9 of the best passport holders for when you can go on holiday again

And, why passport covers are the perfect travel accessory

Best Passport Holder

by Lily Anderson |

At the moment, travelling from the sofa to the refrigerator seems to be the only trip in our future, right? But, this feeling won't last forever and we'll be jet-setting to our favourite holiday destinations in no time. If you're itching to travel the world again, there's one way that you can get your wanderlust fix - plan ahead with the best passport holders.

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Hear us out. As we're spending more time inside than ever before, we've forgotten what it was like to travel. This includes the hassle of keeping all your travel documents in one place. There's nothing worse than being in the airport and freaking out that you've misplaced your plane ticket, visa or even your passport. Eek!

This leads us nicely on to...

Why passport covers are the perfect travel accessory

Here are seven reasons why passport wallets simply have to accompany you on your next trip:

  1. The most important reason why any passport holder is the best accessory is that it helps keep your credentials safe.
  1. You'll be able to match your passport cover to your bag. A fun requirement for anyone that is style-conscious.
  1. It provides extra storage for your cards, so you can easily carry around your health insurance cover while you explore the world.
  1. No need to panic about your ruining your travel documents if something spills in your bag.
  1. It also protects your passport from any general wear or tear - amazing!
  1. They make an incredible gift for anyone who has the travel bug.
  1. And, because no-one can travel right now, you’re more likely to find passport cases on sale. It means you can pick up designer passport holders for a more affordable price.

Heard enough? Here are the best passport holders for when you can go on holiday again.

How we chose the best passport holders:

All of these passport holders have been hand-selected by What's The Best shopping experts. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching them, so you can choose the best one. Plus, we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in. Find out why you should trust us here.

Not sure what to look for when selecting a passport holder? Here are some tips on what features to watch out for:

• Ensure your passport cover is waterproof in case you get caught in a downpour.

• As mentioned above, cards slots can be a handy place to store any prepaid travel cards.

• Design isn’t just about taste here; bolder designs stand out in travel bags.

• Set yourself a budget. Price varies from budget-friendly to expensive designer buys.

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