The best desk fans to keep you cool in your home office

Stay cool while we're working from home with a fancy desk fan to get you through those intense video conferences.

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by Sophie Athawes |

With the warmer months finally upon us and the UK’s famously unpredictable weather, we can’t help but think of hot summer days working from home. If you're back in your office with aircon, then, good for you - but many of us won't have that luxury just yet.

If heatwaves from recent years have taught us anything, it’s never too early to set yourself up with some cool tech to keep you calm and collected this summer while working from home.

Regardless of decor or the size of your workspace, there are plenty of desk fans for every style and budget - especially if you don't have enough room for a tower fan. So, whether you want to treat yourself to something fancy with remote-control adjustable airflow settings, or prefer to keep things simple and stylish, we’ve found the best desk fans that can be delivered directly to your door.

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Now that you're fully committed to investing in the best desk fans for your home set-up, we've answered some popular questions on how to use them safely.

How do desk fans work?

Desk fans work the same way that all fans do, by moving the air that is in the area of the fan. However, the power source may be different, as you can often pick up desk fans that charge via USB or electricity.

Are desk fans a fire hazard?

With all types of products, there is a risk of a fault. To make sure that nothing goes wrong with your desk fan, assess it before use and always turn it off when it's unattended.

Can desk fans be expensive to run?

We can't say exactly how much running your fan will cost because it depends (mostly) on your electric tariff and how much you use it. The best advice we can give you is to monitor your energy bill closely.

How long do desk fans last?

This should last around three years depending on your model - some have the capability of lasting longer, whereas others might only last you the summer.

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