The best gaming desks

The best desks for gamers, whether they prefer the PC or consoles, single-monitor setups or triple-monitor arrays

The best gaming desks

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Just as desks are more than just tables, gaming desks are more than just desks. In our mind, to qualify as a gaming desk, a product needs to do more than just tag ‘gaming’ onto the name and paint the work surface black.

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In fact, as we discovered on our hunt for the very best, being titled ‘gaming’ barely factors into things. Some of our top picks are not designated or marketed as gaming desks, but their proportions, features and general ‘goodness’ lend themselves to the gaming world with ease.

Many of the options have cable routing for organisation, and have a sturdy construction that can with stand monitor mounting and heavy gaming PCs with ease. They offer spacious work surfaces regards to both width and depth, ideal for accommodating powerful speakers alongside chunky mechanical keyboards and gaming mice.

Read on to find the new home for your battle station.

The best gaming desks:

Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk

Coavas Corner Desk


Allcam ED20 Electric Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk

Ikea Bekant Desk

FITUEYES Computer Desk

Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk

The Dominus Gaming desk is our top choice, simply because you can tell that it’s been designed by gamers for gamers. A dual-monitor or ultrawide setup feels right at home here, as the desk is broad and deep, giving you plenty of space for all your peripherals, streaming gear and lucky charm knickknacks. In the top corner of the desk, there’s a cable routing cut-out, and a subtle cut-in channel sits at the rear allowing the desk to be pushed flush to a wall without crushing monitor and speaker cables.

The front side of the desk has a slight inward curve, allowing you to get closer to your equipment, with a chamfered front edge to add some extra comfort for your forearms. The surface is textured to keep peripherals from sliding in the heat of battle, and the chamfered front edge is comfortable on the forearms. As the steel frame is a Z-shape, there are no legs to get in the way of your gaming chair. Two nice finishing touches on the Dominus are the built-in headset hanger and caged drinks holder.

There are hundreds of desks in the marketplace doing what this desk does to varying degrees. However, Trust Gaming’s GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk does it best, and at the best price.

Size: W115 x D76 x H75 cm

Note: Height is adjustable, adding or removing roughly 3cm.

Coavas Corner Desk


Best for gear hoarders

Pros: Tonnes of workspace Cons: Large and likely to dominate small-medium rooms

This L-shaped desk isn’t specifically designed for gamers, but its size allows you to create a sprawling and comprehensive setup. Here, you can have your PC up top on the work surface, a dual monitor setup and accompanying PC speakers while still having plenty of room in which to operate.

It's also a great desk for those who work where they play, with one arm of the desk able to house printers, work laptops and paperwork, while the other looks after the gaming rig. It’s not the deepest desk, so we’d recommend mounting your monitor to maximise its potential.

Size: W147 x W112 x D48 x H74 cm

Long desk: W100 x D48 cm

Short desk: W64 x D48 cm

Note: Height is adjustable, adding or removing roughly 3cm.



IKEA’s FEDDE desk is our recommendation for any gamer looking to make the most of their gaming space. We can’t all have the luxury of the sprawling setups attainable with corner desks. The FREDDE takes advantage of a desk’s footprint by building up, rather than out, to offer efficient storage and setup opportunities.

With cable routing passthrough, PC cages, adjustable shelves and speaker platforms, there’s real scope to create an impressive gaming setup here. It’s worth taking some time to consider all the measurements here, however, as those with multiple monitors will need to make sure they fit.

Overall Size: W185 x D74 x H146 cm

Desk Size: W140 x H72 cm

Allcam ED20 Electric Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk

Pros: Promotes healthy postures Cons: Pricey

Despite Pokémon Go’s primary mechanic and Nintendo’s legacy of efforts, gaming is a sedentary pastime. Don’t get us wrong, sitting down to explore digital lands is a pure joy, but for the sake of our health and posture, it’s good to mix things up. The Allcam ED20 is both a sitting and a standing desk, with the height being adjusted electronically. Standing for part of your day helps to improve blood flow and reduce joint fatigue, so it’s worth considering.

The virtues of standing aside, the desk itself is a decent size and depth. It will still accommodate monitor mounts and features a slim drawer and USB-charge points.

Size: W120 x D60 x H72-121 cm


Sure, this isnu2019t the exciting choice for gamers, but it is a solid and reliable desk thatu2019s going last the duration.

Sure, this isn’t the exciting choice for gamers, but it is a solid and reliable desk that’s going last the duration. IKEA’s BEKANT boasts a generous 140cm wide and 60cm deep work surface. The height is adjustable between 65cm and 85cm, stands on two sturdy, unobtrusive legs. Under the desk, there's a discreet cable management net. Combine with a monitor mount to get the most from the desks space and you'll have yourself a very respectable setup.

Size: W140 x D60 x H65-85 cm

FITUEYES Computer Desk

Pros: Smart use of a compact space Cons: Limits further system expansion

When compared with other models here listed, this option has only a small work surface. However, it's utilised efficiently. The two-tier system means that you monitor and speakers are kept up high and out of the way from mouse and keyboard operation.

The bottom shelf allows you to lift your PC off of the floor too, which helps increase airflow and hopefully reduce dust ingress. The Z-shape design also allows a computer chair to fit in nice and close to the desk.

If you’re a fan of this design but would like something a little bigger, Fitueyes offer a 100cm wide variant.

Size: W70 x D60 x H84 cm

Note: Height is adjustable, adding or removing roughly 3cm.

The best gaming desk accessories

The best gaming desk accessories

No gaming setup up is complete without a little personalisation and a few nifty, clutter-busting gadgets. A few of the basics we highly recommend are listed below, or you can read our full article on the best PC gaming accessories here.


The best gaming desk accessories:

Aceyoon Headset Hanger1 of 6

Aceyoon Headset Hanger

Hangs up to four headsets under the desk. Great for reducing clutter, plus it's easily installed or removed.

Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound2 of 6

Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

Razer's soundbar delivers huge gaming audio from a killer compact soundbar and sub-woofer. Read our article on the best PC speakers to see what else is on offer.

Cable Holder Clips3 of 6

Cable Holder Clips

The best way to keep your phone, tablet, controller and headset USB leads under control and ready for when you need them.

Titanwolf XXL Speed Gaming Desk Pad4 of 6

Titanwolf XXL Speed Gaming Desk Pad

A smooth and even surface to keep your keyboard in place and let your mouse run wild. Available in a range of designs.

Sonic Cable Guy5 of 6

Sonic Cable Guy

Keep your game controller in safe hands while you're away. Available in a range of characters.

Dual Monitor Mounting Arm6 of 6

Dual Monitor Mounting Arm

Free up some of your gaming desk's real estate with a monitor mount. Check out our article on the best mounting arms for more choices.

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