The best Logitech gaming mouse

The best gaming mice from Logitech, including wireless and wired models

The best Logitech gaming mouse: Pro, Pro X and G502

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Logitech has a long and well-established history of delivering quality PC peripherals at an affordable price point. Whether it's for a keyboard for a home office or some killer gaming speakers, the Swiss brand has more or less anything that a computer user could need and at an affordable price.

Logitech G is the branch of the brand dedicated to gaming peripherals, and within this branch, there are lots of gaming mice on offer. Take a look on the Logitech G site, and you will find 30 models listed. Within these ranks, there are various ranges and collections, including the HERO, LIGHTSPEED and PRO. And, within each range, there are several variants, from apparently simple five-button mice through to 15-button giants. Some wired, some wireless; some incredibly light, some with optional extra weights. There are even those that have dual-connection wireless.

Best Logitech gaming mouse shortlist:

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best Logitech gaming mouse. To help you find the option that is right for you, we’ve rounded up our favourites below. When making our selection, we’ve looked to keep things diverse. Whether you’re a fast-paced FPS gamer or a considered MMORPG adventurer, there is sure to be something in this buyer’s guide for you. All of the mice are compatible with the Logitech G Hub software suite.

Do you want to know more about gaming mouse features? Head to the bottom of this page for our FAQs.

The best Logitech gaming mouse 2021:

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Rrp: $88.29

Price: $82.99

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is one of the brand’s most popular offerings. Its appeal is clear - it carries LIGHTSPEED, a type of dual connection we’ve previously tried with the Pro X headset and G915 TKL keyboard. It’s an impressive innovation that allows for a wireless connection with only a 1ms lag and thus matches the performance of wired options. This, coupled with the 25,600 DPI sensor, makes for a great combination.

Physically, the mouse is extremely well-proportioned and comfortable, with a pleasant 80g weight and smooth glide. The buttons are responsive and carry reassuring mechanical switches. You have some control over the exact amount of buttons carried, with the side buttons being removable. Key bindings and user profiles can be assigned and controlled from the Logitech G Hub. The rechargeable battery offers 48-hours with RGB, 60-hours without.

Wireless: 80g
DPI range: 100 - 25,600
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: 40G
Max speed: 400IPS

Logitech G502 HERO
Price: $49.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$39.95View offer
B&H Photo Video$49.99View offer
Target$49.99View offer

For those with a penchant for the wired gaming mouse, the G502 HERO provides a truly compelling option. The wired connection allows you to game in comfort, knowing all movements will be reported with speed and accuracy. The in-hand feel is substantial and comfortable, even after hours of use. It’s a notably weighty mouse, clocking at 121g. The pros and cons of this weight are different, depending on your play style. There are extra weights that can be added too, adding up to 18g. As the name suggests, the mouse carries Logitech’s HERO sensor, with a sensitivity of up to 25,600 DPI.

The G502 also houses 11 programmable buttons for in-game commands and macros and five user profiles, allowing for the creation of multiple game-specific layouts.

Wireless: 121g (plus 5 x 3.6g)
DPI range: 100 - 25,600
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: 40G
Max speed: 400IPS

If you’re a PC gamer looking to streamline your setup as much as possible, then the Pro X gaming mouse is the one for you. First, it’s wireless, so there’s no cable keeping your actions tethered, and the wireless connection reports at 1ms, so there’s no need to worry about lag getting you down. Second, the button layout is stripped back to only the essential five, promoting an efficient control scheme. Third, the Pro X only weighs 63g - this superlight design should suit twitch shooters and fast-paced gameplay well.

There’s more besides, too. The 25,600 DPI sensor provides plenty of headroom for players and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 70-hours of continuous use. Oh, and its manufacture is carbon neutral for an added eco-friendly karma boost.

Wireless: 63g
DPI range: 100 - 25,600
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: 40G
Max speed: 400IPS

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC
Price: $59.89

The G203 LIGHTSYNC is one of the lowest-priced gaming mice offered by Logitech, but don’t go thinking that it’s cheap. The power of the G203 is in its simplicity. It’s a well-proportioned six-button mouse with mechanical triggers and a responsive 8,000 DPI sensor. Five user sensitivity profiles can be created using Logitech G Hub. The weight is low and the skids slick, so zipping it around the mouse mat is no trouble at all, and the wired cable is plenty long enough to avoid tautness and snagging. It’s not flashy, but it covers the basics flawlessly.

Wireless: 85g
DPI range: 200 - 8,000
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: na
Max speed: na

The G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse carries Logitech LIGHTSPEED, a type of dual connection. It’s a powerful feature, allowing you to tap into a wireless connection with only 1ms of delay. The sensor has an impressive 25,600 DPI, which will be more than enough for most.

In addition to a versatile sensor, the G604 carries 15 programmable buttons, allowing so-minded players to bind in-game controls and macros for an easy life in a wealth of game types, particularly MMORPGs and empire builders. The substantial in-hand feel is ergonomic, reassuring and sturdy. Overall, the physical design of the G604 seems to be a hybrid of the G502 HERO and office-based MX Master 3, which gives the mouse a mature look.

The battery life won’t let you down - it runs to 240 hours. The only downside here is that it uses a disposable AA battery - we’d recommend doing Mother Earth a solid by picking up a rechargeable AA battery.

Wireless: 135g
DPI range: 100 - 25,600
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: 40G
Max speed: 400IPS

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless

Rrp: $48.97

Price: $38.70

Alternative retailers
B&H Photo Video$39.99View offer
Adorama$49.99View offer
Macy's$53.95View offer

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED is the little sibling of the G604 listed above. It too carries the power of LIGHTSPEED dual-connection and 240-hour-plus battery life (and, sadly, the AA battery). The sensor is smaller, hitting a maximum of 12,000 DPI, but most gamers will find this more than sufficient. The G305 carries six programmable buttons.

In addition to some high-quality, affordable hardware, the mouse boasts excellent manoeuvrability. Its reliable grip, well-considered size and tiny 99g weight means it can slide around a desk with ease, supporting you in the most hectic of skirmishes.

Wireless: 99g
DPI range: 100 - 25,600
Report rate: 1ms
Max acceleration: 40G
Max speed: 400IPS

More information about gaming mice:

Sensor DPI

Dots Per Linear Inch (DPI) is a measure of mouse sensitivity. The higher the DPI, the faster the pointer speed and the less the user needs to move. Users can change the sensitivity of a sensor to suit their play style and desk space.

What’s the best DPI for gaming?

There isn’t an answer to this question - it’s all about personal preference. A high DPI is great for spinning around and zipping around in-game, but it's not always the most accurate. The opposite is also the case - a low DPI is great for accuracy, but it can limit camera speed.

Note that many gaming mice let you switch between DPI settings on the fly, meaning that, with practice, some gamers can make the most of both high and low DPI at the same time.

Most players operate between 800 and 2,000 DPI. So, while 25,000+ DPI is nice to have, it shouldn’t be your guiding feature.


Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes. Some look very similar to those found in offices, but others look… complicated. The office-like ones usually have five or six buttons - right/left click, scroll wheel press, forward/back side-mounted buttons and maybe a DPI switch.

Then there are the complicated ones with nine, 11 or even 15 buttons. The intention here is to give the player ultimate control. These buttons can be assigned functions, both in-game and system-based, to streamline and speed up processes. The appeal here is clear for MMORPG and strategy players, where easy access to certain commands can eliminate the need to scroll through long menus and inventories.

Wired versus wireless

For many years, gamers needed to make a choice: go wireless and risk a lagging connection, or stay wired and put up with drag and snagging. While the wired situation hasn’t changed, the wireless gaming mouse is no longer to be considered a handicap. This is because technology, like Logitech LIGHTSPEED, gives wireless connections a 1ms report speed, matching wired USB mice.

Now, it's all about personal preference and whether you can remember to keep your gaming mouse charged.

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