The best sustainable products for your bathroom

Helping the environment is something we can all get on board with. Here are the best sustainable bathroom products to invest in.

Bathrooms with sustainable aspects like plants and the earth

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For most of us, our bathroom is the place to pamper ourselves and get away from everyday stresses. Bathrooms are a great space to embrace practical style, but some of the products that we use there aren’t always great for the planet. We all want to be kind to ourselves, but also kind to the Earth.

What does sustainability actually mean?

Sustainability is how we maintain ecological balance without overusing natural resources. Products that meet our current needs, but don’t stop future generations from meeting their needs one day are the best way to create a sustainable lifestyle.

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Mark Miller, Principal Sustainability Consultant at Auditel and Beneve, told us, "The bathroom is a place that consumes resources. This directly impacts the health of the environment. A revolution in consumable products means this impact can be reduced. It doesn't have to be expensive and often isn't; spoil yourself without costing the Earth."

You may be looking for some new sustainable bathroom accessories, or maybe you want to use more eco-friendly products on your face and body? Sustainability is actually really easy to achieve in your bathroom - and it can be stylish too.

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We've found some of the best sustainable bathroom products that will leave your space looking trendy, and your conscience squeaky clean.


The best sustainable bathroom products

MDesign Bathroom Storage Container1 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

MDesign Bathroom Storage Container

Sometimes your bathroom can feel cluttered. Many of us have more products than we know what to do with. Organisation can really evolve a space and this natural look bathroom organiser will help you do just that. It's made from wood, which is easy to recycle compared to other organisers - that's a big bonus. Bathroom products are always thrown out eventually, so it's reassuring to know they're not going to the landfill.

Natural Colour Towel Set2 of 19
CREDIT: The Organic Boutique

Natural Colour Towel Set

These luxurious feeling towels are long-lasting, super soft, and ethically made using solar power. The face, hand, and bath towels are made from organic cotton, so we love this essential set.

Glass Lotion Dispenser3 of 19
CREDIT: Dunelm

Glass Lotion Dispenser

This would be great to hold anything from lotion to hand soap and is easy to refill. If you're purchasing refills rather than plastic bottles, your bathroom can still look chic. The simple style is classy and would look good in any bathroom. The best part? It's made from recycled glass so it was made sustainably.

Gondola Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes and box4 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Gondola Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes

These are vegan, biodegradable, and BPA free. Each toothbrush is robust and has soft bristles, so your dental hygiene doesn't have to be compromised either. We use our toothbrushes every day, so this is a simple way to make your daily routine more eco-friendly.

Reusable Make Up Remover Pads and bag5 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Reusable Make Up Remover Pads

Made from quality bamboo cotton, these are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to your one-use make-up pads. You get twenty-one in a pack and it comes with a washable bag to store and clean them in. We also love these for a gentle touch when washing your baby. Who doesn't love a product with versatility?

Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads in box6 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads

Another great way to remove make-up after a long day. These microfibre pads last up to a thousand washes and remove all traces of make-up and dirt from your face with ease. They're suitable for all skin types, so we have no doubt that you'll love them.

Teak Bathroom Column Shelves on wall7 of 19
CREDIT: Sustainable Furniture

Teak Bathroom Column Shelves

Teak naturally repels water, so these shelves are perfect for your bathroom space. The use of natural materials to make a fun and functional stylish piece is really special.

u2018Newu2019 Shampoo bar8 of 19

‘New’ Shampoo Bar

Shampoo is a bathroom essential, but the plastic bottles it comes in create so much waste. This shampoo bar is a great solution and will still leave your hair looking healthy and beautiful. With a blend of clove, cinnamon oil, and peppermint, your scalp will feel soothed but invigorated.

u2018Honey I Washed the Kidsu2019 Soap Bar9 of 19

‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ Soap Bar

Similar to the shampoo bar, this soap bar reduces your plastic usage instantly. Moisturising and with a caramel scent, this bar is great for sensitive skin. You'll be in bath time heaven and creating zero waste when you use it.

Chefic 2 Soap dishes and 3 soap bags10 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Chefic 2 Soap Dishes and 3 Soap Bags

When you start using soap bars, you'll need somewhere to put them. This set is great value and gives you lots of places to put your products on. These are naturally made and will look good in any bathroom.

Fabric Shower Curtain11 of 19

Fabric Shower Curtain

Made from partly recycled Polyester, we love this printed shower curtain for a playful and trendy touch to your bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are a better choice for style, and for the environment.

Hooded Towel for Kids and Babies12 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Hooded Towel for Kids and Babies

Cute just got sustainable. This unisex towel is perfect for a toddler who doesn't have the patience to stand still and dry off. It's soft, absorbent, and made from 100% bamboo. It would also make a really sweet gift for anyone with a little one.

u2018Prince of Darknessu2019 Fresh Face Mask13 of 19

‘Prince of Darkness’ Fresh Face Mask

A good face mask is a self-care essential, but sometimes they include harmful ingredients that cause a lot of harm once you rinse them down the sink. This face mask doesn't include any harmful ingredients so you can continue pampering, guilt-free. It contains fine sea salt, lavender, kaolin and glycerine which will gently buff, hydrate and balance your skin.

Simply Gone Make Up Remover Cloth and box14 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Simply Gone Make Up Remover Cloth

These microfibre cloths are ideal for sensitive skin. They're reusable, so they'll last ages. You can use them for anything face related, including cleansing, removing make-up, and doing your everyday face wash.

Retreat Natural Bath Mat15 of 19
CREDIT: Dunelm

Retreat Natural Bath Mat

If you want a durable but gorgeous bath mat that dries quickly, then this one is for you. It's made from recycled polyester yarn and the subtle colour really has an on-trend, rustic look. Every bathroom needs a mat, so why not make yours sustainable?

Naked Necessities Wood Razor (and 6 Blades) in box16 of 19
CREDIT: Holland & Barrett

Naked Necessities Wood Razor (and 6 Blades)

For a great shave, no matter who you are, we're loving this plastic-free set. Say goodbye to disposable razors, because this one will be your new favourite.

Curver Jute Small Storage Basket17 of 19
CREDIT: Dunelm

Curver Jute Small Storage Basket

This cute little basket is made from 100% recycled plastic. It's a great way to keep all your bathroom bits and bobs looking neat and tidy.

Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue18 of 19
CREDIT: bumboo

Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue

We know what you're thinking, but even the quickest trips to the toilet can be an opportunity to use sustainable products. These are made from bamboo, come in a value pack of 48 extra long rolls, and have plastic-free packaging. Your plumbing and the planet will thank you. Every time a pack of these is purchased, a tree is planted which is just a lovely bonus to this product. We love this a lot.

Green Toys Submarine19 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Green Toys Submarine

Having a toy in the bath is great for kids, and this one was made for scoop and pour fun. This toy is unique as it's made from recycled plastic, is non-toxic, and BPA free. It's durable and suitable for children 6 months and up. You'll be helping your little one to help to sustain their own future whilst encouraging development in their imagination.

We all like to keep our bathrooms clean, but did you know you can make cleaning sustainable too?


Best Sustainable bathroom cleaning products

Power & Gentle Eco Descaler1 of 3
CREDIT: Dunelm

Power & Gentle Eco Descaler

This plant-based, all-purpose cleaner removes limescale in minutes and is biodegradable.

EcoLiving Wooden Squeegee2 of 3
CREDIT: Peace with the Wild

EcoLiving Wooden Squeegee

Having one of these will make cleaning your shower door easy. Plus, it's plastic-free and vegan.

Oxygen Bleach bag3 of 3
CREDIT: Peace with the Wild

Oxygen Bleach

Non-toxic, safe and gentle aren't words you always associate with bleach, but this biodegradable alternative is unique that way. It removes stains and can disinfect surfaces easily. It's so gentle, you can even add it to your washing machine to brighten your whites. It's basically a wonder product.

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