Reviewed: Logitech MX Master 3 Computer Mouse

The premier mouse for professionals, boasting extreme customisation and comfort

Logitech MX Master 3

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Logitech MX Master 3

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Logitech MX Master 3

The Rundown

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a wireless seven-button computer mouse designed for professionals who want to maximise their productivity, and is part of the wider Logitech Master range.

Logitech intend the Master 3 to offer “instant precision and infinite potential” through a combination of immense button customisation, hardware innovations, such as the electromagnetic scroll wheel and gesture key, and software advances in the form of Logitech Flow, which offer users multi-system control and seamless file sharing.

The Logitech Options app is the window into the full power of the Master 3. From this control centre, the user can refine pointer and scrolling speeds and customise button bindings. Settings can be customised on a general level, but also an app specific basis, with the mouse’s bindings switching depending on the active app – for example, when browsing on Chrome the thumb wheel can be used to roll between open tabs, whilst on Photoshop this same movement will adjust brush size. A quick glimpse at a selection of available options is enough to give any potential user an idea of the power in the Master 3’s superlative arsenal.

The Experience

The Master 3’s lightly rubberised ergonomic curved body provides a pleasing and secure in-hand experience, and the weight of the mouse is perfectly balanced and skates well across mats, desktops, and glass. The scooped thumb panel offers the thumb a resting position where the buttons, wheel, and gesture control are all set within the natural range of movement. The steel scroll wheels are light whilst still offering a satisfying tactile feedback. Logitech has done well to refine a mouse’s basic operation to a point where it’s a genuine pleasure to click and scroll, rather than a forgotten function.

Much like the Master 3’s hardware itself, the Logitech Options app isn’t revolutionary, but the success of its execution certainly is. A quick play around with the pointer speed will tell the user all they need to know about the quality of the Darkfield™ Tracking system. The app customisation is a real boon to any user who uses multiple creative applications simultaneously, and though we don’t have the stats, we certainly feel like our productivity increased over the test period. The amount of function bindings available for the seven buttons are superlative and initially a little overwhelming, but the more traditional user will happily be able to rely on the selection of default profiles.

It’s clear when using this peripheral that Logitech want the user to know one thing – the MX Master 3 works for you. It takes some time to get to know, but it’s more than worth the hours.

What about gaming?

It’s a strange one for gaming. The MX Master 3 is a versatile mouse, but its primary design function is professional use, so to say 'it can’t game' isn’t wrong, but it’s not entirely right. FPS players will certainly want to look for a mouse with a switchable DPI, and anyone looking for extreme in-game macro-key customisation will want to look elsewhere – but if a professional who casually games with RPG or strategy titles on the same rig as they work was searching out a solution, they could certainly do worse than the MX Master 3.

Reviewer use: Tested by a user with a preference for a high-sensitivity mouse, for work (writing and image editing on an Apple Mac) and play (CS, Diablo III, and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt on PC).

Logitech MX Master 3

Five Features

Scroll Wheels

The MagSpeed™ Electromagnetic scroll wheel is made from a precision machined steel and can scroll 1,000 lines in one second, if desired. Other than being pleasingly tactile and near-silent, the wheel can switch between a notched rachet-spin or effectively infinite free-spin - either manually via the mode shift button or via app activated automation. The comfortably placed thumb wheel offers the same material and touch, is rachet only, and allows for a controlled horizontal scroll (which again, can be customised to other functions).


The Logitech Master MX 3 proves that more DPI doesn’t mean greater accuracy. Though only 4,000 DPI (which sounds a little low considering there are models on the market with 10,000+ DPI) the mouse’s Darkfield™ Tracking system is incredibly accurate, flawlessly following every single user movement no matter how subtle or speedy. This accuracy allows the mouse to be used with relatively little movement, making it extremely efficient to use in terms of physical manipulation and desk space.


For anyone who can remember the first few waves of wireless products crammed with AA batteries, the Master 3 is going to show you how far technology has progressed. Fully charged, the mouse will keep powered for up to 70 days. If after 10 weeks the user has neglected to recharge the mouse, the quick charging ability of the USB-C connection will provide three hours of use from 60 seconds of charging.

Gesture Button

Logitech’s intuitive gesture button sits under the thumb. Clicking and holding this in combination with a mouse movement triggers various commands, all customisable by the user in the Logitech Options application. Controls include volume mute, app expose, screen capture, and copy/paste. Spending a little time getting to know these options and the controls is well spent, as the increase to productivity and navigation ease isn't something to be missed.

Logitech Flow

Logitech Flow is a marvellous feature that’ll entice any user of multiple workstations and operating systems. Setting up Flow on two computers, either macOS or Windows, allows for seamless cross-computer control with a single mouse. What’s more is the file sharing capability, which allows for text, images, and files between systems. It’s a powerful and game changing feature that’s worth considering for computer-based professionals of every discipline.

But if we were to change one thing…

Despite the abundance of custom possibilities available in the Logitech Options software, it would have been good to have more side-scroll wheel keystroke bindings, control over the standby activation duration, and a battery percentage indicator.

Logitech Master MX 3

The Technical Bit

Size - H124.9mm x W84.3mm x D51mm

Weight - 141g

Connection – USB Receiver or Bluetooth

DPI – 200 to 4,000 (set to increments of 50)

For system requirements and technical specification, visit


Reviewed: Logitech MX Master 3 Computer Mouse

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Logitech MX Master 3

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