The best plant subscription boxes

Call all plant lovers: Subscription boxes in the UK are here to make creating your own personal jungle as easy as can be.

Best plant subscription boxes

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If you’re a self-proclaimed #PlantParent, you’ll be well aware of the feeling that takes over as you enter any garden centre... utter panic. How will I fit all of these plants in my car? Should I hire a van? Will my other half abandon me when they see the bank statement? How can I possibly leave any of these beauties behind?

As you’re dragged from the shop at closing time, you might be left wondering if there’s a better way to get your plant fix, and thankfully, there is.

Plant subscription boxes have taken over in recent years, meaning that plant obsessives all over the UK can create their very own personal jungles without ever having to leave the comfort of their flora-filled homes. For a monthly fee, you’ll get personalised boxes delivered to your doorstep, making it easier than ever before to add to your leafy family.

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With so many house plant subscriptions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite monthly plant subscriptions to help you on your way to becoming a happy planter.


The best plant subscription boxes money can buy

Bloombox Club1 of 12

Bloombox Club

Created by a Doctor of Psychology, Bloombox Club focuses on the benefits of having plants in the home for our wellness and health. You can receive your plant delivery monthly or quarterly and pay monthly or annually, depending on your preference. With each delivery, you'll get a perfectly fitted ceramic pot, as well as a care card to keep your new green friend happy. Review: "Love my classic subscription! Even bought an extra plant between my first and second month as I've been loving house plant parenthood!"

Bloom & Wild2 of 12

Bloom & Wild

One for the flower lovers among you, Bloom & Wild is the top-rated UK online florist on TrustPilot, priding themselves on quality and ease of service. Depending on how obsessed you are, you can choose from monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly flowers to cover your home in fresh blooms. Chosen by the Flower Team, there are several subscription services available, from purse-friendly to high-end. Pause anytime you like, and select lily-free for pet-friendly bouquets. Review: "I ordered a special deal of one bouquet of flowers each month for three months to be sent to my Mother as I can't visit her. The flowers are beautiful and my Mother is very happy."

Plants By Post Houseplant Subscription3 of 12

Plants By Post Subscription

Gorgeous, hand-selected plants right at your door at any frequency you like. Each plant will vary in size, and can reach up to 60cm in height, with a pet-safe option available. Beautiful decorative containers are included that will blend right in with any interior, and make for an elegant addition to your home.Review: "I've ordered a few plants from PlantsByPost now and always been happy with my items! Thank you - definitely one of my go-to places when I'm looking to buy a new plant or present for someone."

Plant Pet Club4 of 12

Plant Pet Club

Plant Pet Club is the houseplant subscription box for people who have no idea what they're doing, but welcomes those who are well-versed in plant care. Each plant delivery comes with a gorgeous pot, a care guide and is safely packaged for its arrival. Choose from the Original or Pet-Friendly subscription, along with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, and cancel anytime. Want a quick plant fix? The Ultimate Starter Kit will be right up your street to help you start your indoor jungle.Review: "Absolutely excellent company with absolutely amazing plants that are packaged and sent with love. Brilliant attention to detail with an introduction and instruction booklet so you can get to know the new plant member of your family! I really cannot fault them. Highly recommend as a gift to yourself or to others."

Barry's Cactus Club5 of 12

Barry's Cactus Club

If you love cacti and succulents (and who doesn't?), Barry's Cactus Club will help you build up your prickly collection. In each delivery, you'll receive a mini cactus or succulent to add to your collection, a beautiful pot and a collector's card for each plant with facts and care instructions. You'll also get surprise extras, such as cactus food and an enamel pin. Choose from a monthly plan, three monthly, or annual plan.Review: "Love Barry The Cactus! Such a fantastic place to finds gifts for friends (& yourself!), with a great range & amazing customer service. I'll definitely be back to buy more soon."

Plantly Addicted 3 Month Houseplant Subscription6 of 12

Plantly Addicted 3 Month Houseplant Subscription

With this subscription, you can get a houseplant delivered right to your doorstep for three months to help bring some life to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. They arrive in cute packaging and are the perfect way to begin your plant parent journey if you're not sure where to start.Review: "I absolutely LOVE them! They came really fast and they were packaged really well. You can definitely tell that Sydney (she is AMAZING btw) takes pride in her little babies and really cares for them. When they arrive they are in such an adorable little package with a lovely note from her. I definitely recommend ordering from her if you are into plants and succulents. You will not be disappointed."

Seed Pantry7 of 12

Seed Pantry

For the green-fingered plant fans, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your garden come to life. Seed Pantry cleverly puts together monthly seed parcels to help you expand your knowledge and become a gardening guru. Build your box with flowers, plants and food from all over the world, hand-selected as per the season for best growth results.Review: "This is a fantastic subscription service. The seeds arrive well packaged and presented with lovely information cards. I recently purchased their Grow Pod 2 which is a great hydronic starter kit. Customer service is top notch ud83dudc4c One happy customer here."

Leaf Envy8 of 12

Leaf Envy

Beautifully curated by their plant styling team, Leaf Envy will deliver the trendiest seasonal plants right to your home. Their pots are minimal, modern and classy, while their plants are unusually shaped, patterned and textured for the ultimate contrast of styles. Each plant will come with instructions on how to care for it, and will arrive at your door via carbon neutral delivery.

Lazy Flora9 of 12

Lazy Flora

If you love outdoor and indoor plants equally, Lazy Flora alternates deliveries so you can work on your inside and outside gardens simultaneously. With three month, six-month or 12-month options to choose from as well as pet-friendly specifics and plenty of quirky species, you'll be well on your way to becoming the plant king or queen you were born to be. Review: "Every aspect of Lazyflora is well thought out, from re cycled packaging to care guides to fab pots and more. Great to be part of a like minded community. Excellent customer service and super healthy plants"

Plants Club10 of 12

Plants Club

The stylish and sustainable windowsill and balcony planters that Plants Club offers are perfect for budding gardeners, delivered to your door with ease. You'll first receive a pre-planted box, and then gorgeous seasonal top-ups every three months. It's all hassle-free as they'll send you easy to follow care instructions with every delivery. The clever planters even make sure your plants get the water they need without flooding. Choose from a variety of sizes as per the size of your space and have the option to pay for a one-off, quarterly, or bi-annual subscription.

Mud & Bloom11 of 12

Mud & Bloom

Want to entertain the kids and teach them about nature? Mud & Bloom provides monthly boxes for one or two children between the ages of 3-8, containing seeds, craft equipment, quizzes and nature news to encourage children to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Review: "We're onto our second box now and I'm really impressed with the contents and quality. My 3.5 year old is really enjoying the activities and can do some independently as well which is really nice."

GardeningBoxes12 of 12


If you struggle with planning out your garden or need some inspiration from the professionals, GardeningBoxes will lend you a helping hand. The team provides carefully selected garden-ready plants which are suited to your outdoor space, plus the know-how you need to grow your own stunning displays. With over 20 years of horticultural experience, their R.H.S qualified expert, Matt, suggests the best plants to keep your garden looking gorgeous all year round with minimal maintenance. Choose from the GardeningBox (11 month subscription) or ContainerBox (3 deliveries a year) and cancel anytime. You can also gift a subscription to a loved one for £45 upwards.

How do you take care of house plants?

Stepping into the world of plant care can be a real challenge, especially if you think the only thing plants need is water. You'd be wrong.

Of course they do, but for beginners, it is the most common mistake to make, as there is a thing as over-watering a plant which can lead to drowning, especially more low-maintenance species that really don't need that much attention.

For some who don't always remember to water their house plants, a self-watering plant pot can be the way to go, as it takes all the hassle away as the plant feeds itself when needed.

After you've picked the right plant for you and your home, you need to check how much light it needs and where the best position is for it to thrive.

What type of soil you use is also another key factor in caring for your plants. Our advice? Use a good form of potting soil that has a good mixture of minerals that your plant will need.

Don't just stick your plant in any old pot you have lying around, you have to consider the best type of plant pots for your plant babies to start their journeys in, like these rustic pots that will add a touch of class.

Which house plants are easiest to take care of in the UK?

If you're a newbie plant parent, opting for easy to care for plants like a succulent, spider plant, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant), aloe vera or a cactus, are all very low maintenance.

That means if you're quite forgetful, your new additions will not wither away and die of thirst if you don't water them enough.

If you have limited lighting or hoping to spruce up your desk space, then an indoor house plant like a snake plant will do your home justice.

A Philodendron or a Swiss cheese plant are both larger species if you're looking to go to the next level, and need a little bit more care.

Feeling adventurous? Then invest in your own mini herb garden. If you have a lack of space something that fits on your window sill or kitchen side where there is light would be perfect.

Grow your own houseplants

What are the most popular houseplants?

• Chinese money plant

• Spider plant

• Peace lily

• Succulents

• Aloe Vera

• Cactus

• Snake plant

• Lucky bamboo

Are monthly plant subscriptions worth it?

If you're someone who feels constantly busy balancing work, childcare and housework, but would really love to have a green oasis in your home, a monthly plant subscription is a great place to start.

The hassle of deciding which plants will work for your home is sorted for you with a plant subscription, as it's all in the hands of the experts. No need to figure out how to transport them home from the garden centre either, as they're delivered straight to your door for a monthly fee.

Plants also had the added benefit of helping you concentrate especially if you've been staring at the same four walls every day while working from home.

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