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In order to ensure you've got the best gaming rig, you'll have to ensure you've got all the necessary components. Aside from the obvious items such as a gaming PC, graphics card, or gaming monitor, the other essential for your setup would be a gaming mouse.

In terms of pricing, you may be swayed towards a Logitech mouse, but if you're looking for the cream of the crop, then Razer is the way to go.

Why is a gaming mouse so essential? One of the best gaming mice can make a significant impact on your gaming experience, from intuitively spaced buttons to a great sensor, and high DPI for increased accuracy. All of which can give you an advantage.

Razer has become synonymous with gaming essentials, and the company has a long-established history of providing quality gaming hardware, software, and systems. Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best Razer gaming mouse. To help you find the right option for you, we’ve rounded up our favourites.

With choices for every budget and every game, whether you're looking to play first-person-shooter games or more strategic sci-fi games, there's sure to be something in this buyer’s guide for you.

The best gaming Razer mouse in 2021:

Editor's pick
Razer Viper Ultimate with Charging base
Price: $199.99

It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices amongst gamers. The Razer Viper mouse is incredibly sturdy, yet simultaneously lightweight and sleek, so your hand can rest comfortably throughout your game. It has an ambidextrous shape and is suitable for most hand sizes. It boasts a pretty large DPI range, meaning your cursor will be able to move far and wide on the screen, and this DPI range is also adjustable. Other useful features include a high polling rate, low click latency (short delays), as well as onboard memory which can be used to save custom settings.

Wireless 74g
DPI range Up to 20,000
Polling rate 1ms
Max acceleration 50G
Max speed 650 IPS

Best Razer mouse for pro-gamers

With solid buttons, a smooth scroll wheel, and a quality optical sensor, the Razer DeathAdder V2 delivers on all accounts. We recommend it for experienced to professional gamers as it boasts an impressively fast response time, a high DPI, and excellent ergonomics. It's also very aesthetically pleasing, with smooth curves and crisp lines. The strategically placed rubber grips on each side help your hand rest comfortably, even after hours of playing.

Wired 82g
DPI range Up to 20,000
Polling rate 1ms
Max acceleration 50G
Max speed 650 IPS

Best budget Razer gaming mouse

If you're looking for an excellent gaming mouse on more of a budget, we'd recommend the Razer DeathAdder Essential. It's excellent for first-person-shooter games, due to its low click latency and high-quality sensor. Physically, it's best for medium to larger hands, but overall, the in-hand feel is substantial and comfortable, even after hours of use. It does have a very attractive price tag, but it's a little on the heavier side and its maximum DPI is fairly low compared to more premium models.

Wired 96g
DPI range Up to 6,400
Polling rate 1ms
Max acceleration 30G
Max speed 220 IPS

Best Razer mouse for RPG
Razer Naga Trinity
Price: $107.79
Alternative retailers
Walmart$99.99View offer

The Razer Naga Trinity may have a more modest price tag, but don't let that fool you, this is one of the most versatile gaming mice out there and an all-around superb Razer mouse. It's best for RPG and MMOs, and it boasts a very quick response time a well as up to 19 customisable buttons. Adding to its versatility is the interchangeable side plates. And there's more. The 16,600 DPI sensor provides more than enough headroom for players and each button is built to stand out, so say goodbye to any misclicks.

Wired 120g
DPI range Up to 16,000
Polling rate 1ms
Max acceleration 50G
Max speed 450 IPS

Best for speed

A slightly pricier offering from Razer, this gaming mouse is renowned for its speed. Its hyperspeed wireless tech allows you to seamlessly swap between frequencies, always identifying the best frequency and avoiding any lags. According to Razer, it is "25% faster than other gaming technologies". It's also a versatile mouse, as it allows you to adjust and customise the scroll wheel resistance.

Wireless 107g
DPI range Up to 20,000
Polling rate 1ms
Max acceleration 50G
Max speed 650 IPS


What’s the best DPI for gaming?

This completely depends on you and your personal preference. A high DPI is great for spinning and zipping around in-game, but it's not always the most accurate. The opposite is also the case - a low DPI is great for accuracy, but it can limit camera speed.

Many gaming mice let you switch between DPI settings on the fly, meaning that, with practice, some gamers can make the most of both high and low DPI at the same time.

Most players operate between 800 and 2,000 DPI. So, while 25,000+ DPI is nice to have, it shouldn’t be your guiding feature.

Which is best: wired or wireless?

In the past, wired was the choice to avoid any connection issues, and wireless was the option to avoid any drags or snagging. While the wired situation hasn’t changed, the wireless gaming mouse is no longer considered an issue. This is because technology, like Logitech LIGHTSPEED, gives wireless connections a 1ms report speed, matching wired USB mice.

Ultimately, it's now up to you to decide which you prefer and whether you can remember to keep your gaming mouse charged.

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