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These Nintendo Switch deals are the best we've seen in a while.

Nintendo Switch Amazon Prime Day deal

by William Lobley |

The Nintendo Switch is one of our favourite consoles - not just of the current crop that includes the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but of all time. Its combination of TV and handheld gaming provides the best of both worlds, allowing you the chance to enjoy your favourite Switch games wherever and whenever.

While it’s true that the Switch isn’t anywhere near as powerful as its console rivals, the games boast extreme creativity, with magical and whimsical worlds to explore and precise, satisfying gameplay mechanics to master.

A perfect console for kids and adults alike, the Nintendo Switch is a hugely desirable and popular console - it’s even managed to outsell the Xbox One. Though it’s certainly worth the full retail price, it’s always nice to get a great deal on a new console.

A screenshot from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Luckily, there are a few deals happening right now, we've rounded up the best below:

Best Nintendo Switch deals:

There was recently a fantastic bundle offer with the Nintendo Switch and the all-new Kirby and the Forgotten Land that combined the stunningly simple aesthetics of Kirby and larger-than-life Souls-like boss fights that’ll provide even seasoned gamers with some challenge. Humorous, gorgeous and addictive, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is quite possibly the strongest title in the Kirby series to date.

Yet due to its insane popularity, the bundle sold out in most places overnight, and as of now, the bundle is unavailable. Our recommendation is that you remain vigilant! Keep checking back with us, as Amazon generally restocks quite quickly.

If you’d like to see what else the Nintendo Switch will give you access to, check out our guide to the best Switch games.

Nintendo Switch OLED

If graphics and visuals fidelity is a priority, then consider the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). Though its name is ugly, this upgraded console includes some quality of life upgrades, including a larger OLED screen. Find out more about the OLED model of the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite deals

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a slightly smaller and more affordable version of the Switch console. The main difference here is that the console is solely designed for handheld gaming and cannot be used with a TV dock.

There are also no removable Joy-Con controllers, and the screen and battery are slightly smaller (making the Lite lower in weight, too). The Switch Lite is the ideal console for children wanting to play the best kid’s games or adults who prefer the handheld experience.

Will there be a Switch 2?

Although there's no news of a Switch 2 as of yet, there are rumours that a new console will be released to accompany Breath of the Wild 2 that's due for release in early 2023, potentially boasting a 4K screen and some heftier hardware.

Of course, this is largely speculation based on a report from Bloomberg in 2021, insinuating that 4K dev kits were given to at least 11 game companies developing titles for Nintendo. Time will tell whether these rumours are true.

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