True immersion: the best PC speakers of 2024

The best budget speakers, mid-range systems and earth-shaking surround sounds

The best PC speakers for any budget

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So, you've equipped yourself with an ultra-powerful PC, what's next? To truly experience your setup, you'll need some of the best speakers of the year, but therein lies trouble. Finding the ultimate PC speakers is a tricky, time-consuming challenge, largely because there's an overabundance of choice online - from brilliant budget speakers to full-fledged multi-speaker surround systems, finding the perfect PC speakers is no easy feat.

You might be an intrepid PC gamer, delving into fantastical worlds or battling foes in FPS shooters, or a Netflix binge-watcher, finding a great set of PC speakers is fraught with confusion, and it's better to pay for exactly what you need rather than what seems the shiniest.

The best PC speakers of 2024 at a glance:

Best overall: LOGITECH Z407 2.1 Wireless PC Speakers - View on Currys

Best budget: Logitech Z207 Wireless PC Speakers - View on Amazon

Best for gaming: Audioengine A2+ Speakers - View on Amazon

Best for music: Logitech Z533 speaker system - View on Amazon

Bellowing bass, and searing treble, all housed in space-conscious enclosures, the best PC speakers are made by manufacturers that are aware of the spacial constraints of having a PC: a monstrous PC and a sizeable monitor leave little room for large speakers, so you'll want to pick an option that best accommodates your setup.

We've selected several speakers, each with its own impressive features that'll make them exceptionally brilliant for particular users. Regardless of whether you're binge-watching YouTube videos, enjoying music, playing PC games, or even sound and video editing, our favourite PC speakers are exceptional, there's bound to be the perfect speaker for you.

The best PC speakers of 2024:

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall PC speakers

A favourite among PC enthusiasts, the Logitech Z407 is the perfect speaker for immersive, heavy-hitting bass in a wonderfully slick aesthetic. Comprised of two smallish speakers and a tanky dedicated subwoofer, this powerful Logitech speaker has a powerful bassy punch to it, which can be adjusted well with the wireless control dial.

Create a dynamic, atmospheric desk experience unlike any other with the Z407's rumbling bass and impressive range, and it's all for a competitive price. Our gripe with the Z407, however, lies with one of its greatest strengths: bass that causes a loss of sound balance at high volumes.

The sheer intensity of the bass, especially at high volumes, steamrolls the sound emitted from the Z407's speakers somewhat, causing the treble-heavy sound to become dulled by bass a little. This is an easily solved problem, however, since you can adjust the level of bass on the dial. You might wonder why we'd still consider it a negative since it's adjustable, but its excess bass is present in its default mode.

What we may refer to as excessive bass, is not typically seen as excessive, however, a good amount of bass adds plenty of immersion to your PC experience regardless, and having the option to crank up the settings via a wireless dial is invaluable.

One of the best PC speakers of the year so far, let alone speakers of all time, the beloved Logitech Z407 is a worthwhile choice for practically anyone, and its price is tough to beat.


  • Impressive wireless control dial
  • Gorgeous modern design
  • Solid subwoofer output


  • The sound is particularly bass-heavy

Best budget PC speakers

Logitech Z207 Wireless Bluetooth PC SpeakersLogitech

Certainly more ideal for those on a tighter budget, the Logitech Z207 brings renowned value and sheer performance with this simple, yet effective setup. Sitting comfortably on most desks thanks to its smaller size and lack of a bulky subwoofer unit, Logitech's Z207 speakers might be smaller than some of our other favourites, but they don't disappoint with their impressive sound.

With a simple plug-in-and-play design, the sheer ease of use and convenience of the overall design from Logitech is certainly commendable, it's ideal for already-cluttered desks with too many wires from peripherals as it is.

Not the powerhouse speakers you might be in need of, the Z207 speakers are ideal for office and desk use, especially if you're working from home. The sound is clear and crisp, offering plenty of enjoyment from its warmth for music and videos.

But it's not the overall sound we feel could use some improvement on the Logitech Z207, it's the control dial, which doesn't leave much for sound optimisation. This small dial on the front of the Z207 speakers only controls volume, offering nothing to adjust bass or treble whatsoever.

All things considered, however, bearing price in mind, for those in need of a simple, low-cost sound setup, the Logitech Z207 are perfect for experiencing your favourite music and entertainment, they're perfect for using as laptop speakers too.


  • Strong audio performance
  • Dual speaker sound is powerful and immersive
  • Excellent affordability for sheer quality


  • Audio controls are limited

Best PC speakers for gaming

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Computer SpeakersAudioengine
Price: $269.00

The ultimate bookshelf PC speakers, Audioengine's A2+ computer speakers pack a lot of power in a small enclosure, which is ideal if your desk is already overflowing with dual-screen monitors, a mechanical gaming keyboard and other peripherals.

Despite their smaller stature, the Audoengine A2+speakers house an impressive 60W peak audio output, which vastly outshines most PC speakers on the market. But it isn't just sheer volume that makes the Audioengine A2+ a phenomenal choice, it's the incredible sound reproduction capabilities that the speaker has.

With an impressively wide frequency response range, you'll find whatever you're listening to, be it music, gaming or television, to sound sharper and fuller than ever before. Detailed and bold thanks to its powerful audio output, the Audioengine A2+ has a lot to offer in a compact design.

The major disadvantage of bookshelf speakers, however, is the fact that they can't produce the same level of bass as you might see in a dedicated subwoofer unit. The bass, while impressive in the Audioengine A2+, isn't the most powerful. You get plenty of rumble from these smaller speakers, which is excellent for gaming immersion, and you're not likely to lose a single in-game sound thanks to poor balance, but nonetheless, it's worth considering if you're actively searching for lots of bass.

Some of the best space-efficient speakers on the market, the Audioengine A2+ speakers are brilliant for immersive, detailed sound that'll dramatically enhance your gaming experience - pair with one of the best gaming PCs under £1,000 of the year and you're bound to have a blast.


  • Phenomenally detailed sound
  • A huge array of ports for multiple device connectivity
  • The small size is perfect for use on a desk


  • The bass response could be stronger

Best PC speakers for music

Logitech Z533 multimedia speaker systemLogitech
Price: $189.99

A popular choice amongst bass enthusiasts and for those with additional desk space, the Logitech Z533 is perfect for settling in and enjoying some loud, bassy music. With two satellite speakers and one monstrous subwoofer unit, this speaker setup might not be the most spacially friendly, but if you can find the room, it's more than worth it.

With a total peak audio output of 120W, the Logitech Z533 is loud, and then some. A lot of its peak power comes from the dedicated subwoofer unit, which is one of the largest available for its price. Truly powerful, the bass produced by the Z533 speakers is immense and felt to your core - pulsing rhythms and bellowing low tones are strong on this speaker setup.

At the cost of additional power, however, the Logitech Z533 speakers have limited connectivity, with only a 3.55 mm audio jack to enable access. Whilst this is a solid and readily available form of connectivity, it does limit the devices you can use the speakers with.

That being said, this unit works perfectly well as a dedicated PC system, and you're not likely to be moving it around the house thanks to its additional bulk. It's one of the best speakers for music thanks to its incredible power, and is well worth buying just for that subwoofer.


  • Impressive multispeaker setup
  • Strong bass unit for incredible sound
  • Visually eye-catching and easy to control


  • Limited AUX cable connectivity isn't suitable for everyone

Best high-end PC speaker

For the true PC speaker connoisseur, the KEF Audio LSX II speaker is one of the best around: precisely tuned and engineered for one of the most accurate and stirring sound experiences capable with speakers.

Bookshelf speakers they are, but they're certainly not short on power: the KEF AUDIO LSX II speakers emit a whopping 100W per speaker, which seems almost impossible considering their size.

With a huge, vast frequency response range that even exceeds the range of human hearing, the LSX II speakers are unparalleled for their detail and precision - music and gaming have accuracy rarely ever heard without being in the recording studio, they're just that good.

KEF is one of the most renowned speaker manufacturers in the world, and it's clear that the KEF AUDIO LSX II was made by true professionals using the highest-grade materials. The speakers have a dizzying array of connections available on the rear side, and plenty of options, including ethernet, AUX, HDMI, Bluetooth, optical and many more, no stone has been left unturned on these phenomenal speakers.

With such sheer quality, however, comes a particularly shocking price point: at over £1,000, these speakers aren't for the faint of heart - it's undoubtedly a lot of money, but when it comes to the best high-end speakers, you get what you pay for.


  • Gorgeously detailed sound
  • Perfect for smaller desks
  • Solid connectivity for multiple devices


  • Significantly expensive compared to other options

Best surround sound PC speakers

Logitech Z906 5.1 PC SpeakersLogitech

The perfect choice for those looking for an immersive film-watching experience from the comfort of their PC, Logitech's 5.1 speaker channel system is undoubtedly impressive for its price, providing a total speaker audio output of 500W, far exceeding any of our other selections.

Hear the sound of flying bullets from behind you, the sting of precise audio tuning from your left, and the low rumble of an enormous subwoofer is enough to leave you utterly awe-struck. Though with modern speaker technology and the right acoustics, your speaker can have a surround-sound quality, nothing beats a true 5.1 speaker setup with all the power you could ever need.

But it isn't all roses when it comes to having such a huge setup: with 5.1 speaker setups comes a ton of wires and significantly less desk space, and you'll likely want to spread your speakers around the room regardless, so some careful wire camouflaging is required.

This is the price, however, of any speaker setup: it requires a lot of space and plenty of wires, so this isn't a problem that's unique to the Logitech Z906. Should you desire some of the best surround sound at the most affordable price, however, without the use of an overly large amplifier, the Logitech Z906 is the perfect speaker system for you.


  • Fantastic surround sound speaker setup
  • Ultra-powerful sound
  • Great value for the level of power


  • Not the best for small rooms and desks

Best soundbar PC speaker

Typically reserved for TVs but equally viable on a PC, the Bose TV speaker is a fantastic choice for those looking to minimise the space taken up by speakers without cutting on quality. Engineered by the illustrious Bose, its speakers renowned for their spectacular bass, the Bose TV speaker has high connectivity, a gorgeous design and plenty of bass.

This slick design that doesn't bear the garish quirks of cheap speakers looks fantastic on a desk, and is ideal for tucking away or positioning below a monitor. Once in use, you'll find that you're certainly not short on powerful sound. One of the more affordable TV speakers of the year, Bose has pulled no punches in making this one of the best choices of the year.

When it comes to overall power, however, the Bose TV speaker doesn't quite generate the amount of power that other dual speaker setups might. Despite having no listing of its output, the small size and use of radiators indicate that there's not a lot of wattage packed in the Bose TV speaker, so you're not getting the massive sound you might be looking for.

For the sheer portability and unbeatable sound quality, however, the Bose TV speaker is a phenomenal choice for practically anyone, it's easily one of the best soundbars of the year.


  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • Less intrusive than typical speaker design
  • Great sound with good bass


  • Not as powerful as larger options with dedicated subwoofers

Best PC speakers under £20

Amazon Basics USB-Powered Computer Speakers With Dynamic SoundAmazon
Price: $16.18

On the opposite end of the spectrum of many of the speakers listed here, we have the humble Amazon Basics USB-powred PC speakers, perfect for those just starting their setup in need of sound. Ideal for your home office thanks to their small design, these small speakers can sit practically anywhere, and their USB power is simply fantastic.

Though the sound is solid, it isn't exceptional: it's not the resonating, all-encompassing surround sound you'll find on something larger, which is to be expected from its ultra-low price, but it still might be disappointing for those who truly love their sound quality.

You'll find, however, that the audio from the Amazon Basics, despite lacking any sort of frills or serious bass, is impressive for its size: you can't really complain about it for the low price, and they're downright reliable if you're truly in need of sound.

Some of the best budget speakers on the market, the Amazon Basics USB-powered PC speakers are a must-have for those looking for solid sound at an affordable price.


  • Incredible value at under £20
  • Solid speakers with good sound
  • Easy to use with USB plug-in


  • Build quality isn't the best

Best small PC speakers

SteelSeries ARENA 3 PC Speaker - BlackSteelSeries

A perfect choice for the spacially conscious, these ultra-small, brilliantly designed PC speakers are a bold new step in speaker technology, defying the limitations of a smaller size for what is a truly fantastic speaker experience.

USB-powered, and with an enormous sound range rivalling much larger speakers, the amount of bass and treble the SteelSeries Arena 3 can produce is baffling. Huge sound, with a peak output of 150W, it's truly difficult to fathom how brilliant these speakers are.

Positioning these speakers is easier than ever: most PCs have a treasure trove of ports to use, so you'll find that powering up and tuning out is as easy as can be.

As with any small speaker, however, despite the impressiveness of the bass, its limited size undoubtedly dampens any bass potential. Yes, bass is impressive, but it isn't as deafeningly loud as other options on the market.

Be that as it may, for most people it's perfect: watching YouTube videos, enjoying some gaming and settling down in the evening is perfectly comfortable, and with the SteelSeries Arena 3, there's enough desk space for all of your peripherals.


  • Impressive output power for such a small design
  • Conveniently powered by USB
  • Fantastic frequency range


  • Not capable of extensive bass

Best PC speakers for music production

Pioneer DJ DM-40D 4” desktop monitor system (Black)Pioneer

Certainly, a little niche, but perfect for those invested in true speaker quality, the Pioneer DJ DM-40D is a must-have for true sound, with no artificial bass-boosting or inflated audio whatsoever.

True bookshelf speakers, these unobtrusive monitor speakers sit well on practically any desk and are perfect for a range of environments, including your television. The sound from the DM-40D speakers is exceptional at its price, with a huge frequency range, but it might not be the sound you expected.

Monitor speakers have a purposefully designed flat sound, made to be as 'true' as possible. For those inexperienced with such sound, you might be disappointed with the lack of heavy bass from these 20W speakers. These speakers have true balance, and for many, this balance might sound a little light on bass, but that's entirely the point.

Hearing the fine-tuned details of songs, picking out sharper frequencies and more, monitor speakers are essential for DJs and music producers alike, and using them will certainly enable you to pick out the tiniest details with ease.


  • Incredibly accurate sound
  • Affordable despite its high quality
  • Well-designed and perfect for desks


  • Flat sound by design

The best PC speakers: buyer's guide

What are the best budget PC speakers?

If you’re looking to spend under £30, but want a mains-powered speaker, we’d recommend the Logitech Z200. They’re affordable and offer a good solid sound profile with plenty of volume.

If you want something on the go with a laptop, then the Creative Pebble V2 Speakers are a fine choice, with minimalistic styling and decent audio performance.

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What are the loudest PC speakers?

The loudest speakers on our list are, without a doubt, the Logitech Z609. With seven satellites, a hefty sub and 1000w to play with, it’s hard to argue against its volume and quality.

If you’re looking for a low-key setup, the Razer Leviathan packs a punch without taking up too much desk space.

What to look for when buying PC speakers

Before you click ‘Confirm’ on your new PC speakers, there are several things that are worth considering. The first thing is pretty clear: cost. That, naturally, is up to you, and we’ve made sure our selection offers the best in every price bracket.

Secondly, size. A larger size speaker tends to mean more volume and higher quality audio, however, it also means that the speakers will take up more space. If you’re working on a small desk, there’s no point in opting for a 7.1 surround sound option that’s going to take over your workspace. So, consider the speaker's footprint.

Thirdly, power. As in, how are the speakers powered? If you’re looking for an option that can be transported with ease or won’t take up any more valuable mains sockets, then a USB-powered speaker is going to be for you. Those who have the plugs, space and forgiving neighbours will be able to opt for a mains-powered product.

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2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speakers explained

2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speakers diagram
©What's The Best

Everyone should be pretty familiar with the idea of stereo audio - this is when you get audio that plays out of a left and a right channel playing from a left and a right speaker. The effect of stereo is to put the listener in the centre of the action and give greater clarity to the audio. This stereo audio is also called a two-channel stereo or 2.0.

2.1 speakers - When a subwoofer is added to stereo audio to take care of the bass frequencies, a 2.0 speaker becomes 2.1. For most people listening to music, gaming or watching films on their PC, this setup will be the easiest to arrange while still providing a great audio experience.

5.1 speakers - Some PC speakers add even more channels to create a surround sound system. A 5.1 speaker system has five speakers and one subwoofer, with each speaker taking on a specific responsibility. Typically, the Centre speaker projects vocals and dialogue while the Left Front and Right Front speakers handle the bulk of the audio. Then there are two more speakers, Left Rear and Right Rear, which add to the atmosphere by projecting ambient sounds, sound effects and far-panned audio. It’s ideal for immersing the listener in movies, games and music.

7.1 speakers - A 7.1 speaker system adds two more speakers into the mix, taking the audio played by the rear two speakers of a 5.1 speaker system and splitting it up even more. This arrangement creates an even more accurate sense of direction and immersion.

FAQs: your questions answered

Are USB speakers better?

There are two types of USB speakers: those that are USB powered, rather than via a mains plug, and those that use the USB connection to transfer the audio data, replacing the traditional 3.5mm headphone-style auxiliary connection.

USB-powered speakers are a popular choice for those looking for a low-fuss setup. The power passes through a PC or laptop’s USB port, so there’s no need to find an extra mains socket. However, the power from a USB port isn’t that high, so if you’re looking to pump up the volume, you’re going to find USB-powered options pretty limited when compared to their much more substantial, mains-powered brethren.

Streamline your PC setup with The best wireless speakers of the year - high-quality sound, ultra-bass, and crisp sound all for a low price.

USB connections that replace 3.5mm headphone jacks are interesting. A USB connection bypasses the computer’s sound card and relies on what’s in the speaker system to process its information. It also provides a clean digital signal, whereas the 3.5mm is analogue, and therefore is more prone to interference. However, the average user isn’t really going to find any problem with 3.5mm units, as contemporary ports and connections tend to be high quality and well insulated.

What matters is the sound. Both USB and 3.5mm are capable of producing excellent sound quality. It doesn’t matter which one you go for, so long as it sounds good and works for you.

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What is bass, midrange and treble?

Digital Audio

Bass, midrange and treble are sometimes referred to as lows, mids and highs. These terms refer to the different sound frequencies found in audio.

Bass, low or lo, is the boomier sections of sound, the frequencies that people can most often 'feel' - bass drums are an example of low frequencies. Without bass, the audio sounds very empty and 'tinny'. Too much bass and music can sound rumbly, overpowering and woolly.

Midrange, middle or mid, is all the stuff that happens in the middle - guitars, vocals and speech. Balancing this with bass really brings audio to life. If you struggle to hear vocals in music or conversation in podcasts, boosting the midrange can bring these out for you without having to play with volume.

Treble, highs, or hi, are the highest frequencies. These are important for picking out details in audio, but if they are too high they can annoy and be painful to listeners – overpowering treble gives audio the dreaded tinny sound

What are Dolby Atmos, DTS and DTS ?

They're technologies from competing companies that reach the same goal. An object-based sound system that offers the impression of being in the centre of the action. Sound is given the impression of coming from all around, including above. It’s ground-breaking and extremely immersive.

What's THX certified?

What's THX certified?

If an audio system is THX certified it means that it has undergone vigorous and thorough testing to guarantee an extremely high level of performance that matches those expected of cinemas. The audio you hear will be the audio that the sound engineers intended.

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