How to clean your TV screen: everything you need

Don’t go overboard, you only need a few bits

How to Clean Your TV

by Piper Huxley |

Giving our homes a good, regular clean is essential. Not only is it better for our health to keep everything clean and tidy, but everything feels a little better when your home is in check. Though we’re slowly emerging from the pandemic, keeping your household items disinfected and clean is still just as important. So, in your internet search to find some household hacks, you're found a guide on how to clean your TV screen.

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If you want to enjoy watching your favourite Netflix show without the presence of any greasy marks or children’s fingerprints, you can give your TV a clean. No one likes a grubby TV remote. Here, at What’s the Best, we’ve got the best tips and tricks on how to clean your TV screen. It’s simple and inexpensive, too.

What you'll need:

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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We love microfibre cloths. They’re very versatile and can be used for any aspect of home cleaning. Press lightly, however, as you don't want to push any grit or dirt into the screen and scratch the surface. Even better, they’re reusable. Just pop them in the washing machine once they’re looking a little grubby.

Specialist Screen Spray

 AF Screen-Clene Cleaning Spray 250ml - For Mobile Phones, TV's, Laptops, Monitors, LED, LCD, Plasma & Tablets

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If you want to, you can grab a screen spray here. It’s not mandatory. But, they’re better than a generic cleaning spray – because they are not likely to damage your TV screen.

If you want to, you can grab a screen spray here. It’s not mandatory. But, they’re better than a generic cleaning spray – because they are not likely to damage your TV screen.

What do I avoid?

Above all, you should never use any cleaning products when cleaning your TV screen. This includes fluids and waxes, especially when they contain solvents such as alcohol, benzene or ammonia. Don’t use water, either. These will damage your screen.

As for cloths, avoid anything abrasive or paper-like as these could cause scratches on the screen.

However, the only exception to this: a specialist cleaning spray. Even then, use in moderation and spray onto your microfibre cloth, never directly onto the screen.

Other things that you should not use:

  • Window Cleaner

  • Dish Soap

  • Scouring Powder

As for plasma screens, their anti-glare coating will be damaged by cleaning products. If you have an LED, LCD or OLED TV, it’s advised to use a dry cloth when cleaning your screen.

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But, how do I clean my TV screen?

Here, we have a step-by-step guide on how to clean your TV screen.

  1. Firstly, unplug your TV before you start cleaning.

  2. Next, clean the frame of your TV in a circular motion. Use a microfibre cloth.

  3. Then, tackle the screen. Wipe as gently as you can. You don’t want to damage it.

  4. If you’re not satisfied, you can use a cleaning spray to help. Spray the solution onto your cloth. Make sure you do not spray anything directly onto your screen. This could also damage it.

  5. Let the screen dry before you plug the TV back in.

Any tips?

  • Keep on top of your TV’s condition by giving it a weekly wipe.

  • Use your vacuum on a low setting to remove any dust from your cables, electric ports or vents. This is to avoid any lasting damage from dust blockage.

  • Avoid using sprays around your TV as they could damage the screen. Ammonia, alcohol or acetone-based products need to stay away, in particular.

  • Make sure you give the instructions leaflet a read. Can it be fixed under warranty?


How do I clean fingerprints off the TV screen?

Using a specific screen cleaning solution works best when you want to eliminate greasy smudges and fingerprints off your TV screen. Remember, don’t spray the screen, spray the solution onto the cloth.

How do I clean my TV remote control?

After safely removing the batteries, use a disinfectant wipe to clean the remote. Make sure to get in-between the buttons so all those food crumbs and nasties go. Let the remote air dry before putting the batteries back in. Now, your remote is free of grease, grime and bacteria.

What is the best way to clean TV speakers?

Speakers are a little trickier. As we suggested earlier, consulting the manufacturer’s guidance is the best advice we can give you. But, if the fabric overs on your speaker can be removed, give them a go-over with a lint roller. That’ll do the trick.

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