The best products to bring nature into your home

Trendy trees and lovely leaves? These are really going to liven up your space.

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Sitting at home and feeling deflated? We’ve been there. Home is where the heart is, but sometimes it needs a little update. Maybe you work from home now or you really want a calming aesthetic in your bedroom? Maybe you have a fantasy of becoming a garden god/goddess, but you don’t actually have a garden?

Bringing nature into your home is a great way to freshen the feel of any room and it’s bang on-trend. We’re here to help you find the best indoor products that remind us of the great outdoors. Feeling re-leafed?

What are the benefits of adding some natural touches into your home?

It’s a fact that nature brings us a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Those vibes are just what you need in your home environment, especially if it's now become your office, too. Life can be stressful, so a little bit of nature can make a world of difference.

If you choose to have real plants in your house, they can provide oxygen to make your home feel less stuffy, too. Growing plants can be a really fun and relaxing hobby, which makes this trend even better.

Obviously, a bit of floral or natural print is visually appealing as well, so we would recommend adding some natural décor just to give your home a bright update.


The best products to bring nature into your home

OPPS Artificial Mini Plants, set of 31 of 16
CREDIT: Amazon

OPPS Artificial Mini Plants

Not everyone has time to look after a real plant, and that's perfectly fine. These gorgeous little decorative plants are a great alternative, so you can still have a natural feel to wherever you put them. They'll look good anywhere too, which is a bonus.

Naturally Med Round Olive Wood Coasters2 of 16
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Naturally Med Round Olive Wood Coasters

Now, even your tea break can help bring nature indoors. These will give a rustic and charming feel to your coffee or bedside table.

Decorative Pink Rose Vine Garland on a bedroom wall3 of 16
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Decorative Pink Rose Vine Garland

Are you more of a romantic? These would look beautiful on any bedroom wall and they don't take up much space if you're working with a smaller room. You could also wrap them around things for that fairy tale fantasy look.

Estrella small Plant Pot and Tray4 of 16
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Estrella small Plant Pot and Tray

Already got a plant picked out but it's in need of a forever home? This stunning pot is easily wiped clean, has a unique design and the tray will catch any falling leaves. We can envision this on any windowsill.

Grow It Air filtering seeds kit box5 of 16
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Grow It Air Filtering Seeds Kit

As we mentioned, plants can help to create clean air in your home. This kit comes with everything you need to grow an air-filtering succulent. This is great for gardening beginners and will be so satisfying when completed.

Fusion Woodland Tree cushion on grey chair6 of 16
CREDIT: Matalan

Fusion Woodland Tree Cushion

Inspired by the beauty of a woodland walk, this cushion is perfect for anyone who wants a more muted natural look. Your sofa is craving this cushion.

Veritable Indoor Garden Smart Herb and Plant Holder7 of 16
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Veritable Indoor Garden Smart Herb and Plant Holder

This is for the serious indoor gardeners out there and for those wanting to grow their own herbs. Using smart technology to provide automated light, plus irrigation and nutrients to the seeds that come with it, this plant holder is next level. Its sleek design means it'll easily make be at home in your house.

Raine Duvet Cover set in bedroom8 of 16
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Raine Duvet Cover Set

Of course, you want to relax in bed, so why not bring nature to your sheets? This trendy set comes in single, double and king-size so everyone can enjoy it. It's machine washable and comes with a reusable fabric bag for when you want to store it away. Super convenient!

House Moss Ball Bonsai Tree9 of 16
CREDIT: Amazon

House Moss Ball Bonsai Tree

Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, this real bonsai tree is aesthetically pleasing and creates a really peaceful ambience in any room it's put in. It's easy to look after and could even make a lovely, unique gift.

Ivyline Spider Plant in Ceramic Pot10 of 16
CREDIT: Dunelm

Ivyline Spider Plant in Ceramic Pot

With a name like Chlorophytum Comosum, this plant will be an elegant touch to your home décor. This plant is also easy to maintain and helps to purify the surrounding air. We also love the timeless and beautiful design the pot comes in.

Neom Organics Home Mist Spray and box11 of 16
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Neom Organics Home Mist Spray

Sometimes, even just a new fresh smell in your home can make a difference in the way you feel. With a blend of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, this spray is made to help you de-stress and relax. Who doesn't need that, these days?

u2018Letu2019s Watch the Flowers Growu2019 A4 Wall Art12 of 16
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

‘Let’s Watch the Flowers Grow’ A4 Wall Art

This cute little reminder to get back to nature is made from an oak frame and is really charming. It's great for those of you who want just a little nod to nature in your room.

Charlotte Floral Wool Mix Rug13 of 16
CREDIT: Dunelm

Charlotte Floral Wool Mix Rug

Bold, beautiful and hand-made? You couldn't ask for more when it comes to a statement rug. With a modern twist to a traditional style, this rug is a simple way of updating any room.

Macramu00e9 Plant Hanger14 of 16
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Macramé Plant Hanger

Some of you may not want to add to your windowsills or tables (or they're already full with plants) and are looking for a trendy wall piece. This space saver has three spots for your plants and really chill, calming vibes. We love the design and think you will too.

Thumbs Up Plant Pot Speaker and box15 of 16

Thumbs Up Plant Pot Speaker

With Bluetooth capabilities and LED lights, we're loving this unique plant pot. Music and nature can go hand in hand when it comes to bringing life to a dull room. It's such a fun gift idea too.

PuTwo Glass Flowers Vases, Set of Two16 of 16
CREDIT: Amazon

PuTwo Glass Flowers Vases, Set of Two

A simple way of getting some nature into your home is having a couple of nice vases on hand. A bouquet of your choice will brighten any room, so having a nice vase for them is essential. Also, there's nothing worse than receiving a lovely bouquet from someone and not having a home for them. These vases come in fashionable rose gold and will be a centrepiece wherever they go in the home.

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