The best chargers for Samsung smartphones in 2024

Keep your precious handset topped up with these handy chargers

some of the best chargers for Samsung

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It may have been a while since you bought your cutting-edge smartphone and all of the accessories to go with it. But, there comes a time when two of the best phone chargers are better than one. After all, you might be fed up with ferrying the standard charger between home and office. Or, perhaps you lost your original and are just looking for a trusty replacement? Thankfully, the best chargers for Samsung devices are easy to find - but which ones are actually any good?

Our experts here at What’s The Best have our fair share of Android smartphones from Samsung and like to keep them topped up while we’re out and about testing the latest tech. So, we’ve put together our pick of the best chargers for Samsung smartphones. They’ll suit a wide range of compatible devices too - from phones under £500 to flagship handsets like the Samsung Flip. But surely, a charger is just a charger - isn’t it?

Best chargers for Samsung smartphones in 2024 at a glance

• Best overall Samsung charger: Samsung Original Wireless Fast Qi Charging Stand - View at Amazon
• Best budget Samsung charger: TEYASI Samsung Fast Charger Plug and Cable - View at Amazon
• Best Samsung charger for travel: Samsung Galaxy Official 25W Super Fast Charging Travel Adapter - View at Amazon
• Best wireless charging pad for Samsung: Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave Pad  - View at Amazon

These days choosing the best charger for Samsung smartphones leads to a lot of choice - and that’s a good thing. But narrowing down what features you need, while also making sure you’re buying from a safe and reputable brand, is essential. We’ve put together a brief guide on the different charging technologies out there at the end of the article for those who want to know more.

But, we’ve also collected the very best chargers for Samsung devices right here - with handy categories to help you narrow things down. We’ve covered all budgets and needs - from magnetic wireless phone chargers to compact travel chargers, stands and more. So, let’s charge right into it and get powered up.

Best chargers for Samsung smartphones in 2024

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall Samsung charger

Samsung Original Wireless Fast Qi Charging StandSamsung

It’s hard to argue with the sheer quality of this Samsung charger. And that’s no surprise, given that it’s actually a Samsung product. As a reasonably compact charging stand (and pad if you prefer), it’ll look great on any desk or bedside table without taking up too much room. And that elevated phone position will keep your notifications and more in sight.

It has a fast charge feature for compatible phones, and of course, it’s wireless charging for maximum convenience  - it’ll support all Qi-certified devices too.


  • A practical size which converts between stand and pad mode
  • Wireless charging for easy use
  • Fast charging support for supported phone models


  • Slightly short power lead to the charger

Best budget Samsung charger

If you want fast charging in a small yet affordable package, this TEYASI Samsung Fast Charger Plug has 25 watts of power for compatible phones. And the compatibility list is huge as this will intelligently detect the right charge for the attached phone. Plus its standard 1-metre USB-C cable means it’ll plug into a wide variety of phones and devices - not just Samsung.

But, if your phone can support it, what can 25-watt fast charging do for you? Well, you can expect to charge your phone three times faster than with a normal charger. And at this price, who could resist saving lots of time in the bargain?


  • The 25W fast-charging function shaves hours off your regular charge time
  • Simple compact design is easy to take with you anywhere
  • An included one-meter USB-C cable means you won’t have to buy your own


  • Some may find the included cable a little short

Best Samsung charger for travel

Samsung Galaxy Official 25W Super Fast Charging Travel AdapterSamsung

Here, Samsung has provided a truly compact fast charger designed for the frequent traveller. It has the usual popup top main pin so that the adapter takes up less space in your bag or pocket. Best of all, it comes packing 25 watts of charging power - that means less waiting around in hotel rooms and the like while you top up your device.

And we're happy to see that the legendary Samsung design and build is still at play here, this will be able to take the knocks and scrapes that tend to happen while you're out on your adventures.


  • As an official Samsung product, the build and safety features are excellent
  • The compact folding design means it’s the ultimate travel companion for charging
  • 25W fast charging means you’ll spend less time on your trip waiting for a charge


  • No indicator LED to show that it’s working

Best wireless charging pad for Samsung

Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave Pad Anker

Rrp: $15.99

Price: $13.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$13.99View offer
Lowe's$15.99View offer

There’s nothing better than simply placing your phone onto a simple wireless charging pad. As long as your smartphone supports wireless charging (the standard for the vast majority of phones is Qi-certification) then you’re good to go. Aside from its refined looks that will suit any desk or side table, it can deliver up to 10 watts of power to a wide range of devices. 

Best of all, this one is powerful enough to still charge your phone inside a case - as long as it’s no thicker than 5mm. So, you really can choose your phone case and not worry about this charger doing the job.


  • True wireless convenience in a small and attractive pad design
  • Charges through the majority of phone cases up to 5mm thick
  • 10W power delivery to a wide range of compatible devices


  • Doesn’t come with a mains USB adapter

Best fast-charger for Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Official 45W Super Fast Charger 2.0Samsung

For those smartphone users who can take advantage of super-fast charging, this official Samsung Galaxy charger has a massive 45 watts to dish out. It’ll reduce your recharge time to minutes rather than hours and is simple to use. Just plug it in and let it do its thing.

As this is a wired charger, it comes with a 1.8-meter USB-C cable - so for anyone who misses the fact that Samsung doesn’t provide a charger with its phones anymore, this is ideal. It is, though, a little chunkier than other plugs and protrudes from the wall a little more, so if your socket area is a little cramped you may need to make extra room.


  • Incredibly powerful 45-watt super fast charging for compatible devices - charging has never been faster
  • An official Samsung Galaxy product with a top-class build
  • Includes an extra long 1.8m cable so you can buy this and forget about juggling cables


  • All that power means it’s chunkier than other plugs

Best wireless charging stand for Samsung

For us, the key feature of any wireless charging stand is the ease and flexibility of use. And this one from INIU allows you to place your phone in landscape or portrait mode while charging. That means you can use this as an alarm clock by your bed, or on your desk to keep an eye on it while you work. We also love the premium, professional look of this charger.

Power-wise, you have 15 watts of fast charging at your disposal, and there’s a small LED that will let you know when it’s charging. Thankfully, for those using this in a bedroom, it auto-dims at night too. Lastly, as this isn’t a magnetic mount charger (despite its looks), it will detect foreign objects or obstructions like phone cases so you can ensure nothing is getting in the way of your recharge.


  • Keeps your phone upright and visible - ideal for the desk or bedside
  • 15-watts of fast charging for compatible devices means less waiting
  • A discrete LED lets you know when it’s charging and dims at nighttime


  • Doesn’t come with a mains USB adapter

Best charger for Samsung Flip

GIZONT 15W Samsung Wireless Charger for Z FlipGIZONT

If you’ve invested in a new Samsung Flip smartphone you’ll be used to the convenience of being able to keep it folded. But, when it is in its smaller form, it still looks great with a usable display on the front - so why spoil it with a high-backed stand that’s too large? Well, this GIZONT wireless charging stand not only looks great, but it complements the Z Flip perfectly.

You can keep an eye on that 15 watts of fast charging as it happens, and your essential notifications. In many ways, this seems like a natural extension of the Z Flip design for a minimalist look.


  • The ideal size and shape for the Samsung Flip - looks great on the stand
  • Wireless charging up to 15 watts means less waiting around
  • An excellent professional-looking device which keeps your phone easily visible while charging


  • Requires a compatible (18W QC 3.0) fast charging adapter as one is not included

Best Samsung charger for portable power

Sometimes you need to carry extra power when you’re out and about. A power bank is the go-to device for this of course, but this one from INUI is a little different. Firstly, it’s a fast charger with 22.5 watts of power to juice up your smartphone and other USB-C devices. Secondly, it’s very slim and light compared to most others, so it’ll slip into a coat or bag without getting in the way.

We love the build and design too. A clear display will show you how much charge is left - and the 10000mA capacity can last for days or weeks. And when you do need to top the power bank up, it’ll only take 3 hours using a fast charge adapter. There’s even a little torch built-in, so if you’re off-grid it’s there to light your way in a pinch.


  • 22.5 watts of fast charging power is a pleasant step up from most power banks
  • Little extras like a percentage display for the remaining charge and a torch make this highly usable
  • The power bank itself will fully charge in 3 hours with a fast charge adapter, and last for days or weeks


  • The included USB-C cable is very short

Best magnetic Samsung charger

JSAUX  Magnetic Wireless ChargerJSAUX
Price: $15.99

You’ve probably heard of MagSafe - the ring of magnets pioneered by Apple to make sure your phone is perfectly aligned with a wireless charging coil. The benefit of this is clear in this model from JSAUX. As long as your Samsung phone has a MagSafe feature (either inside or on a case) you can simply slot this onto the back and it’ll snap into alignment for a more efficient charge. 

It’s nice and small too, so when attached it won’t overpower the looks of your handset. We particularly like the simple, refined design of this wireless charger. Of course, many users will need to invest in a MagSafe case to take advantage of everything that this charger has to offer.


  • The MagSafe magnetic alignment means it’s the easiest wireless charger to use for an optimal charging position
  • The compact size means you can take it anywhere and your phone won’t look overpowered by this when it's magnetically attached
  • The very sleek and refined look sits well on any desk or side table


  • If your phone doesn’t have it, you’ll need to buy a MagSafe case so that the phone aligns with the charger properly

Best chargers for Samsung smartphones in 2024: Buyer’s guide

If you’re on a budget, don’t cut corners

Samsung smartphones don’t come cheap thanks to the sheer quality of the devices on offer, but if you have snagged a phone for under £300 you’re probably on a budget. But, don’t be tempted to cut corners with your charger. Not only can a lot of super-low budget chargers from unknown brands be unsafe, but they’re probably not going to last. As you can see from our picks above, great chargers really are affordable - but we wouldn’t risk paying much less than our budget charger pick above unless it’s on sale from a reputable brand.

Decide what features you’ll actually use

Not all Samsung smartphone owners want or need their phone on a vertical stand while it charges. Others might want one of the best fast chargers for phones that they can simply plug in using USB-C instead of one that charges wirelessly. The point here is: it’s tempting to go for some of the cool-sounding features but will you actually use them?

We recommend choosing the best chargers for Samsung based on where it’ll be used the most. So, if you just need an easy way of keeping your phone charged on your desktop at work, a charging pad might be best. If you need to travel with your charger, a compact plug might be the answer; but if you like to use your phone as a bedside alarm clock then you might decide that a foldable stand is a better travel solution. The choice is yours.

one of the best chargers for samsung
Samsung used to provide one of these with its devices - but now you'll need to buy one ©chris duffill, WTB

Best chargers for Samsung smartphones in 2024: FAQs

What type of charger is used for Samsung?

Thankfully, unlike iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones have used USB-C type power connections since 2017 - so it’s likely you’ll have a model that’s compatible with the vast majority of wired chargers out there. The Samsung site has an excellent guide to Samsung device charging too.

What is fast charging?

Fast charging is a combination of higher wattage power delivery than standard chargers are capable of and the ability of a phone to safely utilise it. Using a high-wattage power supply with a phone that isn’t rated for that wattage could damage your phone.

You’ll need to choose a fast charger that’s either 25W or 45W depending on what your phone supports. The charger should also be approved for use with Samsung devices.

How does wireless phone charging work?

It works via magnetic induction. A precisely positioned coil inside the phone and the charger safely inducts electrical power between them. The charging itself may be wireless, as you don’t need to plug anything into your phone - but the phone will still need to be placed onto the charging pad for it to work.

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