Eve Miller

Eve Miller
Eve Miller

Eve Miller was a Commercial Content Writer for Mother&Baby. Thanks to her degree in creative writing and over three years with Bauer Media, Eve has a passion for writing, which led her to create content for several Bauer brands, including Grazia, Closer, heat, and What’sTheBest.co.uk.

She has always loved writing about fashion, beauty, and women’s healthcare, and after becoming an aunt to her adorable niece, writing for Mother&Baby was a natural step for her. She also enjoys baking, going out with her friends, and walking with her dog, Daisy, in her spare time.

For What's The Best, Eve has two particular areas of specialism that she brings to the fore:


Eve is a passionate pet enthusiast and prolific writer with a knack for transforming love and knowledge of animals into engaging prose. She has shared insights on pet care, behaviour, and the unique bond between humans and their furry companions through countless articles. Let her words guide you on the delightful journey of pet companionship.


As a dedicated DIY enthusiast, Eve has channelled her passion for crafting into a treasure trove of DIY articles.