The best dog drying coats to keep your wet pup cosy

The stress-free way to dry your dog with their very own dressing gown.

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On many occasions, walking your dog can be a muddy business; and they love it! Even though the thought of dealing with a dirty dog can fill many owners with dread, it’s part of keeping your furry friend happy and healthy.

After getting the collar and lead put away and finally getting your pup clean, you're usually faced with a wet mess, and with one little shake from your dog, the room or car is covered.

Keep your home protected and pup cosy and warm with a dog drying coat, the perfect solution when your dog is too wriggly for a towel or just won't stay calm.

Plus, we think they make a great fashion statement and will really show off your dog's personality!

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Our pick of the best drying coats:

What is a dog drying coat?

When we get out of the shower, we keep warm and dry by putting on our dressing gowns - and dog drying coats are much the same design for your pooch.

A drying coat will usually be made of absorbing layers of microfibre, cotton, or towelling materials for quick drying and comfort for your dog.

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Dog drying coats are a practical way of leaving you and your dog with zero stress after bath time or wet and windy walks. They’re easy to put on, protect surrounding furniture or walls, and are great for dogs with easily matted fur or irritated skin. You can keep your pup warm, snuggly, and looking cute and you’ll minimise the horrible damp smell that typically occurs.

We've hunted for the best dog drying coats online and have created a list of the best, affordable options that'll leave your furry friend feeling pampered and at ease.

The best dog drying coats

Amazon bestseller

One of Amazon's bestsellers, this soft and absorbent coat is perfect for when a man's best friend doesn't want to be rubbed down by a towel. Your dog can dry themself as they walk around. With an adjustable collar and waist, it will be easy to put on no matter what breed you have. It's also machine washable which is amazing for such an affordable product. Some reviewers have said it comes up a bit small so if in doubt, choose a larger size for your pup.

Review: "I was about to pay over £40 for a ruff and tumble robe when I decided to have a quick look at alternatives on amazon first. So happy I did 😀. This product is such good quality. Thick material and very well made. I bought the XL for my Labrador. She is quite small, only 24 kgs but having read previous reviews I thought it should be about right. It fits really well, covering right down past the base of her tail and looping nicely under her tummy. I used it for the first time today and am amazed by how quickly this dried her. Just 10 minutes was all it needed. A seriously good product at a very competitive price!"

Sizes available S (43cm back) to XXL (74cm back)
Colour choice Red and purple
Material Microfibre
Pros Cons
• Good absorbency • Sizing can come up slightly small
• Strong material • Dye can run so wash before use
• Machine washable
• Can quickly take on and off
• Really affordable

Best quick-drying
Ruff and Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat (Fabric Trim)
Price: £28.95 - £66.95

This one is for those of you who love a classic look. This coat is made from soft cotton and has Ruff and Tumble's signature deep collar to help dry your pooch's little ears and face. Recommended by vets, it will dry your dog in minutes, making being washed something neither you nor your dog will dread moving forward. It comes in a great range of sizes and colours and will fit neatly around your pup with adjustable Velcro around the belly and neck.

Review: “I have to say [these] dog drying coats are amazing. I love them so much I bought a second one. They dry Poppy quickly and there’s no need to rub her down. They work perfectly returning home in the car or in the house after her bath from having too much fun in the water or mud, and they fit her perfectly (I had a previous one that wasn’t very good and the fit was terrible on her).

"I'd definitely recommend them (and I have done) to all my friends with dogs. My golden retriever Poppy loves to swim, so her Ruff and Tumble drying coat go straight on for the journey home and she’s dry by the time we get home, I couldn’t be without it now!”

Sizes available XXXS to XL with dog breed specific options
Colour choice Red, green, blue and purple
Material Two layers of absorbent towelling and soft cotton
Pros Cons
• Recommended by Vets • A few customers experienced unravelling stitching, but quickly resolved by customer service
• Good size range and adjustable
• Machine washable
• Great quality

Best value

This affordable coat is a very comfortable choice for your pooch. It has an easy Velcro closure and has a lovely soft neck cover too to keep them extra snuggly and warm. The edge binding is durable and soft to the skin, it comes in four colours with a range of sizes and is lovely and breathable so your pup can stay cool.

Review: "Our puppies love their dressing gowns. They are great to wrap them up in after a walk on the beach or in the rain to keep them warm in the boot on the way home, and after a bath as well."

Sizes available S to XL
Colour choice Red, green, blue and purple
Material Microfibre
Pros Cons
• Soft and comfortable • Sizing can be awkward so size up
• Machine washable and tumble drier friendly • Comes up shorter on the leg than you make expect
• Easily adjustable
• Thick material

Best luxury dog drying coat
Ruff and Tumble Country Dog Drying Coat (faux leather trim)
Price: £41.95 - £58.95

Similar to the classic, but with a touch of luxury, this coat is perfect for the dog owner who likes their dog to look sophisticated, even when damp. It's easy to put on and leaves your dog warm and dry in record time. It comes in sizes XS-XL and in the colours, burgundy, French navy, and mud, great for warming your mucky pup. It's extra long for maximum coverage and can also be personalised for an extra £8.

**Review: "**I don’t know how I managed without this drying coat! My pup loves it! He loves to sleep in it after his bath and is dry in no time.... also I love that it covers his spaniel ears!"

Sizes available XS to XL with dog breed specific options
Colour choice Navy, burgundy and mud brown
Material Two layers of absorbent towelling and soft cotton
Pros Cons
• Recommended by Vets • A few customers experienced unravelling stitching, but quickly resolved by customer service
• Good size range and adjustable
• Machine washable
• Great quality

Best for small dogs

For those of you who have a puppy that's too small for the other options, this cute dressing gown will keep them snuggled up after a long day. Although not specifically designed for drying, the towelling material will keep their sensitive skin comfortable as they dry off naturally. Bonus points for how sweet they will look in it! It comes in blue and pink. It also comes in sizes small to large and is available for delivery or click & collect from Pets at Home. Simply search the online store to find the right fit for your dog.

Review: “Fantastic little robe. My little Japanese Chin wears hers when I have bathed her. It just keeps her a little warmer while I start drying her so she isn't sat shivering.”

Sizes available S to XL
Colour choice Blue and pink
Material Microfibre
Pros Cons
• Comes with matching towelling belt to easily tie up • Online exclusive so you can’t buy in store
• Machine washable at 30 degrees
• Hooded to help dry the head
• Super soft

Best for big dogs

Made from microfibre, this coat is fast drying and absorbent. Its 'magic tape design' will save you time putting it on and taking it off. It comes in sizes XS-XXXL, which is great for those of you with bigger dogs. The colour variety is also good too so there's one for any dog, no matter the preference or personality.

Review: "This product is fab for my muddy springer spaniel. He is always in the water and puddles. I had other towels in the past however this one wraps right around his underbelly with Velcro to hold it on and has two loops to go around his legs. The hood has Velcro to keep it up over his ears to dry them. I find this towel perfect and will be buying another. I got an XL and covers him perfectly."

Sizes available XS to XXXL
Colour choice Red, brown, blue, green and purple
Material Microfibre
Pros Cons
• Quick-drying • The largest sizes have longer legs that might need to be altered, depending on the dog
• Quick and easy to take on and off
• Machine-washable on cold
• Good coverage

Best personalised dog drying coat
Striped Dog Drying Robe
Price: £41.50 to £71.50

Harbour Hounds' super snuggly beach dog drying robe is nautically styled and a must for any water-loving pooch. This practical, stylish drying robe, made from the softest 100 per cent cotton quickly wicks away moisture, trapping air and body heat.

Super snuggly, this beach dog drying coat has a turtleneck design to keep the neck dry and warm and can be pulled up as a hood. With quick stud fastening, rather than Velcro or plastic clips, and no awkward leg straps it's super easy to put on and take off. This coat can also be personalised too for £10, so your furry friend can dry in style.

Review: "This is the second beach drying coat I have bought and great to put on the dog when he comes in from the wet garden. He loves having it on."

Sizes available XXS to XL
Colour choice Navy stripe, orange stripe and sea blue stripe
Material 100 per cent cotton
Pros Cons
• Personalise with embroidered name • It’ll trap air and body heat, so make sure your pup doesn’t get too hot
• Comfortable and non-restrictive
• Machine-washable and tumble-drier safe
• Stud fastening will help prevent snags

How to put a drying coat on your dog

While all dog drying coats differ, most can be put on your dog in the same way to get them covered quickly and without stress. This quick video guide from one of our top pick retailers will help set your mind at ease if you're worried that your dog might not take a liking:

Alternative dog drying accessories

Looked through our selections and want something different? Here are some other products you can use to help your dog dry off.

Best dog drying mitt
World of Pets Microfibre Pet Mitt
Price: $32.24

These are also made from microfibre, making them perfect for wriggly dogs who need to get dry quickly. A really great option for a dog that loves being stroked after bath time or a nervous puppy. They're also washer and dryer safe!

Best dog drying towel

Suitable for all types of dogs, this is a great replacement for your normal towels. Made with help from professional dog groomers, this towel will be great for your pup's coat. It will prevent nasty tangles and get them dry in no time!

Best for easy hand drying

These are perfect to take with you out and about. With hand pockets for ease of use and the ability to target a surface area larger than its size, this is what you need after a beach walk or muddy hike. No more dirty paws on the car ride home.

How to make a dog drying coat at home

If you have some older towels kicking around at home, hidden at the back of the airing cupboard out of reach of guests, why not try making a dog drying coat for your pup? It's easy to do, a great way of repurposing a towel, and a fab money-saving hack!

Follow this video on how to make a hooded dog drying coat, personalised for extra cuteness!

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