The best beer fridges to keep your beverages chilled to perfection

Keep your beer at the perfect temperature with the best beer fridges to suit your space.

Best beer fridges uk

by Eleanor Weaver |

If you're a beer-lover, ale-adorer, fizzy-drink fanatic, or just like to kick back and relax with a cold one at the end of a busy day, a beer fridge will keep your beverages perfectly crisp without cluttering up your main refrigerator. This is what dreams are made of. Get one to kit out your man cave, have to hand in your garage, office, or within reaching distance of your favourite sofa spot, and it will keep your drinks at the best temperature constantly for seriously great-tasting beer.

With different styles, from tabletop to under-counter, sizes, and a choice of features and designs, we’ve scouted out the best beer fridges so you can just sit back and chill, literally.

What is the best beer fridge temperature?

The temperature of your fridge can actually affect the taste of your beer with too-cold temperatures slowing the carbonation and resulting in less flavoursome beer.

If you like a range of beers and beverages, the ideal temperature to set your beer fridge to is 2°C though this is slightly too cold for certain beers so you’ll want them to sit outside the fridge before drinking to get them to the perfect serving temperature.

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However, if you’ve got a go-to beer, this guide should help you set your beer fridge to the optimal temperature for great-tasting beer:

Light-bodied Lagers and Low Alcohol Beers and Drinks: 2-4°C

Czech and German Pilsners, Wheat Beers, and Full-bodied Lagers: 4-7°C

American Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters, and most Stouts: 7-10°C

Belgian Ales, Sour Ales, Imperial Stouts, and English Bitters and Milds: 10-15°C

As a general rule, light body beer is best served cold whilst full body beer and high alcohol beers are better at a warmer temperature.

Best beer fridges UK

Perfectly sized to sit on a table-top, desk, or home bar, the Subcold Super65 LED Mini Fridge can store up to 65 cans, whatever your beer of preference may be. It's also suitable for wine bottles, soft drinks, milk, snacks and more, and with super low noise emissions, you won't be put off by any annoying hums.

As well as having a handy glass door so you can check out the contents without bringing up the temperature, the door is reversible so it can easily adapt to whatever space you need it to fit in. Simply adjust the temperature using the built-in thermostat and you'll have your beers chilled to perfection in no time.

Promising review: "Bought this for my husband and he absolutely loved it. Nice and quiet, holds plenty: I put in 4 cans 440ml, 4 cans 565ml, and 11 bottles ranging from 33cl to 50cl, and a litre bottle of vodka plus some chocolate, perfect for his man cave."

Capacity 46L – 65 x 330ml cans
Size W474 x D450 x H640mm
Shelving Three removeable chrome wire shelves
Temperature range 3-18°C
Energy consumption 66kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light Yes – White LED
Additional features Low noise at 42dB, security lock and keys included, reversible door, available in black, stainless steel, and silver

The Subcold Eco100 LED Under-Counter Fridge doesn't have the benefits of a glass door, but it does boast a whopping 95L of storage including in-door shelving ideal for storing beer cans and mixers. With temperatures ranging between 0-10°C with an adjustable thermostat, this under-counter fridge is ideal for IPAs, lagers, and low/non-alcoholic drinks and even has a chiller box so you have ice available on tap.

With reversible doors and a space-saving design made to fit under existing counters, it's a great additional beer fridge that'll help keep your main refrigerator from getting too cluttered - especially helpful come party seasons!

Promising review: "Love this fridge, bought it especially to keep drinks in. The men in my family are happy with their chilled beers as normally not much room in main fridge to keep many in. Very quiet, can't hear a sound from it. The small ice box in the top is handy for few bags of ice cubes. My son easily swapped door opening round in a few minutes. Highly recommended."

Capacity 95L
Size W486 x D536 x H833mm
Shelving Three removeable glass shelves
Temperature range 0-10°C, chiller box up to -6°C
Energy consumption 116kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light Yes – White LED
Additional features Low noise at 41dB, security lock and keys included, reversible door and adjustable feet, door storage and veg box, available in black or white

With a temperature range of 5-18°C , this fridge won't get your beverages as cold as they would get in your main refrigerator or in other beer fridges on this list, but it does provide a fab extra cooling space. It may be compact in size, but it can still fit 12 75cl bottles or 38 cans (440ml or 330ml), and the removable chrome shelves give your storage options for both beer and wine lovers.

We're also a big fan of the LED display which will help you set the preferred temperature with ease and without question.

Promising reviews: "Nice design and capacity perfect for our needs. Runs quietly too", and "Excellent value for money. Good size, fits almost anywhere."

Capacity 46L – 12 bottles or 38 cans
Size W465 x D520 x H535mm
Shelving Three wire shelves
Temperature range 5-18°C
Energy consumption 128kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light Yes – LED
Additional features Low noise at 44dB, reversible door

Perfect for Stella fans, this officially-branded beer fridge from Husky will take pride of place in your man-cave or home bar. Prefer other drinks? Luckily for you, they also have branded fridges for Coca-Cola, Guinness, Kopparberg, and Budweiser - perfect for beer drinkers, cider-drinkers, and non-alcoholics alike.

As well as having a cool, iconic design, this beer fridge can house 40 cans and has a branded glass door through which you can check the contents. It has an adjustable white wire removable shelf, reversible door, and adjustable thermostat for versatile usage.

Promising review: "Very handy over the holidays, holds enough for a party or friends and runs very quiet. No problems."

Capacity 46L – 40 cans
Size W43 x D46 x H51cm
Shelving One white wire removeable shelf
Temperature range 6-15°C
Energy consumption 97kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light N/A
Additional features Low noise at 40dB, reversible door, range of designs available

If you're looking for a seriously sleek beer fridge that looks like it should be behind the bar at your favourite, fancy pub, this is the one for you. The elegant Kalamera 93 Can Compressor Beverage Refrigerator has a glass front through which you can see your illuminated drinks on offer thanks to the white LED light. With a stainless steel frame, the door is reversible to suit your space and the large capacity can hold a cool 93 cans, we removable shelves to fit in larger bottles of beer and wine.

This fridge is exclusively for chilling your drinks, so unlike some others on this list, you can't be using this one as extra storage for fresh food. But with a glossy design and see-through door, we doubt you'll want to.

Promising review: "Really good looking. We have it on top of our small freezer in the spare room. It is really quiet and holds a lot. My hubby is delighted with the temperature of his drinks. It arrived a day earlier than expected and was extremely well packaged. It is a bit bigger than we had expected but it's not a problem. It looks great, it works really well and I am delighted with my purchase. Would certainly buy from this seller again."

Capacity 68L – 93 cans
Size W430 x D450 x H740mm
Shelving Three adjustable and removeable chrome shelves
Temperature range 3-12°C
Energy consumption 111kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light Yes – white LED
Additional features Whisper quiet compressor, left-hinge glass door

You're off on holiday, going fishing or camping, or just want an easy-carry mini-fridge for your beers. The Subcold Ultra 6 Mini Fridge will do just that and a hell of a lot more.

It can chill your beers, drinks, and food on the go up to 18°C below ambient temperature with enough space for eight cans and can be powered using an AC mains-powered plug or even a USB power lead - you can take this bad boy far and wide. It has a sleek, lightweight design, available in a choice of colours, with an easy-carry handle and quiet operation. But that's not all! This fridge can double as a warmer at the flick of a switch so you can keep hot food and drinks warm on the move too.

You might not need all the functions but if you do, this fridge is seriously versatile, great value, and goes above and beyond what a 'beer fridge' should be able to do.

Promising review: "Lovely neat little fridge bought for a university bedroom and large enough to hold 4 bottles of beer for 'pres' - nice and quiet and does the job well. Customer service from the seller was great too - very responsive and friendly."

Capacity 6L – 8 x 330ml cans
Size W208 x D275 x H308mm
Shelving One removeable shelf
Temperature range 18°C below ambient temperature and up to 65°C
Energy consumption N/A
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light N/A
Additional features AC and USB power options, easy grab handle, low noise at 28dB, weighs just 3kg, dual function as a cooler and warmer, available in black, grey, pink, and white

With a bunch of cool designs to choose from, including this Game Zone pick, this beer fridge is the perfect way to let your personality shine and a way to jazz up your space without a boring fridge ruining your aesthetics. As well as being a bit of fun, it has enough space to keep 42 cans chilled and with an icebox built-in for storing ice cubes or frozen treats.

It offers versatile storage solutions with a removable shelf plus two door racks for that little extra space optimisation, plus a reversible door, adjustable feet, and compact size.

Promising review: "Bought this for my shed, great for beer, Pepsi, and making ice. Also great at Christmas time for putting the overflow food or drink. Thank you."

Capacity 43L – 42 x 330ml cans
Size W47.2 x D45 x H49.2cm
Shelving One removeable shelf plus two door racks
Temperature range 0-8°C
Energy consumption 100kWh
Warranty One year warranty on parts
Internal light N/A
Additional features Reversible door and adjustable feet, ice box and tray, available in a range of cool designs, quiet operation at 41dB

This is another under-counter option that gives you a glass front and is a little more affordable compared to the Kalamera. The Cookology CBC70BK 70L Under Counter Drinks Fridge has a large 70L capacity ideal for storing 60 cans or 60 500ml bottles - perfect if you prefer your bottled beers instead.

It can accommodate different bottles such as fruit ciders, various bottles or cans of beer, and of course chilled wine, keeping them nicely chilled with the adjustable thermostat. However, it's worth noting that the thermostat is at the back of the fridge, a little more difficult for adjusting, and there's no in-built light.

Promising review: "Bought this for our bar in our summerhouse, really pleased with it! Holds plenty of cans & could put 4 wine bottles on the top shelf lay flat. The noise level from it is pretty low, cannot really hear it. Good value for money!!"

Capacity 70L – 60 x 330ml cans or 60 x 500ml bottles
Size W43 x D47.5 x H69cm
Shelving Three wire shelves
Temperature range 0-10°C
Energy consumption Rating F
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light N/A
Additional features Adjustable feet, double-glazed glass

If you're looking for a decent-sized beer fridge for your home, this is the best, most affordable option for you. A little more simple in design but still with a handy glass door, this fridge is made exclusively for storing your drinks and can store 50 beer cans in its 48L capacity.

At 39dB, this fridge is super quiet and you can manually adjust the temperature up to 10°C to have your drinks chilled just the way you like them. Plus, this beer fridge comes with a removable shelf and reversible door to suit your space and lifestyle requirements.

Promising review: "Really pleased with this so far, it is very spacious compared to other models and my son loves the glass door so he can see what is in it. It would have been nice to have an internal light - but just a minor gripe."

Capacity 48L – 50 x 330ml cans
Size W47.5 x D43 x H51cm
Shelving One shelf
Temperature range 0-10°C
Energy consumption 98kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light N/A
Additional features Reversible door, noise emission 39dB

With the official Rubik’s Cube branding, this beer fridge looks just like the iconic 80s puzzle and is guaranteed to fit in well in your man-cave, games room, or in any room if you're a fan of colour, retro designs, and cool pop culture references.

Sitting loud and proud on a table-top, this super fun fridge can keep up to 40 cans chilled at once with an adjustable thermostat range of 0-10°C. It's also food and dairy safe if you want to use it to store beer, snacks, and more, ideal for students or flatshares.

Promising review: "Back to the Eighties boom, what a great recreation and it’s a fridge of all things. Great quality, sturdy thick door, solid, but easy to lift and move... excellent value for money."

Capacity 43L – 40 x 440ml cans
Size W46 x D43 x H51cm
Shelving One removeable wire shelf
Temperature range 0-10°C
Energy consumption 94kWh
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light N/A
Additional features Reversible door and adjustable feet, low noise at 40dB

This is our pick of the best, offering all the features you could want in a beer fridge if you have the space. It has a whopping 80L capacity, enough to store 110 cans, with a reversible clear glass door to pick your drinks through. It has an integrated light, removable wire shelving, and even a lock to keep prying hands from nabbing the goods.

With a temperature range of 3-10°C, ideal for most beers, this fridge is the best choice for those ultimate beer drinkers who want a dedicated fridge that's well-stocked at all times.

Promising review: "Value for money is off the charts compared to other brands that are a lot more expensive for the same thing. It holds a lot of bottles/cans, the only downside is the shelving is slightly irritating because you can only have one set of bottles stood up with 3 shelves in. 2 shelves you can have to rows of bottles stood up.

However don’t get me wrong, I use the top shelf for soft drinks laid down, middle shelf for beet stood up, second to bottom shelf for beer laid down, and the bottom section for cans. Very good for a large amount of drink to be stored in. Super cheap compared to others and keeps my drinks nice and cold. Highly recommend if you don’t want to break the bank but want to add that finishing touch to your home bar. Amazing."

Capacity 80L – 110 x 330ml cans
Size W474 x D440 x H840mm
Shelving Three removeable waved metal shelves
Temperature range 3-10°C
Energy consumption Rating E
Warranty One year warranty
Internal light Yes – Integrated warm glow light
Additional features Reversible door and adjustable feet, automatic defrost feature, security lock and keys included, low noise at 41dB

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