless

System Requirements: Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer with OS X v10.11 or later

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