The best phone chargers

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The best phone chargers

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While many smartphones will come with a charger, there might come a situation where you'll need a new phone charger. Perhaps your original one was damaged, or you're looking for an upgrade. Regardless, there are quite a few quality phone charger designs to consider.

Phone chargers come in varied designs than at first you might think. Naturally, there are chargers designed for iPhones or Android phones. There are also those made specifically for car journeys or to power multiple devices simultaneously.

The best phone chargers at a glance:

Best MagSafe phone charger: Apple MagSafe Charger - View on Amazon

Best phone charger for speed: Anker Prime GaN 3-Port Foldable USB-C Plug - View on Amazon

Best phone car charger: Anker Car Charger - View on Amazon

One of the core aspects of a phone charger is its connector. While you still find USB-A cables, most chargers now use USB-C. If you're still using a USB-A phone charger, upgrading to USB-C will result in an impressive charging speed upgrade. Plus, phones with large battery lives pair best with something to keep them topped up nice and quick.

With so many different designs to consider, we've gathered some of our favourites together. We've looked at their pros and cons and their essential specs, so you can be assured that each item on our list is a quality product.

The best phone chargers in 2024:

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Best designed phone charger

"I've got a lot of Peak Design products and they're all lovely to look at and use, as well as being really well thought out. This includes phone mounts for my motorbike and mountain bike, a well as rucksacks and camera straps too. This is the one that I use the most, though.

"Wireless chargers have always seemed a bit fiddly to me. You have to get your phone in exactly the right spot for it to work, and there have been many occasions when I've knocked my device while it's been sat on a lesser unit, while trying to locate a glass of water in the middle of the night, and then woken up to it not being charged.

"Where the Peak Design product differs is its use of strong neodymium magnets to grab and hold your phone against the charging head (providing you have a Peak Design case or MagSafe device), which is both satisfying and secure. It works every time without needing to hover over it and check it's charging properly.

"The base of the unit is a folding slab of aluminium, with a friction hinge that offers just the right level of resistance - easy enough to adjust but strong enough to remain upright. It has a weighty construction and silicone grippers, and this is what enables you to use it with just one hand.

"I was initially sceptical of this claim but it's so well balanced that you really can 'peel' your phone off the charger with one hand, without the base moving around. It also stays put when the magnets initially grab your device, too.

"Downsides? Chances are you'll need a Peak Design case to get the best from this charger (but then you can start collecting other beautifully designed mounts) and it doesn't come with an adaptor plug, although Peak Design sells a compatible item - sadly not hewn from aluminium itself.

"Otherwise it's a minimalist and super satisfying to use charger that just works the way you'd want it to." Tried and tested by Affiliate Operations Editor Adam Binnie.

Best MagSafe phone charger

Apple MagSafe ChargerApple/Amazon

If you have a compatible iPhone, we definitely recommend trying Apple's MagSafe charger. It's designed to attach magnetically to the back of your phone and provide charge wirelessly. Since it is fairly slim and flat, this allows you to continue to use your phone unobstructed while it charges. Just keep in mind that not all phone cases are MagSafe compatible.

Wireless charging is often a bit slower than a direct cable, but this MagSafe charger is capable of bringing your phone back up to full quickly. It's easy to use, effective, and convenient; what's not to love about it?


  • Easily attaches to the back of your phone
  • The relatively flat design makes it unobtrusive
  • Excellent iPhone compatibility


  • Not all cases are compatible

Best phone charger for speed

Anker Prime GaN 3-Port Foldable USB-C PlugAnker/Amazon

This Anker Prime charger excels in many ways, but its output is the most immediately impressive. With up to 100 watts with its USB-C connection, you can bring your phone back from the brink in no time. It has two USB-C and one USB-A port, so you can even charge multiple devices simultaneously.

It's also fairly decked out in terms of features. ActiveShield 2.0 ensures it never gets too hot, as it regularly monitors its temperature. The prongs also fold into the body, making it quite portable, although it is a bit heavy for its size, so maybe bring it along in a bag instead of your pocket.


  • Incredible 100W output means it charges very fast
  • The foldable design keeps it compact
  • ActiveShield 2.0 keeps it safe


  • Surprisingly hefty for a charger
  • Expensive compared with competition

Best phone car charger

Anker Car ChargerAnker/Amazon

Rrp: $12.99

Price: $9.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$9.99View offer

If you want a reliable way to charge your phone during a car journey, this design from Anker is worth your consideration. Its build is great, managing to combine a compact size with a great level of durability, so it won't be an obstruction or wear out fast. Even the less obvious parts are notable, especially its gold-plated coils that manage to carry a solid current through them.

It does only have USB-A ports, so the charging speed won't be as amazing as other options, but that's to be expected of a car charger. Besides, it has two ports, which is an uncommon but pleasant sight for this charger type.


  • Very compact and sleek design
  • Efficient gold-plated coils
  • Remarkably durable


  • Compatibility with car models varies

Best Samsung phone charger

Samsung Galaxy Official wall chargerSamsung/Amazon
Price: $35.00

Smartphones tend to prefer their own brand of charger, so this official Samsung charger is ideal for anyone with a Galaxy phone. Samsung tends to do battery life quite well, so it's no surprise that its charger pairs well. Plug this into a wall, and you should be able to reach super-fast charging levels, which is quite impressive considering the relatively small size of this charger.

While the bottom prongs don't move at all, the top one can be moved down when not in use. This helps to keep it compact and portable, so it won't be a struggle to find room to bring this with you on an outing.


  • Solid output for the size
  • Capable of super-fast charging
  • The top prong moves down for easier storage


  • Works best with Samsung phones

Best phone charger for smart devices

Anker 3-in-1 Cube Compatible with MagSafeAnker/Amazon

For those wanting a more versatile charger, this 3-in-1 Cube from Anker should have your attention. It's designed to charge smart devices like AirPods and Apple watches alongside smartphones. What's most surprising about it is the size; it manages to comfortably charge multiple devices while taking up minimal room, so it's a great pick to bring on a holiday.

It's MagSafe compatible, so you can charge your iPhone on its magnetic surface. This section can actually be angled upwards as you like. As such, you can have your phone rest in a comfortable position to still watch videos, adjust music, or do research as you sit at your desk.


  • The angle of the magnetic surface is adjustable
  • Able to charge AirPods and Apple watches as well as phones
  • Takes up minimal space


  • Works best with Apple products

Best phone USB-A to Lightning charger cable

Amazon Basics USB-A to Lightning Charger CableAmazon

Rrp: $12.59

Price: $9.99

If you already have a decent plug but need a new cable, this Amazon Basics model is an affordable option. It connects to your phone via a lightning connection, meaning it's primarily made for Apple products. It's MFi Certified, meaning it's a third-party item that Apple approves of.

The cable is excellent. Its braided nylon material strikes the perfect balance of durability and flexibility. You would need to actively try to damage this cable to see it damaged. Even the connector heads are coated for a bit of extra protection.


  • Braided nylon material is very durable and flexible
  • Charging and data transfer speeds are impressive
  • Coated connector ends


  • No plug included

Best phone wall charger

Anker 736 3-Port Fast Compact Wall ChargerAnker/Amazon

The Anker 736 is an awesome wall charger that is perfect for household use. Thanks to PowerIQ 3.0, it has incredible compatibility with an impressive range of smartphones and devices, so it's bound to work with most devices you and any housemates have. With its three ports, it can make the most of that compatibility and charge three devices at once through two USB-C and one USB-A port.

We also think this is a solid choice for a desk charger. It keeps your cables in one place, making it easier to keep things looking nice and tidy. It is a bit bigger than other Anker chargers, but it comes in a decent little size compared to similar models from other brands.


  • Ideal for charging multiple devices at once
  • Easy way to keep important desk cables together
  • Amazing compatibility thanks to PowerIQ 3.0


  • While smaller than other brands, still fairly sizable

Best phone charger for travel

Anker Nano Foldable PlugAnker/Amazon

You'll need to supply your own USB-C cable, but the Anker Nano Foldable Plug is nothing short of brilliant. The build is absolutely excellent. It's tiny, definitely what you could call pocket-sized, and it is lightweight to match. The textured grip makes it easy to pull out from a socket, avoiding the annoying struggle some plugs suffer from. Plus, it's made from primarily recycled plastics, so it's even a nice eco-friendly option.

Don't let its small stature fool you; this is still a very powerful charger. It connects through USB-C, so it benefits from the excellent wattage that connection is capable of.


  • Pocket-sized and very lightweight
  • A significant amount of it is made from recycled plastic
  • Remarkably fast for its size


  • No cable included

Best budget phone car charger

Amazon Basics Straight Cable Lightning Car ChargerAmazon
Price: $12.63

It's not often you find a car charger with a lightning connection, but Amazon Basics has you covered. Even better, this charge is budget-friendly and affordable. Combine that with its handy safety features, such as overload and short-circuit protection, and you have an all-around great product.

Be sure to keep the cable length in mind. Car chargers usually keep their cable reasonably short so as to not get tangled in anything important, but this one is long enough to easily reach the backseat, so it's up to you to decide if the length is an advantage or a downside.


  • Lightning connection is uncommon for a car charger
  • Affordable, great value
  • Nice set of safety features


  • The cable length may be too long

Best multi-device phone charger

Anker Charging BaseAnker/Amazon

Here's a more unorthodox phone charger: Anker's multi-device charging base. It's a brilliant charger for various devices, including smartphones, and can comfortably charge multiple devices at once. It has four ports, but one is a pogo pin designed for the Anker Prime power bank (which we reviewed here), so it can feel a little unrefined without its companion.

This charger has GaN technology, meaning it uses gallium nitride for its transistor. This is a nice step up over silicon transistors in terms of efficiency, so you can be assured that this base can easily keep your devices topped up on charge.


  • Excellent and reliable four ports
  • LED indicator lets you know when charging is complete
  • Suitable for more than just phones


  • Pogo Pin is intended to partner with an Anker Powerbank that is not included


Why is USB-C better than USB-A?

USB-C connections outclass USB-A in several ways, acting as their natural upgrade. While many large devices still include USB-A ports and connections, most look to the future with USB-C.

Not only are USB-C connections better for transferring data and files, but charge as well. Whereas USB-A connections could typically carry 12 watts, it's not unusual for a USB-C to manage upwards of 100 watts. In essence, USB-C is more powerful and versatile than USB-A connections.

It's also worth noting that USB-C connectors are "reversible", meaning they have no right or wrong way up. That means you don't have to do the USB-A dance of flipping it around and around, swearing that you had it right the first time.

If you have an Apple device, it likely has a lightning connection. They are also quite good, but now that the iPhone 15 is USB-C compatible, Apple seems to be in favour of using it instead in future.

How can I make my charging cable last longer?

With how often we use our smartphones, it's natural that a charger won't last forever. General wear and tear are bound to defeat it one day, but you can keep it going for longer with just a few adjustments and extra thought when using it.

Firstly, only have it connected when it is charging. We're all guilty of this, but leaving a phone on charge even once it has 100 per cent isn't helpful to the phone's battery or the charging cable. Unlike a laptop charger, a phone charger is not meant to keep your device at the maximum percentage the whole time.

Secondly, be cautious of the angle and position of the connector head. Extreme angles put pressure on the interior parts and make them more likely to be damaged or even break. In some cases, the connection could even bend unnaturally. If you're charging a phone on your desk from a socket on the floor, try to provide the cable room to lay out and not go straight into a right angle.

Lastly, think about how you store the cable. It may be bent at various points if packed in a tight space, or heavy objects might be placed on top of it and damaging it. Many wrap their cables around a device, but if you do so, be sure to be gentle, otherwise, you could create internal bends that aren't meant to be there.

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