Reclaim your desk space with the best dual monitor stands of 2024

Working from home or setting up a desk at the office? Set up two monitors without sacrificing your desk space.

The best dual monitor stands

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Working from home or setting up a new desk at the office can be both refreshing and challenging – from realising you need a new chair or keyboard to finding one of the best dual monitor stands to support your workflow. And comfortable PC monitor setups aren't just for home or office workers – the same applies to owners of gaming PCs and anyone who wants or already has the best monitors for a dual screen setup.

We've hunted down some of the best dual monitor stands for you – they're a great and easy way to keep your monitors evenly spaced together and at the same height. They also look amazing and can free up more useful desk space. Plus, they form an essential part of any ergonomic desk setup.

Best dual monitor stands of 2024 at a glance

• Best overall: Vivo Dual Desk Mount - View at Amazon
• Best budget: BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand - View at Amazon
• Best desktop standing: VonHaus Glass Monitor Stand for Desks - View at Amazon
• Best for small screens: IIYAMA DS1002D-B1 Dual Monitor Stand - View at Amazon

Dual monitor stands simplify your workspace with less clutter from wires or desktop stands. Most importantly, they are easy to adjust so that both screens are at the right eye level (this improves your posture, too). And while we're talking about comfort while you sit at your desk, you can find ergonomic PC keyboards alongside excellent accessories like keyboard wrist rests.

But, back to those all-important screens. They come in many sizes and are easy to set up, and if you choose the right one, you won't need to worry about the size or weight of your displays. We've put together a quick buyer's guide to help you choose. So, let's find some of the best dual monitor stands to make your desk look stylish while supporting your work, gaming and more.

Best dual monitor stands of 2024

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Best overall dual monitor stand

Vivo Dual Desk Mount
Price: $34.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$39.99View offer
Wayfair$49.99View offer

The Vivo Dual Desk Mount is one of the best dual monitor stands on the market. It supports 13-27 inch screens, weighing up to 10kg. We also love that the arms are adjustable with a 90-degree tilt each way, swivel up to 180 degrees and has a 360-degree rotation – making it customisable to your desk and working needs. It allows you to place your screens horizontally or vertically and has a heavy-duty clamp that mounts to the back of your desk. Another plus is that this is incredibly straightforward to set up.


  • The excellent weight capacity makes this a sturdy choice for larger screens
  • A good range of motion and adjustability means more flexible setups
  • The heavy-duty clamp will secure this to most types of desks for peace of mind


  • Cable management is okay, but we'd have liked ones that clip shut

Best budget dual monitor stand

BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand
Price: $29.99

Need a decent dual-screen stand on a budget? The ideal solution is the BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand. It supports 13-27 inch screens, with each weighing up to 10kg. With a 90-degree tilt each way and a 180-degree swivel, you can also rotate this a full 360 degrees for maximum flexibility. However, it's a little bit trickier to install and unlike the Vivo model, the arms do not come with detachable cable clips to help organise your cables. That aside, at this price, it's hard to find fault with such a well-built stand.


  • The weight of each monitor can reach 10kg, so will suit most screens up to 27-inches
  • Handy Allen key storage slot means you can always find the one you need for adjustments
  • A simple cable management solution that doesn't get in the way


  • Limited maximum height compared to larger stands of this type

Best desktop dual monitor stand

The VonHaus XL Glass Monitor Stand is incredibly practical and easy to set up. It uniformly raises the monitor height too - helping improve your posture. We particularly like the refined looks and the smoked glass top - the ideal companion for all-in-one PCs or regular monitors of up to 20kg in total. It's also made out of tempered glass, making the design sleek but sturdy.


  • The very modern design will suit all kinds of home office or study environments well
  • Toughened smoked glass and metal legs make this a sturdy and classy choice
  • Lots of desktop space is created underneath


  • Your monitor stands will still need to fit on top while placed at an angle

Best dual monitor stand for small screens

IIYAMA DS1002D-B1 Dual Monitor Stand - Black
Price: $54.99

Straightforward and simple to set up, this dual monitor stand has all the features and functions you need at a very reasonable price. It supports screens from 10 to 30 inches with a maximum weight of 10kg each, it's also very customisable so you can get an ideal ergonomic height. It has a 90-degree rotation, an 85-degree tilt forwards and 15 degrees backwards, as well as a 180-degree swivel.


  • An ideal stand for smaller lighter screens on more compact desktops
  • Well-engineered thanks to the Iiyama brand, also synonymous with industry-leading monitors
  • A great range of tile and swivel motion for lots of flexibility - including a clamp or desktop stand option


  • Despite having an on-desk stand option, we wouldn't recommend you use it for heavier screens - clamp it instead

Best value dual monitor stand for small screens

It's all about enhanced ergonomics with the ConX height-adjustable monitor stand for dual monitors. Extending by 40cm for optimal positioning, each mount arm supports a weight of at least 9kg, compatible with flat and curved monitors. Integrated cable clips ensure tidy desks too.


  • 180 degree tilt, 360 degree rotation
  • Solid value for money
  • Easy-to-assemble


  • Hidden cable routing is sorely missed

Best dual monitor stand for a tidy desk

LORYERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser
Price: $24.99

If you need simplicity and practicality, the Loryergo Wooden Dual monitor stand is great for creating space and organising all types of desktop clutter and gadgets. Not every desk can fit a clamped dual monitor stand, and this is where this product comes in. Sleek and practical, you can place it anywhere on your desk and the stands for the monitors are adjustable - meaning you can raise or rotate the screen to fit your ideal level. The length of the stand is also customisable, so whether you want to extend it or shorten it, it's completely up to you. We also love that it fits more than two monitors. There's a slot on each side where you can fit an extra small screen such as an iPad, and there's storage space underneath for your keyboard, pens and more.


  • A very adjustable stand when it comes to the horizontal angles of each screen
  • Plenty of nooks and crannies designed for smartphones, tablets and more - for a tidier desk
  • Wooden construction is very sturdy and reliable - not to mention stylish


  • This isn't height adjustable - you'll still need your monitor's own stand for that

Best side-by-side dual monitor stand

Another excellent choice is the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand - although it is slightly more expensive than some others. But, if you're looking for one that needs to hold a heavier load in a side-by-side two-armed configuration, this dual monitor stand can support monitors that (each) weigh up to 9kg, and the arms both retract and extend on a gas-lift mechanism - it's our favourite feature here, as it not only makes light work of moving things around, it also allows your screen to be lifted up to 39.6cm from desktop with one hand.


  • An extremely sturdy build for peace of mind
  • Gas-lift arms take the work out of adjusting heavier screens
  • Dual arm design gives more flexibility of motion than most other types here


  • It's not the prettiest design

Best budget desktop dual monitor stand

The RFIVER Dual Monitor Stand Riser for 2 Monitors offers exceptional practicality and effortless setup. Highly adjustable, it promotes better posture. Its refined aesthetics and sleek dark design complement all-in-one PCs or regular monitors weighing up to 20kg. Crafted from quality MDF, it combines sleekness with sturdiness.


  • Very good value for money
  • Sturdy desktop stand
  • Space for a laptop in the middle


  • Screens 27" and bigger will be a close fit

Best budget side-by-side dual monitor stand

Upgrade your workspace with the Dual Monitor Stand by ErGear. Crafted from heavy-duty steel tubing, it supports monitors ranging from 13" to 32" with a weight capacity of 8kg per arm. Enjoy effortless height adjustments for improved ergonomics, while the concealed wiring design keeps cords organized, ensuring a tidier desk.


  • Perfect if you're on a budget
  • Totally ergonomic
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Allan key required for moving monitors

Best dual monitor stands of 2024: Buyer's guide

When it comes to displays, even if you're only looking for budget monitors, it's generally best to go for the largest screen you can comfortably use for the tasks you do most often. But, that also means you'll have a few things to think about before you buy a dual monitor stand. Let's have a look at the key features you should look for.

Desk mount method

There are two choices to make here. If you don't mind sacrificing some desktop space by having a stand that sits on the desk itself, you can find a model that looks stylish and might even incorporate some storage.

The most popular type is the dual monitor stand with a single vertical bar that mounts onto the desk itself, freeing up desk space. Despite making your monitors look like they're floating over the desk, the mount will of course need to clamp onto something. Normally this is the back edge of your desk, but not all desks have an edge here - if it's the type that has a back panel flush with the wall, you may need to rethink your dual monitor stand choice (or your desk itself). Some mounts can be adapted to bolt onto your wall if this is a big problem.

Sometimes your dual monitor stand is a hybrid of these two - a single pole with two arms but, instead of clamping to the desk, they simply have a flat stand that sits on the desktop. These aren't suitable for heavier screens though, as they're not fixed down.

Weight capacity

Although dual monitor stands are normally made of metal, they do have their limits when it comes to weight. Two monitors on one vertical piece of metal, with arms that protrude to either side, can actually slowly bend and even buckle if overloaded. So, always add up the combined weight of your monitors and make sure they're well within the load capacity of the dual monitor stand. This is especially important for creatives with larger, heavier screens, like monitors for photo editing or video production.

Monitor mount options

The most common standard for attaching mounts and stands to the back of a PC monitor is the VESA standard. It's basically an industry standard for the four screw holes and the distance between them on the back of monitors. However, there's more than one configuration - typical ones are 100x100mm and 200x200mm. So, always check which mount configuration your monitors have before you buy a mount.

Best dual monitor stands of 2024: FAQs

What should I look for in a dual monitor stand?

This completely depends on your desk space and what functions or features you need from your working space. If it's simplicity and you need something to fit any desk then we recommend the LORYERGO Wooden Dual Monitor Stand. If you're a digital designer or creative, you'll probably have much larger monitors than most users so you'll need a dual monitor stand that's sturdy and can carry the weight.

How does a dual monitor stand work?

As mentioned above, the vast majority of monitors have VESA mount screw holes in the back. The dual monitor stand has a metal pole with two adjustable and jointed arms mounted onto it. You can move those arms up and down to adjust the height of your monitors. On the end of each arm is a VESA-compatible mounting plate. Attach your screens and you're all set. Many also have great cable-management options built into them to keep things tidy.

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