The best desk plants to cheer up your office

Add a bit of greenery to your office space to instantly brighten your desk - there are health benefits too

The best desk plants to cheer up your office

by Lizzy Dening |
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Houseplants have never been trendier, thanks in part to their popularity on Instagram. But there are also serious health benefits to making your space a little greener – not only has spending time around nature been linked with an improved mood, but they work hard to purify the air you breathe. While all plants improve air quality to a degree, some pack more of a punch when it comes to removing certain impurities.

NASA has carried out extensive research on the varieties that are best for air purification, highlighting certain species that can remove nasties including ammonia, xylene and benzene from the atmosphere. You might not think the average home could contain these chemicals, but actually when you take into account cleaning products and decorating equipment, there are more out there than you’d imagine. These toxins can all result in headaches and eye irritation, so even more reason to clean up your home or office.

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Plus you’ll be lowering your stress levels – a study from Washington found that people’s blood pressure was lowered and attention increased when there were plants in the room. Add motivation – and an inbuilt air filter – by adding one or more of these beauties to your workspace.


The best desk plants to cheer up your office

Peace lily1 of 6

Peace lily

We love these plants as – believe us – they are hard to kill! Look after them just a little and you'll be rewarded with white flowers amongst their dark green foliage. When it comes to clean air, this beauty is in a league of its own – taking out everything from ammonia to trichloroethylene.

English ivy2 of 6

English ivy

Many gardeners aren't fans of the humble ivy plant (and it does tend to grow like wildfire!) but pop it in a pot and it makes a great companion. Easy to grow and rather elegant, this leafy wonder is amazing at improving your air quality too. If you've recently decorated, it can help take chemicals associated with paint and varnishes out of the atmosphere.

Varigated snake plant, £15.993 of 6

Varigated snake plant, £15.99

Not much time to dedicate to watering? Snake plants, also know somewhat unkindly as 'mother-in-law's tongue', aren't very thirsty, so you don't need to worry often. Despite their low requirements, they'll work hard at removing many unpleasant chemicals from your air. Variegated plants are super trendy on Instagram at the moment too, so pop this baby in your next

Boston fern, £11.994 of 6

Boston fern, £11.99

If you've got a bright but not sunny office, this elegant fern should be more than happy to keep you company. Boston ferns are one of the easiest ferns to grow and just need a little TLC. Ferns like the humid life, so try to mist it with water every now and then and it will thank

Three Air Purifying Plants5 of 6

Three Air Purifying Plants

Great if you've got a bit more room in your office, these three Scandi-style plants will look after your atmosphere and are simple and elegant. You can upgrade to a pack of six.

Spider plant, £8.996 of 6

Spider plant, £8.99

We love these as they are so easy to propagate (ie make new plants from) – you'll notice a healthy plant producing tiny baby plants on runners, which can be snipped off and replanted. That's your Christmas presents sorted then. It's also been proven to remove xylene and formaldehyde from the air so you can breathe easy with this little

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