The best Kindle cases of 2024: comfort, style, value

Protect your Kindle in style, these phenomenal Kindle cases are the best of the year...

The best Kindle cases of 2024

by Ryan Houghton |
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As tough as they may be, even the best Kindles are susceptible to a painful fall, which can be all the more painful if you've reached an enthralling cliffhanger, or your slow-burn romance is finally heating up - only for your Kindle to shatter and be rendered useless.

Kindle cases aren't just for aesthetics, as dazzling as they can be, having that extra layer of screen protection is critical, especially if you're an on-the-go reader. Keep your Kindle pristine and perfect with this sharp array of Kindle cases, made by book-lovers, for book-lovers.

The best Kindle cases of 2024

Best overall Kindle case

Amazon Kindle Fabric Case

Best budget Kindle case

CoBak Case for All New Kindle

Best transparent Kindle case

TQQ Clear Case for 6-inch Kindle

Best Kindle stand case

VOVIPO Case for Kindle 2022 6-inch

From ultra-cheap, no-frills cases, to premium leather aesthetics, these Kindle cases come in a selection of shapes and sizes, so pick the perfect one for you. There's also a brilliant array of features that'll make using your Kindle more comfortable than ever before, especially if you're using a larger 10.2-inch e-reader.

Protect your great e-reader, read in style and even save battery: these phenomenal Kindle cases are more than worth the cash, it's time to step up your e-reading.

The best Kindle cases of 2024:

Please note: All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall Kindle case

Expert rating:
Amazon Kindle Fabric CaseAmazon
Price: $29.99
Alternative retailers
Best Buy$29.99View offer

When you're unsure about buying a Kindle case, it's better to go with the original: Amazon's fabric Kindle case is perfect for keeping your Kindle secure, and its lightweight, stylish design keeps your Kindle safe from any mishaps that might occur while on the go.

Though not the most eccentric design, this classic Kindle cover is perfectly ideal for readers looking for an understated, slim and protective cover. It also helps save battery life thanks to its 'sleep' mode, which activates when the cover is closed.

Highly rated amongst Kindle users, and truly high-quality, Amazon's Kindle is a phenomenal choice at a slightly higher price than most, but for a premium case, it's more than worth it.


  • Fantastic fabric design
  • Perfect quality
  • Thin and comfortable


  • Fairly basic design

Best budget Kindle case

Expert rating:
CoBak Case for All New KindleCoBak

Rrp: $39.99

Price: $7.99

A favourite amongst Kindle readers, the CoBak clamshell case protects your library's worth of novels, all the while looking masterfully subtle and sharp.

Comprised of PU leather for a tough shell exterior, fibreglass for high-strength, low-weight protection and a plush microfibre interior so your Kindle remains scratch-free after years of use, the CoBak case perfectly combines everything you'll need out of a Kindle case into one affordable package.

Though some may consider the case a little dull, there are a number of colours available, so you're spoilt for choice.

In my Kindle 2022 review, I had the chance to test this brilliant case, and I certainly wasn't disappointed - it's now my primary choice for keeping my Kindle safe, and it's lasted me well, despite facing a variety of dangers.


  • Great robust case
  • Solid textured aesthetic
  • Kindle automatically powers off when closing the case


  • The design might be fairly dull for some users

Best transparent Kindle case

Expert rating:

If a flip-cover Kindle case isn't your style, and you're looking for something cheap and low-key, TQQ's clear Kindle case might be the perfect choice for you.

This simple, transparent case fits snugly around the Kindle, leaving it open to customise, should you wish. Some users add their own designs behind the transparent case, with many opting for stickers to create a personalised look, but a clean look is also particularly appealing.

Of course, having a folding design provides less protection for your Kindle screen, which is perhaps the most important part to protect, but for us, any level of protection is probably a good thing.

Cheap, clean and cheerful, the TQQ clear Kindle case is an affordable choice for any Kindle reader, regardless of budget.


  • Excellent value Kindle case
  • Ultra-slim for space-efficiency
  • Customisable with stickers


  • Not as protective as other designs

Best Kindle stand case

Expert rating:

When it comes to using a great e-reader, comfort is king: and few Kindle cases offer more comfort than the VOVIPO Kindle case, a brilliant choice with a versatile quirk up its sleeve.

Rather than place an obvious pop-out stand on its rear, the VOVIPO Kindle case uses some nifty origami-esque folding to prop itself up, and its seamless design looks brilliant. Perfectly propping up, VOVIPO's Kindle case is great for hands-free reading, pairing well with a great Kindle accessory to allow for total reading comfort.

One strange quirk of the VOVIPO Kindle is its unfortunate landscape feature, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense on the basic Kindle 2022 model. The Kindle 2022 model cannot rotate to landscape mode, rendering it almost entirely useless.

Be that as it may, the VOVIPO Kindle case's portrait mode looks and feels fantastic, and the seamless case design is second to none, especially for less than £10.


  • A strong case with a modern aesthetic
  • Excellent folding feature
  • Great array of designs


  • Landscape folding is pointless

Best designed Kindle case

Expert rating:
MoKo Case Fits all-new 6" KindleMoKo

Rrp: $39.99

Price: $15.99

MoKo's floral-print 6-inch Kindle case is for those who like a little flair to their Kindle case, and flair it certainly has. Packed with colour and decorated with an array of whimsical flowers of all shapes and sizes, this pretty Kindle case makes a great gift, there's no denying it.

The case itself is particularly thick with a stand design for hands-free reading, making it ideal for those on the go who want to protect their Kindle at all costs. Though the floral aesthetic might not be for you, there are countless other designs to choose from, so it's worth seeing what's available.

Moderately priced, well designed and manufactured, and bound to keep your Kindle safe, and then some.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Thick, well-designed cover
  • Stand makes for comfortable hands-free reading


  • Floral aesthetic might not be for everyone

Best hand strap Kindle case

Expert rating:
Zcooooool Kindle Case Fabric Cover ( Hand Strap Designed)Zcooooool
Price: $15.99

Holding a Kindle certainly beats fighting against gravity with a cramped hand of an evening, but getting smacked in the face with a Kindle as you drift off to sleep certainly isn't desirable, but there's an answer to this problem.

Zcooooool's hand strap Kindle case makes one-handed reading even easier: simply place your hand through the strap and read to your heart's content, without the risk of dropping your Kindle. But it's not just useful for late-night reading: use it for a little reassurance when you're commuting.

Though this case isn't the most exciting visually, it certainly adds a level of practicality that is otherwise not possible on a standard Kindle case.


  • Hand-strap is an excellent addition
  • fabric cover feels premium
  • Thin and lightweight


  • Perhaps a little plain for some readers

Best stand/hand-strap combination Kindle case

Expert rating:

Possibly the most versatile Kindle case of the year, the WALNEW stand/hand strap case is perfect for practically anyone in need of total reading comfort. This PU leather case combined with a thick, textured fabric looks and feels secure, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to protection.

Certainly on the thicker side, which lends to its toughness, but at the same time makes it a little more awkward to hold and store away, the WALNEW Kindle case isn't the best for space efficiency, but it's hardly a concern, the Kindle itself is small enough not to cause too many storage problems.

Having the absolute freedom of propping up or using the hand straps, which are on either side of the case, is fantastic, and for its versatility alone, it's a tough case to beat.


  • Fantastic multifunctional case
  • Well made and durable
  • Available in an array of colours


  • Fairly thick design

Best retro Kindle case

Expert rating:

A great pick for those who love some personalisation to their Kindle, this custom-made retro Kindle case imitates a snakeskin leather, and it looks phenomenal. Smooth, light and rugged, carrying your Kindle wherever you go is no longer a cause for concern, this securely designed Kindle case is a breath of fresh air amongst countless plainer designs on the market.

Though it's a little pricier than most, for that extra touch of personalisation with the option to add initials, it more than justifies its higher price point.


  • Fantastic leather texture
  • Options for personalisation with initials
  • Tough quality


  • A little pricier than typical cases

Best creative Kindle case

Expert rating:
Retro FloralAll New Kindle 11th Generation 2022 CaseMoonlightArtsFL

Resembling a classic, retro notepad, the FloralAll Kindle case is unbelievably well-made, creating a gorgeous textbook aesthetic that feels fantastic, and more than stands out from its competition.

Equipped with a built-in strap which is positioned on the inside of the cover, this Kindle case isn't just style, it's incredibly practical too. Though its aesthetic might not be for everyone, it's hard to picture someone not liking this vintage design that completely transforms the Kindle itself.

Decently priced, practical and providing excellent protection against both falls and the elements, this great Kindle case is about as close to perfect as you can get.


  • Fantastic retro book design
  • Made with gorgeous silk
  • Tough build quality


  • Aesthetic might not be for everyone

Best Kindle sleeve case

Expert rating:
Comfyable E-Reader Sleeve Precisely Compatible for All-New Kindle 2022 6 InchComfyable
Price: $16.99

An alternative to those who prefer the Kindle without the hindrance of a case, the Comfyable Kindle sleeve is precisely shaped to the size of a Kindle, leaving no spare room for space-wasting.

Comprised of a beautiful PU faux leather, the Comfyable e-reader sleeve is by far the best sleeve we've come across, and its array of available colours looks simply gorgeous. Not having a layer of protection during use is certainly disheartening, but the Kindle is certainly durable enough as it is, so just having that extra protection in your backpack offers belt and braces coverage.

For its value and sheer quality alone, this is a tough Kindle case to beat.


  • Cheap pocket design
  • Suitable for those who prefer not using a typical case
  • Well-made and snug


  • Doesn't provide protection during use

The best Kindle cases of 2024: buyer's guide

Kindle 2022 back
©Ryan Houghton/WTB

Do I need a Kindle case?

If you find yourself constantly dropping smartphones or are worried about potentially breaking your precious Kindle, then a Kindle case is a great way of assuring yourself that whatever incident may happen, you've got an extra layer of protection to ensure you can keep on reading on.

But it's not just protection that Kindle cases, provide, it's the extra level of personalisation that you just don't get with a normal book: making the Kindle your own is fun, and swapping through cases is a great way to create a personal feel to it.

Do Kindle cases fit all Kindles?

Unfortunately not, each Kindle model has a different size, so you'll need a Kindle Paperwhite case to fit the Paperwhite (which we reviewed and loved), which is 6.8 inches, and a larger 10.8-inch case for the Kindle Scribe.

Why are Kindle books so cheap?

With no printing and distribution costs, the price of books on the Kindle is very low compared to how much they typically are, and buying them at the push of a button is convenient enough.

FAQs: your questions answered

The best Kindle cases of the year
©Ryan Houghton/WTB

How does having a case save your Kindle battery?

Certain Kindle cases have a magnet built into the cover, which causes the screen to enter sleep mode automatically, without ads playing on a standby screen. Using this feature saves plenty of battery, meaning you have more time for reading.

Is the Kindle waterproof?

The Kindle 2022 is not waterproof, so avoiding water at all costs is certainly preferable, the Kindle Paperwhite, however, is water-resistant, though it's not advisable to fully submerge it.

Are Kindle books cheaper with Amazon Prime?

When you're subscribed to Amazon Prime, you also get access to Kindle Unlimited, which not only gives you discounts on books but also offers a selection of free monthly books, from newly released authors to classics.

If you have Amazon Prime, using Kindle Unlimited is more than worth it.

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