Amped up sound: Best Marshall speakers of 2024

The iconic Marshall brand continues to impress with its range of amp-inspired speakers

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Think of a company that’s synonymous with the best speakers and Marshall is going to make it into most music fans’ top ten list. And unlike some vintage premium brands, they’re still going strong. Right down to the smallest, most portable speaker in its lineup, this is a brand that cares about quality audio through and through. It's no wonder that the best Marshall speakers are popular with audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

But Marshall’s range of amp-inspired speakers is much more than just a famous logo and some amplifier-esque design cues. Its range of standalone Bluetooth speakers is emblazoned with the iconic brass-coloured sweeping Marshall logo and throwback front grille. There are brass switches and potentiometer-style knobs alongside textured cabinetry to finish off the authentic look. And, although clearly riding on its deservedly long 1960s coattails, every speaker in the Marshall range that we’ve tried and tested has passed with flying colours. But which one is the right one for you?

Best Marshall speakers of 2024 at a glance

• Best overall Marshall speaker: Marshall Stanmore III - View at Argos
• Best portable Marshall speaker: Marshall Middleton - View at Amazon
• Best Marshall speaker for outdoors: - Marshall Tufton  - View at Amazon
• Best amp-like Marshall speaker: Marshall Woburn III - View at Amazon

You might be expecting speakers the size of a weighty guitar amp, and in the case of the Marshall Woburn 3 you’d be right. But thankfully there are smaller portable speakers with Bluetooth for those who need a lighter alternative. Marshall has really catered for all sizes in its lineup, ensuring best-in-class bass response and musicality right down to the smallest of them. All in all, that makes these some of the best speakers for music that we’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

But it’s not all about Bluetooth, as many Marshall speakers have an auxiliary input (or even an HDMI audio return input) for more flexibility. That means that you could hook up your favourite player or even use it as a TV speaker for more volume and better sound. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide at the end of the article to help you decide which one is right for you. But now, let’s plug in, turn the dial all the way to eleven and find the best Marshall speakers of the year.

Best Marshall speakers of 2024

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Best overall Marshall speaker

Marshall Stanmore IIIMarshall

When we reviewed the Marshall Stanmore III we found that it combines quality craftsmanship with vintage appeal. Behind that rugged, textured design and distinctive brass Marshall logo lies a refined yet powerful speaker with excellent musicality

Design-wise, it boasts tactile, solid metal controls set against a brushed brass panel, mirroring the look and feel of vintage amps without resorting to plastic buttons or touchscreens. Innovative digital volume and EQ controls with red LEDs are well integrated without ruining the vintage look, emphasizing Marshall's commitment to its heritage. The right size for most rooms with enough power to match, it's the best Marshall speaker to-date.


  • Premium build quality and iconic Marshall design
  • Great with all genres, but incredible with rock and metal
  • Simple to set up and connect to via Bluetooth or analogue ports


  • The Bluetooth connection goes into standby after 10 minutes if you don't use it

Best portable Marshall speaker

Marshall MiddletonMarshall

Rrp: $299.99

Price: $249.99
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Best Buy$249.99View offer
Bloomingdale's$249.99View offer

As the natural successor to its previous portable Emberton model, our review of the Marshall Middleton we found it to be, as the company claims, one of the heaviest and loudest Bluetooth speakers to be found. This powerful, stylish device is surprisingly light, housing two 3-inch 15W woofers, two 3/5-inch 10W tweeters, and passive radiators within a robust case. With an IP67 rating and a 20-hour battery life, it embodies portability too.

The standout feature, however, is its sound quality. This mini Marshall excels in delivering rock and roll, metal and anything you can throw at it, with astonishing power and clarity. How they did this in such a small unit is a little bit of sorcery, but if the weight is anything to go by it's packed with quality components.


  • Marshall has perfected containing an expansive sound inside a small yet attractive casing
  • A combination of a robust build and solid battery life makes it very portable
  • Timeless design


  • Too heavy to be super portable

Best Marshall speaker for outdoors

Marshall TuftonMarshall

This compact tower of audio power is the ideal speaker for parties and the outdoors. While many such speakers make big claims, they lack the sophistication of the Marshall Tufton. Here we have an extremely hardy speaker - even by Marshall standards. It has IPX2 water resistance - meaning it'll survive some fairly major splashes and showers. Despite all of this ruggedness, it still have the Marshall design you'd expect - adding a touch of rock-and-roll class to proceedings.

And the other thing that will let you leave this playing without a care at your next party is the brilliant battery life. It'll keep on playing for 20 hours on a full charge. Connect via Bluetooth and you're all set for some serious sounds in the garden.


  • Powerful audio with rich bass and bright highs
  • Very sturdy construction and IPX2 water resistance make it the ideal party speaker
  • Excellent battery life


  • Although it can survive outdoors it'd be a shame to leave this out in the rain as it's not waterproof

Best amp-like Marshall speaker

Marshall Woburn IIIMarshall

Our review of the Marshall Woburn III found that the brand’s signature sound was well and truly present. It's an iconic amp-a-like speaker that's true to its roots - as it's brilliant with rock and metal. It delivers a loud, immersive experience with a rich mid-range and deep low-end.

As such, this monster of rock boasts an extensive soundstage and ample volume, offering easy Bluetooth connectivity for phones or tablets. Plus, if you're watching your favourite band on TV, there's the option to connect to your TV via HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) if your TV supports it. A powerhouse of wireless audio, the Marshall Woburn III excels across various music genres - and that's matched by its unmistakable amp looks and solid build quality.


  • Marshall has engineered these for faithful audio quality inside a hugely attractive cabinet
  • Works at high and low volume in terms of soundstage and balance
  • Tons of bass for the size


  • No guitar input - so the amp similarity ends there

Best simple Marshall speaker

Marshall Stockwell IIMarshall

Rrp: $219.99

Price: $149.99
Alternative retailers
Best Buy$149.99View offer
Bloomingdale's$149.99View offer
B&H Photo Video$219.99View offer

Sometimes what you need from a Marshall speaker is that simple pick-up-and-go listening experience. The Stockwell II cuts something of a cute yet businesslike image - robust enough to sit well with the Marshall name, light and simple enough to be carried on its little strap.

And yet it's another speaker in the Marshall range that uses True Stereophonic - the company's own technology that creates a 360-degree sound field. Despite being the sort of speaker you can grab and take into the garden, bear in mind its water-resistance rating is only IPX4 - it's fins for the occasional splash of rain but that's it. That said, the recharge time of just 20 minutes will give you 6 hours of playback - and over 20 hours on a full charge, so this will be ready to go when you are.


  • Impressive 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge
  • Multi-directional sound experience with True Stereophonic
  • Extremely tactile and compact unit with simple controls


  • Only IPX4 waterproof rating, limiting its outdoor usage

Best affordable Marshall speaker

Marshall Acton IIIMarshall

As we've mentioned in our Marshall Acton II review, this speaker is something of a sound engineering marvel. It somehow manages to be both a compact Bluetooth speaker and a unit that will please audiophiles. Featuring a retro wooden enclosure with a metal grille, and the iconic Marshall logo, it embodies that signature Marshall quality.

Features that stand out on the Acton II are the top-placed bass, treble, and volume dials, allowing easy and satisfying sound customization. Even more of a surprise for a mid-sized speaker in the range is its rich, clear, room-filling sound. It maintains audio clarity even at high volumes. However, despite its luggable weight and size, it is a mains power device - so although you can readily pick it up, it's less suited for portable use.


  • Gorgeous 60W sound
  • Beautifully designed and built to last
  • Includes customisable treble and bass for the perfect sound


  • Isn't really portable and is quite heavy to move

Best pocket-sized Marshall speaker

Marshall WillenMarshall
Price: $116.29
Alternative retailers
Walmart$114.98View offer
Target$119.99View offer
Best Buy$119.99View offer
Bloomingdale's$119.99View offer

When Marshall introduced the Willen it came as a bit of a surprise. It sits at the opposite end of the speaker scale in both appearance and size - being a portable Bluetooth speaker. That said, its design nails the sophistication that we're used to with the Marshall brand. It also contains audio quality that defies its price point.

Priced just under £100, the Willen boasts the classic black and brass design that's capable of sound quality that rivals more expensive options. Its sound profile is balanced, with warm mid-tones and exciting bass, though it's slightly quieter than some may prefer. Ideal for audiophiles seeking quality without the extreme volume, the Willen represents a smart compromise between affordability and performance.


  • The aesthetics are gorgeous - typical Marshall quality build too
  • The sound profile of this is satisfyingly well-tuned and broad
  • Like the amps of old, the speaker is stackable - add more in Stack Mode for combined power


  • Some users may expect more power from a Marshall device

Best Marshall speakers of 2024: Buyer’s guide

Size does, and doesn’t matter

Unlike other speakers, with Marshall smaller doesn’t always mean a serious compromise on volume or bass. As mentioned above, even the diminutive Marshall Middleton punches way above its weight in terms of satisfying range and bass response.

So, we recommend choosing based on the space you’re looking to fill. After all, this is just as much about making a design statement as it is about the sound on offer. Nothing beats the look of a large Marshall Woburn 3 as a centrepiece of your lounge - it’s not going to get lost in any room. But if you’re looking for something a little more understated, an Acton II might fit in perfectly.

Don’t expect too many technical perks

The Marshall speaker lineup is all about the build and sound quality. And we like it that way - it’s very clear when you listen to one where your money has gone. So, although many Bluetooth speakers also pack a smart voice assistant, WiFi connectivity and Spotify Connect built-in, these speakers are much more about keeping things simple.

It fits with the whole retro amp aesthetic - you plug it in, press a couple of switches and get listening. They’re all modern speakers of course - but with just enough modernity to keep it useable without cluttering the controls or requiring a manual the size of War and Peace.

The sheer quality of the controls on a Marshall is unmistakable
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Best Marshall speakers of 2024: FAQs

Which Marshall wireless speaker is best?

We think that the Stanmore III is a brilliant evolution of the earlier Stanmore speaker. It’s the right size for the majority of settings and kicks out a seriously well-rounded sound - making it one of the best Bluetooth speakers for bass. But, if it’s sheer portability and power that you’re after, there’s no substitute for the Marshall Middleton.

 Is Marshall better than Bose?

This is, of course, subjective. Although the two are undoubtedly premium speaker brands, there’s a huge difference in them in terms of the market. We think that if you’re looking for authentic retro looks and a soundstage that’s very suited to rock, metal and guitar music, Marshall is a better choice.

Why is Marshall so famous?

Marshall has been around since the 1960s with its range of instantly recognisable amplifiers. Seen on stages the world over, they’ve become known for their clear and powerful sound, becoming the amps of choice for legendary rock bands and artists. As its amps were also built to withstand the rigours of touring, it also became renowned for its build quality. It’s this combination of high-end sound and construction that has made it into its range of speakers today.

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