The best smartphones to buy for great photography

Check out our list of the best camera phones - which ones give you the best photographic quality?

Best camera phones

by Kirk Schwarz |

As smartphones evolve, the technology behind them has got both better, and smaller. Nowadays, even the camera features are competing with some of the higher-ranged DSLR cameras, with some phones having multiple lenses, each with different purposes, from portrait, ultra-wide lens to the ability to zoom to ranges you’d never have guessed before.

While some users consider the benefits of having a high-quality camera on their phone just an additional benefit, there are many of us who want the ability to take the best photos that can live in a wooden frame in our hallways, or to grasp travel memories to share on their latest Instagram post.

If you prioritise a phone's ability to capture crisp photos that you’d otherwise need an expensive camera to take, look no further. Here is a guide focusing on the best smartphone for great photography.

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