The best Kindle Paperwhite cases: Keep your e-reader safe on planes, trains and around the house

Kindle Paperwhite in a case

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In our opinion, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle and should be at the top of most people's shopping lists as they hunt for a new e-reader. When we reviewed it, we found the 300ppi E Ink screen and backlighting to really up the performance over the base 2022 Kindle and awarded it a respectable four-and-a-half stars. While the Kindle Paperwhite is natively waterproof, many people want to add extra protection in the form of a Paperwhite case to lessen the damage from drops and keep the E Ink screen free from scratches and scuffs.

Adding a Kindle accessory, such as a case, to the Paperwhite gives it some extra protection from bashes, crushes and scrapes that can be encountered in day-to-day use. Additionally, they can give you peace of mind when packing bags for a holiday – against the crush of trying to fit as much into a carry-on as possible – or even in your everyday backpack as you head off to work.

The best Kindle Paperwhite cases at a glance

Best budget Kindle Paperwhite case

ZhaoCo Case for 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite

Best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Fabric Case

Best open Kindle Paperwhite case

TQQ Clear Case for 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite

Best Kindle Paperwhite sleeve

Comfyable E-Reader Sleeve for Kindle Paperwhite

Below, we highlight the best Kindle Paperwhite cases that are available today. Our list includes different variations on case design, with some offering 360-degree protection and others just covering the rear of the Kindle to give some bumpers against drops. While different cases offer different benefits, the best have a few things in common. They don't impede the reader's comfort nor undermine the device's ease of use. The charging port and power button are also clear of obstruction and accessible. Read on to see the best case for your Kindle Paperwhite.

The best Kindle Paperwhite cases

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best budget Kindle Paperwhite case

William Austin-Lobley

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $9.99

This affordable Kindle Paperwhite case offers 360-degree protection. The plastic backing and bumper corners protect the screen from knocks and drops, while the front flap keeps the screen free from scratches. The screen also interacts with the Kindle, setting it to sleep mode when closed and waking it when opened, adding convenience. At the bottom, there's unobstructed access to the USB-C charger port and power on/off button. 

To fit the case, a firm push is needed to get it over the corners and lock it in place.


  • 360-protection is great when it comes to packing
  • The screen is protected from scratches
  • Automatically interacts with Wake/Sleep mode


  • Front flap can be fiddly when reading

Best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Fabric Case
Price: $34.99

This official Kindle case from Amazon ensures comprehensive protection. It features a plastic back and reinforced corners to shield against impacts, while the front cover prevents screen scratches. The cover also integrates with the Kindle's sleep/wake function. It's finished in a hard-wearing fabric that comes in a number of colours. 

Though similar to the ZhaoCo case, the quality of the build is a little higher, in line with people's expectations of official products. However, that also means higher prices.


  • High build quality of an official product
  • Perfect fit and feels good in the hand
  • Light build, which adds little to Paperwhite's overall weight


  • Expensive compared to similar options from non-Amazon brands

Best open Kindle Paperwhite case

TQQ Clear Case for 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $9.99

Here, TQQ is offering a case with a more minimalistic approach to defending the Kindle Paperwhite. Though the case primarily protects the rear of the case from knocks using a tough TPU material, its raised bumpers on the front corners of the Paperwhite provide a gap between the screen and a surface should the device be placed face down (they also provide a bit of purchase to enhance grip). 

While this one is less appealing for travel and bag storage, it's ideal for use around the home.


  • Minimalist case that doesn't drastically change the Kindle's form factor
  • Inexpensive option for basic protection
  • Adds a little bit of grip


  • No dedicated screen protection

Best Kindle Paperwhite sleeve

Comfyable E-Reader Sleeve for Kindle Paperwhite

Rrp: $17.99

Price: $15.99

This is the choice for those who like the Kindle Paperwhite reading experience as is, but want some protection for the device when they are not using it. It's a sleeve case with one open end to slip the Kindle into for safekeeping. It's perfectly sized to fit the latest Paperwhite model, so the fit is snug, and the soft-finish lining keeps scratches at bay. 

There are four colours to choose from: Sand, Sequoia Green, Brown and Black, and it's faux leather – so it's suitable for vegans.


  • Doesn't change how the Kindle Paperwhite feels in the hand
  • A smart and mature look
  • No moving parts to deteriorate


  • No protection when you are using the Kindle

Best Kindle Paperwhite case with stand

FINTIE Stand Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Rrp: $35.99

Price: $22.99

Much like the ZhaoCo case, this affordable Kindle Paperwhite case provides complete protection with a 360-degree guard against knocks and drops. The front flap prevents screen scratches, and it also interacts with the Kindle, automatically setting it to sleep mode when closed and waking it when opened. 

The big difference here is that a stand on the rear of the case allows for some hands-free reading. Alongside this, there's a small handle which allows for a more secure grip when reading like a traditional book (there's also a slot for a credit card, which is a strange choice in our opinion). 

Of course, as with all of our picks, there is unobstructed access to the USB-C charging port and power button at the bottom.


  • Robust case to protect Kindle Paperwhite
  • Stand and grip options for the most comfortable reading positions
  • Loads of design choices to suit tastes


  • The bulky case that makes the Paperwhite no longer sleek
  • Needless card slot

Best premium Kindle Paperwhite case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case
Price: $41.99

Here, Amazon offers its office case with a leather finish to add a premium touch to the protection provided. Like its fabric-clad sibling featured elsewhere in this list, this case offers comprehensive protection across 360 degrees to guard against impacts and screen scratches. It integrates seamlessly with the Kindle's sleep/wake function for convenience.


  • Has reliable build quality, as expected of an official product
  • Leather adds a touch of class
  • Perfect fit, feels good in the hand and has a light build 


  • Premium finish costs a premium price

Buyer's guide to Kindle Paperwhite cases

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Why should I use a case for my Kindle Paperwhite?

Using a case for your Kindle Paperwhite can help protect it from scratches, drops, and other damage that can occur during everyday use. Some cases offer practical features such as built-in stands for hands-free reading, hand straps for better grip, and auto wake/sleep functions. A case also allows you to personalise your Paperwhite – handy if there are a few Kindles in your household, as you can tell them apart.

Are Kindle Paperwhite cases waterproof?

Some Kindle Paperwhite cases are designed to be waterproof, offering protection against spills and splashes. However, not all cases have this feature, so checking the product specifications is important.

Can I still use the touchscreen and buttons with a case on?

Yes, Kindle Paperwhite cases are designed to allow full access to the touch screen, buttons and ports. High-quality cases ensure that functionality is not hindered, and we made sure that our selection reflects this.

Do cases for older Kindle Paperwhite models fit the latest version?

Kindle Paperwhite cases are often model-specific due to differences in size and button placement – the only time this isn't the case is with some sleeve case options. Choosing a case designed for your Kindle Paperwhite model is always best.

Can I charge my Kindle Paperwhite with the case on?

Most Kindle Paperwhite cases are designed to allow charging without removing the case. They have precise cut-outs for the charging port. If you are using a sleeve, it's best to remove the Kindle from the case to negate any chance of overheating.

Do any cases come with a built-in stand?

Yes, some Kindle Paperwhite cases come with a built-in stand, which is helpful for hands-free reading. These stands can usually be adjusted to different angles for optimal viewing. Check our list to see the best option with a stand.

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