The best Logitech headsets

The best Logitech headset for gaming and the office

The best Logitech headset

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Logitech is a company well known for designing some of the best PC peripherals available. There’s no doubt that the brand popularity is down to its compelling ability to combine excellent quality components and features at a competitive price. Such a positive reputation can be seen in Logitech’s headsets. To help you find the best Logitech headsets, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourites below.

There are two distinct arms of Logitech products: those dedicated to everyday office use and gaming peripherals (falling under the branding of Logitech G). To reflect this split, we’ve also drawn a distinction. Below, you’ll find two lists; one dedicated to standard Logitech headsets and those aimed at the gaming market.

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In both lists, you’ll find Logitech headsets for every need and budget. Simple budget options carrying only the bare essentials, but that deliver on the quality of these components. The lists comprise more specialist (and therefore more expensive) options here, too, offering up compelling feature sets that can elevate your home office or level up a gaming setup.

Read on for What’s The Best’s roundup of the best Logitech headsets.

The best Logitech gaming headset

The best Logitech gaming headset
Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset
Price: $93.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$100.99View offer

With the G533, Logitech has gone all-in on the spatial powers of DTS Headphone intending to provide you with an unhindered experience of game, movie and music audio. The trick behind its success is the Pro-G drivers. We wonu2019t get too technical here, but basically, these drivers are woven and flexible rather than plastic and inflexible. This means that they can handle much more audio without distortion. So, more volume, bass and pin-point audio accuracy - not a bad combo. Additional high-quality features include lossless wireless, 15-hour battery, onboard controls and folding noise-cancelling microphone.

The best Logitech gaming headset features
Logitech G935 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset
Price: $162.57

As with the Logitech G533, the G935 carry Pro-G divers, so the sound is absolutely on point for all sorts of multimedia audio. Where the G533 really sets itself apart from the rest of the Logitech crop is with its additional feature set. In addition to standard audio controls, the G935 has three programmable macro buttons for custom in-game commands (set via G-Hub software). The headset also sports LIGHTSYNC RGB, which will sync up its LED lights with any other Logitech RGB product you may already have, complete with in-game dynamic reactions (although you can turn these off for some extra battery life).

The best Logitech headset for comfort and style
Logitech Pro X LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset
Price: $323.67
Alternative retailers
B&H Photo Video$229.99View offer
Macy's$235.00View offer

When we tested the Logitech Pro X, we found it to be a remarkable headset. It has an accomplished design, immaculate spatial audio and crystal-clear microphone (courtesy of Blue). We were also impressed by the battery life and lossless, lag-free wireless connectivity. Predictably, the connective tissue between all premium Logotech headsets, such as the Pro X, G935 and G533, is the use of Pro-G drivers, which deliver a pristine audio experience across multiple media types. For some, part of the Pro X appeal will also be in the decidedly mature, non-gamer look. If youu2019re not fussed about going wireless, you can save a healthy amount by picking up the wired version. You can read out hands-on review of the Pro X LIGHTSPEED and Pro X here.

The best budget Logitech gaming headset

The Logitech G332 is a great choice for anyone on a tighter budget. While the G332 doesnu2019t carry spatial surround, Bluetooth or any similarly fancy tech, it delivers audio quality. From its 50mm drivers, youu2019ll get 100Hz - 20KHz frequency coverage, which is more than enough to sink you into a digital world, competitive or otherwise. Team chat is possible via the 6mm flip-to-mute mic, and the headset connects via a 3.5mm aux-in.

The best for mobile gaming

The G333 KDA are a fantastic choice for mobile and handheld players. The success of the Logitech G333 KDA is all down to one concept: dual. The earphones carry both USB-C and 3.5mm aux-in. The earphones also have dual drivers in each earbud. While the connections add versatility, the drivers split the audio signal into high and low frequencies, allowing each to be better catered for and improved clarity. The G222 KDA also has an in-line microphone and volume controls.

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The best Logitech office and home headsets

The best budget Logitech headset
Logitech H151 Stereo Headset

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $16.24
Alternative retailers
B&H Photo Video$14.99View offer
Adorama$19.99View offer
Walmart$21.66View offer

If youu2019re spending your day on video calls, you already know the importance of clear audio and comfort. The Logitech H151 delivers on both fronts - the stereo drivers deliver distortion-free voices, the microphone reduces background noise, and the soft-touch cushioned ear pads are comfy for hours. The headset connects to a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone via 3.5mm aux-in. Volume and mic muting is controlled via the in-line controls.

The best wired Logitech headset for work

The Logitech H540 is a stereo headset that connects to a computer via USB Type-A. The drivers have been tuned to deliver a nice balanced performance across music, voices and even games. The microphone is on a boom arm that can be positioned to best suit you or locked upwards to auto-mute. On-ear controls are positioned for convenience, and the padded leatherette (though it can get a little warm and tacky after hours-upon-hours of use).

The best Logitech headset under £100
Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Price: $339.00

The Logitech H800 is the best office-based headset for under £100. Its power stems from its versatility - with the stereo drivers being well equipped for both conversation and music. The wireless connection offers plenty of freedom and reduces wire clutter on the desk (thanks to the 12m range, you could even get up and walk around if so inclined). The H800 will run for six hours between charges and has onboard controls for convenience.

The best Logitech headset for focus

The Zone Wireless Headset from Logitech is a well-featured headset ideal for busy professionals. The audio performance is really strong, allowing you to enjoy calls and music without trouble. The smartphone app, called Logi Tune, can be used to tune audio. The retractable microphone is equally great, with a nice shape and size - itu2019s never in the way. A real boon here, especially for anyone in a hectic office or working from home, is the active noise cancellation. This feature kills background noise and frees you from distraction, allowing you to keep your focus. The headset also supports Qi charging, connects via Bluetooth and has 14-hour battery life (talk time). The only slight disappointment is that it uses a Micro-USB to recharge.

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