Fight the heat with the best tower fans on the market

Fight a heatwave with a tower fan - not only do they look a bit futuristic, they also work well


by William Lobley |

The tower fan is a simple product design that works well, and in a heatwave, they've quickly become a necessity. But why should you choose a tower fan over a traditional round-blade fan? A good question, and luckily, we have the answers.

The upright design of tower fans means that, unlike a conventional round-blade fan, the cool air is not focused on a very specific point, it’s distributed more evenly. The long and cylindrical tower drum fan creates a breeze by pushing the air out, rather than chopping it up into a stuttering gale (we're looking at you, round-blades). So, it’s a noticeably smoother and more pleasant breeze. This method of shifting air also has the welcome side effect of being quieter.

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The utilisation of space is also much smarter with a tower fan. The small footprint makes them great for saving space, as they can be placed in the corner of a room or next to a desk without creating a hazard or obstruction. The tall height can almost entirely be given over to the drum-fan, which has a much larger area than its round-bladed cousin. The result? Space is saved, and cool air output is maximised.

Now, it’s time to check out the best tower fans the market has to offer:

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control & Timer

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control & Timer

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Most affordable and effective tower fan
With nearly 5,000 reviews and a 4.3 out of 5-star average on Amazon, this oscillating tower fan by Bionaire comes highly recommended. It's an affordable option costing £55 but it doesn't shy away from adding crucial functions like an auto-off eight-hour timer, sleep and breeze modes that simulate natural airflow, and it comes in black or silver.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 74 cm
Features: 8-hour timer, oscillating option, three-speed, sleep mode, remote control

Tried and Tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor Natalie Corner: "After doing some research, I opted for tower fan as a pedestal fan didn't seem like a durable and long-term choice. The Bionaire Tower Fan came up as one with a lot of positive reviews and was affordable, yet is something that would last me a long time. My bedroom is fairly small so it keeps me perfectly cool and during the night, it proved to be essential to sleeping thanks to the quiet sleep mode, plus the ability to switch between the oscillating movement or keep it still and the airflow directed one way."

What type of fan should you buy?

When it comes to choosing what style of fan to buy you need to consider a few things, like the amount of space you have, how much you want to spend, where your electrical sockets are and if you want a powerful (and usually noisy) fan to really blast you, or something a little quieter so that you barely notice it.

Tower fan - a slim vertical design that will take up the least amount of space in your home. The upright design of the tower fan means that, unlike a conventional round-blade fan, the cool air is not focused on a very specific point, it’s distributed more evenly with an oscillating function.

Stand or Pedestal fan - the most common and affordable type of fan. The stand or pedestal fan is tall with a thin pole and an adjustable blade unit attached to the top. A budget option, but bear in mind cheaper styles can be quite flimsy.

Desk fan - know that you need to keep cool while working from home and don't have much space? A desk fan might be a better option and means you can direct the airflow in your personal space. Surprisingly effective, but only short range.

Portable handheld fan - handheld fans can be an absolute saviour when it comes to going out and about in the heat. If you're braving a commute or travelling somewhere you know doesn't have a fan then bagging yourself a rechargeable battery-powered fan is the best thing you can do.

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